Scott Baio & Renee Sloan Reportedly Expecting A Daughter

Scott Baio

Scott Baio, 45, and Playboy Playmate Renee Sloan are rumored to be expecting.

The former Pam Anderson Baywatch body double is reportedly due in about five months. They are reportedly expecting a baby girl who will most likely be named Bonnie.

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  1. candace says

    Did he get married because she was pregnant. He did not want to ge maried before so why now. He has a fear of commitment because of all the things that he has done to women in the past. Bonnie is a dumb name.

  2. Colleen says

    She’s a cute girl but already has a 17 year old, what does she want getting pregnant again, he will cheat on her, you watch, the minute she starts whining and complaining about something, he will take off. Whatever! Well good luck to both of them though but Bonnie is a dumb name.

  3. AmyY says

    Yeah Ive changed my opinion after watching the show… I officially cant stand him now.. total douche

  4. Libraesque says

    Chachi from Happy Days. I’m not suprised he’s still single. So he’s trying to pitch this show, all the while knowing he’s going to be a father……nice

  5. DMITZ says

    I watched this show for the 1st time last night and I didn’t realize he was so cocky. He kept talking about his fame and women, etc. I thought he was cute back in the day but he still dresses like “Charles in charge” and just doesn’t seem attractive (as a person).

  6. Puh-leeze says

    Bonnie is a beautiful name.

    My aunt, who was an angel even when she was alive, was named Bonnie. She was killed in a car accident on her way to work 10 years ago this September by a methed-out guy in a company van. She was absolutely the most beautiful human being I have ever known and to this day I feel her love. She took care of everyone and loved with the kind of love that doesn’t even seem possible for one person.

    My cousin, her daughter, had a lovely little girl a couple years later and called her Bonnie as well. It’s a beautiful, cheery, happy name.

  7. Lurker says

    I actually caught (by complete accident) part of that 45 and Still single show last night. He seems like a total jerk to me..but I still hope this girl didn’t “trap him”, and it would not likely do any good for a relationship anyway.

    He sounded like he has a ‘commitment phobia’, and always has had. I’d like to wish them the best, but I’m not so sure, based on what I did see of that show. Publicity stunt? May-be…

    Did you realize that his first um, partner, was Erin Moran?? (Joanie from Happy Days)? Well after that show, anyone who DIDN’T know, does now!
    Just kinda tacky to spread that around the world, IMO.

  8. carleigh says

    A few of you might find this whole thing both perfectly timed and very,very strange because Scott Baio is currently hawking a reality show called “Scott Baio is 45 and still single”. I think personally he is totally disgusting and he’s lucky to have dated the string of beautiful women he dated back in his hey day..he was with Pamela Anderson, Nicolette Sheridan, Heather Locklear…if there was a popular blonde in the 80’s he was banging em! He’s kinda gross.

  9. jules says

    he is gross. i used to know him years ago and he has always been such a player and so full of himself! of course his g/f is a former playmate…i don’t think he dates anything else!!

  10. angie says

    just what he needs to get over his commitment phobia! i hope she didn’t trap him….if he is really as weird about settling down as he says, this won’t ‘fix it’! Good luck!!!

  11. AmyY says

    Hes so gorgeous… I used to have a mega crush on him when he was on Charles in Charge.. still hot though

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