Nancy Grace Expecting Twins

Nancy Grace

Anchorwoman and lawyer Nancy Grace is known for exposing the truth on CNN Headline, but she’s been keeping a huge secret of her own: twins! Nancy, 47, is four months pregnant.

(The father is her investment banker husband, David Linch, 48, whom she wed April 21.)

“I kept the pregnancy quiet because I wanted to make sure all would be healthy,” Nancy, a Georgia native, tells Us magazine. “I’ve worn loose-fitting clothes and I guess audiences just thought I was getting heavier!”

Any crazy cravings? “Watermelon, peaches and my mother’s southern fried chicken!”

I know plenty of people will disagree with me, but this woman is almost 50 and her poor child will have to experience essentially having a grandmother raise them. I don’t think children would prefer having a 50 year old mother when they are just 3. A lot of women seem to want to have it all….the ego-boosting career, etc., and then they suddenly decide they want to have a child like everyone else. The thing is that they aren’t like everyone else…they are way past the normal childbearing age.

Best Wishes!



  1. michellefrommadison says

    Luv you Nancy, you allow the alcohol industries and the drug industries to flourish with your own personal usage as you have stated so many times. Just try not to be a part, again, of helping to lose the life of another victim like you have lawsuits still pending against yourself in both state and federal court right now. And, my deepest hope is that you do not abuse that tot-son of yours like you did when you threw him or allowed him to fall off the bed and onto his head. That could kill a child. Your propensity to eliminate people is incredible and one that could result you in never having any contact with those kids you bought in your attempts to avoid the lawsuits against yourself that have all failed. Maybe you can mention that on one of your shows that you have, and continue, to payoff victims to not make those lawsuit against you so you can just pay-out the victims as you are alleged to do. But, at least the evidence is contained on-line. Thank Al Gore for inventing the internet!!! Anxious to see the reports of what meals you will be served when you finally get to prison where you obviously need to be.

  2. michellefrommadison says

    I saw a funny picture of Nancy disGrace with the following comment placed into the picture. It reads “Every time a child is murdered, Nancy Grace has an orgasm.” Just hilarious, yet probably so accurate. She thrives on victimizing real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime in her lifetime, she remains clue-less to the damage she does to real actual victims of crimes.

  3. says

    I think its cool she had a kid, is she supposed to not conceive because everyone else thinks she is to old?
    Im 34 and have no children yet but I do plan on it in the next couple of years, im not worried what haters think.

  4. Erin says

    We love ya Nancy !!!! People here seem to be very jealous of her.What you see in Nancy is what you get.More woman should be like her.And as far as her hair, looks great everyday, nice hairstyle!!! Love watching her show!!

  5. Shirl cano says

    nacy me and my family are very happy for you and your hubby hope you all live a great happy life Jesus be with all love you your friends Shirl and family and by the way no one should judge you your doing a great thing and god chose you and your hubby to be the mother and farther for these little angels.

  6. Anne says

    I agree with all of you who criticize the vulgar, disrespectful, MEAN comments that are posted on not only this site but every site on every possible subject. It isn’t necessary to appear uneducated and uninformed. I think many people’s problem (young and old) these days, is that they are too judgemental and closed minded and feel they have the right to tell other people how to live their lives. This didn’t seem to be the case so much in the seventies and eighties when I was in my teens and twenties, or maybe people just showed a little more respect toward fellow human beings then.

    Coming from someone who had her last child at 36 and whose husband was almost 50 at the time, I resent the comments criticizing people for having children when they are older. Each person’s circumstances and life situations are different. It’s not possible to create ideal circumstances around everything in life. Every child born into a different set of circumstances; none are identical. Some, like me, don’t get to experience siblings. Others have brothers and no sisters or the other way around. Some have divorced parents, and others have older parents (or one older parent and one younger parent.). Some have teenage parents, as some of you have pointed out. In the past, when all families were large, and birth control wasn’t a factor, the first children in a family were born to young parents and the last to older parents. Some parents are better parents than others no matter what their age. Every child takes the situation what they are born into and hopefully makes the most of it and learns from it.

  7. Mya says

    I think it’s funny how all of you can come on here and judge her because she wanted to be a mother. Who cares how old she is, she has her life together has an education, a career and most likely a loving husband. If God didn’t want her to be pregnant she wouldn’t be. On top of that for those of you who talk about her age and how she might not live to see them grow up, no one’s guaranteed tomorrow that’s why you should live for today.

  8. Lorraine in New Jersey says

    Meow, “ladies”.

    Sheesh ! What is it with women who insist upon being “catty”, whenever the opportunity presents itself ? What does a pregnancy have anything to do with “hair” or “pants” ?

    Here’s a novel thought: How about saying something like “Gee, this woman sure has had her share of heartache, what with her fiance being murdered years ago. How nice that she’s found happiness with marriage and impending childbirth !!” ??

    I know, I know, some of the women on “The View” or “Desparate Housewives” wouldn’t say nice things like that, but then ask me if I give a rats’ ass about what a disgraceful person like Rosie O’Donnell has to say about anything ?

    Now, for you gals who want to talk about hair or who wears pants what way, there’s a HUGE target for you !!

  9. Lorraine in New Jersey says

    Meow, “ladies”.

    Sheesh ! What is it with women who insist upon being “catty”, whenever the opportunity presents itself. What does a pregnancy have anything to do with “hair” or “pants” ?

    Here’s a novel thought: How about saying something like “Gee, this woman sure has had her share of heartache, what with her fiance being murdered years ago. How nice that she’s found happiness with marriage and impending childbirth !!” ??

    I know, I know, some of the women on “The View” or “Desparate Housewives” wouldn’t say nice things like that, but then ask me if I give a rats’ ass about what a disgraceful person like Rosie O’Donnell has to say about anything ?

    Now, for you gals who want to talk about hair or who wears pants what way, there’s a HUGE target for you !!

  10. kamineko says

    OK, As to the egg donor and IVF ideas, lots of women conceive naturally well in to their 40’s. I did with my last child. Nancy Grace deserves to be happy. Her first fiance (in her early 20’s)was murdered a week before the wedding. She remained single all those years afterward.
    She obviously found a husband and can now be a mom.Life is too short not to be happy.
    I pray she has a safe pregnancy and healthy babies.
    New life is always a blessing.

  11. Analise says

    Webmistress attacks Nancy for being pregnant then types “Best Wishes!” ? THAT makes sense. Of course WM attacks an intelligent, grounded woman who is a lawyer, but not the lab fabricated, untalented addict and headcase Britney who has no clue how to be a parent. Brilliant!!!

  12. mememe says

    I’d much rather have Nancy Grace for my mother than some of the younger women having babies – such as Britney Spears….

    I think Nancy will be a wonderful mother…

  13. Jenn says

    Wow, if she was “well past the childbearing years” she wouldn’t be pregnant would she?! I know lots of women who started having children early in life and kept having them until in their 40’s. There is nothing wrong with that. For instance, my grandmother, she had her first when she was in her 20’s and her last (her fifth) when she was 45. They were just spaced far apart. I think if you love children and you will raise them right, it doesn’t matter what your age is. So many young moms are bad moms because they lack maturity.

  14. Drob says

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. First, we women are made to believe that our goals in life should be to marry early and have children. I think this is absurd and antiquated since the divorce rate is a little greater than 50%. Get a clue women. I commend many of these older mothers on being financially stable and pursuing their careers solo and not having to depend on men, before popping out babies. What incense me is the fact that many YOUNG mothers(not all young mothers) prematurely have babies and are unable to support them leaving that burden on others. Besides who are we to judge anyone anyway as long as an older mother is not asking any of you (25 year old mothers with 2 year olds) to look after their children, what is the problem? Just because some people decide to tie themselves down with children at such a young age does not mean that this is for everyone. We are all different and have varied experiences so how about we respect this. It sure is a pity for me to hear so many young women with regrets already about having children so young, wishing they had pursued their dreams or discovering that it would be just a little easier to follow their dreams if they did not have that child or children. It is also a pity to hear older women wish that they had children. Although, I do believe that 60 is a bit extreme but If GOD allows it to take place who are we to argue. My mother was almost 40 when she had me and I have not encountered anymore problems than my peers whose mothers had them in their 20’s. I thank god everyday for her and her age by the way she is still living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Hilarious comments;;ahhahahha

    Nancy grace is soooooooooooo mean even I can say so!!!ahahhahahahhah

    However she gives me a few laughs now and then with her judgmental subjective harangues

    Good lukc to her and the babies, who cares if the ring came after…a double blessing for nancy …this must have been her reward for harping on about the Parisite Skank HO-lton

  16. Olivia says

    I liked your comments Carleigh. It’s Nancy Grace’s life to live as she so chooses. I guess if anyone doesn’t agree with her choices they probably shouldn’t follow her lead, BUT isn’t her choice her American right?

  17. Dustie says

    I didn’t read all of these comments, because frankly they were ticking me off. So, if this has been said, sorry…Did any of you judgmental know it alls ever think about the fact that maybe women like Nancy (who, by the way I can not stand to listen to) and Marcia Cross waited to have children until they met that special man that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with!? And to the person who posted the #10 comment, NO you don’t know it all. What makes you think these women had to BUY donor egs??? That was, as a lot of these comments are, an IGNORANT statement.

  18. says


  19. kfx says

    It warms my heart to see so many enlightened people who are supportive of NG.

    For the rest of you, I’m sure your ideas that older women should be happy to crawl on over to their rockers are just a few of the daily moronic thoughts you have in your sad, judgmental lives.

    There isn’t a limit on joy people, nor are there “right” or “wrong” answers for so many issues. Read the bible!

  20. Mcphatty says

    I think my meaning was lost….such is life….children deserve to have parents that are able to provide them with all the activity and interaction that growing children need….I guess getting mommy her hormone meds after her hysterectomy will provide them with some physical activity…..but only if she puts them on the highest shelf possible…..I know only one of my grandparents two were dead before I was born and one died when I was on 1 and a half years old. But one great grandmother lived long enough to imprint a memory or two…..mostly of my grandmother having to wipe her ass for her…..I’m not trying to be being disrespectful but that was the reality of the situation….I never saw her get out of the bed once in my short time of knowing her……but enough about me……back to ol Nancy…..she made a conscious decision NOT to have kids until later in life….that decision, and not the one to now have kids, is what has deprived her offspring of possibly not having grandparents to grow up with, aside from the aging Mrs Grace(sarcasm noted). The point is that as a young woman in the workforce she chose to fullfill her working desires above and before her motherly desires….why because of the advances in medical technology….now I don’t knock the advances we’ve made but ask yourself if what your doing is best for you or is best for you child…..some will argue that the extra money she has made will afford her the ability to better take care of her children……and some will argue that the relationships you have with your grandparents are priceless…..I would take the latter stance and say ask that people trying to make this decision to answer these questions first when making these types of decisions “Am I doing this because it is the right thing to do in light of my current and future circumstances? Or am I doing this because I want to do it, no matter what impositions it may place on my childs life? Like Rosie does by denying her children a father, and adoption agencys who still will not release birth records without both parties signatures and some money. If you want my opinion on Nancy’s carrer, I think she’s done more good for society than many people her age. Kudos to her for that work….I just wish she’d keep it up since that was her choice to begin with and stop depriving us of her services and possibly depriving her children a grandmother and grandfather…(I have no idea the status of her parents health)

  21. Val says

    What happened to the good ol’ CONGRATULATIONS!? It is no one’s business how, when or why she conceived. If the children aren’t being abused, abandoned or neglected, it is nobody else’s business. I think it is absolutely insane how people are always so quick to push adoption on other people, especially when they had the opportunity to have their own biological children and haven’t adopted. It is so easy to tell other people what they should or shouldn’t do for some people, but what gives them the right? I’m sure that if she adopted a child, it would have been unacceptable to many as well. I just think it is so funny how people act like they know what it best for these people and their children when we have never even laid eyes on them in person. Let alone seen how they interact with their children or what their home lives even consist of. Everyone these days are so quick to judge someone else for whatever reason and it is sad. Because most of us could be scrutinized for one thing or another, but that doesn’t makes us bad people or bad mothers. Congrats to Nancy and every other mother out there. We should be applauding all of the strong women in the world. Not dragging them down. It is sad that society would rather sling mud.

  22. Pika says

    Can you imagine the conversation with her now husband?
    “I really want to have babies and go through a stressful medical procedure—then maybe will get married to seal the deal?”
    I think she has found her soul mate (whatever that means, lol). We can complain about the age thing all we want, but
    ultimately it will be Nancy and her husband trying to stave off sleep deprivation time 2 at 2am.

  23. onatear says

    You with the “cute” but foul, as in filthy, as in ignorant mouths, how much money do you spend on the advertized items on this site? Yeah, right…..what makes you think you can’t speak your mind without using obscene language? YOu don’t have to like these people, but to use the words you do, just shows how idiotic you are….go shopping. I hope the advertisers on this site, pull out. It’s become disgusting.

  24. K says

    Some of you women here are really behaving NASTY, and are an embarrassment to women who know how to act womanly, instead of like sailors ….. and you have the nerve to say Nancy is a bitch? Check yourself! Good gracious!!

  25. eminencegrise says


    Sorry, but I REALLY think there should be an age limit for egg donor recipients.

  26. Sandra says

    #38 Not all people can afford to adopt so that may not be an option to those who are having a tough time conceiving.

    Congrats to her, it is HER LIFE, she can live it how she wants to! I have no doubt that her children won’t be loved and well taken care of, even when their mom is 90! Maybe some of you with the nasty views of she is too old then maybe you shouldn’t be over populating this earth!

  27. says

    People live longer these days, so who cares if she is 47 and having kids? As long as she stays healthy she should live a long life and raising her kids into adulthood should not be a problem. I really don’t see why people get upset on how/when OTHER people decide to start a family. It’s none of anyone else’s business.

  28. Christine says

    After going through infertility treatments to have my second child at 35, IVF to be totally specific, I can tell you that past about 41 or 42 it is tougher than tough for most women to conceive with their own eggs. Tough for me at 35. But I gotta be honest here all, twins at 47 years old–that is donor eggs or frozen embryos and w/o question an IVF pregnancy. On a fair note for Nancy, she had a fiance that was brutally murdered while in her 20’s and waited all this time to find the right man. Nancy probably would have been a mom already had he not been killed. I am actually happy for her. My own tough conception kind of opened my mind a bit. Believe me though, those selfish women are out there. Women who do treatments in their 40’s, overstimulate, get triplets and are ticked off…oh spare me!

  29. Jill says

    Oh, just chill out on the age issue. My parents had me when they were 24 and 25. They had my youngest brother when they were 43 and 44. As great as they were with me, I think they were even better for my brother. . . and I have never once heard him complain about having older parents.

    Careers ARE important for many women. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s a GOOD thing. Let’s not throw stones at each other for our choices. Nancy Grace looks great, she’s married (more than a lot of new mamas can say these days), she can obviously provide handsomely for her children. I say those are some lucky twins.

  30. Granny says

    Having children young doesn’t guarantee seeing them grown. My dad’s mother died at 28 of a heart attack and my mother’s mom died at 50 of diabetes and its complications. At 50+ I have outlived them. My daughter had to wait 13 years to have her first (into her 30’s) becuase her biology took that long – fertility problems. Sounds like some people here feel that she shouldn’t have had a child – too old. Wasn’t her choice to wait that long.

    And it is better to have children at any age that you can give them your best, love, attention, and resources. Sometimes that is when you are older.

  31. Jenn says

    *heads back over to Celeb Baby Blog with moderated comments….*

    damn some of you women are scaring me!

  32. oriana says

    Love Her!!!!!!!!!!!! My only concern about older mothers having kids is the health of the child suffering but if the doctor’s tests prove okay I see nothing wrong with it! I don’t go along with the 50 and 60 year old women for the hormones are out of order by that age. But good for Nancy and I am glad she found love and happiness!!!!!

  33. says

    I agree with Moobaby. Society needs to think about WHY treatments for fertility are needed. Our bodies were designed to have babies at younger ages – period. And yes, I’m against the 20 and 30 somethings getting the treatments as well. People don’t listen to their bodies. If you can’t have your own children for whatever reason, there are so many children that need adopted. The older women are when they start having children the more risk there is of birth defects and multiple births (twins, triplet…). Having a baby is a traumatic experience for your body to recover from. And aging bring whole new sets of illness and what not. Why combine post partum recovery with osteoporosis? Why combine menopause with potty training?
    I hope that she has a healthy and uneventful 9 months. But I truly wish more women would consider the reasons why nature designed our bodies the way they are.

  34. D'Anna says

    I can’t help but think about the person who mentioned Britney Spears. It pigeonholes young moms, but it’s way more likely that a 20 year old with kids is going to go out partying vs. a 40 year old woman.

    I just don’t know what it matters. I don’t.

  35. Tia says

    Im torn on this subject. I think its wonderful for this woman to have a child…its a miracle i wish every woman gets to experience just once. At the same time, im in my mid twenties and i get tired chaising after a one year old, I cant imagine running after two at 50

    oh well, good for her anyways! i wish them all the best!

  36. carleigh says

    Carlene–I’m 35 years old and in good health, I have two daughters ages 12 and 3 1/2, now my question is to you since you said Nancy probably won’t be around to see her children grow up??? What if I develop breast cancer and die w/in the next year? What if I get some kind of virulent disease and die w/in the next year? What if I got killed in a car wreck? What if I just dropped dead of a myocardial infarction? What if I died in my sleep tonight? Just because someone is younger generally means that yes, the life expectancy would be greater, but still accidents, diseases and dropping dead or dying in my sleep is a very real possibility and it can and does happen every single day. I notice you said at the end of your comment that you are open to “change your views”, did you take any of the above scenario’s into account before you made your comment? Not trying to be a smart ass at all so please don’t take it that way, I’m just saying that basing your life around the possibilities of NOT being around and not planning for a future doesn’t give one much reason to wake up in the morning does it? We do NOT know when our number is going to be up and life can be taken away from me or you or anyone tomorrow so we should all be thankful for the time we are given and make the absolute MOST of every opportunity we have right now.

  37. Lauralin says

    So, let me understand this — if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s and need science to help get pregnant then that’s ok and a blessing that it’s available, but if you’re older and need it then it’s irresponsible?

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a career and getting to a place in your life when a family is what you want. Not everybody’s life fits into a perfect mold, that would be quite boring.

    And # 30 — thank you for pointing out all the good that Nancy has done, regardless of whether her voice gets on someone’s nerves. She has every right to choose love and family now rather than say – oh well, it’s too late so I’ll just have to be alone for the rest of my life.

  38. wisa says

    You all love to judge judge judge other people for the choices they make in their lives. Are you really that bored in your own lives?

    It’s Nancy’s choice to make and she doesn’t owe any of you any kind of explanation.

    Get a life people.

  39. CARLENE says


  40. carleigh says

    I can’t believe all the comments on here about this woman..does anyone KNOW exactly who she is?? She went into law at age 19 because her fiance’ Keith Griffin, she went into prosecution and is an AVID supporter of victim’s rights. She was a prosecutor in the Georgia District Attorney’s office and WON over 100 felony cases before some were later appealed. But she has helped put away a lof of SCUM BAGS, child molesters, murderers, rapists, arsonsist..and her work focused primarily on the SERIAL criminals not just first time offenders. I’ve long admired her spunk, tenacity and her no-holds-barred attitude, more women should stand up and take notice. She’s very intelligent and diligent to the law, though she’s not always right her heart I BELIVE (JMHO) is in the right place. I like her show and find her to be passionate and very sincere. Wishing Nancy and her hubby happy, healthy babies and much love and joy in the times to come.

  41. Jackie says

    Good for Nancy Grace! What a blessing I like her and I can only imagine she will be a great mother. Stop hating on her let her be. GEEZ PEOPLE!!!

  42. erin says

    i think its better to have kids younger. my mom had me when she was a bit older (she had alredy had 4 kids before me) and when i was younger i would always cry because i knew she wouldnt be around to see my kids grow up and get married. shes the best mum so it doesnt bother me now but i still feel sorry for kids who have older parents

  43. Zbella says

    Good for her! Congratulations.

    My grandmother was 47 when she had her last child – and lived to be 97. She actually outlived 3 of her children.

    My FIL was 27 when he fathered my husband and died at 51 – so my husband was 24. Our grandchildren never met their grandfather but they met MY GRANDMOTHER – the same one who had her last at 47. No egg donor – nothing UNNATURAL for those of you who sit and judge. I suppose you would have wanted her to abort her child, but she didn’t! So HA to you!

  44. H says

    This woman is a bitch, and I think it’s selfish of her to have these kids so late in the game. I feel sorry for the babies, not only because they will have a 65 year-old mother when they graduate high school, but also because they have a SUPER BITCH for a mother. Maybe she will put them up for adoption.

  45. amy r says

    I see nothing wrong with waiting until you are good and ready to have kids. #1 She won’t feel like she missed out on life while she’s stuck home with kids #2 She will be financially able to provide for her kids without a problem #3Her marriage is probably more stable because of her age when she married #4 She will truly appriciate her babies, having waited so long to have them. I think she is wonderful, and I am happy for her.

  46. Arianesmum says

    Having kids at 47 is selfish and unnatural. I am 25 years old and my daughter is almost 2. I totally agree with moobaby, and by the way, I know a lot of young mothers and none of them is like Britney Spears. We are responsible even when we are in our twenties. We also have PLENTY of time ahead to see our children grow and become adults (without being in a nursing home ourselves).

  47. Nunya says

    Wow, what a stupid, ignorant thing to say. Who the fuck are you to set the age limits on having children? You need to be slapped and HARD.

  48. MooBaby says

    all babies are blessings… but I have to agree with the web mistress. Our bodies are only meant to have babies up to a certain age naturally. When you bend the rules with drugs, treatments etc, you are doing a disservice to yourself, your children, and other moms. Obviously Nancy had the financial means necessary to pursue this kind of aggressive treatment. Media attention and celebrity lures other women into the false sense that they will be abe to concieve no matter what the age. What we don’t know is what she went through to get pregnant. She makes it look easy. Women wait and then are disappointed when the realize that there fertility nose dives each year after 30. Why doesn’t anyone think about WHY this happens… there is natural and biological reasons for older women not to have children.

  49. Granny says

    Some people just don’t find the right mate when young as evidenced by so many divorces. And just because they don’t marry young doesn’t mean they don’t want families too. Mid 40-s may not be as optimal as mid 20’s but people do live healthier and longer generally these days.

    And as for the child minding its parents age. I never thought about how old my parents were when I was a kid. And my grandfather had a wife my dad’s age so I had aunts and uncles my age and younger. Don’t remember them ever being concerned about their dad’s age.

  50. btra says

    My grandmother had my mother when she was 46 and lived to 90. After you lambasted Nancy Grace, I thought about how sad it would be if my whole family, now, was not here for fear of being judged by people like you. I know my mom loved her family and would have never wished for a another mother for a second, and nor were my sister and I robbed of a grandmother.

  51. Mcphatty says

    After having to be a spry 60 to 65 year old keeping up with the high school parties, the athletic events, the drama department, and all the many things that a teenager burdens their parents for……..It will be a nice vacation for ol Nancy when she gets to spend her 1st years of retirement wisking her children off to their highschool graduation. And then on to college…if she is able to make it to 70 those children just might have a chance at making her proud. At 68 she will be able to enjoy that first legal ice cold alcholoic beverage with them on their 21st birthdays. My only question is this: Is Nancy Grace robbing her children’s children of having the opportunity of having a grandmother?….I highly doubt that she will live that long or that her children would have a children so young….after their mother is done teaching them how good it is to wait until your almost 50 to have kids. Imagine if we all did this…eventually there would be no grandparents for our children.

  52. missknowitall says

    Just like Marcia Cross, another woman that bought donor eggs so that she could experience pregnancy.

    Why do so many women think the big career is more important than starting a family. So sad.

  53. Sandra says

    I just hope she gets some maternity pants instead of wearing her old ones that don’t fit with the zipper down!

  54. Lauren says

    I’m divided in the middle about mid 40 mothers having children. While I think they can be better mothers at their age instead of having them at 23 and not being ready for kids (i.e. Britney Spears) being older also means the child has to grow up knowing their parents are older than their friends’ parents and other. At least it’s better than that 60 yr old having twins.

    Congratulations! 🙂

  55. andrea says

    Well, it´s a blessing to have children…but I quite agree that she’s not very young to race them, I mean most of the time younger mothers would regret to have children, but I definately believe it’s not the same to play with them when you are 35 years old than when you are 53!!!!

  56. Jacquie says

    OMG #3 I have thought the same thing about her hair. ROTF She seems to get a bad wrap at times but I love her.

    While 47 is yes older I think it is a little bit better that the 60+ woman awhile back.

    I would guess to that she likely had “help” conceiving??

    Good luck to her and CONGRATS 🙂

  57. Kidada armstool says

    omg…..I can’t believe it! Sometimes she can be Wrist Slitting! Listening to her go over, and over on the same subject for weeks….drives me crazy! I wish that she would do something with her hair! God, it’s like a helmet. Congratulations, to her, and her hubby.

  58. Lauralin says

    Wow…. what a ridiculous statement to make. All that matters is that her children are healthy and loved. If she didn’t have children we’d judge her for being too selfish.

    Obviously she is within childbearing years because she can still bear children — who are we to say what’s best (or normal) for children. Younger mothers sometimes regret having children so young and resent them — Nancy Grace has had a fulfilling life and now would like to be able to share all of that with her children. She will be able to devote more time to being a fantastic mother.

    I sometimes am blown away by the things we think that we have a right to judge and give an opinion of.

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