Christie Brinkley & Son At Prince Concert

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley was snapped with her son Jack, 12, at the 2007 Social Concert Series Featuring Prince at The Ross School in East Hampton, NY. Tickets for this concert series are $15,000! Jack is her son with Richard Taubman. Her daughter with Billy Joel, Alexa Ray, is 21. Her daughter with Peter Cook, Sailor Lee, is 9.

OMG! I don’t get it….Christie is 53 and looks half her age! She is stunning! It is especially amazing that she looks this great considering she had emergency back surgery following a skiing injury that occurred during a recent family ski trip in February!


  1. says

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  2. Rebbeca s. says

    That is a horrible picture of jack he was prob 11 there he is now 13 i think and is a stylish sexy handsome young man!

  3. carleigh says

    You are sad simply just sad…he didn’t leave me I divorced him. If you are going to carry comments and make things up as you go along, I should at least advise you of the truth since you can’t seem to keep your snideness to yourself. I wouldn’t stay with someone who cheated on me, I’ve got self-respect and pride.
    I hope sincerely that you aren’t as miserable as you appear to be just based on your rudeness and nasty little comments. But, you know something Essie my dear if it makes you feel better to be this way then more power to ya and I won’t steal your thunder. Post on and comment away, I’m a big girl I can take it..LOL. You are just sucha sad little person.

  4. carleigh says

    Essie, I was woman enough to apologize if I misunderstood you. You don’t know me, you don’t know what I look like so as to your comments about me not being beautiful and whatnot, I didn’t ask you to critique my looks now did I??? Nope. I will NOT stoop to insults towards you or anyone else on this blog, I simply stated my opinion and you and chose to sling insults. Are you jaded and bitter?? Or are you just lonely??? I feel empathy towards you, but ask yourself why you are the way that you are. I hope that you learn to be a happier person, because your absolute misery shows in every post you make. I feel sorry for you.

  5. N says

    I think her son is very cute and will grow into a handsome young man. I dont see where he looks like a metrosexual. Christie looks good too…. but #4 still makes a good point.

  6. N says

    Being beautiful or famous does not make you exempt from getting cheated on. Your curiosity about that sounds like jealousy towards the ‘so-called beautiful women’.


  7. Essie says

    Well, yes Carleigh, I have been cheated on. Thanks for asking. Are you beautiful and/or famous? Didn’t think so. Therefore I was not talking about you and I really don’t care to hear your life story.

    I stated that I was curious as to why so-called beautiful women can’t keep a man. It just seems to me that famous, beautiful women all seem to have relationship troubles. Perhaps it is the woman’s fault, perhaps not. Perhaps men are more superficial or they only want arm candy. I have no idea. But it is interesting.

    P.S.: If you whine to the men in your life they way you whine on this blog, no wonder he left you. [Just an observation.]

  8. carleigh says

    #10 Essie, how can you say something so cruel about being cheated on??? Have you ever been in that position before? I have w/ my ex (he cheated w/ his brothers wife while I was recuperating from female cancer surgery..should I feel bad because I couldn’t keep a good man??) Why would any woman, me, you or Christie Brinkley be subjected to having a man cheat on her? For the record I don’t believe Billy Joel ever cheated on her and I believe she divorced Ricky Taubman because of fraud or something along those lines. Whether or not a man cheats on a woman is not the woman’s fault and vice versa, it means that the person you thought you loved didn’t love you enough to stay faithful and’s breaking a vow you make to someone and that’s the part that is dehumanizing and it hurts far worse than anything I’ve ever endured. I was cheated on by my high school sweetheart, my first lover and the person I thought of as my best friend in this whole world…stupid me right? I guess it was my fault I contracted cancer and couldn’t “service” my husband and perform my “wifely” duty right? I hope you weren’t suggesting that it’s a woman’s fault or a man’s fault if they are cheated on, if you didn’t then I apologize for taking your comment out of context, but I draw big time offense when I hear something like “oh it was or must be her fault because she didn’t do this or that or blah”….ridiculous.

  9. emily says

    I don’t think she looks that young… she looks like someone in her late 40s, but she DOES look good for her age, there’s no denying that. She must have stayed out of the sun when she was younger and that’s why she doesn’t have any premature wrinkles! Anyways glad she’s having fun, she deserves it after what happened with her last husband.

  10. kimmy says

    He’s a cute kid and I’m not against long hair, but how can he see thru all that? It would make me crazy.

  11. dori says

    She looks great! Her kids are sure getting big. It is such a shame her marriages don’t seem to work out. Looks like she’s moved on from the last one …… I hope she finds someone who will appreciate her.

  12. Essie says

    Jack was officially adopted by Peter Cook. Just wanted to put that out there.

    Anyway, for a woman so beautiful and supposedly so “nice” why can’t she keep a man? They all cheat on her. She’s been married four time. Maybe she is shallow and men tire of her. Whatever. I’ve always wondered about these “beautiful” women: Halle Berry, Uma Thurman and others who just can’t seem to find a good man.

  13. nioami - uk says

    jeez calm down #4 cos #3 only sed she lukd gd – dint say it was all natural jest that she luks gd 4 her age – i agree with her!

  14. Victoria says

    He is very cute, rockin’ the long-ish hair. My seven year old son has the same blonde, surfer “style”. My husband hates it!

  15. ms. sugar walls says

    She does look good for her age! I can actually say that I truly don’t believe that she ever had plastic surgery! Her son is handsome…he looks like he should work for Hollister! Can we say that he may be a metro sexual!

  16. phnxgirl says

    I kind of agree with #4. I’m sure she is a totally nice person, but you can’t compare her the average gal.

  17. oriana says

    She has some very nice looking kids and she is beautiful, I hope she is as nice as I have read that she is.

  18. Annie says

    yeah, she sure looks good for someone whose had no plastic surgery…yeah, right.
    If most women had the money to afford all the pampering she gets, all the best products, best plastic surgeons, best cosmetic dentists, best dermatologists, best personal trainers, hair colorists and stylists, best in-home cooks, nannies, house keepers, gardeners and personal assistants, we’d look great at 53 too. And not to mention that our job would be to just smile, rather than being nurses, caretakers, secretaries, etc, …yes, she sure looks good for 53. Compare apples to apples please. Otherwise, f-off.

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