Brooke Shields Out For A Stroll With Rowan & Grier

Sorry…image removed.
Brooke Shields was snapped out for a stroll on Wednesday in Pacific Palisades, Calif., while her daughters Rowan, 4, and Grier, 1, relaxed in the stroller.



  1. Tiffany says

    This is another one of the wonderful non hollywood families out there. I appreciate seeing such down to earth parents and not trying to put the family in the limelight all the time.

    I think the kids are gorgeous and so are the parents. This is a great family full of love and adoration for one another.

  2. oriana says

    It is sooo hard for me to grasp and understand why any mother wish her children dead even with post partum depression.

    Andrea Yates, I have zero sympathy for her, nope, none at all!!!! I am glad she didn’t get the death penalty so she can suffer every day for the rest of her miserable life!

  3. Mildred Wogbash says

    Zbella, whether she wants her kids to be models is irrelevant. She wants them to be at least pleasing to look at, instead of making her wish they were dead, which post partum does to women.

  4. Zbella says

    I don’t think Brooke had children so that they would be models. She is a beautiful woman and they are beautiful girls in a different way. I love their Irish look.

    Nicole Richie claims she is not anorexic – and she MAY just be telling the truth if she was able to get pregnant – although I think she looks sickly thin. I was very thin and had regular periods and 3 babies w/o medical help. Nature is a funny thing. She is at the natural age to get preganant – early 20s.

  5. Nastasia Zapp says

    Brookes girls aren’t even close to being as pretty as she was as a child, Brooke was a very pretty baby and child and her girls look nothing like her. They both favor her husband. Red hair and pasty white. Rowan is better looking then Grier, but neither one of them are pretty girls. There cute in a cabbage patch way.

  6. Mildred Wogbash says

    I get my period only three – four times a year but it is very heavy Im sometimes bedridden for days. But Brooke looks like she has no blood left to lose.

  7. Blair says

    Libraesque….Why so angry? We’re here to talk about babies, for crying out loud. Your negativity post after post is very draining. I know you don’t care, but it has to be said. Smile, be happy! :o) Life’s too short to waste on arguing and complaining.

  8. Mildred Wogbash says

    Whoever suggested that post partum depression (PPDS) would cause Brooke to push her children into oncoming traffic is assuming she is not getting treatment – remember her confrontation with Tom Cruise? Trust me, Brooke takes advantage of modern psychiatry and she is appropriately medicated for her condition AT ALL TIMES. Please dont contribute to the negative stigma for this normal and very treatable mild mental disorder.

    Only a very small fraction of women with post partum depression end up actually muredering their children.

  9. sara says

    I’m sorry….but my honest opinion of that picture is it looks silly! Her back is too hunched over. The kids look cute and comfy though…

  10. Denise says

    Where I come from those are called jogging strollers. You can jog with them. They are also and all terraine stroller. We’ve taken my neices and nephew out through paths at the park. They’re very good when taking kids out when you want to excercise and come in a little bigger size also.

    Brooke looks great and her kids are so cute!!

  11. Libraesque says

    OH, I get it, coincedenatlly you just happened to be the only one who responded to my comment to COURTNEY.
    I forgot for a second that I blew you out as being one in the same Katney

  12. Libraesque says

    fuck off kate!!! I think you have me confused with oriana, who you also COMPLAIN about telling stories. GET OVER YOURSELF
    and while you’re at it why don’t you EDUCATE yourself .
    When anorexic girls lose a certain percentage of their body weight they don’t menstruate you dumb COW

  13. Kate says

    #16 thats so stupid. first of all nobody wants to know about your menstrual cycle. second just because shes skinny doesnt mean shes not getting her periods. and lastly, why do you always end up talking about yourself?

  14. renee says

    Brooke is way too tall for that stroller. as fab as that buggy is, she needs one with an adjustable handlebar height. that slouching is terrible for her back!

  15. Libraesque says

    courtney, I don’t think it’s been officially confirmed by either one.
    I really don’t understand how N.R got pregnant
    I was anorexic in high school and I didn’t get my periods the whole time I was sick

  16. Margarett Foyer-Sherman says

    I hope she is on her anti-postpartum medication. Pushing a stroller so close to traffic could be more tempting than she may resist in a depressed state. I am really concerned.

  17. says

    Very cute picture. Rowan is a beautiful child as well as her little sister Grier. I think that Rowan resembles Brooke more whilst Grier resembles Chris. 🙂

  18. courtney says

    off topic i know, but im just wondering, normally they will make a post if someones confirmed their pregnant, well christina agularia and nicole richie are both pregnant and expecting and they havnt posted anything yet!!!??

  19. BritishMumma says

    Lol no Amy, its supposed to be like that! Its an Phil and Teds E3 with doubles kit I believe (Im a pram-a-holic lol)

  20. ami says

    i’ve never seen a pushcair like this before!! is it suppose to be like this or is it for storage?

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