The Christening Of Princess Sofia

Princess Letizia
Princess Letizia

Princess Letizia

Princess Letizia and Prince Felipe of Spain christened their 11-week-old daughter Sofia in Madrid. Big sis Leonor, 2, is too cute for words! What a sweet dress!



  1. says

    This child is so beautiful! What a true princess. She looks like Goldilocks 🙂 & I love that dress.Too sweet. I don’t think that Letizia looks old at all. Oh, Sofia is cute too 🙂 Very nice family.They look really down to earth as well, like the Demark royals. Best wishes.

  2. M! says

    Ms Sugar Walls – that ‘old’ looking lady IS old! LOL! She’s Queen Sofia, the children’s grandma, and she’s almost 70 years old 😉

  3. Tea says

    That kid is deffinitly adorable. Love the dress and shoes. The ringlets are so cute, wonder if they are natural or if it is just for dress up?

  4. Tracy says

    Oh my goodness! What adorable children! Leonor is absolutely the CUTEST little thing! Pretty eyes and lips, gorgeous hair! She kind of reminds me of like a modern day Shirley Temple with those beautiful, blonde ringlets.

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