Tiger & Elin Woods Present Sam Alexis!

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
Tiger and Elin Woods intoduce their gorgeous daughter, born in the early morning hours of June 18th.
In all four photos taken at home, little Sam Alexis is shown sleeping, sometimes alone, sometimes with her father, or with both her dad and her mother, Elin Nordegren. One shot is of the whole family – including dogs Taz, a border collie, and Yogi, a labradoodle.

“This is truly a special time in our lives and we look forward to introducing Sam to our family and friends over the next few weeks,” Tiger, 31, wrote in a message on his site on June 18th, the day Sam was born.

The couple’s first child was born less than 24 hours after Tiger finished second in the U.S. Open, one shot behind Angel Cabrera, on June 17th.

Tiger and Elin, a Swedish former nanny and model he met at the 2001 British Open, were married in 2005.

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  1. Mildred Wogbash says

    Tiger handsome? Lets not be patronizing here, it only gives the racists more fuel. He is a great man and a great athlete, but Tigers looks are very unfortunate. he looks like he should be bussing tables or carrying peoples bags or opening doors for the with that droopy dumb face.

  2. dori says

    I think Tiger is a very handsom young man and elin is a very pretty young lady this child is sure to be a beauty no matter what color she is. Why is color even as issue? Didn’t racism die out back in the 60’s? some of you are making some very racist comments. It’s sad to see some people are still small minded.

  3. Tara says

    omg, the comments are so stupid on here!

    Anyhow, what a beautiful baby 🙂

    As the mother of mixed children, just a heads up for those who think “whites should stick with whites’ and other crap like that…the baby’s skin right now is super light…as she gets older her coloring will get much darker.

    Anyhow, she is just beautiful and I am very happy for the young couple.

  4. Melissa says

    It looks like Tiger is trying to french kiss the dog in the first pic. I think the baby is cute, but I love the cruise’s more.

  5. Tia says

    you know what, if you disgusting people dont have anything nice to say, then keep it to yourself! I really can’t understand why or how race is still brought up…..welcome to the year 2007 sweethearts. Are we still living in the 1920’s here?

    I dont know why i bother saying anything,,,you people who are commenting on race are probably some fat, lonely piles of shit who have nothing better then to come on to a website to diss a baby.

  6. The Time Is Now says

    Copywrite 2007-Babyrazzi. May not reproduce this text in whole or in part without written permission from owner.

    TO anyone who posts in response to the Neo-Nazi posts, please know that YOU are being played for maximum benefit for their amusement. They come from one website and are bent on ruining this one for their cause. Ignore them!

    Copywrite 2007-Babyrazzi. May not reproduce this text in whole or in part without written permission from owner.

  7. Jodie says

    my IQ is not low. I think i do understand what you are trying to say but you have not put it across very well.

    And talking about a baby as a ‘black’ suggests a low IQ imo, sweetie 🙂

  8. Fan says

    No Jodie,I am not dumb.Donot mean to insult you but i think your IQ is quite low since you cannot actually understand what i am trying to get across.I am not racist and never will be.GOODBYE.

  9. HappyLady says

    no Whitey, I’m not a big fat bitch, but I bet you are a big, fat trailer trash tramp with a small white dick.

  10. says

    poor molly..ahahhaha

    did you all see Jordin win american idol!

    hahahha Tiger is a mix of asian and Black so I wonder which race he is supposed to be sticking with , or are all moinorities considered one race?? ahahhahah

  11. Molly says

    I do not agree with inter-racial marriages. Whites need to stay with whites and blacks should stay with their own kind!

  12. chinny says

    oh wow, look at those features. the eyes… the mouth… and her addorable feet. She’s guna be gorgious when she grows up!!

  13. Whitey says

    Tiger loves prostitutes. His mother was a hooker in a Bangkok bar (that’s how she met his army sergeant father) and Elin is a gold-digging Swedish ho’

    Sorry if the truth hurts, but there it is…

  14. Swede says

    1. Cablinasian

    A term Tiger Woods himself made up. It is a portmanteau of Caucasian, Black, American-Indian, and Asian, which is his ethnic make-up of a quarter Chinese, a quarter Thai, a quarter Black, an eighth Native American and an eighth Dutch.

    Tiger Woods is Cablinasian

  15. Karen says

    It is a good thing that Tiger has a lot of money because he is FUG! The only reason that a beautiful white woman would be attracted to him would be for fame and money. Other than that she would not give him a second look!!

  16. Andrea says

    To those who made the racist remarks:

    Well, at the end of the day Tiger Woods has more money than what you, your parents, your grandparents and generations to come combined will ever make or ever hope to make. So all your words are merely that — nothing but words. He wins.

  17. Whitey says

    I agree with Tiger – the prettiest women in the world are white women – I would never have kids with a black woman – I want the kids to be white.

  18. Jodie says

    fan – ‘having a black in their household’ how ignorant are you?

    your friend is gaining a grandchild, not a ‘black’

    god some people on here are dumb.

  19. Jane says

    She is a very average looking baby. Elin is very pretty. Tiger is NOT a good looking man – he is not even cute. It has nothing to do with skin color.

  20. Jodie says

    beautiful baby.

    you racists make me laugh. your little pasty white kids probably look like little baby piglets.

    this baby is beautiful you stupid people!

  21. Fan says

    My dearest mildred,pls read my post well.If you have been reading other post,you would have known by now that i am completely against racist.I was directing my post at the racist and warning them to be careful because they might end up having a black in their household.PLEASE READ MY POST AGAIN!

  22. Mildred Wogbash says

    Fan, why dont you wait to meet your colleague’s daughter’s Kenyan fiancee. Wont you be embarassed if he makes you weak at the knees? FYI Africa could be the mail order husband capital of the world. You can go over there and TAKE YOUR PICK from among literally thousands of incredibly sexy, articulate, hardworking and family oriented African studs who will literally worship the ground you walk on and be forever loyal, respectful and adoring of you?

    Your colleague’s daughter is smarter than you and more satisfied too I would wager. While you are feverishjly typing on the internet, she is enjoying her Nubian warrior and his mighty spear.

  23. onatear says

    I’m curious about how many of the negative spoilers who have to open their mouths on here, buy the items from the ads? Why would anyone advertise on this site? SO many of the comments are ignorant and hateful, even when they are not about race. It’s a really poor show. This is my last trip here. Seems like the 12 yr olds have won….bet they’ll be spending a lot of their allowances on the pricey baby itmes which support this blog. hm?

  24. minkysmom says

    this is ridiculous. I put messages on here all the time that are perfectly fine and they get deleted, but people come on here and act a fool and we have to see this mess. Look if Elin did not want a black baby, then she wouldn’t have been with a black man. don’t be so dumb. this is ridiculous. the baby is cute. this pisses me off so much I don’t even know why I waste my time.

  25. Fan says

    There is a colleague of mine,who is quite racist.She tries to hide it but it still comes across.Her daughter travelled to Kenya some time back and has been there for like 3 times since then.The last time she came back,she came back with a wedding ring and the news that she was pregnant.It turned out she met a Kenyan and had been having an affair with him.The Kenyan is coming in next week to meet his wife and mother-in-law.The girl stays with her mum and that means he has to stay with them for now.My colleague loves her daughter very much,and she is also her only child,and so she just has to tolerate what has happened and wonder at the law of Karma.
    Just thought i should let the racist know that NO ONE KNOWS TOMORROW.

  26. Whitey says

    Tiger likes all things white – little white balls, white dogs, white women, but I’m not sure he likes that brown baby – he’s probably being brave for the cameras. I’m thinking he wanted a pretty blonde-haired blue-eyed girl like his wife.

  27. Swede says

    Tiger’s mother sends her love and congratulations from the Bangkok bar where she worked when she met Earl Woods — “HEY GI JOE!!! YOU GO WITH ME!! LOVE YOU LONG TIME, TEN DOLLAH!!!”

  28. Brenda says

    I am very Happy for Tiger and his wife. Their daughter is a beautifullittlr girl that will be very loved. I can not wait to see more pictures of her as she grows. I am sure Tiger and is wife will make wonderful parents. I am sure Tiger’s mom is pleased and very proud and I am sure that Tiger’s dad is watching over all of them and he would have been just as pleased and proud of is son. Congratulations to the two proud parents and may God Bless you all.

  29. oriana says

    Now these are the kind of pictures I look forward to seeing!!! Just wonderful and love them! I wish the best of luck and love to this family always!!! I hope Tiger’s mom is pleased and proud!!!! I’ll take the big white dog! Lovely!!!!!

  30. dori says

    oh my god …arielle is my daughters name! I have never seen another arielle spelled this way!! Just for curiosity is that your real name?

  31. Mildred Wogbash says

    I dont like how Elin is almost out of the picture, in the background almost like its only Tigers baby. In all the pictures its Tiger and the baby, we see more of the dogs than we do of Elin. I truly hope these photos are not a reflection of the domestic hierarchy in the Woods household, as I think they probably are and its very disturbing to me.

  32. Mildred Wogbash says

    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous baby, she looks like a little baby princess. She has her mothers beauty mixed with Tiger’s sexy, exotic flavor. Yummy with a spoon!

  33. Jane says

    Couldn’t agree more with Andrea – some poisonous messages here – can’t they be deleted?

    Beautiful parents, beautiful daughter. (Dogs quite nice too!)

  34. carleigh says

    Tiger and Elin are going to be wonderful parents you can tell just by looking at the pictures how enarmored they are about their daughter. Sam Alexis is an adorable baby girl! I love the last picture of her long, narrow feet and her delicate slender fingers she’s just so pretty and looks completely contented…Bless them and their precious baby girl.

  35. Andrea says

    There seems to be that same disturbed person using different names on this board to convey the same disturbing and hateful messages. We all know you’re the same person. May you get back on your own head what you spread with your venomous heart.

  36. says

    Very precious! 🙂 awwwww!!! She looks like her daddy for now. Can’t wait to see her when she gets older.I love the photos with the dogs! I love dogs! They look like they will be wonderful parents!

  37. Molly says

    I wonder what Elin’s Swedish blonde haired, blue eyed mother and father thinks of their new granddaughter?? This baby definitely looks like Elin’s side of the family!!

  38. Ali says

    Congratulations to Tiger & Elin on their beautiful baby girl!! I love the last pic of the baby, so sweet & innocent!

  39. Karen says

    She looks just like her mommy!! Very fair skinned!! Hope she doesn’t grow up to look like her daddy!! I don’t understand inter-racial marriages!!

  40. Lauren says

    She’s beautiful! Congrats on their newest family member. It’s sad that Tiger’s father can’t be here to greet his granddaughter. All the same, Best Wishes!

  41. courtney says

    oh she is so beautiful!!!! i knew right when i heard they had their baby she was gonna be gorgeous and we were all waiting to see pictures and their so sweet!! shes beautiful no doubt about it!!!

  42. obnoxious spice says

    wow- gorgeous pics of their little girl!!
    congrats to them all!!
    i think he will make a wonderful father – they both look to be totally besotted with her!!

  43. Kidada armstool says

    She is a beautiful baby!!!!!!!!!!! I love her name. It is very unusual! Congrats….to the woods fam.

  44. Jenna M. (UK) says

    She’s beautiful! And she has really big feet lol! Love the labradoodle in the top photo too.

  45. Julie says

    She’s beautiful! And they look so content together! I can’t wait to see more pics! Congratulations!!!

  46. dori says

    why are the postings here always 2 days later than they are everywhere else? These pics have been all over all the websites for 2 days now. For a baby website babyrazzi isn’t really on top of it.

    At any rate they look so happy and I am really happy for Tiger. He’s really missing his dad and now he has a baby. Congratulations to them!

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