Jeff Gordon & Wife Introduce Ella Sofia!

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon

People magazine reports:

Nascar champ Jeff Gordon is an ironman on the racetrack. In the delivery room, it’s another story.

“The baby came out, and we’re both crying – in shock – and then you hear her cry for the first time,” Jeff said Monday on ABC’s Live with Regis and Kelly about the birth of his daughter, Ella Sofia Gordon, with Belgian model-actress wife, Ingrid Vandebosch.

“I look over and I’m like, ‘Honey, how are you?’ ”

Ella was born on June 20, and Jeff and Ingrid released new photos of her on Monday. “A good friend of ours took those pictures,” Jeff explained. “They turned out fantastic.”

It’s only been a few weeks, but Jeff, 35, a first-time father, says parenthood has already changed him. “It’s all I want to talk about now – just about babies, about kids,” he said, adding that he has “a whole new respect, not just for parents, but especially for moms.”

Kelly Ripa teased Jeff about whether his competitive instincts made it hard for him to be in the delivery room, where he could provide emotional support but little else.

“No competition when it comes to that,” he said, but added: “My emotions were just all over the place, because I was kind of helpless. She’s having the baby, and there’s nothing I can do except get the doctors. … I’m sure that was very helpful, though.”

Jeff and Ingrid met in 2002 and began dating in 2005. They wed in November 2006 in Mexico and announced the pregnancy in December on Jeff’s Web site, saying, “Christmas came early for us.”

Shortly after Ella’s birth, Jeff added a new message to the site. “It’s been an absolutely incredible experience,” he wrote. “Ingrid came through amazingly and we’re both really happy and overjoyed. We can’t wait to get home and start our lives together as a family.”



  1. JJ says

    All babies look alike. There’s nothing special about them. Squinty eyes, thin lips, pug nose, no chin. My dog is way cuter than any baby.

  2. kim--original kim says

    Oh, my, she’s beautiful!!! And Jeff looks over the moon, sweet!
    But why the hell do we care what that awful Kelly Ripa has to say about ANYTHING??? Yeccchhh!

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