Sarah Jessica Parker Talks About Her Son

Sarah Jessica Parker

People magazine reports:

With a Sex and the City movie now looking like a reality, Sarah Jessica Parker is still keeping motherhood a priority.

“James Wilkie is so conscious now of the time we spend together,” Sarah, 42, tells August’s Elle of her 4-year-old son with Matthew Broderick. “I try to be home to tuck him in at least four nights a week, and if I’m not, he’s not letting me get away with anything.”

And he definitely knows what he wants. “The other night I was sitting with him on the steps before Matthew and I went out to the theater,” says Sarah, “and he looked at me and said, ‘Mama, this has got to stop. Go upstairs and take that dress off.’ ”

Sarah, who balances a heavy workload as an actress, fragrance developer and clothing designer, also shares her formula for making her 10-year-marriage successful: She and Matthew keep their lives out of the spotlight.

“Actually,” she says, “it’s not hard to be a private couple. I see some people who actually do it really well, and then I see people who make me skeptical about their deep desire to be so private. It’s like, ‘Are you sure that’s what you really want?’ ”

One way they avoid having the marriage placed under a microscope, she says, is to avoid walking down a red carpet together. “That’s where they get you,” she says. “Suddenly it becomes, ‘Oh, when are you guys going to have another baby?’ ”

Although their marriage is a rare Hollywood success story, she says, “We try not to talk about the relationship. It’s not that we’re not proud; it’s just that’s the kiss of death.”

As for what stalled the Sex and the City movie for three years after the series ended, Sarah says: “I really wanted it to happen, and it was a bitter pill to swallow that it didn’t. … One of us didn’t want to do it at the time, meaning Kim Cattrall, for reasons that I didn’t ask. It’s not for me to talk anybody into anything, ever.”

A rep for Kim tells Elle that the actress “will address it when the time is appropriate.”



  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Sorry Libraesque, I just noticed that on teh Heidi posts.

    Analise, what the fuck are you on you crazy little imbecile?

  2. Libraesque says

    FYI people, that ASSHOLE Taylor M. is ONCE AGAIN posting racist bullshit using my name.
    Whenever you see a regulars screen name with some foul racist or sexual comment IT ISN’T THEM, it’s Taylor M. being the douchebag loser that IT is

  3. minkysmom says

    that is the ugliest outfit I have ever seen on a child. the pants are too short and have a dumb lasso hanging out of it, the shirt looks too short and the tie doesn’t even match in a purposely uncoordinated way.

  4. Jenna M. (UK) says

    This is totally off topic, but I keep reading posts accusing Libraesque of being racist. I have never, never read a post on here where she has seemed racist? Where did she say anything racist?

  5. Libraesque says

    jesus, you people are judging this person based on a quote about tucking him in at night? How about the days? How about the weekends? These are celebrities, you can’t judge them based on YOUR life which is probably stay at home mother

  6. Blair says

    I thought the same thing! Four WHOLE nights a week? Mother of the year for being there four nights every week. She makes it sound like it a struggle for her to achieve this.

  7. Elaine says

    She said at least 4 nights a week – doesn’t this mean some weeks its 5/6/7 nights. Some nights if she is out probably his Daddy puts him to bed – and what is wrong with that?.

    Perhaps the use of an old picture shows how good she is at keeping James away from the paperazzi, and there isn’t anything more recent available

  8. laura says

    What’s with her acting like being home 4 nights a week is okay? I can understand a saturday date with your significant other or lunch with your friends once a week, but 4 nights?!!

  9. Lia says

    At least four nights a week? How sad. She has no idea what she’s missing. I thought she was better than that. Poor James.

  10. Lauren says

    I love how she dresses her son. It’s so quirky and cute. James looks a lot like his father. I wonder if they are planning on more kids. 🙂

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