The Christening Of Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark had their daughter, Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, christened on July 1st at Fredensborg Palace Church. Little Prince Christian looks so adorable and Mary is just so gorgeous! I love her headpiece!

And as if there hasn’t already been a cuteness overload of historical proportions…below Prince Christian has a kiss for his little sister!

Princess Mary

Gala & B.T.


  1. Kamineko says

    LOVE her dress! Just lovely, and such a pretty color! Not so much the head thingie, though.
    The Christening gown is gorgeous.Pretty baby!

  2. e says

    Beautiful family.

    The baby´s dress is an old dress. Her brother, her father, her uncle, her grandmother (the Queen Margrethe), and probably her grandgrandfather (King Frederk IX) wore it in their christening ceremony: they are a Royal family, it´s normal that their jewels and christening dresses are old. They don´t buy them.

    So Courtney, the dress is so expensive that if ever they decide to sell it, it hast to be in Sotheby´s, not in a children store.

  3. Lillianne says

    Please tell me they adopted this baby. Look how flat her tummy is. I would love a good look at the christening gown. I believe that is handmade lace.

  4. carleigh says

    They are a truly beautiful family. I don’t know much about them other than they are Danish royalty. The children are truly precious and their parents are very attractive as well. I love the pictures of their pretty little girl and the little prince is just a doll as well.

  5. courtney says

    ya know i used to work at a childrens boutique and i bet that her dress shes wearing was REDICULOUSLY expensive!! which i know their not too worried about money but damn i bet it was a lot!!! that family is beautiful!!

  6. Isabella says

    OHHH!!!! Que hermosa bebe y que familia tan bonita!!!! Felicidades por este nuevo miembro de la familia. QUE DIOS LOS BENDIGA!!!!!!!!!

  7. says


  8. Pam says

    What an adorable princess!!

    Whitney I was wondering too. This and Celeb Moms have not been updating much. I read about Celeb Baby Blog in some other comments so I have been going there of as late. Anyone else have other suggestions? Would appreciate. Thanks ladies!

  9. maggie says

    the baby girl is cute, but the head´s boy has a weird shape and he dosnt look like his parents

  10. Whitney says

    this site is not updated enough… There has been two more pregnancy announcements in the past 2 weeks( Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie) and I have yet to see anything about them on here. Whats going on?…

  11. Casey says

    Kristin they are the royalty of denmark. i don’t know much about them but they are a nice loooking family,

  12. Fitzren says

    and Isabella is getting blonde herself. Christian looks so much like his Daddy as a baby especially. Beautiful family!

    Christian is a True Charmer. Isabella is a total beauty.

  13. Fitzren says

    Jane, isn’t that why Kristin asked who the hell is this people are? She didn’t know so she asked.. its not the sarcastic way of who the hell is this ppl is? think positive is the best solution. just tell her who the hell this people are alright?

    -PEACE -out

  14. Pika says

    I just love the position of the baby’s hands in the 3rd from last picture. So beautiful and cherubic.

  15. Nicki says

    Beautiful family. The kids are very cute. The Prince and Princess look very happy. Best wishes to them.

  16. Jane says

    Yeah, yeah, Kristin – of course what you think is so important – why are you looking on this site, remind me?

  17. Georgia says

    Oh Mary just keeps getting more beautiful all the time! I love it that she and Frederik met in a bar of all places. Those kids are so adorable! Such a lovely family 🙂

  18. says

    I saw these already, but I must say, they are beautiful!!! I love this family, they seem to be really down to earth. The little boy looks like his dad, and the baby looks like her mum. Beautiful kids, pretty mum and very goodlooking dad! Lol. I can’t believe he is 38,39? Not too sure,I know its somewhere around there, but he looks more like 30 to me. They seem to be really in love with each other, not only in these pics but in almost all that I have seen with them. Awwww very sweet, thank you webmistress!

  19. JJ says

    The dress is pretty but that thing on her head has got to go. What is that ? A doily from her grandma’s tabletop? Old ladies wear silly things like that on their heads.

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