Richard Branson's Daughter To Become A Doctor

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

The Mirror reports:

The daughter of Virgin tycoon Richard Branson has qualified as a doctor.

Holly, 24, passed her five-year medicine course at University College London this week.

And despite her privileged upbringing Holly will work for the NHS and has already landed a job at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

She said yesterday: “Friends think I’m mad becoming a doctor when I could work for my dad.

“But it’s something I’ve wanted since I was young and being able to help people makes this my perfect job.”

Richard, 56, worth an estimated £4billion, said: “I’m so proud of her.”

Congratulations! That is so awesome…..she is actually doing something with her life unlike Paris Hilton and the like!

NOTE: I think that Richard’s son, Sam is 22 now. (He is pictured in the second photograph)






  2. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Scarlet, I doubt it, most hospitals in Britain aren’t privately owned so I don’t think he would be allowed to do that. He could however have donated a lot of money to a hospital but I very much doubt that this would have got her into medical school. They’re hardly going to risk letting someone become a doctor who hasn’t got the qualifications or brains.

    Why do you assume just because of who her father is that she bought her way into med schoool instead of working hard?

  3. oriana says

    He prob has bought several wings to different hospitals and bravo to him for doing it, but that doesn’t take away from her and her education as well as goals in life!

    Donald Trump’s daughter is rich but isn’t slutty and has a head on her shoulders. There are some rich people that have morals and ambitions in life just like the normal people do!

  4. scarlet says

    OH Please his daugher could get into any medical school..I am sure daddy just bought a wing to the hospital..Rich people…

  5. N says

    Also, She gets paid for her perfume line, she is also in movies, has a tv show, has a porn dvd (that still sells), models…… and designers give her their clothes to wear for free. Then she takes home her inheritance from the Hilton brand ……..

  6. kim--original kim says

    yeah, let’s see how long it takes Paris to get back to her paid nightclub appearances! I hear she may get about $100k per appearance! How sickening is that?!

  7. N says

    Actually Paris makes her own money too…. She may not be talented to alot of people….. But the Paris brand is making its own money.

  8. sunshine says

    in the british system you can go straight to med school from high school unlike the US where you have to get an undergrad degree first. The british system is a little more advanced than the US high school system (about 1-2 yrs). There are benefits and drawbacks to both systems i think.. Anyways that is why she can finish so early.

  9. Granny says

    Average age of high school completion is 17/18 in the US. Add 4 years college, if you are lucky enough not to change your major, makes you 22/23/or 24 upon graduation.

    My kid graduated at the age of 22 and 23. And the youngest will have her masters at age 25.

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Miapocca, actually in the UK, if you do your full six years of high school (which Holly would probably have to have done to get into medical school) you would be leaving at around 17 or 18 years of age. If she went straight to University, there is no reason she couldn’t actually have graduated at 22 years old!

    What age do people usually leave school in the USA? I always think the schoool pupils in American movies seem a little old to be in school.

  11. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow! That’s impressive, its not like she really needs to work and being a doctor isn’t an easy job! You’re right Oriana, big difference between her and Paris Hilton! At least Holly wants to do something good with her life rather than just live off daddy’s money and flash her cootchie all over town!

    #7 Maus, you shouldn’t judge whole nations as one! I live in the UK and believe me, not everybody is as intelligient and dedicated as Holly. Have you never heard of chavs, neds, dole scum etc? And I’m sure there are plenty of American people every bit as intelligient and hardworking as Holly!

  12. courtney says

    congrats to her! its nice to see a celebrity child go their own way and do what THEY want to do instead of following in their parents footsteps, unless thats what they want to do! you go girl!!

  13. nioami - uk says

    Good for her to use her brains instead of spending daddy’s money! She isn’t too young to graduate as a doctor cos the course is 5 yrs, then a 1 yr foundation course – if she went to uni at 18 then she will have graduated at 24!

  14. kt says

    i am happy fo rher! i am also in school with hopes of becoming a doctor, and i know how hard it can be. it is impressive to be able to leave aside billions to work hard when you don’t have to! good for her!

  15. y.b.g. says

    @ Maus: Uh, yes you do … Comparing a single “best” and a single “worst” isn’t exactly a sufficient sampling on which to base a sweeping statement. Seriously. As for Miss Branson, good on her for having ambition for something other than celebrity or business! It’s refreshing to see *any* young person make good on their privileged upbringing.

  16. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Dont know what you are trying to get with your nationalistic opinions,….

    Holly Branson is British and Paris Hilton is American….Need I say more?

    There are good and bad everywhere…there is a smith in every clan, no need to make a list of all genuises in other countries other than the UK

    Glad she is enjoying her life etc…she must be a child wonder seems to have gone through school rather quickly to have finished with medical school already…the highest she can at is Residency and even thats still a little young for that stage….

    probably a geniuis…good luck to the family, they must be proud!!

  17. oriana says

    His son is pretty enough to be a girl! Verrry cute!!!! And just now read the part about Paris Hilton!!!!! Funny!

    I think Hulk Hogan’s daughter is pretty and is looking pretty sleazy looking lately also.

  18. Becki says

    Congrats to Holly! Putting that brain to good use. She’s such a gorgeous girl, and her brother doesn’t look too bad either.

  19. KELLS says

    Congrats to Holly, and her Fam. That’s what i’m going to school right now for! I love working with the kiddos!

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