Liv Tyler & Family

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler, hubby Royston Langdon and their son Milo were snapped celebrating Liv’s 30th birthday in New York.

Happy Birthday Liv!



  1. arizon says

    why are commenting on the wars. this subjuect is about milo liv and that guy. the subject is not called “what do you think about the war and who is to blame?” and # 43. im sure ur FACE is hidious. lol

  2. Mildred Wogbash says

    She has the hands of an ogre. A truly ungainly, awkward creature. She looks like a pale lumbering man in drag. Just awful. The husband is no prize either, he looks like a down and out thrift store junkie.

  3. says

    Funny how having an opinion has been considered unpatriotic now-a-days. It’s also funny that if you happen to be against this ridiculous war than you are against the troops. I have no idea how that could be possible when soldiers are just carrying out their orders. No one who is against the war wants our troops to die in vein.
    Brainwashed is right! The Bush admin has done a fantastic job at frightening American citizens and blinding them to the realities of his agenda. Wake up America! And while you’re at it… Take a history class!

    PS – Wonderful family – though not the best pic of Liv.

  4. oil says

    WOW!! nice family i’ve ever seen.Milo grows up very quickly.Remember that i saw Milo in his birth wth Liv and her husband,he looked like a little teddy bear but now…..

    he’s more handsome than his dady!! haha

  5. Anzhelika says

    I know it is difficult to admit the mistakes…I dont have anything to do with terrorists or anybody else…Just i know you are blind…Americans poke their nose everywhere..You are telling me that your boys protects other countries? Which countries? The countries that possess petrol? so you afraid to lose your power? Ask anyone in Europe what we think about Americans..Especially now your country loses power,your fuckin dollar decreases…
    You are talking about history..and what is your history? To go to America,to bring with you black slaves and to killed native Americans? So it is fine to send to Iraq 17-18 years old and to be killed for what? Do you think about those boys coming back from the war disable? and after your society dont give a fuck about them? Think what are you doing…You are destroying the world,not protecting..

  6. Canada eh.. says

    Liv you’re a beautiful woman. I don’t know you, but the interviews I’ve read in the past lead me to believe you were comfortable with yourself/body and would never fall under the Hollywood thin craze. I’m disappointed to see that you’re no different than the skin and bones starlets. Such a shame because you’re a good actress with so much potential, none of which have to do with being 5’10’ and fitting into a size 4.
    Please get a hold of yourself. You’re better than the “celebrities” that measure their worth by their dress size.
    You have an exceptionally beautiful face, please put some meat on them bones.

  7. sara says

    Thank you Dori…well said! Don’t forget the “girls” as well as the boys over there. My hubby leaves next month….
    many people are not very well informed with the world today. Sad.

  8. carleigh says

    Dori, I wouldn’t worry to much about what #21 has to say because obviously he/she isn’t an American or he/she wouldn’t be making those ludicris statements. It’s obviously someone who doesn’t know history or has the ability to sympathize with terrorists, in which case IMO makes he/she no better than they are. To all the unpatriotic comments, just ignore them for they mean absolutely very little if not nothing in the wide scheme of things.

  9. dori says

    #21 Americans to blame for Hiroshima ever heard of Pearl Harbor????? They bombed us first. REMEMBER????

    We thank our american boys for going over there and protecting our freedoms that we enjoy here and you enjoy around the world and instead of being grateful to us.. you criticize.Especially THE FRENCH!!! We help all countries and no one helps us. Better watch your political comments in here. This is suppose to be a baby website remember?
    we’ll take your thank you’s any time now
    Liv is adorable and so are her husband and son… very happy looking group.

  10. Jenn says

    Celebrity Baby Blog people, that’s all i’m saying! much better IMO although the community is not as good as here.

  11. Yikes says

    Liv Tyler looks like she is 60 years old! Yikes – look at her face, neck and arms – like I said YIKES!!!! And her husband needs to eat a steak – too freaking skinny!!

  12. Anzhelika says

    why are you talking about Iraqis? I can say Americans are to blame for the war..not only the war in Iraq..we are going to remember for a long time and Vietnam and Hiroshima..and the health implications for the local people…

  13. carleigh says

    Oriana, Happy Independence Day to you too! I wish everyone a wonderful celebration and appreciation of our family members, loved ones, friends, etc. serving in the armed forces, it’s because of their bravery we are still free today! God Bless Our Troops!
    Milo is completely adorable and keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  14. oriana says

    God Bless America!!!!!! Happy Fourth Everyone!!!!!!

    Bring our men and women home safe, and on behalf of a grateful nation I want to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. CyberKitten38 says

    Man that pic makes liv appear to have some FREAKISHLY long arms! lol
    I love her tho..she seems like a very devoted mom..focusing more on raising her son than being in the public eye. Plus she’s a beautiful woman 🙂

  16. christie says

    such a great looking family!!! milo looks like his rocker dad!! he’s such a sweet looking boy!!

  17. christie says

    such a great looking family!!! milo looks like his rocker dad!! he’s such a sweet looking boy!!

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