Katie Price & Peter Andre Welcome A Daughter!

Katie Price

Katie’s sugar and spice dreams came true yesterday when she gave birth to her baby daughter! Proud husband Peter Andre said the unnamed little girl was as beautiful as his stunning wife.
Peter said on the hospital steps: “My beautiful wife has given birth to a beautiful, beautiful stunning girl with massive eyes. We’ve been blessed today. She’s really incredible.”
But Peter said he’d be a strict dad with his little girl, joking: “I am going to be so protective, she is not going to be let out until she is 64.”
Multi-millionaire Katie, 29, had a Caesarean delivery at 8.49am at the exclusive Portland Hospital in central London. The baby weighed a healthy 6lb and 13 ounces. Peter, 34, held his wife’s hand during the procedure at the £500 a night hospital. He said: “Everything went smoothly. It was a planned Caesarean because doctors wanted her to come out — and who are we to argue with what they want? Katie overcame her fear of needles.
“We haven’t decided on a name yet because we want to see what she looks like over the next few days.“At the moment I am just calling her ‘baby’. She is already pinked out to the max. I hope she looks like Katie because Junior looked like me when he was born. I feel a bit dazed but so excited.”The couple, who live in a £2.5million Surrey mansion, have a two-year-old son, Junior. Katie also has Harvey, five, from a relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke.
Katie knew the sex of the baby before the birth. The girl was born a year after Jordan had a miscarriage which left the couple “devastated”.
She also had to cope with Peter battling meningitis and Harvey falling into a mirror at home.



  1. says

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  2. Tashaa says

    Congrats again 2 you both..Princess Tiaamii is a lovely name no matter what people slate it its gawjus!..I read that Harvey is bonding well with her hope this keeps up 🙂

  3. ayesha91 says


    I just wanted to say congrats to you and all of ur family and that you have a happy life… i cant wait till your next show to see the baby…

    XxX Luv yaa Ayesha XxX

  4. tracy says

    i think jordan is a lovely person and a very good mother you can slate her as much as you like jealousy is such a big thing for some ppl well done on the birth of ya daughter good luck to your family and you go jordan

  5. Tashaa says

    i never said that disability was anyones fault. I was saying shes had enough criticism about Harvey’s condition being her fault therefore she doesn’t need no more criticism about it especially saying shes aborted the wrong child, I totally agree with what you said and maybe you didn’t understand what i put but i was in actual fact saying what you said because of what fritzen had said. Anyway the last i read from magazines & from tv Katie and Peter had said they arnt naming her for a week or two so she can grow into her own person and a name that suits her and they wont be showing her in public until they have named her. I cant wait to see the pictures though i bet shes a right cutie. Carleigh how old are you and where are you from anyway?..Write back please and i hope you realise what i was trying to say. xxx

  6. samantha says

    congradulations on your baby girl think you both are wicked and right down to earth love your programme should keep it going your kids are lovely and i think you are both doing a really good job keep it up cant wait to see new baby girl i like marly for a girl look after you all all the best for the family

  7. carleigh says

    How can a disability be anyone’s fault??? Most people never know they are a carrier of a specific gene unless they have very intensive prenatal genetic testing done before they even conceive a child. It’s very sad that anyone would say that Katie caused Harvey to have his disability, it’s wrong and just sad. That would be the ultimate in cruelty, because this woman obviously loves all her children. Has anyone heard what they named their baby girl? It’s been quite awhile and I’ve heard nothing.

  8. Tashaa says

    Why are people bothering to come on here 2 slag katie off..Jealousy is a bad disease people hope you get well soon!..And Fitzren how dare you say that she aborted the wrong child i cant believe how god damn selfish & horrible you are, Just because Harvey has got something wrong with him doesn’t make him any less special than Junior or the new baby. When im older and eventually have kids i would love my child just if it had a disability just as much as i would if they didn’t it doesn’t make a difference. Ive been watching all their shows and Harvey is just a normal child happy child inside. I hope Katie never reads that comment because she got enough criticism about Harvey disability’s being her fault as it is now this would upset her further. Shes had a tough life and the birth of this baby is finally turning things around!
    Sorry about leaving all this junk on this website but i though it was unacceptable what he/she said. Its totally disgusting to think people think like that.
    Again congrats Katie&Peter!..cant wait to see pictures bet shes gonna have such a pretty name & shes gonna be stunning just like her parents! Lucky bitch lol only joking..Somebody write back anyway LotsaLove

  9. DMITZ says

    I wouldn’t say she aborted the wrong child. God chose her to raise Harvey because he knew she had the heart to do it. Kuddos to her.

  10. Fitzren says

    be nice people. Harvey is born blind. he’s got septo-optic dysplasia, meaning that his optic nerve didn’t developed correctly. .. i heard she aborted her first child with Dane Bowers.. I guess she aborted the wrong one(child). haa.

  11. Jodee says

    I think they are quite lovely. Who’s to say what’s “normal” or not. I think she looks absolutely marvelous, especially after 3 kids!! If we were all honest with ourselves and each other we would admit that we wouldn’t have a problem taking a picture sans slothes sitting on the lap of our hubby…if we looked like her!! She is unabashedly refreshing!! You go Katie!!

  12. jackie says

    I’m tired of seeing the same people with caked on make up, and half dressed or not dressed at all.

  13. Denise says

    Why all the haters out there? At least she is married. She has 3 beautiful kids, a career, and a husband who loves her. So, she is a little fake looking. She is making money off her looks. She is far from a whore. Congrats to her and her husband.

  14. becks says

    for all u idiots out there who are just JEALOUS of them well up yours they are a great couple and deserve all the best congrats on baby girl and good luck for the future even though they dont need it as they can cope with a dam sight more than some of u muppets out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    looking forward 2 the new show tonight
    p.s. if some of u hate katie and pete so much then y u on here??????

  15. Melissa says

    I really don’t know who this couple is. Anyways, the pic does make her look skanky. This is how Pariz Hitz will look in 20 years. Too fake and plastic looking.

  16. Emi~X says

    Congratulations 2 both of yew 🙂 I fink crytal iz a reli nyc name.She will look perfect in all her pink gear ,eh jordan ?Ive jus finished a schhol project on yew & ur family, n fink ya a ded interestin person. I’m watchin the new series Tht start on Thursday 5th july 2k7 & i will enjoy thm as much as i did the other 1’s. 🙂 Lv yew both xxxxx

  17. Emma says

    Just watched Pete on a chat show and he looks sooo happy.He said they still havent named her and are waiting for a couple of days but have a few names lined up.I can just picture her dressed in pink from head to toe . So happy for the whole family they have had a tough year.

  18. bethany says

    i think katie is a great mum !

    the baby will be just as stunning as katie is !

    can’t wait to watch the baby diaries !

    congratulations to both of them !


  19. Tashaa says

    Just to say that some of the comments up there are horrible. If you havnt got nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all. Katie won an award fro best mum and if modeling makes you a whore then god theres alot of whores nowa days! How old are all you people anyway?

  20. Tashaa says

    Congrats to them both.I know Katie has always wanted a little princess and her wish has finally came true, She doesn’t have to treat her horses as baby girls now lol…I heard that Pete said that he inst going to let her out of the house until shes 63, I can see my with two very good looking parents. I hope Harvey and Junior get along with her okay because Harvey had a hard time with Junior. Anyway congrats to you both and i hope to see s a picture very soon! LotstaLove

  21. Emma says

    #68 Harvey’s dad is Dwight Yorke born in Canaan, Tobago
    but raised in the uk. He is a footballer for English team Sunderland.He doesn’t have a great deal to do with Katie and the family so Harvey call’s Peter his Daddy .I think Dwight’s girlfriend is pregnant too.

  22. carleigh says

    I m glad that I didn’t offend you Jenna, it was never my intention to do thar to anyone. However, I am also not the type of woman to sit back while someone rails on my country either…case in point Margarethe. I’m done debating her now and if she left, sorry for her, to me there wasn’t to much to say..but typical of the Swiss she took off scampering when it got to heated..lol.

  23. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Carleigh, I know exactly how you feel about her attacking your country, that was the very reason I made my first rant post on this thread because I felt like she was implying that Britain deserved this.

    #68, yes, her oldest son does have a black biological father, some footballer guy who’s name I can’t remember but I think I read that he calls Peter Andre dad.

  24. Emma says

    Anyway back to the title KATIE AND PETE which is what we should be talking about( i know its horrible whats going on in the world but at least we can talk about nicer things on here!). Great news that the little one is here safely.They must be sooo thrilled to have a little girl. Im sure she is going to be beautifull just like both there boys.

  25. Ellen says

    I agree Carleigh. It felt as if Margarethe was saying that we America deserved 9/11 which the war didn’t start until after Al Quaida initiated. And according to the NBC evening news tonight, where Al Quaida members were interviewed, they claim that they intend another 9/11 type action.

    Is any country supposed to just sit back and take it because militant Muslims feel obligated to obliterate Christians or nations in general because we are different from them meaning not Muslim. That doesn’t seem very sporting of Muslims, no pun intended.

    And no, not all Muslims feel this hatred towards others, so please don’t anyone try to accuse me of saying that.

  26. carleigh says

    Jenna, I read your comments too, lol. I did include the allied forces in my little rant..lol..I was mostly defending my country because of the remarks Margarethe made towards me. It wasn’t just an “American” victory, it was a victory for us as well as the allied forces because banding together the military forces eliminated Nazi control from taking over mostly all of Europe. Where would Europe be now if Hitler had been allowed to take over and carry out his plan of racial purity/ethnic cleansing and mass extermination of many races and the mentally ill, elderly, handicapped people? I shudder to think and thank GOD above that this nefarious plan was never allowed to grow to fruition, no matter where in the world it would have happened, I don’t believe that the military forces had much of a choice but to go in and kick ass. I’m sorry I got a bit overly passionate but she was insulting my country and my nationality, while lauding hers as being so much greater and better. I take pride in being an American woman as well as great pride in my German ancestry, as my great-great-great grandparents emigrated to the United States from Germany. I appreciate my heritage but do NOT condone the actions of Germany in WWII, they were dispicable, deplorable and horrible excuses for human beings. I hope someday this world can appreciate the beauty of all colors, shapes and sizes and I pray that one day this world can respect diversity and culture, it’s never going to get any better if we don’t as a country/world learn to practice what we preach about peace and tolerance and to me those two things begin right here at home with my own kids. Peace to you all.

  27. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oops sorry Carleigh, just read your comment after that one. And by the way I strongly agree with a lot of the things you said to Margarethe.

  28. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Carleigh can I just say, it annoys me when people go on about how vital America were during WWII. They dind’t even get involved until Pearl Harbour was bombed, in other words, until they had no choice. It was Britain who were mainly responsible for defeating Hitler. Also you sai d”lucky for you or you may be speaking German today” to Margarethe the Swiss, um, I think the Swiss do speak German lol!

  29. Naj says

    Congratulations Katie and Peter; I admire you as a wonderful mum, adoring wife and a hard worker juggling all 3.

    Those sad people that are calling you a whore – who are you to judge people that work hard to make a living?

    All the best to you both.

  30. Francesca says

    by the way good luck katie with who the child will look like , you or pete because on the show, you said to pete, “produce me a child that looks like me plzz ” i couldn’t stop laughing. anyway all the best to the both of you -x-x-x-

  31. Francesca says

    All the people above who made stupid jelous comments don’t know katie well enough because to me and on all the t.v shows i would say she is lovely with all her kids especially pete when he was ill and harvey so they don’t have a clue lol.
    CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you and the family of the birth of your daughter. -x-

  32. Tamara says

    to you all that have called her a Slut, whore. and oik oik .

    it is all your own choice to read up about katie. she has never asked you to click and read about he. so you must obviously have some intrest in her.

    just cause she has straddled across a swing does not constitute you calling her names.

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you could be the ugliest person in the world but if you personallity is good and you are good hearted then it should not matter.

    i personally think she is lovely, but there again i too am a good hearted person and see all the good qualities about a person. the saying goes “it takes one to know one”

    so you all that have made horrid remarks can take what you want out of the above para and do what you will.
    congrats Katie and Peter what a lovely addition to your family


  33. says

    Congradulations to Katie and Peter. All the people that are being rude. You dont have a life. If you dont like Katie and Peter then fine but if you really hate them why waste your time writing it when realy you shouldnt even be thinking about them. Funny that aint it you just need to get out more maybe hang round with decent people that hvae respect for such a strong individual like Katie. I would like to thank all the poeple that are well behind Katie because I ma the biggest fan of Katie I have actually met her a few times before and peter before as well and I always makesure I get there at least 10 hours before she is due. By the way CAMEL you said that she spends time with her children specially Harvey I can assure you she treats her children equally obviouslt she has to ensure that Harvey is well looked after she does not feel any need to not love them all the same. But I do appreiate you sticking up for her though so thankyou. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I love you Katie and Peter. IF PETER READS THIS IM THE GIRL YOU MET THE OTHER DAY WITH MY FRIEND BEFORE YOU WENT STARBUCKS. AND IM THE ONE WHO SAID IM THE BIGGEST FAN OF KATIE. thankyou for stopping and talking to me.

  34. vicky says

    congratulations to them all,there’s nothing quite like having a daughter.can’t wait to see pictures of the new arrival.enjoy every minute,my daughter is nearly 4 and i have another baby on the way and have lots of lovely memories and look forward to new ones.wishing katie a speedy recovery from her caesarean and wishing them a fantastic time getting to know their new little girl.

  35. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I never understand why Switzerland proudly claims they dont help or expect to recieve help..Although I beleive war is the worst thing ever, I also strongly beleive doing nothing is the worst crime. I really dont see what pride one can derive by sitting back and watching their neighbours house burn down without even offerring them a a bucket of water to help put the fires out!!!

    How wonderful can it be for switzerland, hope they dont get attacked by some psycho european leader in the coming decade, that will just be hilarious to watch,,,Geneva under pyscho rule..ahhahahah

  36. Ellen says

    Margarethe from swiss

    Don’t forget the invasion of Switzerland by Austria and Russia or that Lenin was at home in that country during WWII. And womens’ suffrage. What was the year they were given the vote? Was it 1959 or 71? And is it true as in Wikipedia that the Swiss are 50% xenophobi? And warm people?? How about this remark from Wikipedia and supported by Encyclopedia Britannica – The members of foreign communities and national minorities have expressed, often with great emotion, how they experience on a daily basis racism, discrimination, a xenophobic atmosphere, a feeling of loneliness within the population and fear of certain institutions, notably the police.[21]

    And how about the Swiss National Bank being used to dispose of Nazi looted gold.

    Looks like the Swiss have some skeletons in their closet to be ashamed of.

  37. carleigh says

    To make myself sound a bit more well versed..as I know Switzerland has FOUR official languages..what I meant to say to Margarethe was that Swiss citizens would be EXCLUSIVELY speaking German and German only!

  38. carleigh says

    Also your country is so great did you know that your own countrymen (swiss dimplomats) were responsible for creating the infamous “J” that appeared on the passports of German-Jewish people! Do you think that fleeing refugee’s found this discriminating stamp made it any easier for them to escape concentration camps and certain death? Authorities in Switzerland refused to provide normal diplomatic protection for Swiss-Jewish citizens in Germany and other bordering countries? Your country has never went to bat for it’s own citizens so why in hell would your country be expected to come to the defense of other smaller, weaker, terrorist laden countries when your country has had a HISTORY of ignoring it’s own for over 60 years??? No small suprise, go back to your swiss miss hot chocolate Margarethe and stick your head in the marshallow cream..don’t try to debate me on history because I’m sorry you will be very outmatched by me.

  39. carleigh says

    Oh Margarethe, don’t leave on my account, just don’t try to feed me your line of crapola about sympathizing with terrorists. I am not a mother in Iraq, but as I stated above I do feel very empassioned and symathetic towards the victims of terrorism, this would extend to the thousand of innocent women and children who are subjected to the perils of war in other countries. DO NOT try to assume that from what you have read, that I want war for this country or any other, nothing could be further from the truth, I did state that I support our troops once they went over there to fight, many of them don’t understand why they are there. Does this mean that American’s should just turn our backs on the brave men and women who protect our country? I think not, they are there out of a duty and a calling and I respect their position, just like you Margarethe “sympathize” with the anger of the terrorists..only I think my feelings are a bit more well placed then yours. You didn’t post anything about the victims of terrorism, you said you sympathized with the ANGER of the terrorists.
    Margarethe, I ask you this…you say that the economy of Switzerland is the most competitve in the world? I ask you this then, without your pharmacueticals, machinery, watches and chemical exportation where would your country be? Switzerland has limited agricultural resources in the alpine region, and has a notorious food/trade deficit. Without Germany, Austria, France and Italy where would your country be? They are your biggest and most important trade partners, are they not?During WWII, Switzerland had to chose whether or not to keep up trade relations w/ it’s neighbors on a pre-war level or face surrender and collaboration, so what other choice did your country have??? Your countries military power while strong, lacked the weapons needed to defend itself according to swiss colonel Eugene Bircher. Your country was IN BED with the Nazi’s and Germany during WWII and you say your country has never been to war and doesn’t start war, no your country just rolls over and takes it in the ass because if Switzerland had gone to war with Germany they would have been slaughtered. The Germans knew had the attacked that the alpine railways would have been destroyed and DUH weren’t these railways extremely important for the trade routes between Germany and Italy. Your country wasn’t attacked because your country was in bed w/ the Germans and Nazi’s and your country had something the Nazi’s needed, so why would they attack you? Don’t come on here spouting off about how I do not know my history and how I want war, because you don’t know me and you obviously need to school yourself a little bit more about the art of conflict and resolution. Terrorists do not want resolution they want bloodshed and anarchy, which is exactly why AMERICA sent our troops into Germany in WWII and kicked Hitler’s ass all over Europe, lucky for you us and the ally’s did that or you may be speaking German today!

  40. Margarethe from swiss says

    to keep you updated and to teach you something more about another country then America:
    Switzerland did not invade in any worldwar. It does not give an help to other countries, and does not receive or expects to recieve it. Not that we need any, our economy is the most competitive in the world and we have nearly zero unemployment. We are recycling almost everything and more then half of our energy is from hydro-electricity.
    do we bother anybody?
    so why should they attack us?

    and again, thank you miss Babyrazzi for sharing your beautifull pictures, and goodbye.

  41. Margarethe from swiss says

    Well thank you for your offer, but I never said they are my friends so I can live with them.
    As I see it: there is a difference in understanding why somebody is angry and what you are saying above. That I want to live with them, how childish. I assume you did not read history, of your country and other countries.
    Who makes war deserves war.

    Thank you Babyrazzi for sharing the wonderfull pictures of young celebrity children with everybody. But I think I have seen enough.
    Clearly Carleigh wants war so badly that she is blinded by the truth. But I hope soon she will see that if she would be the same mother in Iraq she would be as angry as she is right now at america.

  42. carleigh says

    Margarethe, you can “sympathize with their anger”?????? Like I said above and I’ll say it again, drag out your own personal copy of the koran, dress up in your burqua and go LIVE in those countries if you can “sympathize” so much! You sympathize with the terrorists???????? I don’t sympathize with those pyscotic animals? You sympathize with the terrorists who would just as soon kill you, bomb your country or chop your head off as they would look at you???? OMG, I have NO, that’s right I said NO, NONE, ZERO sympathy (which by the ways means to “be in keeping, harmony or record with”; “to react or respond to in sympathy” or my personal favorite definition-“to share in suffering or grief”), you can understand them??? How can you understand ferel animals who have absolutely NO justification for the planes the bomb, the embassy’s the blow up, the children they kill, the innocent lives of the hundreds of thousands of people that they have no accord for??? I don’t sympathize one little tiny shred for any terrorists and I will never sympathize, understand of condone their anger in anyway shape or form, especially when they take the lives of the innocent with them. I feel complete sympathy for the victims of terrorists, not the terrorists. I feel completely sorry for the Muslims living in London and American also, who face retaliation from a society living in fear and seeking retribution from someone because of their nationality, this isn’t right in my opinion either. You really should go live w/ the terrorists if you can emote so much SYMPATHY for these animals..terrorists shouldn’t be given a fair trial in any country, they should have to face the same consequences that an American/European would on their soil..maybe that would be a bit of a deterrant to their homicidal violence. They have no regard for human life so maybe before you get up on your soapbox and start a brigade of sympathy for terrorism and terrorists maybe you should think about who you are wasting your sympathies on. They care nothing about you, me or anyone else in this world except martyring themselves on the alter for ALLAH and from what I’ve read in the koran, ALLAH certainly doesn’t condone or teach any sort of violence against another, so these terrorists are just abating themselves for HOW they interpret the koran, they have no concept of human compassion, go live w/ them Margarethe and don’t forget to take them some wonderful swiss chocolate! Maybe the chocolate will buy you a day or two before they blow off your head and kill your entire family, all without remorse or even blinking twice.

  43. Margarethe from swiss says

    and I think that Jenna M. (UK) is very right! it is true what you are saying.

  44. Margarethe from swiss says

    as I said I can understand that they are angry, just like the americans are angry when torrorists attacked their country.
    But I do not like, the way they act and what they do, killing innocent people I hate it. But doesnt your country does the same thing? in iraq, in afganistan in africa. Victims have faces, names, family just like the people dying in london, madrid and at the WTC. Ask your president who provided israel with their guns, guns that are used in wars.
    I know that there are only a few people that make the decission to make a country go to war. But those people are still chosen by the country. And when the war started 70% of your country wanted it.

    To be honest with you I will not buy a koran or anyhing. I even read the bible every evening before I start I love Psalm 23 The lord is my sheppard.

    All I wanted to say was:
    try imagening how angry you where when your country got attacked. Don’t you think you have a right to be angry when a country is trying to demolish yours?
    I symphasize with their anger, but not only theirs.

    and what you do with that anger is your decision, I rather see you killing a tree with an axe then doing the same with a human being

  45. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Can I also point out that the group thought to be responsible for these attacks, the Al-Quaeda, are NOT IRAQI BASED. Therefore it cannot reasonably be concluded that the 7/7 attacks on London and the near-fatal incidents over the last few days were our “punishments” for the Iraq war.

    I’ve noticed something very scary recently, the backlash against British-born Muslims over the last few years. It is as if they are being blamed for the terrorism. Can I just point out that the Islamic extremists and Jihadists are A VERY SMALL MINORITY in the Islamic population? Acting out against our fellow citizens just because of their religion is bigoted, racist and ignorant, not to mention pointless!

    Remember, there are religious fundamentalists and extremists in every religion. Islam is not an evil religion, it is just a few people within that religion that are evil.

  46. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #32, why are you trying to justify terrorist actions? So what if they’re angry, we all have our issues but blowing up civilians in nightclubs, on buses, the underground, airports, the world trade center isn’t goign to help their cause is it? There is absolutely no excuse for terrorism.

    You use the word “you” a lot, as if you are implying that all of Britain and America were responsible for the war and therefore deserve to be bombed. Firstly, we are not all one people, many people here are against the war in Iraq. Secondly, the war on terrorism came after the senseless slaughter of 3000 innocent civilians in New York CIty on 11th September 2001.

    I am 100% in favour of the war in Iraq, although I think that Blair and Bush were wrong to lie about the “weapons of mass destruction”. The people of Iraq were living under the tyrannous rule of an evil dictator. We had the means to help them, it would have been wrong not to.

    Ok so Saddam is gone, but his allies remain and it would be highly naive and irresponsible to abandon the citizens of Iraqs by pulling our troops out now. We started this thing off so we have a duty to finish it properly.

    Margaret, you said you are Swiss. Well how would you have liked it if Britain didn’t intervene when Adolf Hitler tried to take over Europe, even though we got bombed to bits as a result? We stood up to protect ourselves and our neighbours (Europe) and we built ourselves up again after the war. We shall do so again.

  47. carleigh says

    I being an American can tell anyone from Europe that I personally didn’t want to see our troops go to war, but what i want and what happens in actuality doesn’t play into focus here. We have a government set up to make all the perilous decisions in this country, people in London depend on the decisions of parliment and the prime minister am I correct? Saying that one country is responsible for “remaining at war for so long” is very negligent and a blanket assumption. I very much feel for the people living in constant terror when England should be celebrating the life of the amazing Princess Diana, and not mired down under the threat of impending terroristic attacks. We here in America live under that constant threat as well, you think I don’t personally fear for my safety and the safety of my loved ones every single day? You think that the 9/11 attacks didn’t leave a lifelong, lasting impression on me too? I wish this world was a peaceful place and I WILL NEVER understand or EMPATHIZE with these cowardly terrorists who have as one blogger posted “a reason to be angry”???? WTF, is that supposed to mean #32 Margarethe from swiss???? You can understand why they are so “angry” well, why don’t you get your koran and burqua and go live with them since you can understand why they do the barbaric, cowardly, horrific things they do??? Who’s responsibility is it to rebuild a country after it’s been torn apart by war and terroristic attacks? First and foremost, the US has helped several countries rebuild after the wars and sometimes no even at the expense of the US…the citizens of that country are ultimately responsible for how their country is rebuilt, foreign governments can help out financially and sen d in our troops to reinforce the message of protection and strength…but we can’t do it all. I am sick of being hosed as an American because everyone seems to think that every single American citizen is by default or association responsible for electing Bush and for encouraging or wanting this war…we DO NOT all want it, but I’ll tell you something right now as long as American troops are deployed, I am supportive of our TROOPS!!!!! Not the actions of our president and our government but of our troops who have no choice but to go wherever they are sent to protect us. I respect their role and their position, nothing more and nothing less. This really angers me that some people on here seem to like to hose Americans because we have an idiot as our president….not my choice at all, I didn’t vote for the stupid SOB so stop blaming every American for what you don’t agree with, we don’t all feel the way our president does and some of us are very ashamed of his actions.
    Katie and Peter deserve congrats on their long awaited baby girl and I’m sure we will be seeing some pictures of her soon…wish them all the best.

  48. camel says

    I do agree with you that people’s perception’s vary, Having said that i don’t think people have to be so coulorful in their thoughts!! Which is why I made the comment I did. Do the people calling her a Ho know her?

  49. says

    #16 is that supposed to mean you have met this couple personally and I see to remember that even folks who have met her personally cannot stand her…case in point posh skeletor beckhams cant stand this biatch

    So also note that even personal knowledge of an individual varies from person to person based on their interaction and mental models…even parents have differing perceptions of the same child!!

  50. says

    I dont think anyone on this site has the right to tell other bloggers what to write or what to think…YOu chould be content with your opinions and leave others alone

    Perception of this couple as well as other celebs varies from person to person
    Calling other bloggers names is not appropriate and you leave the door wide open for a slanging match. You also do not know any of the other bloggers neither have they put themselves in the limelight to solicit and entertain comments.

    These celebs go out of thier way to court public opinion and sell tickets and each and everyone who comes across the pics and antics form an opinion which differs from person to person…

    Always looks trashy as lucifer and the his HO maiden!

  51. Delillah says

    please will everyone stop calling kate and peter names they’ve done nothing to upset you only took a few pictures of her half naked well thats what she is a model so if you don’t like go somewhere else this page is to annouce the birth of her daughter not to slag her off i think she is wonderful to be honest with you she is an inspiration to us all we should take note of it we maybe could get somwheere in life. xxx

  52. Delillah says

    hiya katie,peter and boys so pleased to here about the birth of your little darling daughter and sister she will be a stunner like your two boys all ready hope you are all ok and i think the name crystal is beautiful it’s really nice compared to what some celebritys call their kidss congratulations again can’t be happier for you all.

  53. cherry says

    Firstly congrats on the baby 🙂

    And secondly in answer to “Who wanted the war in iraq?” Um, pretty much no one here in the UK, I still can’t believe that despite all the protests it went ahead.

  54. camel says

    Not that I like to discuss polictics very much & specially on a baby website, on a section to do with Katie Price very bizare!! …….
    However I feel i have to point out that the actual decision of going to war was not made by Joe Public in the UK, but people of Higher power. Alot of people do not agree with this but we have no say on the matter, & end up suffering because of the consequences, My thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones in incidents concering this matter. The world is a very scary place to be at the moment, to live in & for our children to grow up in, But I’m sure it is all to do with Money, War generates money, which is all thats important to Many policticians & World Leaders

  55. Margarethe from swiss says

    To you all that are afraid of terrorist bommings,

    Who wanted the war in iraq? Who is fighting their still because all of the mistakes they have made? And who stopped listening to the wishes of the people living in Iraq and Afganistan?

    What goes around comes around, stop killing innocent people, bomming africa on occasion and sending young adults to a country that you have demolished. You can only making it worse by listening to you own pride.

    Build and help a country do not brake it down with war. I can understand that terrorists are angry because of what you have done and the way that you have done it. You have been in war for too long. I do not say that I understand the actions that terrorists take but I can understand why they are angry. And for the fighting countries, no I can not see why you are still in war, it should have stopped right after the capture of Sadam and even that could have been different.

    So for all of you being scarred in America and the UK, do like Spain did, get your troops back. I hope it will work because it can be too late.

  56. Lurker says

    I agree with #14. I’m SO sick of seeing this chick.

    Don’t know who she is, don’t CARE who she is, congrats on the new baby, but she comes across the screen as a complete bimbo to me. I HATE that picture of her–she’s naked sitting on (I know it’s her boyfriend/husband/whatever) a guy that looks like her pimp or sugar daddy. The look on her face is that of a complete TRASHA**.

  57. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Tess – its not any different. In fact I was going to point out that Demi Moore, Britney Spears and others have done this. Doesn’t mean Ihave to agree with it though.

  58. Tess says

    #18- How is it any different than the loads of women who have posed nude and very pregnant on magazine covers? Demi Moore was the first and it didn’t hurt her career or upset her kids.

  59. Granny says

    #20 Don’t let them stop you from going about your business and what you want and need to do. If you do terrorists win. Live, live, live!!!!

    Here in OK we had the Murrah bombing so I am no longer disillusioned that we are always going to be safe. My sympathies to your country and all those involved.

  60. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Well the government has officially changed the threat of an attack from “severe” to “critical”, menaing they believe that a further attack is imminent and definite. However they said that last August, and luckily nothing happened. Just realised, its almost exactly two years since the 7/7 bombings.

    There’s a lot of stuff going on in Britain this weekend, a new Prime Minister, Wimbeldon, the English smoking ban, the Princes’ Concert for Diana. I hope they have the sense to beef up security at Wimbeldon and the Diana concert now because they will be fairly obvious possible targets.

  61. BritishMumma says

    Its scary stuff isnt it Jen, I have an awful feeling there is gonna be more, although I pray there wont…

    I have to agree the preggy pics arent very tasteful at all. Congrats to the famliy on the birth of their little princess.

  62. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Sorry I know this is totally off topic but I absolutely have to vent this because i’m really angry, and incase the people over in the US haven’t heard (I don’t know if its on the news over there yet or what).

    There has been THREE failed terrorist attacks in the UK over the last two days, two in London and one at Glasgow airport. Hundreds of people would have been killed if they had worked. The Glasgow incident (which only took place this afternoon) failed but the London incidents were just foiled by chance after some paramedics spotted smoke or something in a car outside a packed nightclub.

    Its so scary, I don’t understand why anybody would do things like this! Anyway sorry for being totally off-topic, but that is the reason I am in a bad mood and am probably going to end up making less than charitable comments about celebs on here tonight!

  63. julie says

    congratulations to both of you and a beautiful sister for harvey and junior love and best wishes xxx

  64. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Congrats to them. I do think that the porno pic of her pregnant were inaproppriate, as I’ve already said. If she wanted a picture like that taken thats fine but she should have kept it between her and Peter, not made it public. She obviously didn’t think about how her kids are going to feel about it when they grow up and see how she used such a beautiful thing as a pregnancy to get guys to ogle her. Its pretty disgusting when you think about it, guys will be getting their rocks off over a photo of her naked even though the subject of the photo is a baby inside her! Gross!

  65. camel says

    Congratulations to Katie, Peter, Harvey & Juinor, Great news on the birth of your daughter & Sister,

    Certain people above do not know Katie because if they did they would know that she is a great Mum who spends loads with her children specially Harvey, she donated all his sensory equipment (as he had outgrown it) at Children in Need 2006, also keeping a vigil at his bedside after his accident in the New Year, But alas like most mothers she has to work which includes publishing, Dah its what celebs do!!!

  66. Onesam22 says

    I am so glad she finally popped that sucker out, so now we can stop hearing about it! It will be interesting to see what she does next for publicity…since she’s not hugely pregnant anymore.

  67. WTF says

    no….really she is a whore! What’s up with that picture that she took, straddling a swing? Was that suppose to be sexy? And the other one, where she is sitting on her husband’s lap…looking like a cheap hooker! I think that she should pay more attention to little Harvey!

  68. gina says


    Congrats Katie and Peter. Such a LOVELY family

  69. says

    shes not a whore, you obviously know f**k all about her. Congratulations Katie and Peter, i can’t wait to see pictures of her.

  70. kt says

    i love this couple, i love their show, and i am sooo happy for them for the birth of their healthy baby girl! congratulations!!!!!!!!

  71. georgina says

    i would love to meet u jordan and peter i think fabourlous i carnt wait to see a picture of the lovely baby girl i hope u call the baby crystal it is a really lovely name
    georgina x~x~x

  72. georgina says

    i would love to meet u jordan and peter i think fabourlous i carnt wait to see a picture of the lovely baby girl i hope u call the baby crystal it is a really lovely name
    georgina x~x~x

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