Another Pic Of Denise Richards & Lola At The Beach

Denise Richards

Just another sweet pic of Denise and Lola, 2, frolicking on the beach in Malibu on Wednesday!



  1. Libraesque says

    she used him, AND lost a great friendship, now she’s got what she deserves, nothing, so to stay in the spotlight she whores out her kids. I can just imagine them at home getting antsy and cranking waiting around for 4 hours while this ho gets her hair and make-up done for the beach

  2. Suzi says

    This is one actress I do not like. She has the morals of an alley cat. All of you married ladies out there, look out. If DR is around and spies your husband, she may try to take him away from you. What she did to Heather L is unthinkable. Whether Heather and her husband were seperated or having problems, you just don’t start dating someone else’s husband. At least people with morals don’t. Funny thing, though. It didn’t last too long, did it?

  3. Denise says

    Looks like she is sucking in her stomach for this She really is a glory hound. Her career is finished, she’s desperate looking.

  4. kelly says

    i agree with obnoxciuos spice. you took the word’s right out of my mouth. she is a very poor role model for her kid’s. they never look happy when there having there pic’s taken. i love this one, she is sucking in her tummy. and who glam’s up for the beach. it is clear to see, she like’s having her picture taken. sometime’s i wonder if she uses her kid’s to have her picture taken. poor sam look’s like she is alway’s hating life when the paparazzi take’s there picture’s. denise you need to spend quality time with your daughter’s, minus the camera’s. it is clear to see she is using her kid’s to have her picture taken. is that a form of emotional abuse to use and subject that to your children????

  5. Libraesque says

    why is this no talent skank-a-rank-dank photographed every day???
    How many hours with a hairdresser did it take to get her hair to look like that, just so she can take her kids to the beach
    what a joke
    and her stomach, what’s wroong with it it looks like there’s an alien in there, or a bag of rocks

  6. says

    #2, DR is always with both her girls. I think she is one celeb who is always with her kids. Lola is getting cuter. I like Sam more, she looks really pretty when she smiles… Don’t like DR both she seems to be a wonderful mum, photo op or whatever the case.

  7. Ivy says

    It seems like Denise Richards is always starving for attention. She is always aware of the paparazzi and has a huge smile on her face. If you’ve seen pics of her with Sam, then you’ve noticed Sam HATES the pictures and attention. By looking at her body langage, Sam doesn’t like to be close to her mom, either. She always looks so sad, and in several pictures like she is pushing away from Denise. SO SAD! Does any one else notice this too?

  8. Lauren says

    Lola is adorable! She and Sam are beautiful little girls. But, one thing is right, Denise always makes sure her picture is taken.

  9. kim--original kim says

    Sickening how she whores herself and her girls out to the papparazzi… yech… she’s SO skeeeeevy!

  10. phnxgirl says

    That is the first thing I noticed too, that she looks to be sucking her stomach in. She doesn’t need to! She has a very nice body.

  11. obnoxious spice says

    while it is always lovely to see pics of celeb’s with their babies, it is SO painfully obvious that denise is fully aware of the camera’s here – i nearly fell off my chair laughing at how hard she is trying to suck her tiny stomach in in this shot!!!

    there ARE lots of pics with denise and her other daughter, the one who is cute but always looks glum, just scroll through some recent links on the right and you will easily find them #2(reeny)

  12. jen says

    To the one who said she is never photographed with her other daughter, that is a total lie. You are so wrong.

  13. yuck says

    Suck it in much? The sight of Denise Richards makes me nauseous. At least she’s spending THIS summer with her kids and not getting “caught” humping her “boyfriend” on a balcony or beach somewhere. But one thing is always constant – she makes sure to get her photo taken. Unlike other “famous” people who try to stay out of the limelight. Look at Reese Witherspoons face in any photo with her children – she is not happy that they are being photographed. Like any good/protective mother would be. Whatever… go out, take your kids, sure – but don’t look so happy and ready and willing and wanting of it! Makes you look desperate lady.

  14. sara says

    I SO Totally wish I could spend day after day on the beaches of Cali, Hawaii, etc with my three girls!!! I would have a permenant smile all the time! How lucky she is!!

  15. WTF says

    OMG..Lola is a doll! This has been a production…Yet Another Grand Photo Op..For Bitchnise Richardson! LAMO!

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