1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    What the f? What does enabler mean? In fact, what does your entire post mean? Oh forget it, I don’t argue with five year olds.

  2. Analise says

    You know nothing. ENABLER. Why would I read your drivel and lies? ENABLER! Govt sheep. you care, right? ENABLER. No time to waste on you HERE. However…….. oh yeah. Listed. ENABLER.

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    In fact here is some proof to shut you up:

    “A 1998 study which examined the prevalence of autism in children born in Sweden from 1975 to 1984 found no difference in the prevalence of autistic children born before the introduction of the MMR vaccine in Sweden and those born after the vaccine was introduced. Another study examined all children born in Denmark from January 1991 through December 1998. There were a total of 537,303 children in the study; 440,655 of the children were vaccinated with MMR and 96,648 were not. The researchers did not find a higher risk of autism in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated group of children.”

  4. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Excuse me Analise you ignorant waste of human breath, I am not another sheep, I used to WORK WITH autistic children and have doen a hell of a lot of RESEARCH on the alleged link between vaccines and autism.

    And no I haven’t ever heard of the cdc in America as I am not America, but if you would like to tell me what it is I’ll gladly research that too.

    There is plenty of proof for the things I said. Can you show me any proof that I am wrong?

    Your last post was very immature by the way. When you can act like a grown-up, you can play with the grown-ups Analise!

  5. Analise says

    blah blah blah you don’t know what YOU are talking about as usual. crawl back under your rock. ever heard of the cdc in the states! HAH. you have NO PROOF about what you spew. blah blah blah. another sheep. poo mouth running off.

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Analise you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The risk of contracting autism after receiving vaccinations is far smaller than the risk of a child dying or becoming seriously ill as a result of not having the vaccinations. Evan will still have a very good quality of life despite his autism. I personally would far rather have an autistic child than a dead child.

    Anyway, the connection between vaccines and autism is denied by many high-profile doctors and autism experts.

    Yes, there has been an increase in reported cases of autism since vaccines became popular in the west. However, you have to remember that before the 1970s and 1980s, many people with similar conditions to autism were just branded “mental” and locked away. Autism therefore is really no more common than it was 40 years ago, just more public so get off your damn high horse and go and educate yourself about things before blabbing on about them!

  7. Analise says

    Stop vaccinating your kids before the age of 2!!!!!! Look at him! He’s cute and doesn’t deserve to have autism!

  8. Tiffany says

    Jim does have one daughter who is in her late teens. The two of them seem to be such a great support system for one another. What a great couple. They are just perfect for each other.

  9. courtney says

    thats so sad about her little boy!! its good he has a great mother who loves him unconditionally no mater what! i bet jim helps out a lot too! i bet them 2 together crack that boy up!!! haha
    jim doesnt have kids does he??

  10. Blair says

    He’s cute and she seems like a great mother. I think she’s great for speaking out about his autism. She is trying to bring awareness and I appreciate that.

  11. oriana says

    I think this is one of the cutest little boys! She isn’t my cup of tea but I think she is a good mother!

  12. WTF says

    She is sooo damn funny! I love her! I think that Jim Carey, and Jenny make a stunning, and funny couple!

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