Andie MacDowell & Daughter

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell, 49, posed with Rainey, her 18-year-old daughter by first husband Paul Qualley at New York’s Lincoln Center on Thursday to help celebrate Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight to the Big Apple. Rainey certainly inherited her mother’s gorgeousness!
Andie also has a son Justin, born in 1986 and another daughter Sarah Margaret, born in 1995.



  1. margaret kimura says

    That’s a little harsh Leta.I’ve done Andie’s makeup quite a few times over the years and she’s not as bad as you say.I do agree with wtf that she is not aging well but she was always a little chunckier and not quite as pretty as the rest of her peers.She has always struggled with alcohol and ciigs that’s why she looks older than she is.

  2. Quincy says

    I played on Andie M son basketbell team an ibeen really good friends of the family for almost 7 years an there family is very beautiful with or with the eye an i think you ppl need to get a life an stop haten…

  3. kimmy says

    I think the daughters eyes are what make people think she’s so gorgeous. Take away those beautiful eyes and she’s really nothing special.

  4. Denise says

    It’s inevitable we all will age one day. I think she looks great. Her daughter is goregous. People should stop judging people based on their looks. She is a beautiful person inside as well.

  5. Analise says

    Andi looks terrible and her kid is nothing special. She needs to ct and style that mop on her head. Average girl who looks 15. See me in 3 yrs.

  6. JJ says

    Andie looks goregeous and IS aging very well. Her daughter does not look as attractive as Andie did in her younger days.

  7. Anne says

    All this this hype on advertising moisturizers to keep looking young-bull. I am 63 yrs young and look 45. I use Pond’s cold cream like my mother did and when she died (heart valve replacement), she was still beautiful at 77. Eat well, exercise and hope for good genitics. My aunt is 94 and looks 70. Most times, I prefer not to wear a bra at home and no one would no the difference and I wear a size 38. Look after one’s body and eat properly.

  8. saz says

    Right thats the final straw, I love coming on here and looking at pics of Celebs and their kids, I always read the comments too. Not anymore you lot are SOO BITCHY AND RUDE that it is stomach churning. I would love to see pics of you when you are 49 ms WTF or your kids will you have aged as well as Andie MacDowell.

  9. Libraesque says

    O.S. where have you been? I e-mailed you, get yer ass over to TKC. Make sure to pee first, cuz you will lose it

  10. phnxgirl says

    I agree, I think Andie looks greatl. I mean how great are we all going to look at 49? It is normal for your face to get lines, shouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Her daughter is beautiful.

  11. obnoxious spice says

    wow – WTF – sorry, but i think you have vision problems…

    that woman is 49 YEARS OLD!!!

    AND , she looks AMAZING for it!!! – well, she does to me, i personally prefer to see ‘character lines’ as opposed to that frightful over botox- nip/tucked look you seem to favour….

    aging doesn’t just appear on the face, have you seen melanie griffiths or madonna’s kneecaps?? compare them to the ones above and you will get more perspective on someone who has actually aged quite gracefully…

    her daughter is a stunner! and i think it is wonderful to see mother and daughter out and about together, all glammed out and looking genuinely proud of each other…

  12. Zbella says

    Yes, her dad was a model too. She is beautiful. I hope my daughters age look so classy when they are 18! I saw pictures of them as preschoolers and now look at them! Makes me a little sad… How fast they grow…

  13. minkysmom says

    andie looks just fine for somebody her age. I don’t think she looks bad, and what a lovely daughter

  14. Libraesque says

    yea, she’s not aging well, that’s why she’s L’Oreals spokesperson for age defying cream.

  15. WTF says

    i’m sorry…but Andie did not age gracefully. Rainey is gorgeous! Andie’s body does look good! I guess that she is keeping in shape, by running after her 12 yr old.

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