Catherine Zeta-Jones With Carys & She Reveals That She Is A Worrywart

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been dubbed Dame Doom by her husband and kids because she’s always convinced the worst is going to happen.
The Welsh actress reveals her son Dylan, 6, and daughter Carys, 4, came up with the nickname after she started worrying for their safety one day while they were climbing trees.
She tells U.S. magazine Parade, “Dylan and Carys make fun of me because I worry when they’re climbing or jumping outside. I always think something could happen to them.
“And I always tell Michael how to drive. I’m the worst passenger. One time, he pulled over and got out of the car and said, ‘You drive.'”

But the actress insists she doesn’t have a gloomy approach to life: “I’m happy. I’m crazy in love with my husband. I love my children and adore just watching them grow and change”.

Parade magazine


  1. says

    a beautiful family. like their son’s name Dylan. unique and different..

    catherine is stunningly beautiful. wish her all happiness of the world. i deeply admire her looks

  2. Kamineko says

    Well, at least I have SOMETHING in common with this great beauty! LOL- I am a major worrier, too.
    I also back seat drive,and my hubby hates it!
    CZJ and I-High strung beauties, both of us!

  3. Has Been says

    Carys got her dad’s looks, let’s hope she does not get his ANNOYING TWITCHES. Not sure what I mean, just watch him while he is being interviewed.

  4. Julie says

    She’s one hot babe! And Carys does look like her daddy!!! I love the name Carys. I fought to name my daughter that, but my husband wouldn’t let me 🙁

  5. somia says

    I saw many pics of catherine when she was 14 or 15 she was stunning and hot,she was famous for her gorgeous face in biritain when she was just 17,she is natural beauty and still so hot,bloody gorgeous and carys is cute.

  6. says

    not to worry, mommy also was not exactly so hot, look at her old pictures. who needs genes when you are set for life with the best plastic surgeons, dentists, at your disposal? daddy michael will guarantee the best face money can buy. anyway, carys will be a better natural beauty than catherine ever could have been.

  7. JJ says

    The daughter didn;t take after the mother. Too bad! Carys is still a cute girl but by no means a stunner like her mother.

  8. kiara says

    AWWW,carys is cute,love her dress!
    mrs.dame doom you are soooooooo beautiful and gorgeous,always elegant,too.but i don’t lik your hat(wink)!anyways you and your sweeties are aodrable.

  9. Lxi pexi says

    Catherine is gorgeous and carys is lovely but dylan is cuter because he looks like his yummy mummy!

  10. limanio says

    OMG! i love carys zeta,she is a classy baby!adorable !
    and catherine looke great,i love her lips ,very beautiful lips and smile1

  11. Lauren says

    How cute. Carys does resemble her father more while Dylan looks like Catherine. Beautiful family. 🙂

  12. says

    Wow! She looks like her daddy! Their son looks like Catherine. I have not seen pics of their kids in a long while. Thanks webmistress 🙂

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