Catherine Zeta-Jones At The 32nd America's Cup In Valencia & Her Baby Wish!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Just cause I love Catherine I’ve put more pics of her in Valencia above, and rumor has it that she has a baby wish!

The Welsh actress is said to be keen on having a third child with Michael, and likes the idea of the couple’s two children – six-year-old son, Dylan, and four-year-old daughter, Carys – having another brother or sister.

A friend of Catherine’s told Grazia magazine, “She has started talking about how wonderful it would be to have another baby. She and Michael have agreed to just relax and see what happens. They do want to have another baby, but even more than that, they want to focus on spending time together and with their family.”

Catherine, 37, has previously said she didn’t want to add to her family, but has seemingly warmed to the idea as Carys has grown up.

Last year, Michael, 62, insisted he did not want anymore children.

He said at the time, “We are enjoying our two children, and we want to keep it that way. I’m happy.”

Hmmm…..we’ll see!

And here is a pic of the luminous mother-of-two in InStyle!

Catherine Zeta-Jones


  1. cantevendoit says

    Wow…I would give almost anything to look like her…okay, not really, but damn it would be nice to step out of the house and look like that!!! She’s definitely the most beautiful woman in the world…seems like she has a good heart, too…Kudos, girlfriend!

    P.S. Air brushed or not, I’m sure she’s still hotter than anyone who has posted on here…ha!

  2. jik pik says

    she is all natural! and her body is perfect..what abou 2 first pic?kind of paparazzi but still stunning and gorgeous,wow she is elegant,too.

  3. obnoxious spice says

    personally, i have found some of czj’s comments in the past quite smug, but even i have to admit this woman is one hell of a natural beauty..she is effortlessly elegant…shame we couldn’t get some pics of her two children..they are both beautiful too…

  4. Ricky says

    They may have airbrused/photoshopped this photo but you can’t photoshop beauty on somesones face! She is so beautiful.

  5. Analise says

    HELLO!!! She said years ago she wanted more kids. This isn’t news. It’s true Michael doesn’t do to his age. But Catherine was vocal about it. Guess you don’t love her as much as you profess webmistress.

  6. isabella says

    I agreee with #12 I never noticed her legs being that thin before, but despite that she is still stunning.

  7. H says

    Uh, can you say “airbrushing?” No, too dificult for you? Let’s try this one… “Photoshop?” That’s right! Pho-to-shop!

  8. Lauren says

    Catherine is absolutely stunning. She looks beautiful made up or dressed down. Her kids are cuties, too.

  9. Nicki says

    Cathrine is absoutley gorgeous!! Always has been and will always will be. (Maybe a Sophia Loren runner up?)
    Her hubby choice, well, in his day a great looking man, but 35 years past HER prime choice.
    But it is her pick so best wishes to her and her family!
    She is beautiful and best to her and her family!

  10. kakadus says

    beautiful,i think czj and george clooner are realy match.they both are catherine is hot,sexy and classy and george is cool,sexy and classy and their kids would be soooooooooooooooo cute.

  11. daniocean says

    DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!but come on cathy,you are too hot.michael douglas?nope u can catch every guy’s eyes u want.

  12. orlando_borniam says

    she is gorgeous and stynning,wow mother of two?like jay leno once said to her: they (carys and dyl) muse adopted.

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