Kelly Ripa & Lola

Kelly Ripa

Gorgeous mother-of-three Kelly Ripa, 36, was snapped with daughter Lola, 6, as she chowed down on a burger on Live With Regis and Kelly in NYC June 13th. She describes her calorie-burning strategy: “I put on the Food Network and get on the treadmill!” she tells Us magazine.



  1. Denise says

    kelly Ripa has turned out to be just like Kathie Lee. She loves to talk about herself, she’s self centered, and has a big mouth. I’m sure she ran to the bathroom after she ate that hamburger too. I used to like her, but she is a little too full of herself.

  2. trudi says

    I liked the Kelly from years ago when she first debuted on Dance Party USA, Since she became big and an actress and talk show host everything has gone to her head!! She was much prettier then also!! What happened to the REAL Kelly Rippa!! That girl is surely missed. Remember always where you came from!! Keep it real!!

  3. sara says

    Amiee~ that was hilarious!! 🙂
    She has a job where she’s got to talk, but yes, she drives me nuts too. I wonder when she’ll be having another baby (like the rest of hollywood)?

  4. Fan says

    I really like her.Her “Hope and Faith” show was a big hit with me and has made me her forever fan.I like the fact that she is so dedicated to her kids

  5. Lauren says

    Lola is a beautiful girl. I’m not a fan of Kelly, though. She talks to much and always makes everything about her. Her husband is HOT, though.

  6. says

    LEAVE KELLY ALONE! you never see her wihout her children, unless she is working! Maybe if the media would select some good pictures out there….you wouldn’t see these pirctures. Kelly, and her fam. is great!

  7. Nicki says

    Kelly is adorable but she can never keep that big mouth of hers shut. All she does is talk about herself all of the time.

  8. phnxgirl says

    Poor Kelly, she hasn’t had the most flattering pics taken of her lately! I think she is adorable.

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