1. jen says

    Not only does web mistress steal pics from other sites, she steals the captions word-for-word, too.

  2. courtney says

    so gorgeous!!

    ok, i know this is off this topic but theres no where else to post it, but on and AND some other web site i was just at just confirmed that nicole richie IS pregnant!!!! they need to post something about it!!!

  3. Kelsie says

    #4 she might be trying to decide, i hate when im sitting there and i cant decide what i want,it takes me like 5 minutes

  4. says

    #2, she said some time ago that they want 6 kids!

    I love this woman, but I never understand why post pics if the celebs are not with their kids…Babyrazzi.

    She looks lovely all of the time.

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