Ben Affleck & Violet In Hawaii

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
Ben and Violet, 2, were snapped in Hawaii on Wednesday. Jen and Ben celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary on Friday!



  1. says

    I just want to know how many kids little miss negative Kelly has because this is a happy normal family by anyone’s standards and you really have to be a pain in the you know what to find fault!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kelly says

    can someone let these caring parents that it is OKAY to occasionally BATHE little violet. Good God- she always is looking like sticky mess. Face clothes do wonders for tykes this age and a hair brush will do. Cute Kid but what a mess(not her fault)
    Momma of 2

  3. Zbella says

    100 % Cuteness. LOVE little Vi. Ben ain’t hard on the eyes either. 😉 She is 18 months and although the paci isn’t a bad thing, my eldest was so addicted, the younger 2 were banned from EVER using one!

  4. Miranda says

    Give it up, maybe she just needs the pacifier, OK? She’s not even 2!!!! I had a pacifier for a REALLY long time, and sure, maybe it wasn’t very good, but it didn’t affect my teeth. Sure, I had braces, but it was because I didn’t have enough place for two other teeth to grow up. They didn’t stand out or had a funny look, which is really what some of you think happens when you have a pacifier! And my teeth are perfectly normal! And back to Violet, she’s adorable. I like the colour of her hair, isn’t there a little shade of red in it? Love her!

  5. Lauren says

    How cute!!! Violet is an adorable little girl. I love seeing pictures of Ben with Violet. I hope they have more kids. I love this family!

  6. Chris X says

    Ben looks so cute but I get the impression that he’ll be damned if he smiles when these kind of pictures are taken. He looks put out to be followed around. but on the positive side – if he is holding Violet he actually looks tan compared to her.

  7. Libraesque says

    She is the cuteness and ben is hot. he needs to lose the socks and shoes though
    Nice to see a normal “famous” couple. At least Jen doesn’t wear short shorts and hooker heels to the beach

  8. Tiffany says

    What wonderful role models for young families everywhere. This family shows what being a family is all about. Regardless of all the fame and fortune Ben and Jen may have they are still down to earth, wonderful and caring couple. Violet is one lucky little girl to be surrounded by such love and adoration.

  9. kidada a. says

    I looooooove this family, i just can’t get enough of little VIolet! Ben, is a handsome guy! Jen, is very lucky!

  10. theresa says

    for a celeb family they do seem so normal and low key. i still can’t believe someone on this site complained that ben dresses like a dork… THAT is why I think they are so cool – they dress like dorks sometimes!! don’t ALL normal people do that?? way to go guys!

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