Heidi Klum Out With Her Crew

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi was snapped out with the crew, including Leni, Henry and Johan. I love how in the pic where Heidi is chasing after Henry they are both airborne! Adorable!


  1. 289 says

    Kids get up early to play with their parents. Eat breakfast in bed together most days. Have the most expensive high-end baby gear money can buy. Nannies have very high salaries and are treated VERY well. Nannies help and buy, do(do help and do buy)designer and stylish clothes in high-end boutiques across the world.

  2. anoym says

    Heidi and Seal have 4 nannies, and two active parents.

    Heidi usually gets Leni dessed and off to preschool while the boys are left with their two nannies (teachers). The 10 month old and 2 year old don’t go to school but are taught for 4 hours through books, television, developement toys, music, and art. Another nanny and housekeeper work together to clean up house.While Heidi and Seal run errands and have their personal time. The nannies cook, feed and dress them in time for their return. They usually go out altogether to the playground, classes, and friend’s houses. Other nannies come over with their charges and they play with them “nanny playdates sans the parents”. The nannies are college-educated, degreed, and teachers that are skilled in arts, music, and culinary. They all can drive, swim, and are bilingual. Heidi and Seal have 3 or 4 date nights a week and nannies dress,bath, and put them to bed.They have a fully staffed home that include the smallest position to the highest. (laundress, housekeepers,PA’s, chef, bodyguards, stylists, dog nannies, and house managers.)They work anywhere between 10-15 hr days. Nannies provide 24hr 7 days a week care (daytime, nightime, and overnight.)Love nannies so much, don’t want them to leave, had fav nanny move in main house. Nanny has own house nearby on west coast. Nannies share apartments on east coast.Travel and holiday alot. Nannies go to work with parents beacause kids go everywhere. Grandparents stay with nannies when parents out of town.

  3. dori says

    Looking at the top picture, the hideous sprog could touch the top of its head with that tongue.

  4. Natai Zap says

    Love this way cool family I love the was Seal loves her and you know she;s getting better sex out there then any of us, he is one hot ass, keep making babies. Love your Family

  5. Mildred Wogbash says

    Its ok, Jenna, Dorui and other good people – these racists steal our identities (federal crime?) and post confusing messages. The “chav” comment isnt mine either, I have no idea what a chav is and Im scared to find out. No hard feelings!

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Midrd, bullshit, some of thecomments I have seen by you are downright racist and disgusting.

    And yeah, I am a “chav-lonig” pesant? So what?

  7. Xenafan96 says

    111. Dori | July 16th, 2007 at 5:39 pm
    The monster looks like Little Black Sambo. Where’s the tiger?

    BTW, ARA types, STFU!

    COPYWRIGHT2007 Babyrazzi, by author Xenafan96. No permission granted to quote, paraphrase, cut, copy, or paste at or in use on any other site.

    No. We won’t, especially to satisfy your cause. This is our board, not Alex Linders so take your yammering back there. You and your racist buds really have no place here. If we cared what you said and wanted to join you, we would. I’m guessing membership hasn’t jumped at your site from recruitment here. Whenever you brainwashed children post here, it gives me even more determination to let you know you are worthless here and no one could care less.
    Got this idea in another post and here it is:
    COPYWRIGHT2007 Babyrazzi, by author Xenafan96. No permission granted to quote, paraphrase, cut, copy, or paste at or in use on any other site.

    Decent ladies and gents, interested in talking about children and celebs, please post away and have fun! This is OUR website, for OUR enjoyment.
    COPYWRIGHT2007 Babyrazzi, by author Xenafan96. No permission granted to quote, paraphrase, cut, copy, or paste at or in use on any other site.

  8. Mildred Wogbash says

    Jenna M. you ignorant chav loving peasant, Im actually pro-black and I defend interacial relationships all the time. I am highly educated, world traveled and Ive had a rich career in arts and letters and I love all races together as one.

  9. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Mildred Wogbash you racist scum, I am neither shallow nor classist, I am as working class as you get. As far as “class” goes, I’m pretty much at the bottom of the pile. Yet I would consider myself a pretty nice person. Unlike some “middle-class” snobby rich kids I know.

    Class means nothing to me. Who your parents are does not make a person. Education (not just scholarly but common sense and open-mindedness) has made me the person I am. You do not know me, nor the first thing about me, which is exactly why I couldn’t care less what you think of me.

  10. Mildred Wogbash says

    Jenna M.

    You just keep digging yourself into a deeper hole. We know you are shallow, but please have some dignity and quit trying to deny your classist views of the world.

  11. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Also, by “well-educated” and “well-raised” I did not mean “private school edcuated” and “rich mummy and daddy”. I meant intellectual, intelligient people who are willing and eager to learn (as opposed to the royals, who only have private education because of who their family is) and people brought up in open-minded, caring families.

  12. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #101, Haha, they are not “my” royal family and not that its any of your business but no, I don’t actually like them.

    Did I say there is absolutely no racism among the well-educated and well-raised? Hell no! Hitler was by all means “well-educated” and “well-raised” for god’s sake.

    What I said was there is not NEARLY AS MUCH racism amongst the well-educated as the non-educated and ignorant population, and that is true. Before you attack someone’s post, take the time to actually read it properly.

  13. Sarah says


  14. haha says

    LMAO@ 39-to-39 and “its” incarnations…

    and you wonder why people think whitre guys are f*gg*ts

  15. Shequida says

    OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Libra…OMG AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    I know you did not just hit on me! ok if it was indeed Libra who said that, honey Shequida is only for men, sorry. Libra i am getting more and more angry with you! First you attack me, then Sarah then oriana? You CRAZY!!!!! If it was Taylor, and Shequida has a feeling it was, man why you tripn? I don’t know if you are a guy or a girl but whatever you are go back to your home planet! In fact take Libra with you, then we’d be rid of you both and babyrazzi can be a land of peace and harmony again! HOLLA

  16. oriana says

    #76, Again, can’t help myself from laughing! You crack me up, in a good way! Ha!

    Sarah, hope you have a nice weekend and have gotten some laughs today like I have out of your friend! Hilarious to me!

  17. Shequida says

    No Libra i am not mentally challenged or whateva but you are gettin on my last nerve! Ok i get that Taylor M stole your identidy and made bad comments but if you would look around a bit you would see that i have dealt with Taylor! so why dont you keep the name Shequida out of your posts OKAY-AY!!!!!! And why dont you stop this stupid fight with oriana! She’s a good woman and she duznt need you all up in her face! HOLLA!

  18. Libraesque says

    shequida, are you mentally challenged?

    got it?

  19. Sarah says

    Ok i will be a women and say I am sorry for being disrespectful to the real Libraesque but she did deserve it plus the person pretending to be you called me that and you didnt say that so does that mean i deserve it?

  20. Libraesque says

    Sarah, I’m offended by your “lesbo” comment. If we’re going to be respectful of people here (who deserve it ) then everyone should refrain from racist remarks and homophobic remarks as well

    and to posters 81 and 83, thanks you guys, I appreciate it.

    Hey O.S.!

  21. Taylor M says

    shequida/sarah/and myself are the same person. I haven’t taken my meds for my split personalities.

  22. Minnie says

    Or you guys couyld just leave comments on the babies (good or bad) and not start conversations on a public forum where you know anyone can use your handle. Use hellorazzi for that….

    My goodness though – some of you really can’t resist responding to the crazies though can you? How tiring that’ll get for you – there sure are a lot of them.

  23. obnoxious spice says

    it gets said all the time, but i really think we should have a log in system on this site to stop all this name hijacking and also the racist comments….
    wonder if the webmistress will ever take notice…

  24. CTBmom says

    Just want to let anybody who doesn’t know better, that any racist comments posted under the name Libraesque, did NOT come from her. I don’t post often, but I am on hear reading alot of comments. She would NEVER post such hateful things. That is the bad thing about this site….anyone can steal someone else’s name and post under it. (BTW Libraesque, I know you’re perfectly capable of defending yourself, but I can’t stand people post under other peoples names)

  25. obnoxious spice says

    look, all any poster has to do, BEFORE they jump off the handle and abuse others or accuse them of being racists, is to go to ANY old heidi thread and see the same thing happening time and time again…some idiots hijack other posters names, post racist crap, and then sit back and enjoy the trouble they have caused…
    if you see ANY racist comments, try to ignore them, and eventually these idiotic children posting them will go away bored….

  26. Libraesque says

    this is the REAL Libraesque and for the record, I love this family. Hot Hot couple with beautiful children. Thank god their children will grow up in a home free of racism, UNLIKE some backwoods hillbilly miscreant KKKers on this board

  27. Libraesque says

    Sarah, SHUT UP
    why don’t you exchange e-mail addresses with your friend and share your cute little made up stories OFF this board????

  28. Sarah says

    Ok go to abercrombie. they have the best stuff. but I would most definetly suggest anthropology. talk about CUTE. Have you been down the red carpet? I was just at the premare of Hairspray. Gave some tounge to Zac Effron. I know i am so lucky! I just got plastic surgery so i look 30 years old. Also if you want to go to a club were Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan or Nicole Richie is go to Teddy’s. It is great. I dont remember it because I had one to many if you know what i mean and i kinda past out but it is nice so if you go there ask for Abby. I know him from school. She has a story alot like yours Shequida. Inspirational just plain old inspirational. Oh ya and number 56 ya i mean you Libraesque. If you meant my girl Shequida with a capitol S then I will hunt you down and Whoop your ass to rot in Hell. Cause no one calls my girl an ape or animal. Got that Bitches?
    ps as my girl says it PEACE

  29. Sarah says

    Thank you Shepuida but he put an restraining order on me. Said i was a stocker! Weird i no. but i am glad i have touched you. How is your hubby?

  30. Just me says

    To #47 …These people are probably not racists at all, against Heidi and Seal or the kids …. They are just doing it to get a rise out of the other bloggers. Regardless, it is sooo childish, mean and hurtful. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be racism and hatred out there, but at least the webmistress should control it on this site!

  31. kitty says

    just ignore the ignorant b******!!! i’m a black woman , had a white boyfriend, nothing wrong with that .As someone said earlier love is what matters. They post those comments to try and make themselves feel better. They can’t accept the fact that noone else really gives a f*** what they think.

  32. DMITZ says

    I agree w/ #47. What’s funny is this teeny bopper on here will probably have children that will marry outside their race and they will have mixed grandchildren and experience what it feels like for others to talk ignorant the way they once did.

  33. Sarah says

    Shequida, wow. i cant believe that you think of me like that. you know what, i can hook you up with Randy Orton. and you can be on this sight. you were totally right with all of the steps and keep me posted here on how you are doing. Best of luck and be SEXY AND GOOD! see ya!

  34. traveller says

    You know. I really don’t think the people that say terrible things about these kids really hate them. It seems to me this has more to do with Heidi and Seal (and the fact that they are married) than with the kids. When I hop on a Brangelina blog, I don’t see them making any comments on Zahara. When I hop on a Scary Spice blog, I don’t see them making any comments about her or her two daughters. So, it seems to me that it all has to do with the fact that a white woman married a black man. Jeez, how shallow can you get. Skin color doesn’t matter. Only love matters. If more people would remember that, this would be a better world.

  35. says

    Denise, Henry is laughing and running away because his mum is trying to catch him. Check out the celebrity baby blog, there are other pics where you can clearly see that he is laughing.

  36. Elle says

    Poor Heidi and Seal incredibly good looking and rich couple totally in love with each other and clearly very happily married. Gorgeous children, who are no doubt going to the best schools and getting the best start in life, have wonderful parents and family.

    Ohh dear they have everything that these poor sad stupid little girls would want but are clearly to stupid and pig ignorant to ever get sniff at let alone get access to HA HA HA! BUT HEY KEEP POSTING CAUSE YOU CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING GOING ON IN YOUR LIVES.

  37. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I feel sorry for racists, to an extent. They are ignorant, bitter and uneducated people; no matter what they say. I hav noticed that if you look among the more educated, well raised people in our society you won’t find nearly as much racism. This is because anybody with a good brain can see that there is no need for racism and everybody is equal.

    I have yet to hear a convincing arguement as to why racism is acceptable in any form or that the white race is any better than black, Asian, Hispanic or any other races.

  38. Mildred Wogbash says

    Oriana, she is not washed up now but that is where she is headed, thats what I meant to get across. If she has more kids, her forties will be like her sixties in biological years. Like i said, people treat their dogs better if they care about them.

  39. Sarah says

    OMG!!!! I am touched, you read about me where? I live at 210 Tingin Road, Beverly Hills Cal., It is a big white house you cant miss it see u then! any one else is invited.

  40. shequida says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so cute! I know this is randomn but sarah (you all know who she is) i think you’re awesome! your story touched my soul! what do you think about this?

  41. Denise says

    Tell me, is Henry crying or laughing in this picture? Looks like he’s throwing a fit and running away from his mom.

  42. oriana says

    Very nice family, and nice shots from the photographer. I do have to agree though, Heidi does look a little tired and drained, but washed up, no way, she is still beautiful!

  43. carleigh says

    I love this family, these kids are just beautiful. Heidi always looks so content and radiant when she’s with her children. Johan is the perfect combo of Heidi and Seal, I’ve not real close up pic’s of him before and must say he is just so cute.

  44. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I will say its a McLaren…very common is most European countries….the stroller that is

  45. amy says

    omg those kids are so beautiful, johan is so gorgeous i absolutely love those boys skin color, and leni is such a beauty! i can’t wait till they have a daughter omg i bet she will be a stunner 🙂 those kids are all beautiful in their own way

  46. Émilie says

    Johan is SO CUTE! He looks exactly like Heidi, while Henry looks like his dad.

    Very cute pictures!

  47. comingfromwhereImfrom says

    and the last comment comes from a white women and my name is Heather. so when you say negative things on a baby web site abount who they are and what color their skin is then I had to make a comment because it was very ignorant.

  48. Jaz says

    Sweet little boys – so cute, (Pleads with everyone to ignore the negative comments.) What an adorable family. 🙂

  49. Lauren says

    Very cute. I love seeing pictures of this family. Henry and Johan are handsome little boys. Leni is the spitting image of her mother.

  50. reeny says

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  51. maggie says


  52. oriana says

    Johan is a very beautiful baby! He is the prettiest of her three children although her little girl is very cute to me too.

  53. says

    Love these pics! There were others where u could have seen the two older ones better. Johan is such a cutie! He looks like his mummy. Leni and Henery are absorbed in their mum’s phone. lol. The last pic is too adorable. Such a sweet family 🙂

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