Marcia Cross Out With One Of Her Daughters

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross, 45, was snapped out with one of her four-month-old twin daughters…I don’t know if this is Eden or Savannah though! 🙂

What beautiful pictures!



  1. Anna says

    also in response to why she is wearing a hat, she has to do it for her role on Desperate Housewives. I saw on a behind the scenes thing that she has to keep her skin really pale for her role as Bree

  2. carleigh says

    Analise…love your name, very pretty and feminine. I believe Marcia wears those hats to protect her skin, she’s a red-head and probably very sensitive to sun’s UV rays and burns quite easily, not to mention staving off wrinkles due to overexposure to extreme sun rays. I don’t go out in the sun near as much as I used to, although, I havent’ taken to wearing hats yet, maybe at some point I will. The hats may also be to protect her hair from fading out if she colors it, red is a very difficult color to maintain and I know from past experience that I had to wear a scarf in sunny weather to keep my haircolor from becoming faded and washed out. Those are two major reasons that I can think as to why she would constantly be wearing hats.

  3. eminencegrise says


    Hmm, whom does baby most resemble? Her biological father or her egg donor mother?

  4. emily says

    lol for a second I thought Marcia was feeding her daughter pizza and I realized it was just the blanket. Cute baby!

  5. Julie says

    OMG, that baby is beautiful! Not just in an every-baby-is-cute sort of way, she is a truly beautiful baby!!! I was so happy to come across these pics today!!! So happy for them!

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