Britney Looking Super Hot While Grocery Shopping

Britney Spears

Brit was snapped at a Los Angeles Ralphs supermarket on Tuesday.

Wow! Her legs look awesome! Very hot grocery-shopping shoes!



  1. says

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  2. angela says

    i like brit, she’ right on, she’s one cool mama, heck i wear heels and dress up, so i dont see nothing wrong with the way she dresses, and i have four kids! you go girl! and im in great shape, if you have it flaunt it, if you must.

  3. Rachie UK says

    Do you know Katie, I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with anyone more on this site, some people on here are pathetic (lib/brit bashin), and need to seriously sort out their own lives before they start slating someone else’s! Grow up, all of you!

  4. Katie says

    I agree with #47-lah. all you people are horrible human beings. judging somebody that youn dont even know. i dont know if you can go much lower than that. i hope none of you have children and if you do, dont share your views with them. the world doesnt need anymore mean people! Hopefully Britney is big enough to ignore all you people!!

  5. DMITZ says

    Seriously, who would be comfortable wearing those heels? I wear heels all the time for work and at the end of the day feel soooooooooo tired/pained so I can’t imagine wearing some this high while grocery shopping?!

  6. brit bashin says

    You can take the girl outta the trailer… but you cant take the trailer outta her. She is fashion RETARDED and needs to grow up. Clearly she isnt hands on with her boys and they like the dogs are too…novelties. K-fed should share custody with Brits Mom…although she did raise B and looked how she turned out….Foster care????

  7. me says

    It’s not her outfit that’s trashey…it’s how she wears it. her shirt is up and showing her mid drift. the heels are fine. the only thing i’m unsure abou is the hat….maybe she was having a bad hair day…eaither way there was probably other solutions. she looks cuter than she would in her panty hose getups that she’s been wearing lately

  8. kelly says

    WTF go take your fucking prozac and go to sleep. Stop acting like a 12 yr. old and by the way you sound like you need some serious help. or be put to sleep if you know what i mean(dog)

  9. lah says

    I love how some of you can sit in judgment of another human being. And then in the same breath cheer on people who look a certain way to have babies, whether or not they are married or possibly horrible people, drug addicts, etc., but for you it doesn’t matter as long as their persona in the tabloids is to your liking. It really shows the lack of class and breeding you have. Even scarier is the thought that you people are probably going to breed and fill up our world with more undesirables. Pot – Kettle – Black idiots. Think before you speak.

  10. dori says

    Dee I’m not hostile that is your perception I am witty with a sarcastic humor and straight forward… sorry if you don’t get it.

  11. Rachie UK says

    Oh come on Dee, who exactly do you think you are slating Britney just because she’s wearing ‘dress pumps’? Does it bother you? Is it affecting your life in any possible way? Read comment 39 because I’m afraid it refers to people like you. And I agree with Dori!!

  12. Dee says

    she’s a star and of course she going to dress differently than you or I. She’s famous and thats her trademark. But you catty women sit on your fat asses here at the computer without a real life of your own and pass judgement You sound like an idiot do you realize that?

    To Dori…
    You have so much hostility…Do you realize that the same could be said about you? The “idiot” part especially.

  13. Rachie UK says

    To dori: lol yeh thats true, but it just annoys me that most of the horrible comments on this site are from people in america, i don’t mean to stereotype. At the end of the day, they didn’t ask to have their pics on this site, and if people are bothered by them then they shouldnt come on here!

  14. dori says

    But Miss UK you should not make assumptions that it’s “these people in America”
    That is stereotyping and like saying all people in England stink and should bathe more often and use deodorant.

  15. Rachie UK says

    I wish that all you people posting nasty comments from America would go and get a life. All you seem to do is slate other people, just let them get on with their lives! I think that Britney looks fantastic considering eveyrthing she’s been through, so maybe you should look at yourselves before saying nasty things about other people!

  16. dori says

    she’s a star and of course she going to dress differently than you or I. She’s famous and thats her trademark. But you catty women sit on your fat asses here at the computer without a real life of your own and pass judgement You sound like an idiot do you realize that?
    “I’m all for damning conventional rules of dressing but those are dress pumps….they SHOULD NOT be worn with those shorts. She needs a nice wedge or kitten heel or something.”
    And your a stylist making 150,000 a year so you know this stuff right?

  17. dori says

    petty petty petty nit picking who are you to talk anyway ? sitting on your fat ass at the computer ?

  18. Dee says

    I’m all for damning conventional rules of dressing but those are dress pumps….they SHOULD NOT be worn with those shorts. She needs a nice wedge or kitten heel or something.

  19. dori says

    So she stopped in the grocery store and was dressed to go out well shame on her…whats wrong with you ladies? So cruel and judgemenatl all the time? I wish I looked so good in shorts.
    Shame on you mean angry women tearing her up likethat you’re sickening a lot more so than her. She make look foul to you but sound foul to me. Are you any better with your trashy mouths? Angry jealous women… shame on you..

  20. courtney says

    at least shes not dressing the way she WAS, when she was with kevin who knows why she wore the shit she did!! atleast now she matches, no cowboy boots, no cowboy hat, she actually looks much more decent now!!! i wanna see pics of the boys!!

  21. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I don’t think that is a slutty outfit Minksymom, its just shorts and a t-shirt! This is the best photo I’ve seen of Britney in a long, long time. I hope for her sons’ sake she is getting her life back on track.

  22. minkysmom says

    Ok, I do wear heels to the grocery store, but Britney’s outfit isn’t slutty, it’s kind of okay, but she is by no means hot!!!

  23. says

    I loooooovw Britney Spears. I love the fact that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. I love how she just keep going on, and suck up all of the bad publicity! To me, that show’s strength, and Character.

  24. says

    Cindy……….PUHLEEZE! with all of that non-sense! Who are you to call her trailer trash? I know that it pains you that your man jerks off to her! Maybe….dustbucket..if you lose some of the belly fat, and get a good chemical skin peel, then maybe he won’t have a problem looking at you! “Eat it raw” I know that you wish that somebody would eat you raw(FOR THE LOVE OF GOD), PLEASE..find this biyatch, and eat her raw..So she can stop ragging on a celebrity that doesn’t know that a pathetic soul like her, and all of the other haters exist! Do you think that the world will stop because you say that she is trailer trash?…………..NO! Do you think that she cares.what lard a.s.s.e.s think?….NO! So get over it….try to jazz it up for your man..maybe then all of you venom spitting hussies..probably will have a life, and stop hating on hers!

  25. Fan says

    She looks good.I also want to assume that she is not dressed for just going shopping alone.Maybe she had somewhere to go or had already gone somewhere else and then decided to pop into the shops.

  26. Reina says

    her buttons are about to pop off of her shirt, her skirt is wayyyyyy too short, and you don’t wear heels in a miniskirt unless you’re aiming to look trashy [although some can pull it off in a classy way with a longer skirt and nice heels]…britney has gotten so tacky lately…she has all of this money but no stylist? i mean, not even her friends or bodyguards can tell her that she looks a little gross in these outfits? i feel so embarrased for her kids…

  27. cindy says

    WTF you are so fucked we all know that britney looks like sit and that she looks like trailer trash shit, you are so fucking mental. and probably wish that you could open her legs and suck the bitch dry. now keep your stupid comments to yourself and keep dreaming of eating the bitch raw.

  28. N says

    I see lots of women dressed like this and worse in the grocery store. I dont think any of you have actually been to a trailer park. They do not dress like this.

  29. Lauren says

    Actually, considering the outfits she’s been photographed wearing lately, this one is the nicest one. Her legs do look hot though. She got back into shape fast.

  30. WTF says

    AGAIN….she Can wear what she wants to wear! If that is how she feels, then that’s how she feels! I would like to what you(s) wear when you go shopping! Probably some unattractive get-up!

  31. reeny says

    Who on earth goes grocery shopping in 4″ pumps? She looks rediculous! Get rid of those stupid hats Britney!

  32. Twy says

    Brit is a Hoe and the shame in her game is that she has yet to figure it out. She thinks she has style and class, what she doesn’t know is that she is TPT from head to toe!!
    Money, Fame or Pap pictures can change it.

  33. says

    I think that the cameras make people think that she’s trashy! i know that she doesn’t have the greatest style selections, but that is her! I know plenty of people, that I don’t agree with their style of dress, But who are you to judge? Britney, has always dressed like she has wanted… So why should she change? Yes, she has kids, but half of Bollywood has kids, and some dress much worse….they are not in the spotlight as much as she is. She cannot go any where without camera’s being shoved down her throat. If they could…I guarentee you they would follow her into the bathroom! I have sympathy for any star..that has had a nervous break down. They are human..I’m not jealous because they make money than me..unlike other grouchy, boring, stuck on their A.s.s, mad at the world type of person… MAD because they don’t make money like the next person. GET OUT THERE, and DO SOMETHING! (that’s Britney’s title song) do it!

  34. oriana says

    She has nice muscular legs but I don’t see that as comfy dressing for gro. shopping. I am referring to the shoes. I know she is young, she is beautiful to me, but she is just so trashy looking most of the time! I feel that she dresses for the cameras and not comfort, I no longer feel sorry for this girl, she is not a young kid, she is a mother, and I doubt if she has really learned from her mistakes, I hope I am wrong and time will tell!

  35. Katie says

    WTF – you must be a white trash trailer parker because that outfit Britney is wearing DOES NOT look good!!! It looks like she bought it at Walmart. That must be where you shop!!

  36. WTF says

    Wtf: She can wear what the hell she wants to wear! What we have on our hands is Jealous, mom jeans wearing, magnetic roller wearing prunes. She looks great! Who cares that you don’t shop in heels, she does! Can’t anyone help the fact that you love to shop in ballerina flats! Actually her legs look good, and you can ask any decent man! This oufit is cute, the purse is hot! Lay off of her! “Oh my god, Britney is showing her hand” I can imagine what you lonely(wishing that you had some hot young thing around you) what you would say! She can’t win for losing with you cow manure tasters! Britney Rocks, while you dream of cocks!

  37. carleigh says

    She just doesn’t know squat…OMG…Britney’s gonna break one of her fabulous legs if she’s not careful. I just can’t explain this “GIRL”…..(shaking head)..wanna smack some MUCH needed sense into her head. What about a nice warm up suit and some tennis shoes, hell even Paris Hilton looked more classy and demure when she got sprung from the clink yesterday!!!!!!

  38. Nicki says

    Wow, look at the picture of the prostitute at the grocery store! She looks just like Britney Spears!

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