1. bambamswife says

    Miapocca, why do you even bother to say so much on this site? You obviously only have rotten things to say about people and way too much to say. What are you like in real life? You have an awful lot to say about other people and we all have no clue as to what these celebrities are like in real life.

  2. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Private catt…despite the a fact that we agree that Dori is an arse..I think when it comes to LIB you will realise that she is no Dori and she is a pal and she also doesnt play victim well so find another prey…

  3. Libraesque says

    #104 DO NOT direct ridiculous questions to me, if you can’t follow the thread thats YOUR problem.
    Matter of fact DO NOT direct ANY questions to me

  4. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I really dislike foolish questions….why would I refer to toms age pre hollyood…shouldnt it be obvious to any one with a little bit of grey matter that I am referring to his looks…

    Now well preserved does not translate to hadsome in my book…there something very unattaractivce about a man spending way too much time on his face and hair and wardrope…thats why no matter how hot becks may look, I stand the only non swooning member of the crowd….we all have our personal quirks…..

    now adios.,..enough gossip for the next 2 weesks unless some interesting comment comes up in reference to myself

  5. Libraesque says

    Jane WRONG, Tom does drink, he’s just not a drunk. And George Clooney looks WAY better than tom

  6. Jane says

    The age thing is more to do with genes and with being happy, eating healthy, taking vitamins and enough exercise. Tom doesn’t drink or smoke or take drugs like his peers and it shows.

  7. JJ says

    Miapocca, pre hollywood Tom was 18, so when did he look old?

    Suri is obviously pretty because both Tom and Katie are beautiful, period.

  8. JJ says

    Tom looks younger than his peers. He never seems to age! Katie is beautiful and Suri is the cutest ever! That first picture is priceless.

  9. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Tom does a lot of upkeep and ppl are just starting to realise that , since most people his peers are pretty much tired of the upkeep and let go..besides its mostly gay men ans metrosexuals who spend that amount of time and money on themselves…it shows from the carwash series holmes is going through as well as kidman went through..the guy even dyes his eyebrows for godssake…so he really does spend his money looking good..he had a tough time recently with his weight, but anytime he snaps back, he always looks quite young

    Considering what tom looked like pre hollywood, suri came out quite lucky in the looks department if you ask me..

  10. Jen says

    In the pictures at the beach Tom looks very young almost like his Top Gun days but that is just me. 🙂

  11. oriana says

    Mia, Tom in Top Gun along with Val Kilmer, both did a good job but Val was gorgeous, now HE is FAT, beside him, Tom looks like a teenager, he looks like he has lost some weight to me, especially in the pictures at the Beach.

  12. Miapocca says

    I like the ivory …hmmm

    LIB that was hilarious

    I love how the fat gay midget was photogrpahed along side Becks with his euro-trash greasy looks suit jacket, unbuttoned shirt and vest WITH JEANS. He’s SO in love with Becks, he’s trying to emulate his style, but he just looks like a joke, a sad aging joke

  13. Nicki says

    87. Libraesque ~ I watched the Posh special last night too, and I got quite a different opinion of her. Yes I realize it was a fake show, but she was funny. She made me think differently about her. I always thought she was miserable, but she is a bit funny. I liked the DMV thing when she got caught sheating (that happened to me in Ca (1983) when my hubby coached me on 1 answer, only my test was ripped up and I had to start over with a different test.)
    I thought she was funny, not a comedian, but she could poke fun of herself. I enjoyed the show, laughed quite a bit.

  14. Justina Applegate Clinton says

    What is up with racist comment dori? To me, and probably alot of other bloggers, you sound really uneducated, and Ghetto yourself! I feel sorry for your children, and family.

  15. Libraesque says

    A lot more people than those who want to read your filth.

    You’re obviously an attention whore. You’ve never said ANYTHING interesting or ON TOPIC, so you have to make ridiculous childish comments like the one above just to get attention and TRY to stir up trouble

    Listen INFANT, you’re officially on ignore

  16. Libraesque says

    dori, I watched her special last night, and what you see in the media (online/rag mags) and what i saw last night is two different things entirely. She’s FUNNY and actually seems very sweet and is VERY into her family.
    Her assistant alerted her to Perez Hilton and she got her ass in the car and went down to his “office” to confront him. She handled him with class and a sense of humor.

    The most HILARIOUS bit was when she wanted to buy David a gift but the paps were swarming and she was afraid he’d see it online, etc.(of her going into a shop) and it would spoil her surprise. So they bought a blow up doll, made it up to look like her, put it in the car and drove it around. She was then able to shop in peace while the paps went on a wild goose chase.

    I’ve never thought of VB one way or the other, but I have to say I was endeared by what I saw. Her fashion sense is hella crazy, but I just figure she was a performer and she’s British, so it’s just different than what I’m used to!!

  17. dori says

    got to agree with you there libra
    I think Katie did learn good taste in fashion from VB. Although I think VB is kind of stone faced and cold looking Probably because she’s a wannabe runway model.

  18. Libraesque says

    well that’s your opinion. I can definitely see the difference sinse she started being around VB, it’s dramatic

    Posh is known to be a high heel fanatic, and I don’t think Katie would have worn short shorts and 4 inch heels to the beach if she weren’t influenced by Posh!!!

    I love how the fat gay midget was photogrpahed along side Becks with his euro-trash greasy looks suit jacket, unbuttoned shirt and vest WITH JEANS. He’s SO in love with Becks, he’s trying to emulate his style, but he just looks like a joke, a sad aging joke

  19. Jen says

    Mia, I do agree Katie has changed a lot since she got together with Tom but what I don’t get is when people say she is a copycat and is a posh clone, when indeed they look nothing alike style wise.

  20. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    oh..not to mention the whole armani thing was totally midgets life, hag never was a fan of armani before meeting the midget

    In anycase, that is a VERY NICE trench coat!

  21. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Most celeb wear darks at night because of the flash bulbs from the photogs..however the Hag Has undergone quite a change since she hooked up with midgete and then can dispute all you want but the influences in her life are soooooooo obvious…

    The way she talks, dresses , laughs everything has changed………………that is what I observed!!!

  22. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    hmmm Martha was trying to be witty but failed came across as an arse…what has laughter got to do with intelligence…lawd, you are too stupid for words….so munch some grass and leave the wit for us “uneducated” peasants….ahahha

  23. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Posk skeletor style is ” expensive euro trash” which translates in american as “ghetto chic fabolousity “..she and that Lee Simmons lady would make good enemies….hmm I think the media should start up a feud between the Ghetto fabolous diva and the eurotrash posh skeletor…………..


    hmm uneducated laugher sure sounds good when its type…look I can even do it in spanish jejejejjejejejjejejejjejejjejejjejej


  24. Jen says

    You right, she did wear very nice dresses when Tom and Katie started dating and that was because what was available to her like someone said much nicer stuff than what she used to wear before. So maybe the credit should go to her styles or what she can afford now. But I just don’t get it when people start saying its because of Victoria when she looks nothing like her. Katie still wears jeans and flat she’s when she goes to her step-kids sport games and when she is out and about. Look at the picture the other day when she was flying to NYC she was wearing jeans and flat shoes and wet hair….Victoria wouldn’t advice that. Victoria herself has said Katie doesn’t need advice from me when she was asked if she was going to be a stylist at Katie’s wedding.

    I also don’t like people who wear glasses at night. But sometimes it gets exaggerated with Katie, the only times I remember she worn them and I was like what was that for was when Tom and her were watching Beckham play his last game and the other times was when she was leaving her hotel room in Paris for a fashion show and it didn’t go with her dress. Other than that I think she is ok and she is quiet shy too so it probably helps her in some way when the paps are chasing her.

  25. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    to indulge in a little uneducated laugh as presumed by a judgemental close minded arse…………………hear you go


  26. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    She wasnt so bad, I thought she wore cute stuff , very casual, not rhigh designer stuff..the salary at dawson couldnt buy all the crap she wears now…when midget handed over that credit card, it was a might happy day for missy here to go on her posh inspired spree…posh was also chosen my midget I hear…pathetic arses, always trying to build an IMAGE hahahah

  27. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Oh my gawd..where did all this hanger ons come from;;;you can question my education all you want..none of your stupid challenges will get you any personal information so once again fuck the hell of..I dont need people to agree with me..I have a mind of my own and I can think for myself…I respect anyone who can think not neccessarily anyone with tons of education..I dont give a shit if you question my education, you are just an other fool on a blog who cant write anything orignal so you have to latch on to others…Education maybe your security blanket, not mine .,.without those extra letters after my name I can still be as intelligent as I wish and at times I dont mind being wrong or stupid…so fuck off bitch, you werent invited to my party for a reason arse

    go find your thinking hat…lawdy many unintelligent assholes who are mothering poor infants in this country
    It has been said that people of intelligence do NOT use hahahahahahhhhaaaaahahahah when writing (anything). Therefore, I question Mia’s “education”.

  28. Libraesque says

    I think the style influence Posh has had is pretty obvious. Even a casual observer can see that Katie used to dress like a hobo, constant pictures of her in ill fitting clothes, or extremely casual clothes, and sloppy unkempt hair.
    Then it all started to change when she and Posh went shopping in Paris, after Suri was born (when she was quoted as saying the trip was “so romantic”……?????!!!)

    She started wearing haute couture, but just couldn’t get it right, and looked like a school marm half the time.
    Now she is rarely photographed wearing anything but 4 inch heels, even at the beach, and with her daughter at a park
    And the chopping off of her hair, please.
    It’s nothing against Katie, she probably just admires Poshs daring style, but is trying to adapt her flair to suit her own life. I’m SURE she looks up to her, kind of like an older sister

  29. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Pevert indeed…JO what is your problems, if you are on the clam juice payroll, I suggest you go back to your stupid arse boss miscaviage and tell him to eff off..also try to start thinking for yourself rather than latching on to others…as long as I am concerned you have contributed nothing to this discussion . You are acting like a buzzing mosquito who needs a mighty swat for your sheer foolishness /…do you have THINKING brain…what a twit

    now go think and fuck off cune!!

  30. oriana says

    Posh does dress like a hooker a lot, that is true, but I do think she knows the top fashion houses in Europe and has many beautiful clothes, Katie has prob been introduced to a lot of that by Posh and is now venturing on her own to pick out some of her beautiful things she wears. I just don’t remember seeing her in a lot, she did wear some very nice dresses when she started dating Tom when they were on the Red Carpet, I just mainly remember jeans and leather jackets.

    And yes, a lot of celebs do wear their sunglasses but seems like she is doing it much more often now. I can’t stand seeing celebs at NIGHT with them on, even at the Oscars, Jack always has them on, never understood why they do that?

    And Tom had a matching white trenchcoat on not long ago, he dressed pretty spiffy at his friend’s wedding!

  31. Jen says

    I agree Katie is dressing nicely now but saying that its because of POSH isn’t giving her credit at all because Posh dresses like a hooker (sorry for that to her fans) and about the sun glasses I think all celebrities wear that not just Victoria. I think celebs like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and JLo are always wearing glasses when they are out and about and Katie probably needs it not only because of the sun but also the flashes from the cameras and Katie don’t wear glasses on a read carpet or when she is out for dinner with Tom unlike Victoria.

  32. Martha says

    It has been said that people of intelligence do NOT use hahahahahahhhhaaaaahahahah when writing (anything). Therefore, I question Mia’s “education”.

  33. oriana says

    Katia, I can’t stand Victoria Beckham and never have liked her, but I do think she has been a big influence over the way Katie dresses now, but do think that Victoria dresses much more daring than her, she is cute and I think she has gorgeous legs but just don’t care for her.

    Jen, Lib is right on a lot of issues regarding this couple so no problem there, I have never denied that. Thanks for the link.

    jo, I will stick with my animals, and happily I might add, I also do admit that I enjoy Mia and NO ONE, even me, has to agree with her on everything, if that makes me a pervert, then guess I am perverted then!

  34. oriana says

    I had always heard her referred to as Katie and still don’t know her background history, I have heard Dawson’s Creek was a nice show but never saw it, I always thought it was a show geared for the younger generation. Noelle is a beautiful, lovely name. Thanks for the info, learned something new!

  35. Katia says

    I have seen other pictures she is wearing jeans and flats under that trench coat. Saying she is taking advice from Victoria i do not think so. When Victoria came last week what she had on ? If i remember she had a black dress,and not appropriate for traveling.

  36. Libraesque says

    Actually, her name is KATE NOELLE HOLMES, I believe I read somewhere that her family call her KATE

  37. jo says

    Oriana,why am i not surprised?.Only a pervert like you will like Mia.You make me sick.Pls stick to your animals,i do not think you should associate with human beings.

  38. oriana says

    I don’t remember seeing her in sunglasses constantly either! Big change, Big makeover and she looks nice, she has a very pretty face and Suri looks more like Tom the older she gets to me!

    Mia, I enjoy reading your comments and I agree, if people don’t like the posts, scroll over them. Same for me, and if I don’t like what other people write, I can scroll over them also.

  39. oriana says

    Mary, what is your problem? I did not watch Dawson’s Creek, didn’t know her history or anything about her, I had just always heard her called Katie so that is why I said I couldn’t bring myself to call her Kate. Are you a family member? I actually Tom is the one who started calling her Kate along with her new makeover! And yes, she always used to wear jeans, she never dressed so fancy until she started hanging with Posh and now of course she can afford every dress she wants to buy, and I would do the same!

  40. Libraesque says

    I still say they dress this kid like an Amish or an LDS, very unattractive clothes on this kid
    Katie needs to get a L.A.M.B catalog ASAP!!!

    Also, I find it odd that in every photo SUri has always had straight hair, and yet Leah Rimini claimed she had “a full head of curly black hair”


  41. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    This is the same old miapocca and I detest repeat detest racists of any shade or color…I will direct my comments at you because you are foul racist who thinks being racist is better than speaking foul…you have your priorities screwed up!!!

  42. dori says

    this website is a bit sticky sorry for the repeated message. What happened to the intelligent Miapocca who used to blog here???? I believe you are using her handle. The Miapocca I observed the last few months didn’t speak the way you do.

  43. dori says

    please don’t direct your trashy mouth at me anymore and I will ignore you …hows that for a deal?
    Pam celebrity baby blog does moniter thier website and they are more up to date in their photos…

  44. dori says

    please don’t direct your trashy mouth at me anymore and I will ignore you …hows that for a deal? You may be older in years but not in maturity so your 25 with an emotional level of 12 good for you!

  45. dori says

    please don’t direct your trashy mouth at me anymore and I will ignore you …hows that for a deal? You may be older in years but not in maturity so your 25 with an emotional level of 12 good for you!

  46. dori says

    please don’t direct your trashy mouth at me anymore and I will ignore you …hows that for a deal?

  47. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    We are typing nor saying it…its with the same fingers I use in cleaning the tush of the infants….suprised that you find racism totally acceptable and yet you complain about silly
    jokes from presumed teenagers
    I wonder how old these people are? I hope you don’t kiss your children with the same foul mouth.

  48. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    qhahha…I never do spell sheck or grqammer check..its only those in high school who are anal about stuff like that..there is a lot more to think about that going through correcting grammar on a gossip blog ahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    who cares what degree anyone has..i know non degreed people who speak a lot more sense than a racist grandmother…………..

    In anycase the CLAMS are out!!!

  49. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    If you all dont liek something all you have to do is scroll over…I dont give a shit who you are or whwat you do joho or whatever….simply go about your love parade and I will continue with my whatever trash parade…I have no need to lie , I dont ohave a publicist and I dont give a shit waht you think about me…if you cannot stomach opinions from others then you just should not be on an opinion site…why not take a broom to the likes of nancy grace , the view and anyone on this earth who has an opionion…unless you transformed into hag or midget you should not be offended by statements directed at them and not at you….so missy get off the band wagon stop supporting that RACIST arse grandma and leave other bloggers alone…got it?!!!!!

  50. dori says

    Listen Miapocca…. This is a baby website and still your language shows your youth also your spelling is horrendous. Stick to the point and try to remember this is a baby website not a place for you to shoot off your big mouth… It only shows how small your brain is.
    I am proud of my education I worked hard and graduated with high honors straight A’;s and did it as an adult while raising my children.
    I , as well as any adult in here appreciate other peoples opinions and appreciate other peoples cultures. But this nit picking and swearing is just plain juvenile .

  51. Mary says

    #38. oriana, No one asked you to call Katie, “Kate” that is just the name her family and friends call her and the name she used to be called before she join Dawson Creek and changed her name to Katie.

  52. An observer. says

    #47 Jo, I totally agree with you! If Mia and Shadow girl wants people to lesson to them about the reality of Cos they are going the wrong way about it and hurting their own case.

  53. jo says

    Mia,in as much as i promised myself that i will ignore you,i just have to post this.It is so clear that you are lying about having a degree because no one who has a higher education will vomit the trash that comes from your mouth.
    Pls tell a better lie.
    What amazes me is that you are upsetting so many people and you do not seem to care.You claim that you are entitled to your opinions,forgetting that they are not actually opinions but vindictive trash.I really hope that your madness is limited to this site[and not the real world] where people donot know you and cannot see you.

  54. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    what on earth are moo moos…Miapocca is fucking hot and knows it toooooooooooooooooo

    Ooops poor poor Dori….so sorry everyone is dumping on you…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  55. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    the boss…keep making assumptions I am way younger than you with a higher bragging about some letters after your name is sheer nonsense. It just means you paid more money to stick your head further up your anus…if you really are educated you will realise that each and everyone has an opinion and they are not put on earth to make your life happy and say only good things about your heros…if you are 56 and a grandma why not invest your time in your grandkids then and leave all the “teenageers” to enjoy the site

    Your options are, move on to another site or scroll over…………..

  56. the boss says

    I have contacted the moderator and you abusive foul languaged posters are about to get put in your place.
    I am a 56 year grandmother with a masters degree so I don ‘t have to listen to you little kids in here arguing and name callingIt is all about to end. . The moderator will straighten this all out and we’ll see who’s left standing won’t we?

  57. Anzhelika says

    #41 i agree with you dori should shut the fuck up asap.People like dori think they are perfect and know everything.

  58. Educator to dumb minds says

    You know what…I truly think that Mia, and Shadow girl are one in the same! They talk alike, and they hate Tom’s guts for some damn reason! GET THE F.U.C.K. over it already! Katie, knows what the hell she wants to do…If she wants to dress more sleek, then that’s her business! I want to know how do you dimweeds dress? I can just imagine….moo-moos all f.u.c.k.i.n.g. day! I know that you two follow her around….I’m telling you Bloggers, these two are stalkers in the making! Dori, Please shut the f.uc.k. up! Ghetto trah this, and that..what the hell make your conversation so damn logic? Pleas crawl back under that rock, or go back to the caves where your stupid a.s.s. belong!

  59. Pam says

    ‘I’ll be at the OTHER baby website until then moderator steps in and puts an end to this trash in here.’

    Where are you going? I’ve been looking for a new one myself because I also am sick of the comments. I like one with a news base; I found Celeb Baby Blog which is great, but are there any that are better? I am still finding my way around the net, LOL.

  60. oriana says

    I think she looks so cute when she smiles and looks like they have done something different with her hair too. I love that white coat Katie has on, can’t bring myself to call her Kate! She is pretty but I don’t see any big resemblance to her, still looks more like Tom to me, but she definately dresses her so cute all the time!

  61. Miapocca says

    I think the clams are told to go from sit eto site to say exactly the same thing..

    “a mix of tom and katie”

    try something a little more original..ahhahah

  62. **Lauren** says

    Katie and Suri adorable!! But i also wonder why there is only pics of Suri when they are on vacation not in LA. But otherwise sooo cute!

  63. Miapocca says

    I dont follow holmes career since I was neve impressed with her so I defintely havent looked closely enlough to count any ribs…she is mediocre at best….that my opinion…

  64. dori says

    This web site unfortunately has hit rock bottom when you get trash in here talking ghetto instead of english there is no sense trying communicate to an intelligent life form. It turn my stomach to read this garbage and I need to take a break from this garbage. I’ll be at the OTHER baby website until then moderator steps in and puts an end to this trash in here.
    So goodbye to my old buddies…for a while

  65. Jen says

    Miapocca, Katie’s weight loss, I don’t think it has anything to do with Posh. Before she got pregnant, Katie was super skinny, remember her MTV awards appearance 2005? That top showed off all her ribs! She did put quite a lot of weight during her pregnancy, and it seems to me she is getting back to her pre-pregnancy figure. II wouldn’t say it was a ‘drastic’ weight loss, it seemed quite gradual. And naturally she’s big boned and loves sweet and cake too much to ever look like Posh.

    And I don’t get the whole “Katie got the same haircut as Posh” thing. Victoria’s has a very angled one sided, modern and striking cut, whereas Katie has a very traditional bob, but I’m sure people will compare it because that way its something to complain about her.

  66. Bridgette Moynahan says

    Oh my Suri Cruise is the most beautiful baby I have seen in a while. I can’t wait to see more. As for any of you wondering if I am the actress from 6 degrees yes I am

  67. Miapocca says

    Mature woman..huh?? more like dumbass trying too hard to distance herself from her upbringing..Posh skeletor has what the hag wishes she could become when she can finally cast off her catholic chains of suppression…ahahha

    free at last free at lasssst

    I dont think folks ar ereferring to jsut the jacket…Holmes always liked jacket, she always had some great looking coats…uts the whole look and esemble that is Posh Skeletor inspired….yes she can afford **** that she could pre tom, and she is too quick to behave like a nouveau riche fool..let shop for silly little poverly priced **** till I drop…I heard midget cut back her shopping sprees because it tainted thier IMAGE…

    its all an image to that ****head midget

  68. Miapocca says

    Hey *****..dont remember talking to you …the last I heard the midget pays an army of people ot do his PR and they dont need drunken arse fools like yourself defending them..

    As I say always no one is right or wrong unless you are hag and midget…we all look at pictures from outr choice of media and come to conclusion ..if you dont like somebody elses conclusion , you dont need to attack them…get out od the midgers arse and stop being a human wasp!..From my observation ..the HAG is dumb as ****..why else would the daughter of a very educated couple be allowed to get herself into some disgusting circumstances….boy I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that conversation between the hags father and that uneducated brainless scientology creep.

    I think you are stupid and quick to judge. Only a moron with no integrity like u is easily brainwashed by trashy magazines tabloid stories. You believe what you want to believe not what is true. You ill will *****. You are nothing but a hater!

  69. says

    Yes Katie wore a lot of jeans, when she was younger. She’s grown into a mature woman and she is a mother now, so she has the more sophisticated & classy dress thing going . I don’t think Posh is the reason for her wearing a jacket like this. Those 2 women are totally opposite. I really can’t stand Posh. She looks so fake all the time, and I have to agree that she dresses to make herself look younger. It makes her look more trashy than younger anyway. So I definately don’t think that KH is trying in anyway to be like VB.

  70. Mi@pocc@ says


    “Tom should be castrated.”

    Shadow..Where do you get all this stuff…ROFLMAO

  71. Lilo says

    I think that Suri is so beautiful and I love that they dress her in nice clothes all the time not the grungy t shirts and stuff. I can’t wait for her hair to grow longer. As for the idiot above me who thinks her mom has no brain. I think you are stupid and quick to judge. Only a moron with no integrity like u is easily brainwashed by trashy magazines tabloid stories. You believe what you want to believe not what is true. You ill will *****. You are nothing but a hater!

  72. Julie says

    I say again…Suri is just the yummiest!!!!! Katie is always looking fabulous these days, and Suri continues to get cuter and cuter. She looks like such a happy baby! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of her crying or looking upset. Say what you will about Tom (I still maintain that he’s looking HOT lately) and Katie, they obviously love their baby very much. Suri seems happy, social, and very well adjusted. And the bottle thing? She may be 15 months, but let’s take a step back and look at the big picture: She’s a BABY! It’s not like she’s going to kindergarten with a bottle in her mouth!

  73. Mary says

    #12, celebrities tend to do photo opps when they’ve a movie coming out but Katie doesn’t have any movie coming up until late 2008. When celebs are in their own hometown they might be able to hide but not traveling.

  74. Shadow Girl says

    I do agree, it seems Posh is really trying to overcompensate for something. I heard she’s desperate for a girl offspring. Life’s irony that she has three boys and she’s such a fashion guru? Possibly not. Maybe God was trying to tell her to let her hair down and dress like any other mother.

    A soccer mom.. how about some bootcut jeans, sneakers, a nice v neck sleeveless top instead of looking like some slutty trash?

    Katie needs therapy in the worst way. I heard she and the gay midget will be adopting another kid and having another ‘biological’ one. NOOOOOOOO!
    Oh, and $cieno to the rescue! It promised to hook them up with some great kid.. it’s too much. Tom should be castrated.

  75. Mary says

    I totally agree with Hana. Victoria Beckham looks more like a porn star and nothing classy about how she dresses, of course besides the prices if her clothes.
    In the other hand Katie’s look is very classy, elegant and sophisticated and she is always so humble, and natural.

  76. Hana says

    Katie always dressed very nicely….yes she wore jean a lot when she was younger but every since 2005 she has dressed classy and elegant and that has to do more because of what’s available to her then Victoria. If posh is responsible for Katie’s dress sense then she should take her own advice because she dresses like a twenty something prostitute rather than a 32 yrs old mother. Check to see Kaite’s style before and after and the jacket she is wearing here is so Katie Holmes…after she had Suri she was seen wearing this type of jacket on more than four occasions, including when she was attending her step-children’s sports game.

  77. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Hag always wore jeans..even on the red carpet….more more she hangout with psoh skeletor the less jeans she wore…she does have some red carpet looks pretom , but all quite simple….

    THe sleek and sexy look id TOTALLY poshskeletor…in short she looks to me like a child playing house

    I do believe that holme may love her daughter but I also think she is nto as involved of a mother and her mothering duties a pretty much the cuddle and scheduled mummy times…..a few hours a day…that fact that you dont spend much time with a chidl does not mean you dont love them, ….just diferrent ways od mothering

    However there are way too many ochestrated photo opps for a family that is EXTREMELY good at hiding!!

    A picture of Garner and violet says a millions words about the natural ease …even look at the recent Zeta Jones and carys pic…there is something odd with these folks up there and millions of photo opps just give the game away…

    I dont feel sorry for the hag, she is enjoying her brainlessness..ignorance is bliss and her picture is next to the word in the non wog dictionary

  78. DMITZ says

    I don’t think Katie normally wore jackets like that prior to getting fashion advice from Victoria. She always dressed so simple, not sleek and sexy.

    I don’t think this is a photo op for Katie. She has always been loving w/Suri from what I can tell by pics. I do agree that Katie is brainwashed by Tom and she should think twice about the whole Scientology thing and keeping Suri from being baptized if that’s what she wants. But I genuinely think Katie is a good mother. For those of you who are moms, you know there is NO love like your child’s love. I think Suri may be on of the few things that keeps Katie sane and maybe keeps her with Tom.

    But regardless, I think Suri is precious and looks like both of her parents. Katie has slant eyes and may be the reason Suri’s appear asian to some.

  79. Tia says

    This little girl’s beauty is so unique and again a wonderful combination from her mom and dad. She defiantly seems very happy and looks as though she is quite cared for and loved. Love this family.

  80. Jen says

    Aww, I love the first picture. Suri is so adorable. Have you guys realized, when they’re traveling we get more pictures of Suri whereas when they are in LA we hardly see her. I hope they do travel more often.

    #4 DMITZ , I only saw Victoria wear a jacket like that once in Paris other than that she never covers up like that (always flaunting her assets…lol) so I don’t think so Victoria Beckham.

  81. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    1: Katie has no brains and that has become apparent since she hooked up with the midget. she hooks up with cruise she becomes a pyscho cult breeder, she hooks up with posh skeletor and she becomes hagilious in posh inspired fashion…..

    2: Suri looks wierd, she is cute but looks wierd and no cuter than the average shild on the street….she has awfully big ears, hence her hair was always covering those gigantic fans, she has a huge nose and asian eyes….all comes together to make an odd looking child…she is not BEAUTIFUL by conventional standards…so what unless you are the child of egomanica who always need to hack it up to look good, you wont have nay problems.

    3: That child must be like a sac of potatoes…that tells me she is not being carried for long, yet another picture opp…Why does she feel the need for the photo opps…her movie wont gross much anyway why bother since she didnt getpaid much for it anyway. take a leaf out of jolie book and go hide yourself , displays of some alien or rather unatural awkward child mother bond will not dissuade anyone….
    Has anyone seen midget and hag actually invoved in play activities with anyone of thier “CHILDREN”…

  82. Fan says

    Desiree,i so agree with you.I find it so hard to believe that anyone can doubt the fact that she is Tom’s baby because she looks so much like him.I also donot think Katie is trying to copy Victoria.I know that now that the comparism has started,people will now start seeing and making up imaginary likeness.

  83. DMITZ says

    Suri is getting so big and looks so adorable in these pics. I know people are going to say, “OMG, take that bottle away from her, she is about to be 15 months old!!” But some people have trouble breaking their kids off the bottle. I personally didn’t. I cut my daughter off on her 1st bday and only had trouble for about a day. A co-worker of mine still has his daughter on the bottle and she is 1 month older than Suri.

    Anyway, Suri looks precious and is so beautiful. I think she looks like both Tom and Katie (more like Katie).

  84. says

    Awwww very cute indeed! Love this 1st pic. I don’t know how anyone can say that this is not Tom’s child. She looks like both of them. Cutest celeb baby so far 🙂

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