Liv Tyler & Milo

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler was snapped helping son Milo, 2, tie his shoelaces and roll up his pantlegs in NYC on July 1st before heading for lunch at The Spotted Pig.



  1. JJ says

    I like the way Liv dresses her kid. This is the way a kid should dress. Not the way Gwen dresses her poster child for the rich and famous.

  2. dori says

    #7 your posting here is really inappropriatre. this isn’t 7th grade and we don’t care about your little spats. Don’t come in here and tell us to read about your little personal arguments. GROW UP

    Now for my comment. He sure is a cute little boy isn’t he? I just love Liv Tyler and it’s always a pleasure to see her with her son

  3. shequida says

    DONT GO TO THE HEIDI KLUM PAGE! There is some serious drama between me and libraesque! By the way libraesque dont be postin on any pages im on. It’d be best fo you to stay away from me ya hear?

  4. Sarah says

    Did you guys read the Heidi Klum page and see all of the racist and what they said to me? it is like mother f*** cant we have peace and be happy like old times? am i right

  5. Jennifer says

    Ok, I love Liv and her son is adorable 🙂 but forgive me ……why is he dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt on July 1st. That seems a little too much. I live in NY (not the city) and it certainly was not cold that week.

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