Britney & Her Adorable Babies!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

What adorable pics! Just looks like Brit is enjoying a sunny time in her beautifully landscaped backyard with her boys and bodyguard. She looks very relaxed. Sean Preston and Jayden James are adorable!



  1. Linda Ayers says

    no one said one word when britney had those babies and where was K-Fed ? i think if i recall out with the ole buddies, having a good old time. she loved this guy and he has hurt her bad. Was he worried heck no he knew he had the money, and now the greed is going to get to him. Britney get your self together before you do lose these boys. As long as your boys have a sitter you can go out if you want to every nite, but i dont recomend every night. Cant any one see the pain and hurt in britneys face?? GOD BLESS YOU Britney, you stay strong, and hold your head up honey.Your mom should be with you and help you, im sorry she is not and she made that choice, how sad. Brush your self off and get it girl !!!!!!!!!!! He only wants the money not the boys, hes a sap

  2. kathryn says

    I think Brittney is trying to be a good mom. No mom is perfect. Deep down she is just a rgular womwn who had made some wrong choices in her life and i also think that she wants to raise those cute boys so she can prove to Kevin and everbody that she can do it.
    Anyways you can’t believe what you hear and you got to remember that the whole story is never told.

  3. oriana says

    Alison, I read somewhere that Brittany is staying in a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills and has been there for a few days now.

  4. Shequida says

    Taylor M… SHUT UP!!!!!!!! you are not Macaroni and dont make fun of orianna, but as for Libra and dori you can make fun of them as much as yo want! HOLLA

  5. Taylor M. says

    My name is Taylor Mastronni and i’m a HERMAPHODITE and if anybody has a problem with that they can suck my tally wacker and finger my puss at the same time.

  6. carleigh says

    I actually have gotten a few emails from the staff of babyrazzi, not the webistress or the owner persay. But, I think it’s just gotten so completely out of hand it’s just offensive and wrong. I don’t know why this board isn’t moderated and screened. They can’t post anything about beautiful Suri, precious Shiloh or Heidi Klum’s families w/o having a bunch of racist, ignorant, offensive, vile, disgusting comments from a bunch of cretins who try to claim themselves are ladies. I don’t think anyones mother would be proud to know that even on a website, their daughter, sister, mother, friend, whatever is talking like this. I don’t care what people say to me or about me, it’s a website and it’s not personal. But, for people to even type messages like this to each other is just very disturbing and needs to stop. You are right though, I’ve contacted them before and sometimes things get done, but here mostly lately nothing has been done and the webmistress hasn’t even given me so much as the courtesy of a reply. Oh well, this site has turned into something vile and bigger than anyone realized I’m sure. Just very sad to see people acting like a pack of rapid dogs on a website that should be a place to enjoy and for entertainment. I keep my fingers crossed but I’m growing weary as well.

  7. Taylor Mastronni says

    I did “NOT” write post.. #19. I am getting fed up with people stealing other peoples ID’s.

  8. Libraesque says

    that was NOT the webmistress.
    I don’t believe anyone who has tried to contact her about issues and concerns here has EVER gotten a response, and offensive posts are NEVER taken down. I also think the “your comment is awaiting moderation ” thing is random at best

    And I agree with Dori, this ghetto trash is nonsense.
    It has NOTHING to do with race, it has to do with nonsensical posting, bad grammar and spelling and just plain trash talking, like saying you’re going to kick someones ass
    If the people above want to claim that as being exclusive to their race that’s YOUR PROBLEM
    ANY race can be ghetto trash

  9. Shequida says

    OMG WEBMISTRESS FINALLY!!!!!!!!! You have come to save us! Im so sorry for my 193 comment, but not really. dori called me the n word! ya, so i had to stand up for my people! so ya, PLEASE delete Taylor M, not macaroni, the guy who has jacked up all our screennames! and delete dori, cuz she is a racist! Just go to the Katie Holmes page, second article there are SO MANY RACIST COMMENT! Anywho, thank yous SO much Powerful Web Mistress! HOLLA

  10. mika says

    A response to “the boss'” message: (the quoptations are because I don’t know what to refer to you as)

    I think it would be a good idea to ban this “Taylor M” figure. It might solve a few problems. I just thought that I could broadcast that idea. Also, SEAN PRESTON AND JAYDEN JAMES ARE SOOOOO ADORABLE!!

  11. the boss says

    #193 Please do not post nasty comments- either towards celebrities, readers or the staff of the Baby Blog.The commenter will be banned from posting further comments: spam, advertising, inflammatory remarks (intentional or otherwise), anything that insults the owner or staff of the site, anything that insults readers of the site., or anyone else, for that matter. Feel free to agree or disagree with each other as long as you do it respectfully.

  12. Shequida says

    STOP THE RACISM!!!!!!!!!!! Good dori, leave get the fuck out!!!!!!!! Moderator, yous are not the Web Mistress!!!!! YOU ARE A RACIST WHORE!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe how racist people can be! dori, stop denying it and get the fuck out bitch! do you all know that she told me to go back to the cotton fields then called me the “n” word! then she says since her kids are part black she aint racist! YOU ARE BITCH!!!!!!!! SO GET OUT ALREADY!!!!!! All of y’al stop yo racist comments! Web Mistress, HELP ME!!!!!!!! HOLLA

  13. dori says

    This web site unfortunately has hit rock bottom when you get trash in here talking ghetto instead of english there is no sense trying communicate to an intelligent life form. It turn my stomach to read this garbage and I need to take a break from this garbage. I’ll be at the OTHER baby website until then moderator steps in and puts an end to this trash in here.
    So goodbye to my old buddies…for a while

  14. Tasha says

    THESE KIDS ARE ADORABLE!!!!…And Britney sure looks like she is getting everything together!!!…WAY TO GO BRITT!!!!

  15. DMITZ says

    Can someone help translate? I don’t speak Shequida.

    It’s obvious this is the same person posting in all the above comments (minus Martha, Oriana, Lib, Zbella, and Dori).

  16. Shequida says

    dori, you have sucsesfuly gotten on my bad side! Im not 12, im 24 OKAY!!!!! I have a baby and i live in a hollywood mansion so get off my back! i dont care what you think dori! Yous probly like that fish dori from that movie STUPID!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP OR THE WEBMISTRESS WILL GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA

  17. dori says

    oh if I’m not a friend I’m an enemy … who cares?? What are you 12 or something? I don’t need you LOL

  18. Shequida says

    Macaroni I FORGIVE YOU!!!!!! You are still my friend!!!! i know that he stole your identity and it’s ok baby!!!!! dori- i was about to make yo my friend, BUT TOO LATE!!!!!!!!! You messed with the wrong bitch OK!!!!!!! dori you were about to be a Shequida friend but no, you are an enemy! suck on that! HOLLA

  19. dori says

    And Shequida you need to get over youself …. who wants to be your friend???? you are completely full of your self.

  20. dori says

    Taylor is a psycho and posting as a nasty person AND posting as a nice person. There is no second poster Taylor is playingyou guys get with it …will you?

  21. dori says

    Taylor is obviously a male young teen around 13-14 years old with some serious sexual identity issues… perhaps gay and still in the closet.
    He has a real issue with us married women and is overwhelmed by the bisexual women.
    Sad sad little boy Taylor M.

  22. Taylor Mastronni says

    Hello Shequida, how are you today? And to answer your question….”NO” that was not me who posted the above comments!!! Something has got to be done about people stealing others identities! Enough is enough already.

    Their are far too many people, with too much times on there hands. Why don’t you go do some volunteer work in your community, instead of playing childish games.

  23. Shequida says

    R u calling me crazy sista, or are you calling Crazy Perv Taylor M crazy, cuz if you be callin me crazy you aint no friend of Shequida! HOLLA

  24. Shequida says

    Macaroni!!!!!!!!! How could you do this to me???????? Yo are NOT a friend of SHEQUIDAAAAAAAAA! Im not a lezzy, niether is Sarah!!!!!!!! HOLLA

  25. Shequida says

    Why does Taylor M gotta steal everybody’s names? Oh Powerful Web Mistress, as one of yo humble peeps i am begging you PLEASE GET HIM OFF YO SITE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you see Almighty Web Mistress, if he/she is gone babyrazzi can be a land of peace and harmony, with you as queen of course! HOLLA

  26. Shequida says

    Macaroni was that you that said all those perverted things, or was that Taylor M pretending to be you? I dunno Shequida is so confuzd!!! HOLLA

  27. Taylor Mastronni says

    Awwwwwww Tiffany you and your black baby dolls. You really need to stop rubbing them all over your naked body…….Nastyyyyyyy

  28. Taylor Mastronni says

    I think everyone on here is so gullable and seiously retarded especially these trailor trash biatchessss…Heres why

    Sarah ……. This lezzy is obsessed with humping furs and stuffed animals

    Shequida …… Vey confused lezzy who don’t know if she likes woman or men

    oriana …….Likes to masterbate with veggies and soft fruit

    scarlett………New lezzy on the block……New carpet is always nice.

    obnoxious spice…. Was just told by the doctors that she has a serious case of crabs and clamydia

    Libraesque……# 1 lezzy in this site not to mention my partner in love

    dori …………..Cant figure out if she is a carpet muncher or a rope licker…You see when she was born the doctors told her parents she was born a hermaphodite ( both boy and girl parts )

    So ya see that’s why you all are trailor trash

  29. Shequida says

    haha i know we will Macaroni! Welcome to the club
    For all y’al hoping to become my buddy, rule #8 is don’t dis Macaroni (my newest peep) HOLLA

  30. Taylor Mastronni says

    I have no problem following your rules Shequida. Nice to meet you! I hope we will have a barrel of fun posting together.

  31. Sarah says

    You are damn right Shequida. and Macaroni, ( i am going to call you that whether you like it or not.) dont worry, you can be your new idol Sarah’s friend too.( and i know i am your idol.)

  32. Shequida says

    ok wel im sorry that some1 stole yo identity Mastronni but believe me you aint the only one so stop bitchn! Lemme introduce myself: My name is Shequida, i am a mother of one and i was born and raised in Compton. A week ago i was living broke with my babydaddy Jamal but i met someone on this site, Sarah, who showed me the light. I dumped Jamal and married a rich 95 year old man who since died! Now i live in a mansion in Bel Air with my baby and this hot docta, named docta Jones! Mastroni (im gonna call you macaroni) i hope we can be friends! but here are some rules to be Shequida’s friend:
    rule # 1: Don’t dis Shequida!
    rule # 2: Don’t dis my girl Sarah (my BFF)
    rule # 3: Don’t dis my girl orianna (only one that been nice to me other than Sarah)
    rule # 4: Don’t dis docta Jones (boy toy)
    rule # 5: Don’t dis my girl Dewey (inspiring)
    rule # 6: Don’t dis obnoxious spice (we seem to agree)
    rule # 7: Don’t dis the web mistress (she’s all powerful)
    These are some people that you (and me) can dis
    1. Taylor M (not you macaroni)
    2 Libraesque (nemesis)
    3. Martha (messed with the wrong woman)

    Macaroni, if you follow these rules you can be my friend if you don’t you may become my enemy HOLLA

  33. Taylor Mastronni says

    I am the original Taylor M, and I am not a racist!! someone here stole my idenity and posted those horrible comments. I am guilty of “NONE” of those things. I believe being a racist and hating people because of the color of their skin is so wrong.

  34. Shequida says

    Seriously Mastronni i am confuzd. Are you Taylor M, the racist or are you some new guy? HOLLA

  35. Taylor Mastronni says

    I apologize for saying say “ALL” … some people here are quite nice and decent human beings.

  36. Shequida says

    Listen up “Taylor Mastronni” Are you Taylor M? the racist perverted Taylor M? Or are you like Libra and had your identidy stolen? I dunno but you might want to change your name cuz we dont like Taylor M’s in these parts. As for the morality thang, i am the classiest bitch up in here and no one messes with Shequida! So ya Taylor Mastronni, if you want to be a friend of Shequida CHANGE YO NAME!!!!!!!!! HOLLA

  37. Randy Orton says

    hey, Randy Orton here. i have been on this site before. seems cool. i am getting married sone. me and my girl are thinking about haveing kids. see ya guys l8r

  38. Taylor Mastronni says

    All of you people are so nasty! I am the “REAL” Taylor M and I have morals and decency unlike you ingrates.

  39. Shequida says

    OMG TAYLOR M!!!!!!!! Didnt i tell you to keep my name outa ya posts! Hopefully this prooves to all y’al haters that we are NOT the same person! You best not be messin with me or my girl Sarah cuz i have friends in high places OKAY!!!!!!! And you will not lick what you wanna lick cuz you aint never gonna lick Shequida and no i will not come back to your place IVE GOT A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!! Why dont you and Libra go cry in a corner! HOLLA

  40. Shequida says

    Sarah dont even waste your time with dat perv! He is a disgustin human bein! Taylor go back to your home planet and take yo beloved Libra wit you! HOLLA

  41. Sarah says

    Shequida is totally right. We are not the same person. just best, best, best friends forever. and i to HATE TAYLOR M. Ok??????

  42. dori says

    and Taylor M if don’t don’t want people to know what you do behind closed doors why do you type it all out here for all of us to see?
    Once again this is a baby website where we are suppose to be talking about the celebrities and NOT DISCUSSING OUR PERSONAL LIVES .
    email each other for personal; discussions.
    This website has deteriorted into a cat fight between bloggers and the rest of us have to sift through all this garbage to read and blog.
    KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!!

  43. dori says

    orianana why should we mind our own business when you included everone here with your story ??? You brought this out here for all of us to see and now you said mind your own business??? You made it all of our business when you opened your big mouth. Keep your private life private then we don’t have to read all this crap.

  44. Taylor M says

    Libraesque & Shequida &oriana & obnoxious spice …..How the hell did you know I went off my meds? Today I had my regular dose of elecric shock theapy and let me tell you it sure has put an attractive looking curl in my hair. After my therapy and drooling for about 2 hours afterwards I finally came around and got to hold my baby Suri she is getting so big and can now say mama. I was fitted today for a new white straight jacket and I was so excited it’s all new and white and not stained like my old one…Now i’m on the lookout for new carpet to munch i’m getting tired of Libraesque old and tattered carpet, it’s so old it’s starting to smell a little fishy not to mention it’s not as fuzzy as it used to be . Any advice?

  45. Shequida says

    Ok Martha, why you gotta attack me and Sarah? And i know that you did not just say i was that slob Taylor. Ok lemme give it to you straight: I HATE TAYLOR! Ok? He is a racist and he disgusts me! And me and Sarah are not the same person (I wish we were cuz she is pretty cool) we’re just new BFFs! Martha you obviously have no friends cuz you don’t understand what a friendship is. Lemme give you a clue: WE TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!! Thats what friends do honey, ok? And if you even imply that i have anything to do with Taylor M, you will get me mad and trust me sista, you do not wanna get Shequida mad! HOLLA

  46. Martha says

    1st of all, Shequida and Sarah are the same person. Every post by that person (Taylor)? is back to back and they are just talking to themselves.

    Obnoxious Spice this isn’t any of your business nor is it mine. I was just asking what was going on but I don’t think you should jump on Oriana like that. You are just doing it because you and Lib have agreed on things and you don’t want to make her mad. Hell I wouldn’t either!

    Lib I respect all your comments and I’m not fully sure what happened and I know you would have to be mad for a reason, I’m not knocking that. I just think OS should not be in this arguement between you and Oriana. Like I said, I respect your comments and I think you are very intelligent and funny at times.

    Oriana I do think that the readers you addressed above still know you as the Oriana they love to talk to. I don’t think your friends on this site will think any different of you. Whatever happened is between you guys and not all of us.

  47. Sarah says

    Hey Shequida! do you agree with my comment that Oriana won that fight! sorry cant call you up! I have to take care of my kids. But i wil call you Tommorow.

  48. Shequida says

    Sarah FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! GIrl call me! We need to catch up on old times! It’s been a crazy day on babyrazzi and we need to talk! I would say it here but certain people (yes i meen you Libra) might be a bit offended so call me! As for the rest of y’al crazies have a goodnite! HOLLA!

  49. Sarah says

    Hey, Hey hold up a sec. Shequida, thank you. i do have many children and i can settle any fight. Now as for who wins this one, i say….. (drum roll please….)


  50. Sarah says

    Hey baby! Shequida, how you doing? Oriana i stand behind you completly. i dont care about that damn fight and you shouldnt care either. as for the person being mean to you i think should just leave you alone.

  51. Shequida says

    Thanks oriana! i think your pretty sweet to! You know what? i don’t even care what this whole fight is about! oriana, i suport you totaly! You are one classy lady! Sarah how are you doing? Girl i havent talked to you in awhile! You should get your ass onto this page cuz things are heating up on Britney’s page! As for Libra, i saw an Oprah on someone like you and i he turned out just fine! Holla!

  52. oriana says

    Shequida, I do have to say to you, thanks for the laughs today, I enjoy your funny comments, I can’t help myself, you are witty at times! Ha!

  53. oriana says

    Who is trying to drag other posters into anything? Martha and Dori both directed a post to me and I responded. Again, mind your own damn business!

    And Lib, you were able to send me your missle emails with your false accusations after I sent you my personal email address and you know it, and I got yours from YOU posting it on here and telling me to email you privately, is your memory that short?

    I told you it prob wasn’t the same Tia and that you should ask her when you were bickering back and forth with her on the Tom Cruise site, you went off as explosive as you were, insisting it was the same person, after I told you time and time again I didn’t believe it, so again, stop your lying if it is possible for you to do so, and anyone can read the statements I made and compare the dates and times.

    I told you to back off of me! You are a liar and worse than a troublemaker. I told you I had no interest in tomkatcrazy and would not be posting any there.

    I am not trying to say I am blameless or make excuses, I do owe someone a major apology, and I do, to all the other people on this site that has had to endure this nonsense, I hope that you feel very foolish now after seeing that Tia was not the same person as I tried to convince you more than once, you said you would get to the bottom of your stupid wrong suspicions and I am happy that you did, you were wrong with your BIG PROBLEM!

  54. Shequida says

    Ladies Ladies lets colm down! why dont y’al tell Shequida wats up. Libraesque why do you hate Orianna? You used to be friends? Sarah, help me out here girl this is getting crazy! Sarah has LOTS of children and she can solve LOTS of fights. Right girl?

  55. Libraesque says

    oriana, how the hell do you think I was able to contact you PRIVATELY??
    you’re making excuses to try and validate your wrongdoings!!
    you very easily could have set up a dummy e-mail and told tia to write you there so you could share my concerns with her since you were determined to do that
    OR you could have set up an account on Hellorazzi and told her to write you there
    Like I said , you took the LOW ROAD and chose not only to broadcast it here but also on TKC
    You didn’t even have the common sense to figure out if it was the same Tia, and clearly it isn’t!!

    And quit being a nasty bitch. I don’t give a toss who talks about what here on the weekend, everybody knows I’ve NEVER posted anything on the weekends on any site, I don’t waste my weekends online

  56. obnoxious spice says

    don’t tell me to ‘mind my own damn business’ – when you posted what you did you made it not only MY business, but potentially tens of thousands of OTHERS business and you know it…

    get over it – you were in the wrong by your own admission, stop directing comments to me and i will stop responding…

    stop trying to drag other posters into it to take sides, we aren’t in high school here you know..haven’t you done that enough already on both these sites…like i said, either DROP it, or sort it out with lib in private…stop dribbling on about it so publically….i only respond to your comments…and that is simply human nature…no one likes to have people address them and not be able to respond..

  57. Taylor M says

    Hi everybody! I’m SOOOOOOOOO sorry for all the horrible things i said! You see im not well, i have some mental issues. Anyway im sorry libraesque, Sarah, and Sheniqua! I’m just jealous i guess! love you guys! And Libraesque, I especially apologize to you! I’ve been off my meds lately and i know i have hurt you. Sorry

  58. oriana says

    Lib, I COULD not contact Tia privately and I told you that from the beginning when you made your false allegations! And you know that. And you are disgusting and disappointing and I told you that too.

    #121, I thought you said you were finished with it? And you should have minded your own damn business to begin with unless you were going to be truthful, which you have not been.

    dori, before I even said or did anything, Libra shot off several accusing emails to me about this mess and I told her to back off from me and I would do the same.
    She was never my friend like I thought or she would not have not have acted as she did and I just stooped to her level by responding like I did.

    And before I ever posted anything I wrote and told her I was going too.

    Now she likes to keep trash stirred up, I actually think she thrives on it, and she would enjoy this going on and on all weekend I am sure, but I am tired of this very distasteful business, I not only think she is vicious but evil minded also, and it is sad, all of it, I am not excluding my part either, but I have told her many times, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CONTACT TIA PRIVATELY and yet she still wants to insist that I do, eventhough she knows the truth.

  59. obnoxious spice says

    Dori – tune in tomorrow….it is the ‘who shot obnoxious spice’ episode…you WILL need popcorn!!

    Sheniqua – taylor M is the person who posts the stupid racist comments under libra’s name, actually, taylor does it under LOTS of our names…if you see racist comments, just ignore them as these people love to steal our names and cause careful, cause they will probably use yours too at one time…just go to ANY brad and angelina thread and you will see that libra is NO racist…never has been….

  60. Taylor M says

    Libraesque why did you leave the house so upset? All I did was try and talk to you, but you would not listen. I know we are having a rocky relationship right now but that is no reason to be so cold towards me. You are still the apple of my eye and I sure do love you so much. Please stop all this madness and come back home where you belong.And for all the others on this board it’s none of your business what we do behind closed doors.

  61. Sheniqua says

    Orianna what happened girl? you are my peep and i dont like seeing you get hurt! what did you do? Libra is a horrible racist and orianna i support you! taylor M we still hate you!

  62. Libraesque says

    oriana bottom line, you had a choice and you chose the low road. you could have contacted Tia privately and you chose not to
    I just really disgusted and disappointed

  63. dori says

    oh my god you guys!!!!!What is going on here? This is insanity!!??!??????!!?!??I can’t even follow the soap opera anymore. But I will say this Oriana….. when a person that is your friend tells you something in private to come in here and spread it around isn’t very nice. A friend wouldn’t do that …. so you never were a friend to begin with. I notice you get personal with people in here all the time Why can’t you email each other instead of talking openly in front of others who have no interest in your personal life?

  64. obnoxious spice says

    give up oriana, if you want to go on and on and on about this, do it in private…THAT is why i decided to get involved..simply because public forums are NOT the place to hold private arguments…
    why don’t you just be the mature adult you try to portray yourself as being, and apologise for your actions…simple..
    anyway…whatever you decide to do..go and do it in private….i think these public sites are bored to death hearing about this… don’t keep on going on and on trying to have the last word…sort this out in private or simply drop it…whatever you wish to do – DO IT IN PRIVATE…

  65. Taylor M says

    Hi everybody! I’m SOOOOOOOOO sorry for all the horrible things i said! You see im not well, i have some mental issues. Anyway im sorry libraesque, Sarah, and Sheniqua! I’m just jealous i guess! love you guys!

  66. oriana says

    I hope you are finished, I don’t care about you or Libra, you are the one that brought Tia’s name into it, and poor little innocent LIbra was so shocked! Please, that conniving liar wouldn’t be shocked at anything and you damn well know it. She told me herself that she only corresponded with Amy and me, are you Amy? Stop trying to act like she or you, were an injured party! If you have read anything, you know that is crap! As for whatever I have written, it can be put out there for the world to see, I have nothing to hide.

    Lib got pissed at me long before she started this crap with her lies and false accusations and she knows it, and just because I refuse to agree with her about hating Tom Cruise? That is stupid! I should have never wrote her one time to begin with. And those emails, since you have read all of them, were nothing like she is on here, nice and only talked about the weather and simple stuff, I wouldn’t give a shit if she put them on the front page of the National Enquirer!

    The nature of my comments was telling the truth, and she knows it!

    And Libra, YOU also know, that when you asked me did I know anyone named Tia, I told you plain and simple, yes, from here, and that she may not even be the same person you were talking about, and you said, Oh yes, they are one and the same! So again, as I told you, why not get your facts straight before you start accusing and attacking someone? And your friend, if she read everythng like she claims she did, she read those statements also!

  67. obnoxious spice says

    you know the funny thing is, oriana, you have temporarily WRECKED the website you went and posted all this private info on as now we are all unable to post due to the nature of your comments…

    BUT the best part is you went there to tell your ‘good friend tia’…and it turns out that the tia there ISN’T EVEN THE ONE YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS WITH!!!!

    haha…the tia there has just said she ISN’T the one who lives in canada and only posts here occasionally…mmm….

    let’s see, not only do you desperately grasp onto strangers online as your ‘best friends’, but when you DO get them as ‘friends’, you end up treating them disrepectfully and disgracefully…..shame on you!

    i am finished with this topic….

  68. Libraesque says

    oriana, you need to just stop!!!
    you’re being childish
    you spew out some BS about being respectful and you’re anything but. Not only were you not mature enough to discuss this privately but you have now gone into great detail FOR NO REASON on TWO websites
    You need to stop trying to defend yourself, you look like a FOOL
    there is NO REASON for any of this to be put on a public blog

  69. obnoxious spice says

    oriana, as i said previously I have actually read ALL the emails sent between lib and yourself as she was so shocked that you behaved the way you did that i asked to see what went on between you both…AND from what i have read, you are, to say the least, twisting the truth here…
    UNLIKE you, i refuse to go into detail about private correspondence, but it appears you seem to think that it’s a case of ‘he who shouts loudest is right’…and that is why you are trying to use the fact that lib often disagree’s with other posters to your advantage on this site…pathetic..

    as for ‘lib wants me and everyone else to hate tom cruise’…haha…and you are how old???? come on… we ALL have our fave celebs on this site, and we ALL have celebs we don’t like…we are all free to comment the way we wish..but i don’t see people saying “YOU HAVE TO HATE BLA BLA BECAUSE I DO” on any thread…

    FACT – oriana, YOU posted personal and private correspondence on a public site, in the hope of embarrassing or humiliating someone who was once your FRIEND (something you have previously boasted on threads on this very site- wow, you sure are a ‘catch of a friend if you behave like that)
    FACT – i read BOTH sides of the emails, and i KNOW what you have said and done…but, unlike you, i know this is not the forum to discuss it in..
    like i have said, your mask has now slipped and we are seeing your true colours…
    disagreeing about celebs on these kinds of sites is one thing, betraying trust and confidences, and also harming posters private security are an entirely different issue…you have really crossed the line…i hope other posters take note…you are a dangerous and nasty old lady

  70. oriana says

    LIb I don’t care what you think or say any more, and didn’t your friend #85, first bring Tia’s name into it? I didn’t see you complaining any about what info she put on here, I wonder why?

    When you try to act like I go from site to site defaming you, make yourself clear as to the truth, then I wouldn’t justify for people that I do care about to read.

    Martha asked me a question and I answered it TRUTHFULLY for her.

  71. Libraesque says

    MY GOD oriana. what in the hell possesses you to air all this out on a public site, directing people to other sites, etc.

    This is nonsense NO ONE wants to read your crap. If you had an ounce of decency and maturity you would have NOT posted all this BS on two different sites, you could have simply published your e-mail address online for tia to get so you could discuss something with her PRIVATELY
    what is WRONG with you?

  72. oriana says

    Martha, Lib knows exactly what happened and she and I used to email each other, not for months though, she said she blocked mine a long time ago due to some “inconsistencies”, I wasn’t even aware of it until she sent me an email a couple of days ago accusing me of something I did not do. I told her I didn’t know what the Hell she was talking about and she still gave her little snide comments and I knew she didn’t want to believe me. I also told her I was going to get the word on here so my friend could know what was going on that she also accused me of, since I didn’t have any way to let Tia know, I told her I was going to post on here, I did not do it because I didn’t think it was the right thing to do after all.

    I wish that everyone could read the emails she sent to me and the ones I sent to her in return but she knows the truth.

    Now, the ONLY other site I have ever posted on was, the other day, and I did it there to get a message to Tia as Lib well knows, and I had told her I didn’t want to do it but since she had already used my name on there and everyone could read it, that is why I did it, and there were no slurs to her, only the truth!

    And my words to LIb were exactly this, when Tia finds out your craziness, she will prob laugh her ass off, stop lying LIb, and turning the words around, I never said she and I would get a big laugh out of you, my words to you were, plain pitiful!

    I do not have Tia’s private email or phone number, as I told her, and I wanted her to know about Libra’s ignorant ravings, Lib sent copies of my emails to her friend Amy, and her other buddy, and I don’t know if obnox spice is the same person or not, wouldn’t doubt it one bit, but when she accuses of giving out private info behind her back, which is bull, then this is what and why it happened. I don’t know if that message to Tia is even still up, go check and read for yourself.

    LIb is very intelligent, can be very witty, but she wants me and everyone else, to hate Tom Cruise, I don’t hate him, I am not a big fan, and definately am against Scientology as I have made myself known many times, so I am thru with her scheming, devious ways, and her and and buddies, I don’t care how much they twist and turn and make it out to be so innocent, I know the truth, and my friends hopefully, will be able to see thru it.

    This is why I have said bullshit all along, that she was my mentor, I think for myself, speak for myself and this mess should prove it.

    To DMITZ, Xena, Mia, even Carleigh and Zbella, I hope you can read between the lines when you read further crap from that bunch, I do still say, Tia, is worth ten, no, make that 20, of Libra and her friends. And NO, I don’t know for a fact that she has posted under several names, only the webmistress knows the truth about that, but I do believe it to be true.

  73. Libraesque says

    Hi. Allow me to properly introduce myself…… I’m Libraesque and I’m bi-sexual woo!! it feels good to reveal my true nature. Are you ready for me this weekend Taylor?

  74. Taylor M. says

    I’M TAYLOR M!!!



  75. Taylor M. says

    #67 I did not think landscaping in trailor parks are usually nice..WOW what kind of park do you live in????You also mentioned hideous looks…Why would you let the world know about your problems. It’s ok if you are hideous, maybe you should just hide out in your slutty trailor park with all your trashy neighbors you will fit in just like a glove. 50 % of this world is white trash and you just happen to fall in that 50 %

  76. Libraesque says

    Dori, I don’t need motherly advice (but thanks)
    I NEED MIDOL!!!!!!
    lets bury the hatchet, there are enough trolls lurking, you and I don’t need to be at eachothers throats

    O.S., as usual, thanks for having my back girl

    Martha, we WERE friends. I took an issue and a concern to Oriana PRIVATELY, and instead of resolving it PRIVATELY she chose to air it out not only here but on another website as well, saying she was going to post it so that she and the other person could have a good laugh at my expense
    NOT very mature

    consequently the other site is now locked down and no one can post there because of what she did

    whatever, lets just all enjoy this beautiful, sunny Friday PAYDAY!!!!!

  77. Martha says

    What is going on between Oriana and Lib? Do you guys personally know each other? I’ve been on this site for a while and I thought you guys were friends.

  78. Lea says

    Obnoxious spice, Shadow Girl, and Libraesque are all one person. You can’t convince me otherwise.

  79. obnoxious spice says

    i can assure you that lib and are not the same poster..oh dear, it appears that now you are trying to deflect from your nasty actions the other day by using the ‘you are a multi-poster’ line…whatever…

    i have been posting under this name for a while now, check the archives of old threads if you still have any doubts…

    FACT – YOU posted a PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL AND PERSONAL email that was sent to you in TRUST AND GOOD FAITH, onto a very PUBLIC forum in the hope of humiliating or embarrassing someone who was once a personal you corresponded with off these sites…

    I just think that others should be made aware of the kind of person you actually are, it appears all the ‘i’m from the south and we are raised to be respectful’ crap you spout it just that – crap you spout….

    practise what you preach and treat others respectfully, there was no need to drag a personal disagreement onto two different websites for so many people to read just your side of the story…

    posting things people sent privately is very low

    and as for your comment about tia being worth ten of you…how old are you???? wow!!

    we are now seeing your true colours i think

  80. oriana says

    Since LIb knows that I talk to Tia sometimes on here, she also knows that Tia is Greek because she read about us talking about the Greek Festival, and I do think that anyone could read Tia lives in Canada because she has mentioned it more than once, so what personal secrets were being given away? Please, before you try to play your word games and your mind games, do it with someone that is interested! Lib, speak for yourself instead of acting like you are having your friends do it for you.

    And to call me foul mouth, Ha! Telling #85 to mind her own damn business was just that, mind her own damn business and that of course means Lib’s business!

    Lib, why don’t you talk to your attorneys, that you have on retainers, and see what advice they give to you, and that includes slander and false accusations!

    Tia is worth more than ten of you!!!!!!

  81. oriana says

    #85, Lib knows that I have always defended Tia to her and said she was a super nice lady so if you know the whole story then you know I didn’t sit back and let Tia be badmouthed without speaking up, but I can’t help but wonder if you and Lib aren’t the same person?

  82. says

    Britney….looks great! I love these photo’s! I swear…When she is doing the right thing…i know that all of you bitter b.i.t.c.h.e.s. are mad as hell! It really puts that extra knot in your panties….doesn’t it? GO BRITNEY…..YOU ARE FIERCE!

  83. dori says

    Libra I’m reading these posts and do realize there is a second person using your name.. it’s some kid with no guts to come out here and speak under their own name. I had it happen to me too. As Carliegh told me when I got upset …. try to ignore it..

  84. dori says

    Libra I’m trying to give you some nice motherly advice I’m not picking on you. Please re read my post. I like you but lately you’ve been very angry and fighting with everyone. I’m just saying take a deep breath and use your intelligence and wit. Not your anger and swear words… you’ll be more effective. I’m trying to help you.

  85. Sarah says

    ya cute babies my ass they look horriable and britney is a fat drunk and doesnt know or care about life


  86. Tiffany says

    Taylor M. – I am not quite sure what compelled you to throw my name in to the mix of your immature, worthless and petty name calling but I dont appreciate it at all. I DO think that it is wrong to steal someones handle and use it to display filth and I dont see how it could be an accident. Just stating MY opinion on the subject.
    Now leave me out of your ridiculous bullshit as I dont want or need it.

  87. Taylor M. says

    Alison are you a lezzy like all the other tramps on here? I have heard from the lezzy grapevine that you and Libraesque are dating….lol

  88. obnoxious spice says

    coming from you taylor…i take it as a compliment!!
    thank you!!

    i have no idea who ‘tiffany’ and ‘alison’ are, but i am sure they too, are also amused at being called such immature and filthy names by someone who posts such vile comments as you do…

    now, isn’t it either bedtime or lockdown time taylor? it is getting rather dull….please… another record…

  89. Taylor M. says

    You ALL are slutty tramps especially that carpetmuncher Libraesque & obnoxious spice & Tiffany & oriana & Alison

  90. obnoxious spice says

    oriana, now i see your mask is slipping, for your information, you foul mouthed lady, i DID get the entire story, BOTH yours and her emails, and from what i see, you were very forthcoming with info on tia, “oh lib, tia is greek but lives in canada, bla bla bla..” so if you were so easy to give out your ‘friends’ personal info, why shouldn’t lib feel you would do it to her too, i mean, you say you aren’t her friend, so even more reason to do so….
    as far as i am concerned it IS my business when i see posters place PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL emails, sent in trust to others, on PUBLIC FORUMS..that is the kind of stupid, spiteful and immature act a child would do…i read where lib wrote to you that if she were mistaken she was most apologetic…. YOU behaved shamefully by what you did…end OF…and if it were one of YOUR friends, you too, would be disgusted and outraged…

  91. Libraesque says

    they aren’t accidents, they’re losers with no personality of their own, who hide behind other peoples names. Pathetic
    This douche has NEVER posted anything on topic on this site EVER

  92. Tiffany says

    How do you accidentally post under someone elses name. I dont see how this could not be done anyway but on purpose. I guess I do not understand how these “accidents” tend to happen…sounds like a crock of poo poo if you ask me.

  93. Libraesque says

    yes Alison, it is one in the same.
    This outrageous lunatic posted racist slurs using my screen name and several others, and now IT’S posting disgusting things on this thread and probably others because IT has no life

  94. Alison says

    #27 Essie your post was truely uncalled for. Any person in there own private backyard is intitled to there own privacy, even Britney. How would you feel if you were in your own fenced private backyard having fun with your children and photographers were snapping photo’s of you and your children? I don’t think you would like it one bit. The remarks you made about Britney being a slutty trailor bitch was also un called for as well. Yeah she has had problems in the past, but that is no reason to be calling her such hurtful names.She is getting her life together and being the good mom she was put on this earth to be.Maybe you should concentrate on your life and not the lives around you.Just a thought.

  95. oriana says

    Lib, Good, I hope you told her how you feel like a Fool jumping to the wrong conclusions like you did with your fantasies! Don’t try to imply I have lied about anything with your buddies or even try to get them to slur me on your behalf, report away, You like to cause trouble and then act so innocent, back off of me and I am not telling you again, I won’t take your crap!

  96. Alison says

    Britney’s boy’s are so cute. I’m glad to see Britney coming around and being the good mother she is meant to be. I hope she continues to do a good job. She looks very happy in these pictures. The boy’s look a little hot in these pictures, I just hope she is using sunscreen on them because it looks like they have very fair skin.They are little cutie pies.

  97. oriana says

    #64, Mind your own damn business!!!! You don’t know the whole story or what the Hell you are talking about so don’t adress your shit to me! You and your buddy Libra, ask her, and I don’t correspond with her privately any more and she knows the reason why, SHE is the one that was talking about me on another site and she started it, I don’t mind finishing it and I hope it is over, again, mind your own damn business and don’t worry about me!

  98. Libraesque says

    Dori, DO NOT tell me what to do
    I’ve tried to smooth things over with you but all you have to do is see my name and you go off
    Anyone with half a fucking brain would have seen that foul post @ #37 and known straight away it wasn’t me. But NOOOO you and that twat Lea just couldn’t wait to jump in and make a comment AND THEN COMMENT AGAIN after I posted that it wasn’t me

    You two need to get a life and get off my back already, it’s BORING

  99. dori says

    Libra …..calm down…. try to remember you’re on a baby website. I know it’s frustrating when someone uses your name and makes nasty comments it’s happened to me as well….. but don’t lose your cool and start swearing ok?
    I know you can be very smart and witty but when you get angry like this and start with the language you are not quite as effective at getting your message across.

  100. Libraesque says

    FUCK OFF!!
    Can you people read??????
    I have NEVER posted anything like that nor would I ever post anything like that
    see post #48 then SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY

  101. Tiffany says

    I dont think she is a horrible mother. I just think she has made some mistakes in the past. I think all of us who are parents have made mistakes with our children before and lucky for us our mistakes were not aired for everyone to see.
    I do however think that she is trying to make changes that are positive.
    She is seen more with her kids then without them and I think that the fact that she has not been at the clubs every night but is instead in her backyard playing with her boys shows that maybe she has learned from her previous mistakes.
    Hopefully people can start to forgive and forget and allow the positive things she is doing to out weigh the negatives from the past.


  102. Dobby says

    My landscaping is 10 times better than hers. She looks hideous. She’s disgusting and a horrible mother. Why is the webmistress so obsessed with Britney and Heidi? Where is Christina’s announcement?

  103. Daynna says

    maybe her tummy is a bit bigger then normal because she could be having the monthlys god most women bloat when they are due on

    her boys look very very cute! im sure they were wearing suncream aswell

    i bet brit would look really cute with short hair i thought she was pretty with no hair she has that sort of face.

  104. minkysmom says

    one picture of her and her kids to five of her stumbling out of public restrooms braless. I think her problems are mental, but she is definitely drinking or something. that’s why her belly is fat.

  105. obnoxious spice says

    dori, i don’t think those stupid smutty comments were actually posted by lib on this thread….more like some stupid teen who is bored and has been pissed off by lib in the past is posting and using her name…just like on the heidi threads when the idiots hijack ALL our names to stir trouble and cause ill feelings…(who ever posted those comments spells like a 7 year old!!)

    oriana, if you have personal disagreements you should NEVER air them so publically online, from site to site and thread to thread (particularly if you are in the wrong) it is childish, disrespectful, drags others in, and can lead to a personal security issue

  106. dori says

    i wonder why Brit feels she needs to wear the weaves? I’ll bet she would look cute in short hair. There are many cute short hairdo’s… come brit… take off the weaves show your cute self au natural!!!

  107. dori says

    ho humm …..boring……. nothing new from the web mistress ……Same Heidi Klum article here for 2 days now …
    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought those comments were inappropriate…. whoever said them…..

  108. Lea says

    Libraesque. Why don’t you keep your sexual fantasies to yourself! No one wants to read it here at babyrazzi.

    The same applies to all of the other pervs who post here.

  109. Tiffany says

    Anyone know why there has to be so much fighting on this site? Its sucks when everyone is fighting all the time.
    It gets old with all the fighting on here. Does anyone else feel this way?

  110. oriana says

    You never had to worry about unblocking me to begin with, it had been so long since I sent you anything I didn’t even know you had done it until you told me yesterday, and as I said, all you had to do was let me know to begin with and I wouldn’t have been concerned with sending you anything!

    And as I told you, the other party would have laughed her ass off at your idiotic ravings!

    The reason I wrote to you on here, I read where you brought my name into a conversation you were having ON HERE previously that wasn’t necessary, so leave my name out and I won’t address you further, I know how you send your slurs towards people and that shit won’t fly with me and be me silent, so follow your own advice to me and I will gladly do the same to you!

  111. Libraesque says

    I’m not going to discuss this here anymore, this isn’t the place and NO ONE wants to read this, so I’ll un-block you if you want to discuss further and resolve it PRIVATELY

  112. Libraesque says

    COURTESY? The meaning of COURTESY is keeping something private and discussing it privately and resolving it in PRIVATE, like an adult.
    Your exact words were you were going to post it on the other site so you and that person could have a good laugh
    how old are you?
    THAT is NOT courtesy

  113. oriana says

    I didn’t air it on this site out of courtesy to you Libra, and you yourself are well aware of your wild conclusions that YOU came up with, when you accuse me of something I didn’t do, oh Hell Yes, I will bring it out to the other innocent person involved, she deserves to know.

    NOW, I will let it drop, but try to slander me or bash me, don’t use my name any more in your comments and I will do the same regarding you.

    And you can report me to anyone you want too, that is a joke coming from you anyway!

  114. Libraesque says

    No, the person who needs to not bring crap up is YOU.

    Just because we have A PRIVATE ISSUE that you have chosen to air out online like some teenager has NOTHING to do with this site

    You need to keep a lid on it
    NO ONE here cares, it’s irrelevant

  115. oriana says

    Libra, I read on another thread where you brought my name into it about the person having you confused with Oriana and her stories, don’t start up any crap with me and bring my name into your comments if you have an issue with me, anyone can skip over my “stories” if they don’t like what I write, and that goes for you too.

  116. Lea says

    I agree with you dori. The comments they made are completely inappropiate. I’m here to read about babies! Not one’s sexual desires.

  117. Libraesque says

    and Lea, you may not have read it, but I told you on the other thread to CHECK YOURSELF, and DO NOT address me on this site

  118. Libraesque says

    dori jesus christ, how long have I been on here?

    Can’t you see that th re-emergence of that foul deranged THING named Taylor M is using peoples screen names??

  119. dori says

    her boys look so adorable and it’s nice to see Brit spending quality time with her boys. I do find it strange that we have piucs of her in the privacy of her own backyard. Where were these cameramen sitting? up in a tree? As for the way she looks… this was the privacy of her own backyard on a sweltering hot day… LA has temps near 100 degrees.

  120. dori says

    and….where’s the webmistress????? she removes comments about negative comments on the kids and allows this trashy talk betweeen 2 bloggers.

  121. dori says

    This is a baby website and your sexual comments are not appropriate
    Go email each other and don’t expose the rest of us to your trashy behaviour.

  122. oriana says

    I do agree her weave is a disgrace! She should just take all that mess off her head and let her hair grow, she looked nice with her head even bald, better than a lot of skanks do with a full head of hair! Brit has a beautiful face but she looks so unkempt to me most of the time. And these pictures in her backyard, she be able to go naked out there if she wanted too and have some privacy doing it!

  123. MD says

    is this the britney blog? do you have a job? who cares who cares who cares who cares who cares

    her weave is a disgrace

    that is her bodyguard

    ain’t nobody that hot gonna hit britney’s stank ass

  124. Tiffany says

    She is spending time with her kids!!!
    People complain when she doesnt and now people are complaining when she is …..
    The kids are healthy and are full of smiles in the pictures. The kids love their mom and she loves them. It took her awhile to come around but there are multiple times recently that show that she is trying and doing a good job.
    I hope to see more pictures of her with her children. This really is a beautiful family. The kids are really adorable.

  125. BritishMumma says

    I agree with #33

    I really doubt that Britney called the paps in to take pictures of her and her sons, I saw a documentary on the papparazzi the other day and it featured x17online paps (who prob snapped these pics) and I was gob smacked by the lengths they go to to get a scoop but sayin that Britney does like the attention from the media, a pap was following her while she was driving and she put the roof of her convertable down and blantantly posed for him.

  126. Taylor M says

    Natai Zap I love trailor trash….wanna hook up? Because you are trailor trash just like britney.

  127. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Taking photos of people in their own back gardens should be illegal. It is a totally disrespectful invasion of privacy. And those people complaining about what she is wearing, helllo, she is in her own garden! I wear my slippers and dressing gown in the privacy of my own garden for goodness sake!

  128. boo says

    Its cruel to smoke around a child… YES, I completely understand that, I was a smoker until I got pregnant with my first child, quit immediately after finding out about the pregnancy, and have never gone back to it.
    BUT in pic that I saw of Britney Smoking on… she was standing up, at the side of the sandbox, where JJ wasn’t even in sight, and SP was crawling away from her playing in the sand…. I could understand her being ridiculed for it if she had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth while kneeling over with her face in JJ’s face like the first pic, because that would be direct contact with the smoke… But in this pic she isn’t really near the kids and at least she is outside where the smoke drifts away…. If she was smoking in her house then I could understand people giving her grief because I’d be one of them , but she’s not, she’s outside, some people really need to cut the girl some slack, for some reason she can never do anything right in some peoples books!!!

  129. Kelsie says

    I know its bad to smoke around your kids(i hate it when my parents do it) but its better than going out every night all night to clubs and leaving your kids home with nannys.Britney has improved and I know some people don’t want to admit it,but she has

  130. onatear says

    Saying the youngest is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is very cruel and, I hope, not true. Why aren’t all you know it alls mentioning her “bump”? If that tummy were on anyone else, you would be speculating on how far along she is.

  131. Essie says

    Hello People . . . . nobody is “invading” her privacy. Brit CALLED THE RAZZIS!! That’s the only way these pics could have been taken. She called them so people can think she is being a “great mom” by playing with her boys in the sandbox. From the posts on here, it appears to be working. I can’t believe how quickly people forget how awful this slutty, trailer b!tch truly is. She’s still a drunk and playing in the sandbox for a few minutes with her babies doesn’t change a thing!!!

  132. DMITZ says

    I think these pics are very cute. It’s good to see Britney w/her kids having some good mommy and me time. Her boys are cute chubbies and I hope Britney stays on track this time. I don’t approve of her smoking in the sandbox near her children; however since it’s her home, I guess to each his own. Britney looks good in these pics.

  133. K says

    That’s NOT the AA Counselor boyfriend.

    That’s the very same bodyguard who saved the baby when she stumbled on the sidewalk and nearly dropped him a couple of years ago.

    Check the pics of that incident and you’ll see.

  134. kelly says

    thank god she wore underware under that dress. she finally got smart and realized that we were tired of seeing her nasty crusty ass. and one more thing what the fuck is up with the black hair ? does’nt she get tired of having fucked up hair, i would think that when she shaved it, she would leave it alone and let us see her real hair color. we all know that she does not really have black nor blond hair. another thing she looks like a fat cow!

  135. Cate says

    Ahhh, it breaks my heart that the youngest son (Jayden) is afflicted by fetal alchohol syndrome. Britney should be locked away for abusing of her Jayden before he was born. He will never be able to function to his potential. I have a suspicion Sean Preston was also somewhat affected by Britney’s drinking habits. He seems so s-l-o-w.

    What a pity. Let this be a lesson to all women– don’t drink when you are trying to conceive or think you may be pregnant!

  136. Lauren says

    Those boys are gorgeous! I hope that Britney starts getting her life together and be the kind of mom those boys deserve.

  137. Pam says

    Got to say I am really uncomfortable seeing photos taken in her backyard. talk about an invasion of privacy. I am not a fan but I do feel for her in situations like this. She is on private land, not out in public.

  138. carleigh says

    I do love the fact that Britney is taking the time to play with her kids and spending time hanging out at HOME and not running from bar to bar anymore. If she wants to prove that her family/manager was wrong for forcing her into rehab, then she needs to just hang out and be a Mommy like she’s doing in this picture. That hair looks like hell though, kinda rocking the Elvira look here, but oh well, at least she can afford hair after chopping it all off. Sean P. and Jayden are just too adorable, I love the picture where Jayden is facing the camerain #4, he is just too precious for words, good to see he is healthy. I hope for their sake that Britney keeps spending time with them because babies grow up so fast and right now it’s critical in their development that they have that mother/child bond forged or they may never have a real chance of bonding sufficiently with their mother. Just sad that this girl can’t seem to do much right though, hope she gets it together. If she doesn’t soon the babies are the one’s that will suffer irreperably.

  139. says

    These kids are very average looking to me, and that’s her new boyfriend, not her bodyguard. I think that he is an AA counsellor, not too sure though. Ok, maybe she’s trying to be a better mum and all that, but smoking around her babies, oh please, that’s so wonderful mum qualities. Even though I don’t like this woman at all, I feel bad for her in these pics because she is in her backyard, and she should have her privacy with her children, the paps should leave them alone here for once.

    Anyway, this website is too slow. There have been many more pics of Kingston at the supermarket, an extra happy Violet and lovely pics of smiling Sam and Lola! Not to mention news that Michael Owen is expecting his 3rd child.But I guess pregnant Naomi Watts is much more important with no baby as yet, and we have seen a million pics with her for the past months. What’s up with this site???

  140. oriana says

    Hi Nicki! Hope things are good with you and your friend also.

    If she wore this dress to church that is plain pitiful! She could dress a little better and be more respectful in the House of the Lord, she is trashy to me either way, at home and in public. She was raised in the South, we are more respectful there at church than how she has exhibited herself.

  141. amberlee says

    In another picture (not posted here), she was smoking around the kids. I know a lot of people do that, but I hate it!

  142. boo says

    The only thing wrong with these pics is the fact that her Bum is hanging out in the first picture…However its like #13 Danica said …Its sad that the Paps still manage to take pics of celebs in the privacy of their own homes and for that she can’t be blamed for partially showing her Bits….She shouldn’t have to be worried about how shes dressed and sitting while playing with her kids at her home! There should be laws against people being able to snap pictures of another in or around their home!

    Brit is Looking fabulous, ( although I personally like her better as a blonde 🙂 ) and the boys are absolutely gorgeous…she seems to be enjoying being a mom now….hopefully this will stick and her troubled past is just that…The PAST! 🙂

  143. says

    That is kinda sad that she has to have pics taken of her and her kids in her own back yard. She looks great though, and her babies are really cute! The paparazzi should not be taking pics of her out of public though. That is just wrong.

  144. Nicki says

    6. keppa -I saw them also. She wore this Betty Rubble get up to church! And I do believe it was Jayden playing with her cigarettes, and she was smoking while they were in the sandbox………..I guess give her credit, she was standing up, so maybe the smoke wasn’t blowing in thier face.:roll:
    Her boys are adorable. I hope she wises up and starts to be the Mom they need.

  145. Isabella says

    Yes, Libraesque 7:29, she does need to wear more decent things in public. But, I still think Britney can make it and here she proves it. The boys are too cute!

  146. Libraesque says

    HOW CUTE!!!!
    She looks really fit and wonderful here. Why can’t she dress stylish like that when she goes out in public!!!!!

  147. Tiffany says

    How wonderful to see her and the kids enjoying their time together. They ALL look wonderful. The kids are adorable and she looks beautiful.
    I believe that Britt is doing a fantastic job and must say that I think she is starting to prove people wrong.

  148. keppa says

    you missed the pics of her smoking right next to them and the ones of sean practically holding the pack of cigs for her….

    but yeah, they do look happy

  149. JJ says

    Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…It ‘s Brit!! And she actually looks sane and loving…go figure. She may be trying to get her shit together and perhaps it’s working. Poor little tater tot and small fry – they have had so many “father” figures come in and out of their life. That will certainly screw with their heads. …”are you my daddy? are YOU my daddy? how about you? Are you my daddy or my mom’s new #$%& buddy?

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