1. Julie says

    Wait, I just realized something. Naomi’s pregnancy is the 2nd longest. I think Jenna Elfman has been pregnant for several months longer! I try my best to keep up on my celebrity news, so I feel certain that Jenna hasn’t had her baby (babies?) yet. It seems like it’s been a very long time.

  2. Julie says

    Good Lord! I think this is the longest human pregnancy on record!!!! It really does seem like she’s been pregnant forever! I hope it’s over soon for her and all goes well.

  3. jo says

    Really cannot understand all the fuss about how big her bump is.I am 7 months + and i am as big as she is.I also meet a lot of pregnant women these days and i know that some of them are bigger than i am and they are not having multiple birth.Some women are lucky to have small bumps and others are not so lucky.The most important thing is that she is healthy and that she gives birth to a healthy child.

  4. Wow! says

    It seems like she’s been pregnant for 2 years! I do think she looks great and has a great maternity wardrobe.

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