Jaime Pressly Talks About Motherhood

Jaime Pressly

My Name Is Earl’s Jaime Pressly tells People magazine she’s been preparing to be a mother for all of her life.

“I used to rock my Cabbage Patch dolls to sleep every night when I was little,” says Jaime, 29, whose son Dezi James was born on May 11th in Los Angeles. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Her fiancé DJ Eric Cubiche, 32, meanwhile, is still a dad in progress.

“He never even changed a diaper before, but he’s a quick learner,” says Jaime, who describes Dezi as a mix of the two of them. “He has my coloring but Eric’s nose and cheeks. And of course we think he’s a genius.”

Jaime is getting as much time in now with 7-week-old Dezi as she can. She’s back to the Earl set in August. “I know it’s going to be hard,” she says. “If I just go to the gym or the office for a couple of hours I miss him. Going to work will be tough.”

Meanwhile, she’s savoring every minute. “We are both head over heals in love with him,” she says. “We’re constantly playing with him. …He’s just a joy. Smiling and easygoing. I guess that means the next will be a devil.”

Are Jaime and Eric planning on having another baby? “We hope so,” says Jaime, who recalls advice Pamela Anderson gave her years ago. “She told me that if you have children you will never be lonely again,” says Jaime. “And she is so right.”

OMG! That is so sweet!



  1. Katie says

    Never being lonely again does not always mean something pleasant. I’d like to at least be alone when going to the bathroom or when I need time by myself!

  2. Lauren says

    That does seem to be the trend lately. But, I actually think it’s a smart thing to do considering in Hollywood how many marriages end up in divorce. A child can be loved with unmarried parents just as much as a child with married parents.

  3. me says

    Marriage is just a paper. I am as committed now as I will ever be, and I don’t need a paper to prove it. I am married as far as I’m concerned

  4. carleigh says

    Does being married mean these people dont’ love each other and can’t possibly be committed to being good, loving, caring parents? I agree, it is much nicer to be in a traditional situation before having a child, but isn’t that one person’s personal choice? I just see two people who love each other and one beautiful little boy that they have created. Not here to pass judgement on anyone, life is cruel and harsh enough w/o having to be so critical of everyone else, to each their own and wish them happiness.

  5. phnxgirl says

    I agree, that does seem to be the trend lately! It’s not just Hollywood I have to say. I have two friends that did the same thing. I did it the “old fashioned” way, was married for two years before having kids.

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