1. Lisa says

    Is it just me or is Gracie the ‘spitting image’ of her daddy??? Maggie is a ‘mix’ of Tim and Faith. While Audrey is a ‘mini Faith’. The doggie doesnt look like any of em’. lol!!

  2. Bamawife30 says

    I have a 5 yr old and when we go to places (zoo, mall) my son sits in a stroller.. There legs gets worn out faster than ours.. About the Starbucks thing… My hubby, me and our 2 kids go. They get chocolate milk. Even if you get water, you get the Starbucks cup.. People have gotten way out of line lookin at this pic.. PEOPLE, WE ARE LOOKIN AT THE FAMILYS DAY OUT!!! NOT WHERE THEY ARE!!!!
    Tiffany, You have said nothin but the truth bout what people have said bout them…

  3. Tiffany says

    I guess what it all comes down to ….hang on….had to take a drink of my iced white mocha….is this is not any of our families and if they choose to allow their children to have a chocolate blended drink or chocolate milk or even a little bit of coffee it is truely none of our business. Obviously some person on here feels strongly against Starbucks and no matter what anyone says about the coffee shop she is going to do her best to try to make us all feel like we are wrong in our feelings on Starbucks. Thats ok. We will all enjoy our delicious iced coffees on a nice warm day and hope it does not stunt our growth….
    I just think it is so funny how one person could have such a strong negative opinion about something as silly as a coffee shop. Just weird but like I said before but….hang on….had to take another drink….thats ok.
    We all know we do a damn good job with are kids, Starbucks or not.

  4. Go back on vacation and get laid! says

    You can have all the lattes you want! They don’t look like they are drinking milk, juice or soda ladies! I wouldn’t be saying anything about it if it was obviously milk, which it isn’t!

  5. oriana says

    Zbella, the Police have been called! Best hide in the house and don’t answer the door! And have another good Iced Cold latte!!!!! Ha!

  6. Zbella says

    Back from vacation! Just today I had myself a Starbucks latte and got my husband and both my older children drinks as well. How hilarious that Sandra sees Starbucks as some horrible ‘example’. Whatever. My kids were drinking… MILK! Not chocolate milk – MILK. It was a hot day and they each got a cup of cold milk in a Starbucks cup. Horror of all horrors, I know. What a terrible parent I am. And I’m nursing and dared to drink a DECAF LATTE! Call the coffee police. 🙂

  7. oriana says

    The oldest girl looks just like Tim, wide face, they are a loving close knit family. I have never seen anything so handsome about Tim at all either.

  8. Tara says

    Hello! New to the site, but had to comment on the McGraw family. I love Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. They are always out and about with their family-something your rarely see in stars. Plus they seem very much in love. I think they’re genuine ppl.
    As for the kids w/drinks-it could have very well been a soda or a juice!
    The only thing I have my eye brow raised to is the stroller issue w/the 5 yr. old. My kids stopped needing a stroller at 3. She looks pretty healthy to me.
    And I must sadly agree, for very attractive parents, the kids are not that cute. The youngest one looks like she may have gotten all the looks out of the 3.

  9. oriana says

    Well, she could be in the stroller, in a diaper, sucking on a bottle with her pacificer in her other hand, or stopping for the breast on her way home, so seems to me, there definately could have been a worse picture! Ha!

  10. Tara says

    Haha, your all so funny.

    Maybe she was sick that day? Maybe she didn’t feel like walking? Maybe she had walked all day long and was tired. BIG deal.

    Suck it up, she’s in a stroller.

    I love Faith and Tim and just seen them on tour, they were AWESOME!!!! More familes under the spotlight should follow them, they have VALUES and Morals!!!

    There are WORSE things going on in this world then to stress about a 5 or 6.5 year old being in a stroller. You don’t know the circumstances so until you do, then don’t judge!

  11. suzie says

    My baby is now 8 but was born at 27 weeks, up until 4 months ago he was in a major buggy (we are from the UK, this is a pushchair/stroller for the larger child or children who need to be in a buggy for longer) he was in it for longer than normal because although he can walk he cant walk very far, and as he was small for his age he did not need to go in to a wheelchair just at that point. I put him in a wheelchair when some ignorant ba****d belittled him for being on a buggy at his age, they made him cry, he was perfectly fine using the major buggy on the rare occasion we ventured further than the local shops or any where that wasnt going to mean walking for longer than 5 minutes, but she made him feel really small and stupid he then lost confidence in his descions and begged for a wheelchair to use on the half a dozens trips we do a year.
    All of you that critisce this little girl, unless you know the reason why she is sitting in a pushchair should be ashamed of your selves for bitching about her, what ever the reason for her using a buggy, be it a disability or tiredness or mam and dad insisting that she sit in the buggy don’t be bitchy about her.

  12. ali says

    I’m almost afraid to comment, but the starbucks stuff had me laughing. My daughter was actually perscribed (by her DOCTOR) 1 cup of coffee each day, she has it in the morning when I have mine. It helps her with her constipation as I didn’t want her to be on a harsh laxitive and diet alone was not doing the trick. She’s been drinking it since the age of three and loves it. There is the caffeine issue yes, but other than that coffee being harmful is nothing but an old wives tale. As far as the stroller goes, maybe they knew it was going to be a long walk and took it in case she got tired… certainly easier on mom and dads backs than carrying a fifty pound child.

  13. Patti says

    Just a reply to those saying that being a preemie shouldn’t matter, it was 6, 6, 61/2 or however many years ago. My son was 3 months premature (born at 27 weeks) and spent months in the hospital. Although he is a nice, healthy little boy who has just learned to walk (17 months old, 14 months corrected) I saw many other preemies in the NICU with him that weren’t as lucky. Babies born premature are at a much higher risk of developmental delays and disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

    I don’t know why this girl is in a stroller at her age. Maybe she has breathing issues so she gets out of breath easily, maybe she trupped and sprained her ankle at soccer, maybe she has a disability. But what I DO know is that no one here knows why this family has made the choices they have made, so we shouldn’t judge.

    I also want to add that I don’t think it is an issue at all to give a kid a drink bought at starbucks and served in a starbucks drink. I will make sure that what I serve my child is appropriate and others should do the same.

  14. Susie says

    Wow, you all get really off topic here, don’t you? As for me, I’m going to stick to commenting on the picture. I think they look like a loving family out having some fun! The 5-year-old in a stroller? That’s their business. Maybe she does have some type of disability, maybe not.

  15. oriana says

    Oh I love those fattening strawberry frappacs at Starbucks! Love them!!!! That being said, an No, I am not a coffee drinker, never have been, may have had 5 cups my whole life!

    I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Especially to those ladies out there who have had a brother, father, husband, or friend, lost of injured in the world today because of the wars everywhere, past and present.

    I say to all the brave fighting men and women, on behalf of a grateful nation and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU EVERYONE AND I PRAY FOR A SAFE HOMECOMING!!!!!!!! God Bless You and God Bless America!

  16. Sandra says


    I think you need to re-read all the posts! No where did I bash anyone for doing whatever they want to their child. I made a comment of MY opinion about the McGraw’s giving their girls coffee drinks and it wasn’t bashing either.

    Everytime I have responded it was because I was either asked questions or I was attacked for my comments. Do whatever you want to your child no need to act immature and tell me to stuff my mouth with fattening cake just because you don’t like my views or comments.

    I hope you have a Happy 4th! I need to get packing as we are leaving for vacation on Friday.

  17. Tiffany says

    Sandra – You are the one who made Starbucks out to be this big bad thing. In fact, you have criticized everyone on here including the Hill family for giving children Starbucks.
    We all have our different views on topics and I dont disagree with Sprite being a better choice for soda than Dr. Pepper or Mt Dew (something with caffiene) but I do feel as though you bash anyones opinion or feeling on Starbucks and children. I rarely buy soda for home and I also do not allow my child to have a drink from Starbucks very often but I do occasionally and that is my choice. I feel as though you are suggesting to all of us parents out here that because we mentioned that we give our kid starbucks NON caffeine drinks we are wrong as parents. Also your comment about caffeine being a drug….I know that….dont talk down to me like I am stupid. I have been a parent for a number of years to two wonderful children who are active in sports and get fantastic grades. I do not need to be told how to parent. I never told you that your choice of drink for your child was wrong.
    We all have our own opinions and should accept the opinions of others. We may not always agree but everyone is allowed their own and we need not bash on it as you have done to a number of us on here.

    By the way – Do you allow your child to have chocolate?

  18. Sandra says

    Oh and Tiff you might not assume when you see a child with a Starbucks cup that they are drinking coffee but to younger kids that don’t understand that thought process it is different. They all think it is a fad kind of like holes in your jeans or back in the 80’s when rolling your pants were cool.

  19. Sandra says

    Hey Tiff

    Where did I say Soda was BETTER for kids? I said I would PREFER to give my son a SPRITE, you know a non-caffeine drink because you do know that caffeine is a drug and is harmful to children. For him to have one little 8 ounce can that is 100 calories is for surely better than ANYTHING Starbucks can put out. Is SPRITE the best thing for any kid to have? Of Course not, there are far better things for kids to drink and Starbucks isn’t one of them.

    Anawhatever Yes thank you I think I will have a piece of cake at my son’s birthday party, thanks for the advice!!!

    #47 You sound like such a high class human being.

    Well tata immature little beauties. I am glad you can show “real” grown up talk when arguing your pathetic little views.

  20. .... says

    hahah ya bitches are gonna have some fat ass coffee sluggin midgets that will die before you!!!! Obesity RULES!!! Fat asses!!

  21. Tiffany says

    THANK YOU #45!!! I could not agree more. Then she can wash it down with the soda that she insists is good for her.

  22. Emma says

    Does it really really matter that she is still in a stroller because im certainly not losing sleep over it. If the child wants too and the parents are cool with it then so what. Just remember that we dont all bring our children up the same way.My son is 2+half and sometimes goes in it, to be honest i quite like putting all the bags on it if we go out then my husband pushes it .Thats the way to do it.

  23. Jess says

    Can you say judgemental? Seriously? And people wonder why some mothers become depressed? Look at what they have to put up with.

  24. oriana says

    Tiffany, Big Pink Hugs to you for not cussing me out for my comment about the 6 1/2 year old in the stroller!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  25. granny says

    I love Frappacinos at Starbucks. And occasionally when my 10 yr. old granddaughter is with me she likes to get a drink from there too. And no she doesn’ get coffee, and it isn’t a common occurrance and it is a special treat. And it is just possible that is what is going on here.

    But for the records, my family jokes that as Army brats they put coffee in our bottles. Of course they didn’t but we had coffee (more milk than coffee) as a special treat occasionally as kids. It makes for a good memory.

  26. Sanz says

    So what if the kid is in a stroller? big deal! and anybody talking crap about this family and how the kids are not cute are just jealous losers who are only miserable with their own lives!! Also, how do you morons even know for sure what the kid is drinking…if you have ever been to starbucks or barneys, you should know they have coffee-free drinks too! stop judging what you don’t even know 😛

  27. Tiffany says

    Oriana – you are right about the 6 1/2 year old who is such a brat that he has to be in a stroller. That kid needs some tough love. At this point I blame the parents for the lack of respect and discipline this child is lacking. Any 6 1/2 year that cant walk like a big boy should probably just stay home next time like a little baby instead of going out and having fun with the big boys and girls. That child is going to be a mess when he gets older. I can see it now……first day of junior high school….mom pushing him up to the school for his first day….what a joke.

  28. oriana says

    To me the oldest daughter looks very big for ten years old. Guess she takes after Tim!

    I definately think a five year old and up is too big to be in a stroller as well as being carried everywhere!

    And if a kid 6 1/2 is in one because he runs away, then the parent should deal with his behavior problem, his butt would be out of that stroller and he would be acting right! Ever heard of discipline and setting limits?

  29. Reina says

    my daughter is almost 3 and stopped using a stroller months ago…seriously, if she was premature that doesn’t mean she can’t walk. i don’t like people that baby their kids past 3…but at least she doesn’t have a pacifier 🙂

  30. Tiffany says

    Whenever I see a child with a Starbucks cup I NEVER assume it is coffee but that it is something appropriate for kids to be drinking. Atleast the Starbucks I go to have seperate containers for the coffee drinks to be blended in and some for the non coffee drinks. I guess everyone has their own opinions as to what is okay to give their kids. I dont see much difference however between the soda you give your kids and the 8 ounce light orange cream my child had one time in the last three months.
    As far as calories go it has almost the same amount and since my child is active in 2 ongoing sports he will not end up fat and have his growth stunted by some beverage he drank.
    By the way…what drink causes a childs growth to be stunted?
    I also find it VERY funny how you can say soda is a better choice than any drink out there. Like soda does not cause you to gain weight.

  31. Sandra says

    To me it sets a bad example to all children to see other children carrying around a Starbucks cup. Others don’t know what is in it, so they assume coffee which is totally not good for young kids but it looks like a cool fad that the other kids want to participate in. The calories on them alone are definitely not good. Even though the ones you may order your child are without coffee they will still have a coffee flavor to them as they use the same blenders etc for coffee and non coffee items. I would much rather give my kid a Sprite without caffeine and it is about 1/4 the calories as any Starbucks drink.

    Feed your kids whatever you want, but don’t complain when they are short and chunky because the drinks have stunted their growth and the calories have made them gain weight, blame Starbucks.

  32. Tiffany says

    Why wont you ever buy your child a drink from Starbucks?
    I am just curious?

    It is not something I allow my child to have very often (maybe half a dozen times a year ) but I am lost on why it is such an issue to you.

  33. Sandra says

    Tiffany I live in the capital of Starbucks, yes I have been inside and NO I have never nor will I ever buy my kid a Starbucks drink. Coffee or not!

  34. Tiffany says

    I find it interesting how you all assume that because it is Starbucks it is coffee. Starbucks features a whole line of frozen beverages that are not coffee based. They make fruit smoothie type drinks as well as hot chocolate and plain fruit juice. My son thinks it is a treat to get a orange cream frappachino (which contains NO coffee) on occasion and he thinks it is even cooler to be able to have his own Starbucks cup. Good grief. I take it most of you have never actually stepped foot in a Starbucks otherwise you would know that they provide more than just mochas and lattes.

    I do agree that the little girl is WAY to big to be in that stroller. She does not even fit in it. Oh well. Not my kid and if they choose to have their child sitting in a stroller looking really silly than that is their choice.

  35. pika says

    We used a stroller for my son when he was about that age while tooling around Universal Studios. It let him rest out of the sun and in between rides. Maybe the younger one’s not as fast as the older ones when it comes to rushing past the paparazzi! About the coffee drinks….do you know of any parents that would give their kids a beverage that would interupt their sleep? LOL

  36. Analise says

    Unless she is disabled or something like it, Audrey does not belong in a stroller. IF she was a preemie that was years ago. Cute dog. Cannot stand those whiny parents.

  37. Sandra says

    #26 Stop talking you sound like a complete idiot. A lot of parents whom are responsible KNOW that a lot of sugar is bad for their kids. Just because the kids in Italy do it doesn’t make it right or GOOD for the kids. Ask any certified doctor and they would tell you Starbucks is not good for children of that age. An ice cream cone every once in awhile would be a whole hell of a lot better than any Starbucks drink.

    And so you have problems with people medicating their children for ADD or ADHD? That is unfortunate, I surely hope when you have children if they have a disability, asthma or heaven forbid cancer that you decide to treat them, it might help save their life!

  38. jennajay says

    Yes it is Audrey not Aubrey, and I believe she may be developmentally disabled. Don’t rush to judge someone unless you have all the facts.

    Also, they may be drinking iced chocolate drinks–who are you to say that kids can’t have a treat once in a while? What if they had slurpees or sodas or ice cream cones? Who cares?

    I think they are a lovely family, inside and out. Leave them alone.

  39. lah says

    This is too funny. Hello people, Starbucks sells cold drinks that are not coffee fueled. Besides even if they were mocha’s with coffee in them it really is none of your business. It is also none of your business to deem it irresponsible or wrong.
    Geez in Italy (and many other countries) children drink wine, tea, coffee from a young age no problem, but here in America it’s a No No and BAD. But it is okay to fuel our kids up on sugar, sit their obese asses down with a video game/ computer and then medicate them for having ADD.

  40. phnxgirl says

    You can’t really judge how cute the kids are by this pic, I mean look at Faith. She does not look great in this pic and she is beautiful!

  41. ALD82 says

    TIm and Faith don’t have drinks in theirs hands. Maybe the kids are getting a sip. Also, you can hardly tell if the kids are cute or not since the picture is blurry. Why is everyone so judgemental?

  42. Debs says

    I know, right? Old enough to have a corporate caffeine-filled coffee drink, but not old enough to walk on her own?? That looks mighty weird to me.

    Now of course we don’t know whether it is coffee those kids are drinking. But if so I find that extremely irresponsible parenting. Even if decaf, it still sends the wrong message to the kids, and to silly ppl who see this picture and think “oh how cute I’ll take my kids to enjoy Starbucks with me.”


  43. sara says

    They’re probably just keeping the stroller around for baby
    #4! It probably won’t be long now…maybe after their tours are up…..need the boy

  44. Maggie says

    Woops – sorry for the double post. Internet issues!
    Also wanted to add – about the coffee thing – a lot of the coffee chains offer non-coffee drinks. But I have admit, my kids don’t like them, they prefer the coffee drinks. So as an occassional treat they’ll get their iced blended mochas – decaff of coarse! :0)

  45. Maggie says

    I love this family and think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have great family values ( or at least they seem to), but I’m with everyone else here. What is it with celebrities and always carrying or strolling their kids that are much too old to be doing so? I don’t get it.

  46. Maggie says

    I love this family and think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have great family values ( or at least they seem to), but I’m with everyone else here. What is it with celebrities and always carrying or strolling their kids that are much too old to be doing so? I don’t get it.

  47. kim--original kim says

    I remember hearing that her youngest daughter had some sort of problems when she was a baby… hope she’s all better now!

  48. Monica says

    What are they thinking? A 5 year old in a stroller. She looks like a big goof ball! Don’t like this family.

  49. the real yummy brittaneyi says

    for faith and tim to be nice looking there kids are on the not so cute side sorry but that is my opion

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