1. Zbella says

    5 is the normal age to learn to ride w/o training wheels. Anywhere a year or so older or younger is fine. My daughter was 5 1/2 when she learned and is one of the first of her friends – but she is about 6 months older than most of her friends.

    I think the Mildred Wogbosh was kidding but I kind of enjoyed the image. 😉

  2. Libraesque says

    Granny, everyone knows.
    it’s very well known that she’s a lesbian.
    Because she’s regarded in the business as a serious, very talented actress, her personal life is never a subject that is brought up. She doesnt allow it in interviews, she’s established that and everyone respects it
    Her girlfriends name is Cydney Bernard they’ve been together over 10 years

  3. Granny says

    Actually who knows what her sexual preference is. She just might be very private. Some people are.

    Glad to see her having fun in a good healthy way with her child.

  4. eminencegrise says

    Who gives a stuff about her sexuality? She walked the walked and actually gave up filming back to back movies in order to spend more time bringing up her sons. That’s more than most in her line of business do.

    She’s talented, educated and clever.

    The world needs more people like her procreating rather than ignorant hatemongers like Amy.

  5. neil says

    In 2008, when bisexuality is ‘de rigueur’, I think one needs to say something just a little more declarative then, dyke etc., Very revealing but unfortunately only of the poster, eh, Karen, Amy?

  6. obnoxious spice says

    i feel SO embarrassed for some of you….


    I truly hope you don’t have children of your own, what a scary thought!

  7. Libraesque says

    The father was a very good friend of hers, a gay man, in the business, who died recently.

    I see the hillbilly trash are out in full force.
    Seriously, hating on the gays in SO 5 minutes ago

  8. Analise says

    Mildred Wogbash you are a total idiot and a disgrace to humankind. F*cking hater of men. You’re disgusting.

  9. Andrea says

    Is he adopted or did she give birth to him? Who’s the dad? Maybe I’m just clueless on things.

  10. Mildred Wogbash says

    Well in this day and age I think its actually better for a boy to be raised by women without men. It really helps in driving down their aggression and violent tendencies that are inherent to testosterone. And a lesbian couple can be both a mother and a father if they choose to accept those roles.

    Its the way of the future, I foresee my vision of Dr. King’s dream where multiracial generations of human offspring are raised into superiorly social adults by loving feminine nurturers and caregivers. This will be the peaceful paradise we are all striving for.

  11. Jacquie says

    Seriously what is with the references to her sexuality #1?? Really who cares. She seems to be a good Mom to her boys! That is what really matters, my only beef would be the helmet which is NOT being worn correctly.

  12. canuck says

    Amy, you know it is illegal to make slanderous comments about someone’s sexual identity, right? Grow up. Do you hate all gay people, or only lesbians? You know what they say “Me thinks thou dost protest too much…” If you don’t know what I mean by that, then educate yourself and stop being so ignorant.

  13. A Real Biker says

    It doesn’t look like safety first to me — his helmet isn’t protecting anything the way it’s dangling off the back of his head.

  14. kim--original kim says

    My step-daughter is almost 6 — I’m hoping to get her off the training wheels by the end of the summer…

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