An Expectant Tessy de Nassau At The Luxembourg National Day Celebrations

Tessy de Nassau

Tessy de Nassau

Hello magazine reports:

With her second child due in the autumn, Tessy de Nassau was showing off a sizeable bump as she joined her husband Prince Louis for the Luxembourg National Day celebrations at the weekend. Pretty in a pink patterned dress and dainty pillbox hat the 21-year-old looked every inch the radiant mum-to-be as she entered Luxembourg’s Notre Dame cathedral.

The young couple, who are based in Switzerland where the prince is studying, are already pros at dealing with late nights and nappies after the birth of their son Gabriel, now one year old. The new arrival will be the second grandchild for Louis’ parents Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

After marrying her royal beau on September 29, 2006, Tessy seems increasingly at ease at big royal gatherings. The daughter of a tiler, she met her love while serving in the country’s armed forces. Louis, who turns 21 in August, renounced his rights of succession and those of his children upon his marriage. The gallant royal was attentive to Tessy as they left the cathedral – bringing a smile to the face of one clergy member.

She is adorable! What a sweet dress.



  1. amy s says

    Wow- she looks like Trailer Trash! He looks about 14 years old. She is super ugly and he looks like an idiot who can’t keep it in his pants!

  2. Cassie says

    Why is she pregnant you ask? Well, that guy in the picture with her.. lol. just kidding. they do look happy, her dress is quite awful though!

  3. Maril says

    Age & maturity (enough to raise a baby) aren’t neccesarily connected. 16 may be young, but 20 is not so bad! there are 30 year olds who could be doing a worse job. They look so happy together! thats wonderful.

  4. Fitzren says

    lols. they are young and naive. I’m betting that they’ll get a divorce in less than 5 years. Or maybe 10 years from now! young married couple don’t last long especially when its shotgun marriage. Trust me!

    the girl or maybe women is too young. she’ll soon realise that she’s married to him coz he’s a prince… its every womens dream to marry one. and with her all the marriage and babies just proof me right. Don’t count Letizia and Mary and the others in.. cause they are adults, experienced and know what they want. I know some of you are gonna start with me being jealous or whatever shits… Listen up kids! I’m not a fan of early marriages and babies at a young age cause all of that just means No! to FREEDOM.

    Stop with the comparation of the old days and the present. Marrying young and having babies at that age are all oldies. We modern women DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE!

  5. Zbella says

    #10 & #18 – hunh? I don’t understand you. Plus I hate the whole “watch tv” comment – so dumb. My grandparents had 12 children and heard that quite often. If they want to have children young, and close in age, good for them.

    One of my best friends, her husband was 20, 23 and 25 when their children were born (she is almost 4 years older) and he’s an AWESOME dad. He is also from a wealthy family so he was able to graduate from undergrad, law school and then get his MA in Law as he was raising his family.

    I think it’s wonderful that an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to mean an unwanted child. My friends were pregnant when they got married, but are just as loving and committed as my husband and I – who did things more traditionally.

  6. chinny says

    no, i think he renouced the throne to marry her, but also cause it’ll probably go to his older siblings anyways…. so he still gets the title 🙂

  7. Lauren says

    Wow, 21 and already having their second child? That’s incredible of her. Some people can handle having kids at a young age (i.e. Keisha Castle-Knight) and others can’t. (i.e. Britney Spears). Congratulations to their growing family.

  8. Martha says

    I don’t think they’re too young at all. People in the old days got married even younger than this. This couple will have 2 children and are married? At least he didn’t get her knocked up and then became a baby daddy at a young age. I think we are all so accustomed to 30’s being the new 20’s that we think this is too young. I agree, they are a bit young, but not what I would call too young to choose this lifestyle.

  9. Essie says

    She’s a royal (now); that’s how they dress!!! I see nothing wrong with that pink print. I’s very nice. She has to wear a hat in church and a pillbox is better than those enormous, feathered monstrosities most royals wear.

    Gabriel was not the heir to the throne, he was just “in line” to become Grand Duke. Renouncing the throne actually doesn’t mean that much since he was unlikely to get there anyway. But, it is nice that he insisted on marrying the girl he loved. They are very young but they have enough money so babies won’t be a problem.

  10. Sandra says

    I don’t think they were too young to have a baby. But to have 2 babies that is a huge responsibility at 21. So she got pregnant and had their first before they were married am I reading that right?? Kind of odd for royalty.

  11. scarlet says

    OMG..Don’t people believe in birth control at 21 years…Give me a break she already has one kid when she was 20years old..Maybe they should try watching t.v..Way to young to be having babies…

  12. Jackie says

    I dislike the dress too, but they seem happy.
    He renounced the throne to be with her- if that’s not love then I don’t know what is. They seem very much in love and I think we should lay off the whole age issue, it very well can last longer than most royal marriages because they married out of love not obligation. I like when I see young royals bending the royal rules to find true love!
    Good for them- I wish them the very best.

  13. says

    Sorry, I don’t think that they are an attractive couple at all. And I certainly don’t like her outfit. They must really love each other though. They look soooo young. Never saw their son.

  14. kim--original kim says

    So, does that mean that he renounced the throne because he married a “commoner?” Wow, now that’s young love!!!

  15. jennifer says

    No….stop kidding yourself that dress is horrible! Not to mention that hat! I know that they are why wear such older looking clothes? Did anyone see that hat? ewwww! Congrats on her new addtion! New additions are exciting! I just hope, and pray for that baby’s wardrobe!

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