New Dad Jason Priestley Talks About Sleep Deprivation

Jason Priestley

Why was Jason Priestley drinking coffee during Thursday’s Television Critics Association press tour? “I just had a daughter 10 days ago and I’m totally, absolutely sleep deprived, which is absolutely fine with me,” he said.

Jason, 37, was promoting his new Lifetime series, Side Order of Life. How is he balancing work and fatherhood? “Um, one in each hand?” he joked to People magazine. “I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to get back to you on that. It’s all very new thus far.”

As for his wife, makeup artist Naomi Lowde, Jason said: “She’s doing very well. I’m sure she’s resting right now. If the baby’s asleep, I’m sure she’s asleep too. It’s good. There were no big surprises in the first 10 days, but I’m sure there’s many to come.”

The couple haven’t yet revealed their daughter’s name, although Jason quipped: “Kid Piddy is her name. And Kid Piddy is spelled P-i-d-d-y, not Pity, which has been very erroneously reported.”

Eventually, the little girl will be quite the jet-setter. “She’ll have an American passport, but of course she’ll get a Canadian passport as well,” the British Columbia-born actor said. “But my wife is British, so I think she’s going to learn to be in a three-passport family.”

One thing the newly-expanded family doesn’t have to worry much about: the paparazzi. “I’m not part of the triad – and by the triad, of course, I mean Lindsay, Britney and Paris,” Jason said. “I’m so last millennium, apparently. Thank god. I can’t believe what these kids go through these days.”

Does the former teen idol have any advice for young celebs? “I have no idea. When I started it wasn’t like it is now. It’s so much worse now than it was back then. Back then, everyone didn’t have a camera on their cell phone. Nowadays, the access is so much greater and the demands on these young people is so much more than it was for me.”



  1. Taylor M says

    Hi everybody! I’m SOOOOOOOOO sorry for all the horrible things i said! You see im not well, i have some mental issues. Anyway im sorry libraesque, Sarah, and Sheniqua! I’m just jealous i guess! love you guys!

  2. obnoxious spice says

    aaahhh….the ‘joys’ of the first few weeks with a newborn and lack of sleep…..
    congrats guys…when do we get to see the pics?? and find out the name???

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