Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were snapped waiting for the start of Race 3 in Valencia. My god! She is gorgeous!


  1. JJ says

    KZJ is a goddess. Her husband on the other hand is a weeny…she could do so much better than him. But they certainly look happy so WTF!!

  2. jacky the boy says

    She is very classy,i love her lips,because her lips have beautiful curves,very unique and yummy,oh Catherine give me a kiss,please.

  3. roman says

    She is bloody gorgeous!!!
    she can be with every hot guy in hollywood,i bet you, all of them are ready for hook up Catherine,but she loves MD.

  4. courtney says

    its an odd couple but thats what love is all about!!! they are obviously very much in love and thats why their together, just because their not 2-3 years apart doesnt mean its a bad thing, they have a beautiful family and their happy, nothings wrong with that! good pics of them!!

  5. pika says

    I have to admit that I had a huge crush on MD when he was on “Streets of San Francisco”….Now—not so much.
    Of course, I haven’t aged like he has……LOL
    I agree with Janie, tho—more pics of their kids would be good. We already know how well Mom photographs……

  6. eminencegriste says

    Check out the bling on her wrist!

    For a refugee from a Welsh council estate, I’d say she made out pretty well!

  7. isabella says

    I adore Catherine she’s so beautiful! many people tell me I look like her. I find it to be a true compliment since I am also a huge fan of hers. I too wish we could see more pictures of her children.

  8. Lauren says

    Catherine is gorgeous! I think they make an attractive couple. I would like to see more pix of their 2 kids, though. Beautiful children.

  9. WTF says

    #1 and #2 please shut up! It’s obvious that you are 13 year olds! Michael Douglas is handsome! I remeber watching “Fatal Attraction” My GAWWWD i wanted Glenn Close to be me…during those steamy scenes! Catherine, she is pretty, and I know that she makes him feel young again!

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