Gwen, Gavin & Kingston At The Park

Gwen Stefani

Gwen and hubby Gavin were snapped with an adorable Kingston, 1, during a family outing at an LA park on Saturday.



  1. name not important says

    OMG JJ glad to see you are KZJ biggest fan you can all go and hang out at the mall and go shopping and swap clothes and stuff like OMG.

    Geez you people make me sick and you stupid comments

  2. Kat says

    Okay… I love this family!! yay! lol Why are all these pictures and stuff like of these people we dont even know being pregnat and retarted Richie and X-tina are pregnat and theres nothing bout them

  3. JJ says

    I prefer Katherine with a “K.” Katherine with a “C” just doesn’t look right 😀

    Who cares what was the first or second song of “Gwen’s” or “No Doubt’s”…you got my point didn’t you?!

    Like I said – I don’t care about the specifics behind Gwen’s last name…I just know that she sucks!!! And her kid does too! And her husband – can’t stand him.

  4. Libraesque says

    JJ, interesting. I don’t know ANYTHING about the LAMB clothing line, I had to google Gwens name just to respond to you that she had a childrens line, so obviously you’re obssessed with her and jealous of her. No one in their right mind would ever say “dumb ass kid”
    you’re SICK

  5. Dobby says

    First of all it is Catherine with a C, JJ. Not much of a fan obviously. Second, Don’t Speak wasn’t Gwen’s single. It’s No Doubt’s and it wasn’t their first single. Third, it’s STEFANI. You are such a waste.

  6. Libraesque says

    jesus christ
    you’re comparing apples and oranges
    you’re missing my point entirely, obviously.
    I was being SARCASTIC with the Lauren Bacall reference

  7. JJ says

    Lauren Bacall is from another era. She is from the Golden years of Hollywood. She is no longer in the public eye as much as other celebrities like KZJ and BS. Both KZJ and BS have about 10 or 12 years apart in age, not such a drastic leap as you might think. You probably are under the assumption that anyone over 35 is old. I am assuming that you are a lot younger than Gwen Stephani and thus relate to her more because of her “youth-aspiring trends”. You also probably consider KZJ to be “older” and thus would classify her into the same category with Lauren Bacall. You should probably try and break down the imagined and self-proposed boundaries of “age” that you have created for yourself and others. Try and think outside the box. It is perfectly fine to compare celebrities styles even if there is a relatively large age gap. Like I said earlier – style is not something you can buy at the Mall…you either have style or you don’t. It’s an ability to know what looks good and what is flattering and what suits you. Just because Gwen Stephani wear something does not make her have “style” – she just dresses “trendy” and that does not have longevity in the fashion world. Being “trendy” and having ” a sense of style” are two distinct categories. Gwen Stephani may be trendy but she certainly isn’t stylish.
    Just trendy! Here today – gone tomorrow! One thing however that Gwen is very good at is marketing herself. She is a product! And she knows how to sell herself. And fans of Gwen – like yourself – make her wallet get bigger and bigger when they purchase her LAMB clothes. I’m sure she would be very proud to have a fan like you. She will never go hungry or bankrupt.

  8. Libraesque says

    It DOES matter!!!
    why don’t you just compare britney with lauren bacall then!!!!

    To compare britney and mandy moore would be more accurate, both young, both singers.

    You’re missing the point that Gwen has evolved from her Don’t Speak days. She started off in Ska, she’s grown and changed, just like Christina.
    She’s considered a trend setter by just about everyone, and was seriously the most fashionable mommy-to-be in Hollywood, NOT an easy feat

    you obviously just have something against her

  9. JJ says

    Age is irrelevant when it comes to having “style” !!
    Are you saying that because BS is 26 she is justified in dressing the way she does? Ridiculous! There are plenty of 26 year olds out there with a better sense of style than BS. I’m sure that KZJ, even at th age of 26, still dressed like a classy, elegant and sophisticated woman. The fact that KZJ is with MD has no impact on how she chooses to dress. Even before she met him she was stunning and dressed to kill at the Oscar Awards in a red dress, right after her first Hollywood film: Zorro. I might be the same age as Gwen Stephani but I can’t stand her style!!! She looks like a caricature of herself. It’s all theatrics…she used to look awesome back when she released her first song: “Don’t Speak…” nowadays she just looks silly and as if she’s trying to be a young 20-something year old woman. My comparison is relevant as both women (KZJ & BS) are celebrities often caught in the public eye, both have children and both have oodles of money to afford to look good and also to hire a stylist if they have no innate sense of style. Oh yeah, one woman is sane and logical…the other is a complete basket case!

  10. Libraesque says

    Interesting and idiotic comparison.
    CZJ is THIRTY EIGHT, and is married to one of the most well respected actors in Hollywood, and is an academy award winning actress

    Britney is 26.

    If you want to make an intelligent comment you may want to re-think who you’re comparing.

  11. JJ says

    Who cares about a lame ranking system generated by the media who want to sell tabloid magazines…I’d like to know who the originator of this so called “ranking” process is?

    Style and taste is in the eye of the beholder, dearest!
    Style and taste is not something you wear it’s something inside you – you either have it – or you don’t!

    Britney Spears doesn’t have style – Katherine Zeta Jones does!

    As for Mom Stefani, Pop Rossdale and little squirt – all I see when I look at them is artificiality and a price tag $$$.

  12. Libraesque says

    what are you twelve?
    what the hell kind of reaction is that?
    her biggest fan? Yea, right
    that position is held by Stella McCartney and Kate Moss

    you clearly have no style, and no taste, and a BIG problem with this couple being ranked one of the hottest celeb families out there

  13. JJ says

    #9 – I’m entitled to my opinion. If my thoughts don’t jive with yours that doesn’t make me wrong. And I know all about the LAMB clothing line, so no idiocy on my part. But if it makes you feel better – Gwen and family are so lucky to have you as their biggest fan!! Maybe she can donate some of her superfantastic clothes to you. And then you two can be bestest friends and hang out at the Mall with Kingpin and drink mochalatte’s, frappelatte’s, and chocolatte’s.

  14. JJ says

    I’m entitled to my opinion. If my thoughts don;t jive with yours that doesn’t make me wrong. And I know all about the LAMB clothing line, so no idiocy ton my part there. But if it makes you feel better – Gwen and family are so lucky to have you as their biggest fan!!

  15. Libraesque says

    JJ, what a nasty person you are
    She has her OWN CLOTHING LINE you idiot including a childrens line.
    I guess it would be better if Gwen were wearing shortshorts and 4 inch street walker heels at the park, like another “celebrity” that comes to mind, who incidentally dresses her daughter like they live in Little House on the Prairie

  16. JJ says

    dumb ass kid!! Can’t stand these people. They think that the sun sets on them. Show us some real families that are less in your face! With these people – it’s all about fashion. Have them wear some potato sacks and we’ll see their popularity wane. Big fat nobody’s…

  17. Georgia says

    Oh my favourite family!!! They are all so adorbale, Kingston is the cutest baby ive ever seen! Gwen and Gav are awesome!!

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