Angelina Jolie & Shiloh As They Board A Plane To Leave Prague

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina was snapped boarding a private jet to leave Prague carrying 13-month-old Shiloh. Brad, Zahara, 2, Pax, 3, and Maddox, 5, were also with them. Shiloh is so cute!



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  5. Lorrainhe says

    I give them until the end of 2008 they just don’t look like a happy family. Angie looks like a Million bucks and Brad looks like a tourist. He looks tired all the time and hes too young for that. He should be enjoying his fame but angie has him going from one side of the world to the other.. Watch next year no more bradangelina………

  6. Gail says

    I’m just always in the cheering section for Brad Pitt, and if for any reason Angelina is finding Brad a bit boring, or whatever the problem…I’ve got to say…Brad Pitt always looks like crap, and dresses like a scarecrow. I think he needs to clean up and look good like she does. He can look super if he wants to, so why does he always dress in rags? He’ll only be young once! Look good for cripes sake.

    I’m an old lady and this is how I see it.

  7. Nicki says

    165. carol –Brad and Angie didn’t consider having this stamp made. The Australian “whoever- Post Office” decided to make it a stamp because one magazine was one of the best selling of all time. Guess which one that was? The Baby Shiloh copy. Brad and Angie would never allow this to happen, but they can’t stop it because they are using a magazine cover shot that they got permission from the magazine, which I think they probably paid the mag for, but they did sell the intinal shot to People mag, and used the money for charity. (+4.mill) People mag in turn sold it to other mags, so thats that.

  8. carol says

    I think that when Angelina and Brad consider a stamp with only their natural born child on it and not their entire family, the adoptive children, they are sending a very negative message about family. Why aren’t they making a stamp with all of their children?

  9. oriana says

    Obnox, respond away, this is the USA!!!!! As for your comments about me and to me, big deal. I formed my theory about you and who you are long ago.

    Your comments about the clams and to the clams mean nothing to me, but when you talk about linguine and bread, constantly, it is food, so that is why I said “who are you to comment about me talking about food”? I had rather be obsessed about food than bashing Tom Cruise constantly, at least I can enjoy taking a bite of that more than you can out of Tom Cruise!

    And I will be glad to let you be if you keep your nasty mouth off of me!

  10. obnoxious spice says

    aaah…orianna –
    firstly – it wasn’t ME who brought up the comments about your fixation on food, or even the comments about you probably being as big as a house – i simply read another posters comments and responded – as we ALL may do if we desire on here..
    haha, and as for my ‘comments about linguine’, well, they obviously went over your head,and why shouldn’t they i suppose, they weren’t intended for you in the first place – i was referring to an ‘in’ joke regarding the ‘clams’ (ie, scientologists who are paid to patrol these kind of sites on a regular basis) , i suggested that with so many ‘clams’ around that day, we should put them to good use with some linguine, fresh bread and chilled wine…
    now – as i keep on suggesting to you – PLEASE – leave me alone…

  11. Elisha says

    So what if Brad said that he is a better person since he met Angie. Maybe he is. Remember he also gave wedding vows to Jenn, he vowed he would always love her. From what I see and hear, Brad is not trustworthy and never will be. If Angie didn’t have the kids he would be long gone by now.

  12. Nicki says

    oriana~Yes, I think the best seafood is found on the whole east coast, from Maine down to Florida. I don’t eat alot of it, my hubby does. I do love crab cakes though, we have a few good places here for them. My hubby loves most seafood and in Lousiana the catfish is wonderful. Most other places, CA or even MA it isn’t that good.
    I remember as a kid in winter, sledding, snowball fighting, etc and coming in after all cold and wet. We would put our warm jammys on and Mom would have homemade clam chowder ready. It was the best. Thats why I favor New England clam chowder.:lol:

    The St. John’s clothing line is a beautful ad shoot. The suits start at $1000& up. They are classic. Hillary C, Condi Rice and people like that wear those suits.

    Banana milkshakes have nothing on Bananas Foster dessert. Please try it, even at Mimis, I’m sure it is good there. But if you ever get down New Orleans way—you must try it there!!! I love chocolate, but would pass it up everytime for that dessert anywhere in Lousiana.
    Take care.

  13. oriana says

    Nicki, I have heard that the best seafood anywhere is on the East Coast. I love crab cakes and you can’t find good ones here. Have never had Bananas Foster before!

    I loved the ads for the clothing line, is it mostly business suits for career women? She looks very classy in the pictures, big contrast to how she dresses in her everyday life, comfort is the key word! Ha! At least she always looks clean and fresh to me, more than I can say about Brad! He has looked scroungy for years, maybe now with kids it will help improve his hygiene, Angie is skinny but doesn’t look old and tired to me like Brad does a lot of times.

    I remember seeing him years ago talking about how he loved for Jennifer to fix him Banana milkshakes in bed and loved to drink and fart in bed all the time! Don’t see a big sex symbol there! Ha!

  14. Nicki says

    oriana~ Bananas Foster is the best. I haven’t had it at Mimis, but everywhere in Lousiana, it is yummy. I used to eat 3 bites of my meal, pack it to go and enjoy my heavenly Bananas Foster. Copelands had some of the best and a generous serving.
    Glad your trip to Reno was good. Wish you had won $500 instead.:lol:

    At the Mimis here you can get breakfast right up until dinnertime. But dinner, lunch or breakfast it is all good.
    Me being from MA whenever I see clam chowder on the menu, I ask “Is it REAL clam chowder or the red stuff?”:lol:

  15. oriana says

    Nicki, I wanted breakfast but got there later than planned. Joe had the New England, I like the Manhatten for I like the tomato base, never had any period till I moved to Ca.

    We stayed at Silver Legacy, beautiful place and everyone so nice there. Not always the case with the disabled. Fitzgeralds doesn’t even have wheelchair accessible bathrooms, they all have tubs, not easy to get a wheelchair in a tub! Ha! And the people there are snotty! There was a black lady from Oakland there at the counter and they were so hateful to her, she was very nice too! I would not rec that hotel to anyone because of their attitude!

    Lost $500.00! Weather nice and plane ride from San Jose got there in 34 min. Loved that!

    I saw Bananas Foster on the menu, heard that is great in New Orleans, will definately try that and will think about you. May go Friday morning but have to take a friend to the dentist, hopefully not too long there.

    You have a good evening my Dear Girl!!!!!

  16. Nicki says

    Ha Ha Ha! Great review oriana. I was mistaken and thought you were going for breakfast, but glad you enjoyed it. My hubby loves salmon, and all most always gets it there . Was the bread they serve the greatest??? I love the brown bread with the nuts. Glad you enjoyed it.
    On Fridays do they serve New England clam chowder, the best in opinion, or manhatten clam chowder?
    How was your trip to Reno? Great I hope.

    For you people who hate taking about food, scroll on by.

  17. oriana says

    Nicki, how you this evening!!!! Had a nice meal at Mimi’s! I know there are those that have been waiting patiently for my Food Review, so here goes! Corn chowder, delish! Chcken pot pie, very good, nice crust also, and had two glasses of iced tea, extra ice!

    Now since I know Obnox only loves linguine with clam sauce since that is her/his main topic on any Tom Cruise or Suri thread, she won’t be disappointed, my hubby did order some salmon and he was very pleased with it, and he of course loved the soup also. Would go back on a Friday so he can have the CLAM chowder but across town from me and too much traffic then.

    Now for greedy greedy Pig, don’t feel left out, I promise to go back again and try the choc pecan pie just for you, why I might even have TWO pieces! OH I am so excited just thinking and drooling about it!!!!!!!

    So hope you have a good evening and enjoyed the pictures you gave links too!

  18. Nicki says

    146. Fly On The Wall ~ Now you really didn’t expect her to answer anything you mentioned. She is just here to cause a stink. She is giving hits to the Brad and Angie threads, so we all know they will be featured on every blog, because they get so many hits. Thanks Lazare for ensuring this.

    People who buy St. John knits care and it has done very well since she Angie has modeled for them.

    Her movies do just fine. Thats why she has 3 coming out this year, and two next year. So try a different angle.

  19. L*i*b*r*a*esque says

    this doesn’t exactly spell box office poison, it spells Oscar buzz

    The documentary-like thriller rated a 74% positive rating on, but higher-end critics have been even more positive, with an 82% rating. Vantage isn’t being shy about using the “O” word: Print ads quote Ben Lyons of E! Entertainment proclaiming, “The early favorite for best picture at this year’s Oscars,” while TV ads also invoke its Oscar-worthiness.

  20. L*i*b*r*a*esque says

    aaaahhh I get it, we have a tomkat fan here
    LAZARE, your stupidity is showing when you compare movies like Sicko and a Mighty Heart. A lot of films that don’t make big box office are critically acclaimed, well acted treasures. A LOT of that has to do with the audiences desire for content, and I think this country, right now, is in desperate need for COMEDY, not a heavy drama. I don’t think it’s a reflection on AJ at all.

  21. Lazare says

    You Brangeloonies are funny ,you like to stir trouble in other threads but Brangelina is untouchable. Who do you think you are? It looks like you are in pain. Maybe it is the same for the Tomkat people when you go and spit your venom. sexiest woman alive, is barely alive nowadays standing on two anorexic legs.

  22. Fly On The Wall says

    Um, Lazare… if Angelina is box office poison, how come she has about three films coming out, and Aniston has NONE?

    Just because YOU don’t like her, doesn’t mean the studios don’t.

    But Aniston has been unemployed for two years now, and she has nothing coming up. The most she can hope for is some sitcom work, or maybe shilling for some beverage or something. She doesn’t have the range for the studios to sign her up for any more roles; all she can do is variations of Rachel Greene and she’s getting kind long in the tooth for that.

    Speaking of doing advertisements, have you seen Angelina in the ads for Saint John’s Knits in Vogue and Vanity Fair this month? Drop-dead gorgeous! Those clothes retail between $1000 and $2000 and sales have doubled since they started featuring her in their ads. See, that’s essentially the difference between Angelina and Jennifer. Angelina could make a burlap sack look like a Saint John’s suit. Poor Jennifer would make a Saint John’s suit look like a burlap sack.

  23. Oh FF in da house says

    141. Lazare
    144. Lazare —Why are you here trying to stir up crap? You are sick and need help. Go back to FF and please leave the baby sites alone. You are very scary. Please leave the babies alone. Get a new hobby. Leave them alone, please.

  24. Nicki says

    144. Lazare– I’m not sure who here, Babyrazzi, mentioned Jen Aniston, whatever JustJared people do or say, thats them. But on to your point—-I recall a Vanity Fair article in 2005, by Jen Aniston AND her friends that slammed Angie and her children, took a few digs at Brad, but slammed Angie and the kids. That is OK, friends were quoted, names used, and yet no apology from Jen or her friends. You are talking about an open blog site, which has how ever many people, all with different opinions. I’m talking about an actual interview with Jen Aniston and her friends, named and quoted. Brad and Angie owe no apology for whatever thier “fans” on a blog site say. They have no control over peoples personal opinions.
    But Jen Aniston did and does have control over what she says in an actual interview. And I’m pretty sure she could tell her friends to “cool it” or “slam ’em”. Just look at the big picture here.

  25. Lazare says

    The studios do not want to make money if they hire that woman.Angelina is a box office poison, now more so than ever. It is when a movie comes out to see who is on top in hollywood. For now Will Smith is #1. What is killing Brangelina is their fans, consistently putting down Aniston. The public sees her as a victim twice. Brangelina should send a letter to JJ and try to curb these out of control loonies.

  26. Nicki says

    141. Lazare —-Why does Clint Eastwood want her for his next film?:??? She will be working on that in 2 months. He won’t do the movie without her!!! Yeah, keep talkin’ your crap, she is in high demand. She is a multi award winner , she always will be. Just show up at awards time and tell us how bad “you” think she is !!!!

  27. Nicki says

    oriana~please tell me how your breakfat was. I’m betting on great. Anyone of you fools that don’t want to read this…….just scroll past this post!!! What did you have and tell me how it was…goood, ok. or bad!
    Lets talk about the food you had and how good it was.:lol:
    The ones who don’t like it,,,,, scroll on past.
    Take care, oriana.

  28. Lazare says

    Angelina looks like a mess.And a mighty heart is not even on the top 30. It is hard to swallow. You would think this woman has lots of fan when you go to her threads on JJ. But it is an illusion, since the same twenty people post over and over. They are hiding in France. I feel bad for them, the hottest couple by every mags in the country and overseas, can not sell their movie. Lesson do not believe in hype. Michael moore documentary made more in less theater and it just came out.

  29. Elisha says

    On the June 15th picof Angie with kids. What in the hell is she wearing and who talked her into wearing her hair that way? I’m curious that’s all. Don’t bash me.

  30. whatever says

    when I first surfed into babyrazzi I was under the impression that it was a free website to post anyone’s comments. #37, 31, 50, and 95 who appointed you judge and jury. why are your persumtions written in stone? when people make comments you don’t agree with, you make it perfectly clear that they are wrong. wow you even try to settle you’re arrogance by getting in to a cat fight. this site is here for people to post their comments about children. not to solve your personal vendettas.

  31. Nothing But The Truth! says

    Comment – you must be talking about Libraesque, Shadow Girl, obnoxious spice ( whom I THINK ARE ALL ONE PERSON). And last but not least Miapocca, they are on here posting their non-sense constantly.

  32. oriana says

    Comment, I don’t have time to talk to my friends or family, I am too busy eating all the time! Ha!

  33. Comment says

    i come on here at least once every two weeks to see the new baby pictures and read some of the comments. and all i have to say is, you people must not have anything to do but sit here all day and nite reading and writing all the insults. don’t you have something better to do than obsess over celebrities and other people on this site? this is just so funny. talk about having no lives. thats just about everyone on here. go talk to your kids or your moms and dads or siblings or hey a friend. oh, but this sounds like you don’t have any friends or family. lmao!!!!

  34. barbara says

    best picture ever , see how much does she loves her cute baby!! she is like the most responsible women ever…and I wish she has another baby!! love brangelina!!

  35. oriana says

    For someone to be throwing slurs about people talking about food, obnoxious is sure hyprocritical! I just read where she was on Suri Cruise thread at 7:24pm talking about linguine, now maybe I am wrong, maybe linguine isn’t food! Oops, can’t talk about it, will make me hungry and I will have to head to Olive Garden for a snack of Italian food! And will have a glass of wine with it, so will be a Lush as well as a Pig! Ha!

  36. oriana says

    Why is Obnoxious even talking about me? I don’t see anything about her or maybe it is a him, that would be spice, so just will say obnoxious which fits perfectly!

    Zbella my Dear, hope you haven’t been too busy with the kiddies! Ha! Now I know YOU are a good cook so hope your hubby doesn’t eat too much for dinner and be a PIG like me! Ha!

    #112, dozens and dozens? You do know that 12 makes 1 dozen don’t you? So guess I have been pretty hungry to talk about food on that many posts! Oh Well, talking about Tia’s Greek food and with Nicki over good New Orleans southern food too won’t cut it, now since there are some that are keeping up with me, tonight I am having:

    Meatloaf, fresh fried corn, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, cornbread muffins and peach cobbler for dessert!!!!! Yep, PIG Indeed!!!!!! May have to call 911 to have my stomach pumped!!! Ha!

  37. Betty says

    I agree with #67. Miss jolie is indeed famous, not popular.look at the movie waitress from keri Russell it made more money in less theater than a mighty heart. I feel bad for Brad, but thik he is leaving her soon.

  38. obnoxious spice says

    hahahahaha!!!……so true.. i too, have read many many threads over the past many many months where this woman will turn it into food….hahahaha….
    sometimes it takes an outsider to open your eyes…
    this is a babysite, not a food guide…

  39. greedy greedy pig says

    That ‘comment’ came out of my horror at someone obsessing so much over food all the time.
    Like I said, I bet this Oriana is the size of a house!
    No matter who the celebrity is, or where the direction comments are headed, she will always turn it around to food somehow. Oink Oink greedy lady.

  40. oriana says

    I may be a PIG but not a greedy one! I’ll share my food with anyone, that is as long as it isn’t Butterscotch pie, well maybe ONE bite!!!!!

  41. Libraesque2007 says

    WHO CARES if she’s dressed in pants, at least she doesn’t constantly look like she’s going to a prayer meeting at the church of latter day saints while her mother is in short shorts and h o o k e r heels

  42. greedy greedy pig says

    I have noticed on dozens and dozens of threads that you always go on and on and on about food, you must be the size of a house you greedy greedy pig of a woman.
    You and your opinions make me sick, I have no time for greedy pigs like you.

  43. name not important says

    The pic where she is dressed in white those are girl clothes and the pics where she is in the stroller she is also dressed like a girl just because her hair is short doesn’t mean she looks like a boy

  44. Naomi says

    Welcome aboard, ma’am. We’ll put the beautiful child in the car seat and stow the pets in the cargo hold. 😀

  45. oriana says

    I did, saw tons of pictures of Angie with Maddox, a few with Shiloh, a few with Brad holding Shiloh in a pretty white dress, the only time I have ever seen her in a dress, the same set of pictures taken when Angie was out of town, didn’t see any other ones of her looking like a girl? Where are they?

    The newest picture with Angie holding her that she had a white pair of pants and a top on, looked like a very pretty little boy in them to me, no smile, mouth open, very pretty child but only two pictures I have seen of her dressed like a girl? Where are the lots of pictures you were talking about? I even typed in Shiloh Jolie Pitt pictures and didn’t see any turn up that resembled being dressed like a girl most of the time or hardly any of the time. Again, where are they?

  46. Martha says

    Geez, that was sooo funny. wherever do you come up with your stuff?

    Guess Lib’s still stalking, she keeps responding. LUV how I get to her.

  47. oriana says

    #110, most of the time she is wearing girl clothes! Obviously you have seen pictures that the rest of the world hasn’t!

  48. Martha says

    Friends? OK. If that’s what you call it. All of mine are outside the cyber world. LIB YOU LIVE FOR BABYRAZZI and HELLORAZZI.

  49. Nicki says

    I know it is so funny, I just noticed IT posted the same exact thing (#106 & 107) on the Suri and Katie thread. LMFAO.
    She is like one of those things you punch and they bounce right back up. They don’t say anything intelligent either.:lol:

  50. name not important says

    Yes Oriana you must have missed the pics because Shiloh is dressed like a girl most of the time. And I do not understand why all of you think she looks like a boy because if you look at her face you can see very clearly that she looks like a girl. Oriana you retard I didn’t say she lived on planes I said that was why she was dressed like that on that particular day if you see her most of the time she is wearing girl clothes.

  51. Libraesque says

    “called out”
    called out ON WHAT???? The fact that I have an OPINION that is different than yours?
    GROW UP!

    Niki, she’s TOTALLY stalking me on every thread! She just can’t tear herself away from me no matter how much she tries!!!

  52. Martha says

    Poor Lib. You must have heart attacks always trying to prove yourself and shut people up. You can’t stand being called out. Bet you stay up at night wondering about your last arguement on her and what your next words will be.

    Quit making it sound like I’m obsessed with you. YOU were the one that started it and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and let you talk to me like you TRY to talk to everyone else.

  53. Nicki says

    Libraesque~ Maybe now your stalker will STFU and “leave this sandbox and join another one.” LMAO!

  54. Libraesque says

    and….are you hallucinating? Ang was named Maxims Woman of the Year in 2006!!!!

    Put the crack pipe down

  55. Libraesque says

    We were talking about couples BUT if you wanna talk lists, Ang made Peoples #1 most Beautiful Star
    And on the Celebrity 100 list that tranny Beil didn’t even make it!!!
    google Jessica Beil is a tranny, then go cry yourself to sleep

    “I think that’s telling me to leave this sandbox and join another. “……I thought you were leaving you annoying cow

  56. Martha says

    Really? Why don’t you check out Maxim’s hottest 100 and see who’s ranked higher in the last couple of years? Angie or Jessica?!

    Now what? Couple schmuple. Who cares? It’s about who looks better period. Angie has manly hooker tattoos and is still gothic and grossly bony. Physically all she has going for her is her face.

  57. Libraesque says

    jessica Biel and JT
    oh that’s priceless
    maybe you should google them, I seriously doubt they will show up on any hot celebrity couple list


  58. Martha says

    I’m not going to fight all night with you (LIB) since I’ve seen your posts. And you will go on all day and night so that you can have the last word. And I tried to post and it’s not going thru, so I think that’s telling me to leave this sandbox and join another.

  59. Nicki says

    96. oriana ~ Great you will enjoy it. Check out thier menu online to see all they have. Let me know what you got and how much you loved it:lol: Enjoy your day and enjoy your breakfast on Saturday.

  60. Nicki says

    Martha-How about you STFU. How old are you? Justin T. and Jessica B. the hottest. Please, the are C-list at best.
    Believe me Libra doesn’t need a body guard, but you might.

  61. oriana says

    NICKI!!!!!! Just found went and checked for Mimi’s locations! There is one here in SAN JOSE!!!!!! Going Saturday morning! Have a nice stress free day if possible. Will let you know, can’t wait for our delish breakfast! Ha!

  62. Libraesque says

    As long as we’re bashing Maniston here, I think it’s really sad that she’s attached herself to a product that is SO environmentally WRONG.
    Smart Water?
    The energy and resources that it takes to produce it, not to mention the waste that’s produced by the bottles just adds to our global warming
    She can’t do anything right

  63. Martha says

    “They are the HOTTEST couple in Hollywood right now, they are both humanitarians, they’re both GORGEOUS and successful and they have a beautiful family” is an opinion itself. Lots of people dislike Angie and that dates back to her gothic days. I bet some people think Jessica Biel and JT are the hottest couple but don’t mention it here because they don’t have children. Lots of people will ALWAYS look at Angie as a homewrecker regardless. And that is an opionion just like yours is.

    Nicki how much does Lib pay you to bodyguard? If I up that will you STFU?

  64. Libraesque says

    because it’s my OPINION that rabid Pitt-Jolie haters that speak about them the way that you do SEEM jealous because they have IT ALL

    They are the HOTTEST couple in Hollywood right now, they are both humanitarians, they’re both GORGEOUS and successful and they have a beautiful family

  65. Martha says

    And you do? Why would you refer me as a green eyed monster? Where would you get I was jealous from. Seriously.

  66. Martha says

    Actually in looking at this photo more, Angelina sort looks like Jennifer from the back. I think it’s the highlights. The only difference is Jennifer has more booty to her and wears prettier clothing.

  67. Nicki says

    Hey Martha- You should run out and buy OK tomorrow. They are saying Jen and Paul-back on again- were out shopping for baby items. Great news huh.

  68. Martha says

    And go ahead and call me a douchbag or whatever names you usually call other people. I could care less.

    Have a nice day!

  69. Martha says

    Libraesque just because you think you know everyone and everything doesn’t make you the queen of babyrazzi. You want to shut everyone down that doesn’t think like you and sorry sister, not me! So just like you told me, “and you know this because?????” I’ll direct it right back at you! And you don’t know this because???????

    DON’T try to make me another person on your anti-Tomkat/pro-Brangelina cult. I’m not going there.

  70. Libraesque says

    me too!!!!!!!!
    the green eyed monster really brings out the best in people doesn’t it????

  71. Nicki says

    81. Libraesque — Martha knows this because the all tabloids tell her so!

    I’m enjoying the laughs.

  72. Nicki says

    Sorry I missed you oriana . Mimi’s Cafe has delious breakfasts and the lunch/dinners are fabulous. I am so exicted they just built one here and it opened in April. Last time we ate there was 2 1/2 years ago in Fresno. We have been since April 3 times a month:lol:. Yes I agree about the noise in Elephant Bar, very loud, but good food.
    Try to get to Mimis Cafe if you can while in Fresno, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Have a Hybiscus (sp) on me:lol:.

  73. Libraesque says

    she has him by the balls???
    and you know this because……………?????????

  74. Martha says

    Yes, everyone knows Angie has Brad by the balls. He is so afraid of making her angry. Angie can’t make a relationship work b/c she’s so messed up in the head. I believe she will make her relationship w/her children work. But look at all her past relationships including her dad. I understand why she got mad at her dad though. Still…

  75. Zbella says

    Yes, #77 traveller, I agree. Shiloh is not the most beautiful baby ever – but I have no doubt she will be a stunner. She’s a baby, she’s adorable and perfect as she is.

  76. Libraesque says

    she tells him what to say???

    that’s seriously the funniest shit I’ve read

  77. traveller says

    Actually, if you look at pictures taken in NYC while there for the AMH premiere, Angie came out of a toy store with Shiloh who was dressed in a little white dress. So, yes, she does dress her in girly clothes. My guess is that they went for comfort more than prettiness for the flight.

  78. Martha says

    Shiloh doesn’t look very feminine. I think she is a plain looking baby.

    And Nicki that is what Angelina told him to say. He is coached on his interviews because Angie doesn’t want to look bad and wants minimal mention of his ex (wife).

  79. oriana says

    I bet the movie grosses more in Europe than here, hope so. I wonder when it will be shown over there? I thought when movies comes out they are worldwide? Well, goes to show how much I know! Ha! A heartbreaking story and we all know the tragic ending but I wish everyone would be supportive of it.

    Mia, goodnight to you too, hope your day hasn’t been too stressful!

  80. oriana says

    Nicki, I hope you get this before you go to bed. I have heard that Mimi’s Cafe is excellent! I think they have one in FL and my brother went to it, he said if there was one close to me to go try it! I think he went there for breakfast but not sure. I am going to Fresno next month and spend the night, will check it out for sure.

    We have Elephant Bar here and it is so cute inside with the water coming out of the Elephant’s trunk! Good food, very loud in there though, noisy! It is across from Fry’s Electronics and my husband is a computer nutcase so we go have been there several times. Thanks for the tips! You have a nice evening and always a pleasure to talk with you two girls, oops, ladies!!! Ha!

  81. Nicki says

    69. oriana ~It’s not out yet there. It was as true to the book as his wife wrote. It wasn’t about his life, it was about the search to find him, his wifes story about what she went through to try to get him back alive. So basically it wasn’t his story, it was hers and what she went through, at 6 months pregnant, and what she did and had to do to find him. She is a very strong and good hearted person. It was a great movie.

    68. oriana ~Wow $34.00. See I knew we drove from Fresno to SJ for a reason!:lol: Great deals! Fresno is sweltering in the summer, and the fog that sets in is scary, I used to pray until my hubby called me when he got to work, which was only 10 minutes away. I sometimes couldn’t see the house across our cul de sac for 1 hour or more. Like I said scary, if you have to drive.
    OH, and resturants and shopping!! I don’t know if you will get back there, but Mimi’s Cafe and Elephant Bar were two of our favorites in Fresno. I know many, many others there but those teo off the freeway were the best.
    Have a great time in Reno and a safe and comfortable flight!!
    Take care, Good night! Nice talking with you.

  82. Miapocca says

    TOO BAD..ITS SUPPOSED TO B E A GOOD MOVIE..but oh well everything comes out on tv eventually ………………

  83. oriana says

    I would like to add that I am very disappointed about A Mighty Heart not being a Hit! I think the story should be told and was rooting for it. I did hear that it didn’t focus enough on Daniel, don’t know if that is true or not, I am going to buy it when it comes out for sale. I don’t know how much it has grossed so far in Europe but not very much in the U.S.

  84. oriana says

    Nicki, 55 min. from San Jose to Reno, got a Special price for only $34.00 one way! I hope it isn’t a bumpy ride! Ha! Let’s face it, my best odds are at the Buffet Table! But will try! I like Fresno, nice people there, but oh so hot in the summer, and I didn’t like the fog in Winter time. It is 2 1/2 hour drive from there to here. I have lots of friends there, my son lived there for five years. I actually like the restaurants there better than here!

    DMITZ, my brother is going when they decorate for Christmas so he is excited about it, and he wants to see The Alamo, I would get too emotional and cry like a baby when I see it but am planning on going before too long. He said the Riverwalk is super nice and that they have a Morton’s steakhouse down there so he is happy about that. I told him don’t worry about getting me a shirt, just get some socks, one pair will last me a long time! Ha!

    He likes seafood too but in Texas it would have to be BBQ or Mexican food for me! Both!!!!

  85. Jazmine says

    In the case of Angelina Jolie, being famous or popular you can see the difference. After a mighty flop, i can say she is famous not popular. She went into hiding, after the movie debacle.

  86. Nicki says

    Martha- Also why would Brad say this, And after meeting Angie I became a new man, intimately and artistically speaking.
    in his interview overseas while promoting O13? (He said more but I think that says it all) He doesn’t even think about his ex, which he mentioned in the interview, and he said ex, not ex-wife, just plain old ex. (He was saying how much the tabloids lied, take for example about the lies about me and my ex) He didn’t even bother to mention his ex-wife, just ex. Kind of tells me he doesn’t really think about her anymore. But you can dream about whatever you want. You are entitled to your thoughts.
    Maybe once in a while try to comprehend an actual interview with the actual person, and not tabloid BS. Good luck with your dream.

  87. Yad says

    Get real people ! Shiloh is nothing of special ! She was quite cute just on “People ” when she was born !

  88. Nicki says

    62. Libraesque
    “I’d rather see a natural, REAL family looking comfortable and normal while traveling, etc, instead of someone in hooker heels at the beach and a kid dressed in potato sacks.”:lol:
    I knew exactly who you meant, and got a good chuckle out of it, thanks.:lol:

  89. Nicki says

    60. DMITZ ~ Wow the riverboats in Shreveport, LA. I have been to them a few times, back about 5 years ago. Fun places to go. I don’t gamble too much, but had fun going there. Been to one in MI about 14 years ago and that was before Shreveport had them.(just don’t recall off hand what town it was, but we went to a concert there and next day to the casino.)

    59. oriana ~ Oh, I knew it was close to where you are, have fun in Reno. It shouldn’t be a long flight, right? When I lived in Fresno area we used to fly out of San Jose more than Fresno. It was a long drive, not too long, but very pretty, and you could get more non stop flights out of San Jose. I hope your special O client has a blast at Circus Circus, and I hope your sis hits a decent jackpot!! I also hope your flight will be super smooth for you, without some of the, shall we say, “past crap you had to put up with”. Best to you!

  90. Libraesque says

    she’s dressed like a BOY???
    she “looks” like a boy?

    you can’t even see her!

    I’d rather see a natural, REAL family looking comfortable and normal while traveling, etc, instead of someone in hooker heels at the beach and a kid dressed in potato sacks.

    I think it’s cute the way the other kids swap clothes, this is obviously a VERY close family, despite hectic schedules

  91. says

    If Brad still loved Jen He would be still with her. Nothing would be able to stop him if that’s who he wanted to be with its over She didnt think that maybe Brad wanted a family She didnt want to lose her figure

  92. DMITZ says

    Oriana yes, I’ve been to SA many times and I love it there! And you are right, they have so many nice restaurants and the riverwalk is one of the most romantic places I’ve been to (in the evening). The last time I went was pre-children, so I hope to take them there by the end of this summer. I would like to go to Sea World and Fiesta TX (and of course the riverwalk). Lots of dining and shopping!

    Have fun in NV!! Gamble a little something for me. I’m so bad about that, I don’t know when to stop. I’ve only been to Shreveport and Oklahoma to gamble, but I think my husband and I want to head to Las Vegas with friends this year. We’ll see.

    Have a great time!

  93. oriana says

    DMITZ, Oh I love Texas!!! My brother is going to San Antonio and the info he got about it is very nice. Have you been there? He is staying at some hotel I think the name is Contessa or something like that, and nice restaurants there too. I wish I could go there one day. I have been staying up with the news and it is very disturbing, I feel so bad for those people with all that flooding. Glad you aren’t in that situation.

    Nicki my Dear, going to Reno! Ha! I hate to fly but my sister wants to go and we are taking a Special O client with us, she recently lost her sister to a brain tumor and we want to take her to Circus Circus where she can play at the Arcade and watch the circus acts. Very sweet girl.

    I like to dabble at Fitzgeralds, have won a little there before, put $2.00 in once and won $640. I don’t even care if I win anything or not, I want my sister too, she will be so excited!

    Hope you girls don’t work too hard today! Ha!

    I can’t stop thinking now about one of those giant burritos they have in Texas, I love that place!

  94. DMITZ says

    Hello Oriana! How are you doing? The weather is SO hot in TX, but I’m used to it. I’ve been here all my life. I’m not sure if you heard about all the weather North TX has been getting (primarily in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area), but it’s good that the rain has finally stopped. Our lakes are overflowing, but fortunately I haven’t been affected too much. Many have lost their homes and loved ones due to all the flooding.

    Anyways, enough of that. Hope you are enjoying your summer as well! Take care.

  95. Nicki says

    Hey oriana~ All is well here. Hope the same for you. Summer has been too hot here lately, but cools off most nights. You mentioned you were going on a little vacation-I forgot where-but hope you have a wonderful time.

  96. Denise says

    Whatever! Just my opinion. Ya’ll can say what you want just as I can say what I want. Not everybody likes her, not everybody hates her. Everybody has an opinion and this is mine, like it or not. So, go find someone else to fight with. I could really care less what she does. As if any of you know her that well. I could be right or wrong about her, just like any of you.

  97. oriana says

    Hi Nicki and DMITZ, hope all is well with you two and are enjoying the summer! I don’t think that Brad took Shiloh to see Jennifer, it may be true, but doubt it.

    I think Jennifer prob does still love him, but hopefully she isn’t unhappy and is doing good. I think Brad loves all the kids and I definately think he loves Zahara every bit as much, if not more, as he loves Shiloh.

    Shiloh is very cute, and I would love to see her walking like we have Suri. I wish this family good luck, don’t like Angie but I think she will always take good care of the kids, and there will be another adoption, have no doubts of that.

  98. Nicki says

    Martha- I agreed with you when you said this
    “It will be very interesting to see when this alleged Brad and Shiloh meet Jennifer lunch took place and better yet where could they go and not be caught by the paparazzi.”

    I agreed 100%. It will be interesting to see when this “alledged” meeting for luch took place.
    I agree 100%- and better yet when could they go and the paps not get a pic.

    I believe my post did make sense, I’m sorry you didn’t understand it. And you called me ignorant?

    Sorry I didn’t get that you believed it in your post #44, but when do you think this could have happened? Before the family left for Prague? And if so why would the paps hide this story until now? With one pic of that the paps would have made a tidy sum of money.

    Sorry it makes no sense to me as to when this could have happened, since Brad and Angie and family have been in another country for months (with the exception of the few days they were ALL together in NYC).

    But your right you are entitled to believe what you want, just hope your not too upset when you find out it a complete BS story. But dream on if it makes you happy.

  99. Martha says

    Nicki I don’t understand what you are typing?! Let’s try to make sense before we post to comments and come off sounding ignorant.

    Guess we’ll have to see. Like I said PEOPLE. GOSSIP. I’m entitled to believe what I want to believe and I believe this!

  100. Libraesque says

    DENISE, the mentally retarded and handicapped are not AJ’s causes. Just because she’s a humanitarian DOESN”T mean that all troubled people in the world are her problem!!!
    Do you know anything about her, or how she came about to be passionate about the causes she’s involved in?

  101. jennifer says

    yea right brad can’t scratch his ass without the world knowing about it!!!!!!!!! do people really think he could go to lunch with his ex wife without paparrazi getting a picture ! i wish people wouild stop talking about brad being with jen they are OOOOVVVEERRR!!! we are going into 2008 they haven’t been with each other since Jan. 2005!!Time to move on!!!

  102. Nicki says

    44. Martha – Exactly Martha! I saw on one gossip site that said it took place at Jen’s house,:lol: and Brad brought along the nanny AND maid? WTF-the maid?? Boy Shiloh must be one messy eater.:lol:
    And at Jens’ house but not one picture? Please.

    And the stupidest thing the tabloids forgot is that for months Brad and Angie and kids have been in Prague. In the middle of June they ALL flew to NYC for AMH premiere. They ALL flew back around the 19th or 20th. Brad and Angie flew to Spain for 2 days right after that on the weekend. And they have been in Prague until these pics. And not one pic of Brad at Jen’s or anywhere else for that matter.
    The tabloids are ridiculous, but that you for the great laugh I got from this.

  103. Martha says

    I agree w/# 47.

    I’m not saying Brad will leave Angie for Jennifer, but I think he will leave her. He will realize the only one there for him will be Jen, but they will most likely not be together ever gain.

  104. ms sugar walls says

    damn…that’s a cold game, that jen is playing! I think that deep inside Brad still loves Jen, that’s the way of the world! I think that it might be over, anyway! Brad, is going to take his kid, and get the hell out of there….mark my words…they are going to fight to the death over this kid!

  105. Martha says

    Miapocca I’ve always respected your comments but lately you sound like the young child who has been stealing everyone’s identities. You seem to be babbling nonsense.

  106. DMITZ says

    I think Shiloh looks like a boy in her pics also. I wouldn’t say it’s only b/c of the hair, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Cute baby still, but most people but some sort of ribbon, clip, or head band on baby girls. At least put some pink or yellow or lilac on her.

  107. Martha says

    I originally heard it on the radio and searched this on the Internet.

    Jennifer Aniston Meets Brad Pitt’s Baby Shiloh at Secret Lunch?
    It will be very interesting to see when this alleged Brad and Shiloh meet Jennifer lunch took place and better yet where could they go and not be caught by the paparazzi.
    · Cached page
    National Ledger – Jennifer Aniston Meets Brad Pitt’s Baby Shiloh at …
    It will be very interesting to see when this alleged Brad and Shiloh meet Jennifer lunch took place and better yet where could they go and not be caught by the paparazzi. · Cached page
    +Show more results from

  108. Martha says




  109. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Hag whorelina is a psycho, meaning her life now has exceeded all expectations for one who refuses to mange her madness….

    In anycase I do think she does loves her children in her defintition of what love is and the best way she can. It maybe dysfunctional but I know few families that are perfect, those who claim to be perfect are usually far less perfect.

    So in anycase, does she still need my milk……………

  110. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Why dont some of y’all ofer an opinion instead of coming out to scream at other bloggers..

    Cow indeed, then maybe I can offer some milk to the hag to ftten her up for the canivorous festival coming up in my neighbourhood…ahhahahahhaha

    That a totally funny british insult “cow”/…I fail to see how being called a cow is an insult..the cows I met in the hills in suisse were might beautiful and so graceful…love thier bells too…..

    Maybe you should try the ghetoo slang ” you Heifer”…hahaha stilll funy

    WHy not just write what you think and stop tagging on to mine…hmmm probably never had an original thought in your head hahahahahha

  111. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Denise, why do you only care if she adopts special needs children? You said they are far less likely to be adopted, well that’s true, but Maddox, Pax and Zahara would probably never have been adopted either, especially Pax as he was so “old”. Zahara had rickets and was so under-nourished that she would have died had Angelina not adopted her.

    Maybe she just didn’t feel she couldn’t give enough to a disabled child. it takes a very special person to adopt a special needs child, and if Angelina didn’t feel like she was 150% able to care for a disabled child it would have been wrong for her to adopt one. Stop being so god damn judgemental! Maddox, Paz and Zahara are no less precious because they’re not disabled, ALL children deserve a home!

  112. crayola says

    it is good to see her dress so normal and comfortable. not like the posh impersonator (katie). if it was that alien katie she would walk off the plane wearing hills and coats and pants knowing the paps would be there to take her picture. trying to be someone she is not.

  113. angelina jolie says

    #36, get a grip in yourself..we know that you feel bad about yourself..that’s why you are so defensive….jerkoff, get plastic surgery, but then again…that won’t help you,your too far gone! Shiloh, is adorable! When she grows up, she will be the hottest chick around..while all of you that are downing her is going totally to shit! Right now as i’m look like crap!

  114. jolie polie says

    OH come on,shiloh isn’t that cute or beautiful if she wasn’t brangelina’s you never consider so cute.all kids are cute and she is as cute as a plain baby,she sin’y going to be beautiful ,too.becaus she looks like brad and jolie’s father.

  115. oriana says

    Eventhough I don’t like Angelina, I have never doubted for a minute that she is sincere about giving these kids a better life and truely loves them. I think she hates the paps and would rather not have the publicity, she is prob sick of it. I do think that Brad will go along with whatever she wants and he loves children, period.

    She does look like a boy, it may be normal for a baby without any hair, but is it normal to dress her like a boy all the time? I would like to see more pictures of her walking by herself.

  116. Denise says

    But, we’ll leave adoptions like that to people other than celebrities trying to make a name for themselves with all the publicity. Those kind of people are the real people who really care about children…the children that nobody really wants.

  117. Denise says

    Sorry #31, she hasn’t met my standards. I’m not talking about rickets. I’m talking about mental retardation, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, downs syndrome, deformaties, you know, children that people tend to overlook and turn there heads away from in super markets. I want to see her adopt a child like that. Her money would be well spent on a child like that. So, get your panties out of a wad girl.

  118. Zbella says

    Always enjoy seeing this beautiful family.

    Who cares if Shiloh looks like a boy? She is a baby – has very little hair – it’s NORMAL!

    And 3 1/2 year olds and malnourished kids with rickets are rarely adopted, so Angie has met your high standards already, Denise. Simply can’t please some people.

    Nobody mentioned, it looks like AJ cut her hair a bit.

  119. oriana says

    I can’t stand Brad or Angie but if I could afford a private plane, you bet I would be on one! Only I would have one for my cats and dogs instead of kids! Ha! At least I could stretch out and be comfy!

  120. oriana says

    Oh of course that is why Shiloh is dressed like a boy all the time, she lives on airplanes! I should have thought of that! When have you ever seen her dressed any other way? I can’t remember one time except when Angie was out of the country and Brad’s mom was watching her and she had on a lovely white dress, maybe I have missed the other pictures?

    I have seen pictures of her directly in her face, she is a very pretty baby to me, but looks like a very pretty little boy!

  121. name not important says

    Shiloh looks like a girl if you look at her face and you can’t even see what she is wearing you don’t know what is on the front of her shirt maybe their is a butterfly. I’m pretty sure she dressed her casually because she is going to be on a PLANE! And didn’t have to worry about these clothes getting dirty.

  122. Tracy says

    I wish this picture showed Shiloh’s face a little bit more. LUV this family, Brad and Angelina have gorgeous
    children! 🙂

  123. Taylor Mastronni says

    I agree that Angelina does need to put on a few pounds, she used to be much more beautiful than she is now, As for Shiloh she is a sweetie, But she needs to dress her more as a little girl.

  124. oriana says

    Shiloh looks just like a boy, you would never know she was a little girl just by looking at a picture. She is the spitting image of Jon Voight, I have always thought so!

    Hi Mia, hope things are well with you!

  125. Essie says

    Yas, there are no “better” pics since these were not posed and were taken with a long lens camera.

    You can go to justjared to see a few more but they aren’t any better than this one.

  126. ann wabin says

    Shiloh is the beautiful child I have ever seen, Angelina and Brad they are the world’s first and foremost role model.

  127. Denise says

    Ok…somebody give the girl a cheeseburger….she’s a walking stick.

    I think what AJ does for children is great but…..then she goes home to her million dollar mansions and her planes and her money. And if she wants to adopt 3rd world children thats fine too, but………she should adopt the handicapped or mentally challenged….the ones that no one will ever adopt. Then, I would stand up and applaud her. Until then…..I don’t care for her or Brad.

    Shiloh is cute but she could be mistaken for a boy the way AJ dresses her.

  128. neil says

    I guess if Angie knew you were going to see her boarding, M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a , she would have dressed up nicer for ya after all it’s important that she keeps to your straight and narrow rules and … oh why bother…

  129. yas says

    why not a better pic from them?
    i want to see their faces.
    anyone knows where cai i find more pics????

  130. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Miapocca, if the paparazzi hounded you and your kids as relentlessly as they hound Angelina and her family, would you really take the risk of flying on a packed commercial plane with them?

    Can you imagine how horrible that would be? 4 little kids sitting on a long flight, unable to move, with all those psycho paps you see in the videos shouting their names and trying to take their photos whenever they could? Can you not imagine how terrifying that would be for a small child? I don’t think any decent person would want to put their kids through tat trauma intentionally.

    If people would let celebs a semi-peaceful life, especially when thy have their kids with them, they wouldn’t NEED to take a private jet.

  131. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Can’t really see Shiloh too well in that picture. I feel sorry for Angelina with her weight problems. I hope she puts on weight soon though for her kids sake so they don’t grow up thinking that her weight is healthy or normal. It can be really bad for kids, especially daughters, to grow up watching their mother hardly eating and being stick thin.

    I’m not blaming Angelina at all by the way. I know she isn’t one of these celebs just trying to be a size zero and I wish her the best of luck in getting healthy again.

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