1. kim bates says

    just want to say i hope u r still seeing ur sons. i have depression and anxiety and although i am not a celebrity i still have people on my block or in the bars saying things about me. they need to just worry about themselves. i feel like they have not enough caios in theyre own lives so they want to make other people look bad. keep ur chin up and take one day at a time. the world is full of cruel and rude people. sometimes we have to pretend that it doesn’t bother us and then go inside our homes and cry. ….kim from reading pa

  2. courtney says

    the more i look at this picture, the more i see how sean preston and him not only look almost exactly the same but their like the same size, weird!

  3. dori says

    I honestly was asking if you had a bad day… you seemed crabbier than usual. I ‘ve had days like that too.

  4. Rachie UK says

    Oh Lib will you get a life? This is a baby blog not a warzone. Just comment the kids will you- and leave your bitchiness out of it. I’m sure ur a nice person but it isn’t comin across that well on screen…

  5. Libraesque says

    oh come on dori, you weren’t asking to be nice, and I’m not being defensive I’m asking a legit question. I noticed a lot of people will immediately attack me no matter what I say and yet these other fools can go three kinds of crazy on these threads, cussing and being lunatics, and I’m the one they’ll attack
    I’m just curious, that’s all

    you and I will get this love/hate thing figured out I’m sure

  6. dori says

    see libra I was trying to be nice and there you are jumping down my throat I asked if you were having a bad day and you immediately got defensive.

  7. Libraesque says

    dori don’t start with me.
    I just need to know why all the bitches on this board immediately attack me AND NOT ANYONE ELSE.

    You didn’t make a single comment to that foul mouthed cindy on the other britney thread, or to WTF, who is SO foul

    So why Dori, why do you constantly call me out and not anyone else???

  8. dori says

    now lets play nice and stop all this angry stuff girls we’re on a baby website lets talk about the cute babies and save all that bitching for your husbands…

  9. dori says

    Libra why are you so angry? go back and reread yourself. I know sometimes you can be very funny and you do have an edge to you but on here today you are just plain
    angry … having a bad day??
    Come on… you can find something good to say ….

  10. Libraesque says

    courtney, you’re not fooling anyone but yourself, and you’re looking like a HUGE jackass
    No two people make the EXACT same spelling and grammatical errors, use the EXACT same punctuation, etc…and just HAPPEN to post one right after the other on the same site, agreeing with themselves

    you’re beyond pathetic
    and you are REALLY boring me

  11. courtney says

    you are sadly mistaken!! this is me….and i can put as many periods as i want, and i odnt have to use caps if i dont want to, quit TRYING to tell me im all these other people when im not! am i accusing you of being other people just because their mean like you? no, so dont accuse me! if i want to say somethign ill say it, im not going to make up another name!!

  12. Libraesque says

    oh courtney REALLY? I guess it’s just a koinky dink that you and KRISTIN also use “….” to seperate your……..thoughts??
    or that you all just HAPPEN to not use any caps, even when you all write the word “i”

    please sister, I know you must be used to dealing with dumbasses, and being a pathological liar, but really, that shit doesn’t fly with me.

  13. courtney says

    and if that was me, then why am i not calling you lib like i have since the very first day i ever talkd to you?? its not me…

  14. courtney says

    lib, i really dont know what the hell your talking about…..i dont use any other name than mine….just because people accuse you of using other names doesnt mean i am…and im not the only one who uses multiple exclamation points either!! this is the only name you will see me on, honestly

  15. KRISTIN says

    keliey, its not everyone, theres just selected ones, like….hmmm…..maybe Libraesque….thats my guess…everything ive seen thats mean just so happens to be that person! well and sometimes their little sidekicks which are most likely the same person, dont be fooled by their stupidness!

  16. Libraesque says

    “must me that stick” ????
    OH, you must be talking about the “throny” one einstein was rambling about.
    Listen BTC, Courtney, and Kristin….using three different user names doesn’t drive your point home, got it???
    If you want to TRY to appear to be different people you may want to do spell check on one of them, and maybe use a little different punctuation, know what I mean


  17. keliey says

    my god everyones so mean on here!!! this is the 2nd time i have been on here and i cant believe how mean everyone is, what a shame.

  18. KRISTIN says

    hey Libraesque, some one left you a comment on “daddys little girl thread” just read it, makes A LOT of sense!!! now i know your problem, must me that stick!!

  19. courtney says

    lib, why do u keep bringing that up!?!?!? i have dropped it why cant you??? i can still bitch and go on about it but i choose not too because it was immature on both our parts but yet you keep bringing it up…..just drop it!!! can you not get along with ANYONE!?!

    and ya know what i said “im confused” because of the poser

    i havnt commented about anything on you in like a week so why are you STILL “picking” on me?? leave it alone PLEASE!!! shit….

  20. lily says

    oh he’s so adorbale with those chubby cheeks, he looks so much like Sean! Brit looks cute too 🙂

  21. Libraesque says

    why doesn’t that surprise me courtney??

    and “just a fan”, call me silly, I have no patience for dumbass posers who are so starved for attention that they have to pretend they’re a celebrity ……on a baby blog.

    that just takes loser to a whole new level.
    It’s almost as pathetic as courtney threatening to beat my ass

  22. Katie says

    Courtney – “Just a fan” is the REAL Britney Spears! Because she ruined her career way before she ever shaved all of her hair off, she now has nothing better to do than sit at home and talk to people online – mind you, she can’t say anything unless there is a “ya’ll” in between every other word. Those “ya’ll”‘s are camouflage for her not knowing how to spell very well.

  23. Jodie says

    lol at just a fan – yes, we know you are just a fan – a sad, deluded on at that! Get a life!!

  24. just a fan says

    Ms. Libraesque, I have noticed that you are not a very nice person.
    You are very critical, which is how some people are, and you just happen to be one of them. I do not see why you come on here. Everything that you have to say, is negative.

    I have enjoyed being on here today, maybe I will talk to the rest of yall another day.
    Much Love

  25. Libraesque says

    and I didn’t say that PEOPLE say y’all

    you are pretending you’re a celebrity, right?
    no other CELEBRITY uses that expression

    SO if you’re PRTENDING to be a celebrity and you’re on a BS thread saying y’all, then you’re PRETENDING you’re B.S

  26. just a fan says

    Just because i am on this specific page does not mean i am britney spears.

    Most people would not believe something like this.
    But if I was fake, would I not say who i was?
    The problem is, is that I can not say who I am.

  27. Tiffany says

    I think people just assume that because y’all was said on a Britney Spears forum that it was someone posing as Brit.

  28. courtney says

    i dont think “just a fan” is saying their britney, i think their just saying their a “celeb” which could be anyone….

    i dont personally think it is but u never know…

  29. Katie says

    Just a fan: Nice try, but nobody’s buying it. Look at you trying to advertise your “celebrity-ness” under Kate Bekinsdale’s pic. If you were really a celebrity then you would just worry about defending your friends – not bragging to people (for attention) about how you read the things they write and how it hurts you. Get a life and stop acting like someone you’re not.

  30. Libraesque says

    #96, you need to just stop
    you aint nobody, quit perpetrating
    And you don’t need to be coming on here telling people to watch what they say.
    If Britney doesn’t want to know what her public really thinks of her she shouldn’t read the rags or gossip sites

    You’re a complete fool. You think because you come on here and write “Y’ALL” every other word people are going to think you’re Britney fucking Spears

  31. Tiffany says

    I think that Brit is doing a great job with her kids. We all deserve a second chance and she is doing super. She is not going out, she is with her kids…what more does everyone want? Leave her alone and let her be.
    Brit – I think you are doing a great job and the kids are super cute.

  32. just a fan says

    courtney, i would LOVE to let everyone know who i am, and yes it sounds cheesy but i can’t! i really honestly can not. i love this web site though and i come on here a lot, i don’t normally comment but i have read so many horrible things on here i just wanted to say SOMETHING! because i love all of yall and all the sweet comments on here but then we run across the horrible ones and the people yall comment on DO read them sometimes, i will say its not often, but the comments don’t go away so when they do come on and look to see what people think of them or their families or what lies are brewing up, they see the horrible things people say. sometimes people need to think about what they say before they say it, because you never know who is reading!

  33. dori says

    you know whats sad? It’s sad that people complain about the girl and her kids no matter what she does… she’s always wrong. When she got divorced and went on a binge you called her a skank whore, when she had post partum depression you called her a lost cause , when there were no pics of Jayden people assumed there was a reason she was HIDING him now she’s photographed with him and people complain the way he looks. Can’t this girl do anything right?
    Do you guys realize how catty you sound?

  34. dori says

    LOL LOL LOL please don’t pick on liitle Jayden He’s a cute little boy and looks like his mom. Go look up Brit as a child actress… he looks a lot like her. He’s a sweet little baby and babies don’t have dumb or smart looks. Jodie do think because a kid wears glasses he looks like a genius? It was a dumb comment and I called you out on it. Just get over it.. he’s a sweet little boy leave him alone.

  35. dori says

    LOL LOL LOL please don’t pick on liitle Jayden He’s a cute little boy and looks like his mom. Go look up Brit as a child actress… he looks a lot like her. He’s a sweet little baby and babies don’t have dumb or smart looks. Jodie do think because a kid wears glasses he looks like a genius? It was a dumb comment and I called you out on it. Just get iver it.. he’s a sweet little boy leave him alone.

  36. just a fan says

    anyone who makes fun or hates on a child is not right!! quit yalls little bitching sessions and comment on the kids isnt that what this web site is about? my god ive never seen anything like it! when i get on here to simply read about the kids and see the pictures posted, all i see are u little girls arguing and fighting and it makes yall look so stupid!! i know yall are better than that!
    i wish i could tell yall who i was so yall could see its not just yall who come on here and see what people are saying about the celebs….if that makes any sense! ha!
    it DOES effect the people in the pictures! they DO see these comments.
    just consider me a very close friend of some of the people in the pictures.

  37. Jodie says

    oh 87, thanks for the laugh!!

    Yes I have children. No, I am not mentally ill and no, there is no dumb look on my face dori.

  38. Daynna says

    LOL @ DORI

    I’m thinking that look is jodies normal look, jayden is smiling in his mouth and eyes, he looks like a normally cute boy

    picking on an what 11months old baby?? yes very mature and clever i take it you dont have children as no mother would pick on a baby unless they were themself mentally ill

  39. Jodie says

    78 – of course a child can have a dumb look. When their mouth hangs open and they have a vacant expression, they look dumb. It’s not difficult to understand if you try

  40. N says

    Kimmy – You had nothing to do with my freedom! So ….. no “Thank You” is coming from this way.

  41. N says

    I cant believe I agree with post #72…….. But I do.

    Kimmy education is beneficial…. get some. You have nothing to say so you type the same lame shit over again.
    I am beneath you but you continue to post.

  42. Tia says

    76- for christ sakes, i am an L&D nurse, and i can tell you right now, that this baby does NOT suffer from FAS…grow up and move on!!!!

  43. dori says

    tell me how does a baby have a dumb look?
    The dumb thing around here is you dumb bitches making dumb statements

  44. Jodie says

    i think he could well have foetal alcohol syndrome.i thought in the other photo i saw of him that he looked very dim.but then sean has one of these dumb faces too.the parents are not exactly bright so who knows?! drink and drugs on top of those genetics – what hope does the poor kid have?

  45. kimmy says

    N- your absolutely right- I’m not going to start with you because you’re so unbelievably beneath me in class and intelligence. You can be very proud of yourself-you have such class with your language-you really make me laugh. As far as a college education, those are things that you did to pass your classes. Oh….. and you’re welcome for your freedom.

  46. oriana says

    Carly, I had to agree with Whoopie Goldberg when she said on national TV, she didn’t give a damn if he got blow jobs or not, it wasn’t any of her business! Ha! And to me, it certainly didn’t have anything to do with the homeless in our country, the lack of medical care we are sorely lacking in, or the min wage! So yes, I would vote for him just like I did all the other times!

  47. says

    oriana, you preach to us! you go girl! I love bill clinton, and I wish that he could serve again! Kennedy was a whore, a big whore!

  48. oriana says

    Bieng the daughter of a U.S. Colonel I have to respect and admire the men and women that are laying their lives on the line every day for my freedom. I do believe we are hated by the Islam population, at least the majority of it.

    However, I strongly feel it is time for our brave men and women to come home, too many young lives wiped out and destroyed, crippled and torn apart. It grieves me to read about it daily and I wish that John Edwards would win the Presidency but he won’t. I do think he should be with his wife where he is needed but the country needs men like him with his morals and standards.

    I liked Bill Clinton, I didn’t care if he was a whore, who was a bigger whore than Kennedy? And George Bush is ignorant, how he EVER made it in politics in a miracle to me. He is just simply not that intelligent!

    The terrorists are here, they have been here, they will continue to come, we just have to be educated, alert, and supportive of our troops in every way. I personally don’t think we had any business in Iraq. Saadam was an evil man and it is a blessing to the world his nutcase sons as well as him, are gone. But he didn’t do 9/11!!!!

    The focus should be on Bin Laden and should have been from the Getgo!!!!

    Now if there is a draft, I am sending my son to Tia in Canada! She will fatten him up with her good Greek and Italian cooking, I will support the Red Cross and buy bonds, but I will not be in favor of sending our troops to countries where they are hated, not appreciated and killed just because they are Americans.

    Bush has made the U.S. a laughing stock to the whole world and there has to be some serious changes made.

  49. oriana says

    THANK YOU Carleigh for posting the link about FAS!!!!!! Now maybe people will see that this baby is perfectly normal and adorable too! All of Kevin’s kids are very cute! The little girl with Shar is just beautiful to me.

    FAS is very serious and it is a miracle more babies haven’t been born with this horrible deformity with so many mothers boozing it up while pregnant.

    This is a beautiful little boy!

  50. carleigh says

    Here is a link to the craniofacial abnormalities that occur w/ FAS:

    JJ is a beautiful little boy and hopefully he doesn’t or hasnt’ been exposed to alcohol in utero, that would he very shameful. He is completely adorable and from what I can see doesn’t have any of the features that could be associated w/ FAS. But I’m no expert either, just another Mommy hoping this precious little boy gets a chance at a good happy life and is completely normal and healthy in every way.

  51. N says

    Now Bitch… (this would be my ignorant side)…..go read a motherfucking book or news paper. Something. Most of your rants are dumb. So what, you know how to use a dictionary and spell-check. That doesn’t make you an intellectual.
    Please dont reply with your schooling and how many degrees you have….. I know plenty of “dumb blondes” that made it through college sucking their prof’s Dick.

  52. N says

    Kimmy, you are the ignorant one……Do your research dear….the 911 terrorists were living in the US for 10 years before they carried out their mission. You would be a fool to believe there aren’t many more in the US already.
    The comment about the soldiers dying in vain was my opinion.
    Please tell me why you feel I am uneducated….. If anyone is it would be you. Most opinions are based on feelings. Dumbass….. thats why everyone’s opinions are different.
    Dear, please dont even try to start with me. You can’t compete!

  53. kimmy says

    N- you are ignorance at its finest. You’re uneducated and your opinions are based on feeling instead of ultimate truth. Do your research-maybe you could learn something……..dear.

  54. N says

    The terrorists are already here dear…. and the soldiers are dying in vain.

    Neither of Brits children have FAS…. my cousin was born with it. These children do not have any of the FAS signs.

    Also, JJ looks exactly like Brit…. look at the eyes.
    Sean looks like Kev. I think all of Kevin’s kids are beautiful… Yes…even the ones with Shar.

  55. N says

    Also, the man that started the uproar regarding Clinton and his on the side broad….was cheating on his wife at the time too.

  56. micki says

    OMG….He’s adorable! I wish that I can see Sean P with him. Britney, is looking good, these days! I know that she will get it together. She will be back on top of the charts!

  57. kimmy says

    You are disrespecting the soldiers by dwelling on the deaths of them so much. It’s like you’re saying that they are all dying in vain. Whether you agree with the war or not, you need to respect the fact that these soldiers are willing to protect you and me from bringing the terrorists over here on our soil to the point of death. I do think that we need to go after Al-queda. I do agree with you that GWB has made mistakes. He’s not perfect. But Al-queda hates the U.S. I mean wake up and smell the coffee. They want us dead. In the muslim religion we are considered infidels. Read the koran-it even says that. We need to continue to fight terrorism. If the war lands on our soil, we are screwed. correct me if I’m wrong but I thought GWB did serve his country as a U.S coastguard or national guard and so did Bush Sr. As a matter of fact, Clinton dodged the war. 9/11 wasn’t the first terrorist act. This has been going on for the past 20 years, (the bombing of the U.S.S cole is an example). We’ve had many attacks on our soil. Clinton only slapped bandaids on deep gaping wounds and that’s why we are here today. This could have been taken care of a long time ago and now we are in an even bigger mess because of him!! It’s really easy to say what you would do if you were president huh?

  58. maggie says


  59. ce ce says

    Jayen is precious! i’ve been working with “Fetal Alcohol syndrome”children for 15 years, and he doen’t have the look! Sorry!

  60. WTF says

    I think that you need to sign up! I’m not disrepecting the people that die for this country at all! Maybe, it’s familes out there..that need this financially….maybe they don’t have another choice! That still doesn’t explain why G.B can’t put his family members out there on the front line! Dumbnuts! When someone dies, all he can say is”We’re not going to let them coward us into a corner” “US” he’s not the one dying over there…..The soldiers are! KIMMY! ask your husband….how many bodies was burning? if infact he is in the army. Maybe Clinton, was avoiding war! G.B. Just wanted to go after Al-queda because his father was a total lame…at cinching problem! So….in other words…..SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE!

  61. kimmy says

    WTF- the reason that I mentioned about the cheating is because you said in your blog, and I quote ” I’m not saying its right but what man do you know, that haven’t cheated on his wife? ” As far as our men and women on the frontline-they willingly signed up for that knowing the possibility of maybe going to war, including my husband who has been in for 17 years. That is what war is- people die for the good of the country to support losers like you who disrespect our military.In fact more men and women have died in the Vietnam war and WW1 and 2 than this war. Why don’t you get off of your ass and go sign up if you’re so worried about our men and women? Do your part, quit being so selfish with your freedoms. Your last blog made no sense whatsoever. Until then, again-shut your piehole.

  62. Jenna M. (UK) says

    He is a cute kid. I would say however that he does have the facial characteristics of a child with fetal alcohol syndrome, especially the eyes. Before anyone asks, I used to work with a young boy who had fetal alcohol syndrome.

  63. oriana says

    Tia, yes you will have a exciting time of it in Canada next weekend! Nice to just eat, lay around, read a book, relax. Which is not so easy for you with a little one wanting to play and attention! Ha! Easier for me, which is what I did this past weekend, wanted to go see Ocean’s 13, but was too lazy! I do love Don Cheadle and I heard Matt Damon was hilarious in it! My hubby saw it and said he enjoyed it, he took 6 Special O clients so he had his hands full!

  64. says

    that man schemed into the white house, and you know it! I just hope that he don’t get us killed! I don’t think that just because a person is a republican, that they should stand behind this guy! No, he can’t control his family’s actions, but I wish that he would put his family on the front line, instead of our other people kids! How did we get on the topic, about your husband cheating on you? Is it because in the back of your small mind…you know that he is! Matter of fact, he told me to tell you that he don’t like BUSH! He also, said” to keep his dinner warm”, because he pulling a late one again tonight……after he leaves here! That’s how I know that your family isn’t perfect!

  65. kimmy says

    WTF- I’m not a republican dear, I’m an independent. Judging by the way you type and your narrow-minded thinking, I’d say that I’m a lot more educated than you. As far as the Gore/Bush polls, those votes were counted at least 3 times and Bush won. People like you just didn’t want him to win and so even to this day you make excuses as to why you think he lost. I’m not saying that I agree with everything Bush does- in fact, I think the republicans are just as bad as the democrats. I know for a fact that my husband has never and never will cheat on me because he is a real man who knows what he’s got. It sounds like it has happened to you considering the attitude that you have. As far as Bush’s family members are concerned, what does that have to do with him? He can’t control all their actions. And speaking of righteous (this is the correct way to spell it-uneducated one. 🙂 ) Is your family perfect? Probably not. So shut your piehole.

  66. dori says

    sorry…correction… I looked it up and there are facial features that are different. I never knew that. I apologize.

  67. dori says

    since when does fetal alcohol syndrome have certain facial features? Where do you people get your information? It’s laughable.

  68. dori says

    Did you know that Hilary Swank the oscar winner for Million Dollar Baby was raised in a trailer park?
    Look how life turned out for her. So do you think trailer trash is an insult???? better wake up and realize people come from all kinds of places and turn out just fine. What a stupid comment.

  69. KD says

    Did anyone else hear the rumors that Jayden has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? I’m not sure if it’s true or not but apparently he has a lot of the facial characteristics.

  70. KD says

    Did anyone else hear the rumors that Jayden has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? I’m not sure if it’s true or not but apparently he has a lot of the facial characteristics.

  71. Tia says

    Oriana- I had a lovely wekend…how was yours? Next weekend it’s a long weekend for us…Canada Day July 1st!

    I think prince william is quite the looker…i missed that special!!

  72. says

    oh oh we have on our hands is a “wet behind the ear republican” Honey, look up his deeds on google! I’m not saying that it’s right, but What man do you know, that haven’t cheated on his wife? I know that he was suppose to set an example for Americans, but did you forget that he is a human, and human makes mistakes! G.B. That stupid SOB, don’t even know how to answer questions correctly without looking stupid! That muta@##A$ did drugs, but that is the numscull that American’s forgave, but they can’t forgive Britney..that’s all about her business, and Babies! DID I SAY”DOUBLE STANDARD AGAIN”!) If you truly want to be rightous….you know that Bush, really did scheme into the white house don’t you? Gore…really won that whole election! It took him 7….days to get to Hurricane Katrina! You will never know what goes on behind closed doors! Clinton, cheating on his wife…please wake up, is that the best you can dig up on hm? THE BUSHES SUCK! What about his niece, NOELLE BUSH, DID You know that she got caught with a pipe, and Crack COCAINE, or His nephew, He got caught having sex in a car….. CAN’t WAIT UNTIL 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Natalie says

    Britney looks so trashy! You can take the girl out of the trailer home, but you can’t take the trailer home out of the girl

  74. kimmy says

    WTF_ok where did you hear that GWB did cocaine? Also, what about Clinton disrespecting the white house and his wife by having an affair and then lying about it. You do know that we are in this war today because of Clinton right?

  75. WTF says

    Hello……she can wear what she wants to wear. Who is AMERICA…. to tell people what they can wear, and what they cannot wear? Who are we to judge her on her mistakes? I think that she love her children. I think that she is trying her best, and for that she gets a head up, and a hand shake from me! I think that America is too Critical on people failures…if a person makes one little mistake…in america’s eyes they deserves to be in a trash dumpster. What About G.B? He use to drink, and do cocaine…I don’t see how anybody like that deserves to be our President….but obviously America Forgave that nutjob, and he schemed his way into the White house! DOUBLE STANDARD? (FREEDOM OF SPEECH)

  76. dori says

    I think I read somewhere that the reason there were no formal pics of Jayden for cash is because it was agreed upon in the divorce that no money would would be made on the release of photos of this child. He was born in the middle of a breakup. How many of you could survive that? You behind your computer screens and talk trash about a girl walk a mile in her shoes before you pass judgement.

  77. dori says

    He is so cute looks… more like his mommy. I am extremely happy for Brit and very proud of her for comming back from a near breakdown. Those of you who hate and criticize show that you have no compassion or understanding. you can’t imagine her life in the public eye constantly. Try to remember this girl is still in her 20’s and has a big career and 2 children and a very public breakup. The stress level is excruciating. I commend her on her return to being herself and wish her much success in the relase of her new album.

  78. AmyY says

    kelise, if she were wearing panties under that short dress it wouldnt have mattered how far they had stooped to take her pic. show a little class britney

  79. y.b.g. says

    Yeah, he’s cute, in a L’il Bubba kinda way (I chuckle, but I mean no disrespect). He is also *doomed*, poor lad.

  80. Kelise says

    Flashing her crotch? Well, If the scumarazzi wasn’t always stooping down taking pictures…..then you would never have seen her snatch! Also, I think that you people act like animals! These babies are cute as Hell! WHIPE YOUR EYES…..TELL ME WAHT DO YOU SEE? BECAUSE I DON’T THINK THAT WE’RE SEEING THE SAME BABY!

  81. says

    Sorry but I don’t think he’s that cute at all. He is definately cuter than Sean Preston when he was about his age, but Sean looks much cuter recently. Hopefully JJ will get cuter as a grows older.

  82. minkysmom says

    I don’t think JJ is all that cute, but none of Kevin’s kids are imo. and forget britney and her mistakes, it’s ok to forgive them but not ok to forgive traci lords for mistakes she made as a child and keisha castle-hughes either.

  83. AmyY says

    Kelise, making a bad choice as a parent doesnt usually involve flashing your crotch for the world to see.. how embarressing for her kids to see when they are older. that being said, Jayden could be much cuter without that goofy hat

  84. Jodie says

    plain kid.

    all these celebs have such average looking children and then their fans harp on about how cute they are.

    they’re not.

  85. lavidaloca says

    What annoys me most and the thing I wont ever forget is Britneys drink/drugs binge… when she went out night after night and she had to be aware of all the criticism but she still chose to carry on when she should have stopped. Ok I could have given the girl a few nights off to let her hair down, everyone needs tha once in a while but she was doing it for something like 2 weeks I think, far too excessive in my opinion…

    Back to the subject matter, Jayden is a cutie and looks very much like his big bro…

  86. the real yummy brittaneyi says

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww I love his little chubby cheeks. He looks just like britney and Sean. AWWW his little bottom teeth. Seeing cute babys like him makes me want another ALMOST. I am so glad she isnt out partying night after night with the bimbos. Her boys needs her to be their momma and she looks very happy with him

  87. Daynna says

    Aww hes a cutie!

    Jody not every parent is perfect people are human and make mistakes, britneys have just been in the media she isnt a bad parent at all maybe a little nieve and immature but not a bad mother no one knows whats shes like at home with her children.

    Jayden looks more like britney and sean is more like k-fed both very cute kids tho! maybe she didnt want to show him off because of every little thing she does with her children is in the media and made out that shes nearly killed them e.t.c liek when she tripped she didnt nearly drop sean preston at all she tripped thats it ive done it holding my own children and so have my friends it happens!

  88. Becki says

    I’m not a big fan of Britney, but her sons are absolutely adorable. I don’t blame Britney for hiding her sons from the media! I mean, everytime she’d walk out with Sean, she’d get a bunch of crap for it. She’s made some mistakes, but she’s only human.

  89. oriana says

    Tia, hope you had a nice weekend young lady!!!!!!!

    Just watched the Special on Prince William and Harry, I think Harry is sooo cute!!!!! They are very tall and nice young men!!!!

  90. oriana says

    This picture is several days old. Very cute, looks a lot like Sean to me. These are really cute kids!!!!!

  91. maggie says

    omg jayden is adorable he defenetly looks exactly like sean and britney, I dont think brtney was hidden jayden, she just dont wanted to show him, maybe to punish the paparazzi for being mean to her

  92. Kelise says

    that’s not true Jody! All parents make mistakes. Parents can make mistakes all their life! She is doing pretty good right now.. She is spending time with her children… in every picture that I have seen lately she seems to be spending quality time…..Usually the stalkarazzi is hounding her for the awlful pictures. Who was that who said ” that you only get one chance to be a great parent….anyway? I’m curious! That is the biggest crock of s*** I’ve heard yet. I’m sorry if I offended you, but that is the most narrow minded statement that i have heard….in a while. LOL

  93. carleigh says

    Jayden is completely adorable..just wish Britney hadn’t kept him hidden for so long. She appears to be immersing herself back into the things that matter and spending more and more time w/ her kids, this is only a good thing. She needs to focus ALL her energies on that and just stay sober and clean.

  94. Lauren says

    Awww, Jayden is a cutie. I wonder why she hid him for so long. Jayden looks like big brother. She seems to really be growing up. Hopefully, she’ll realize that her boys come first. 🙂

  95. says

    What a nightmare. How rough it must be to have fame and fortune. It is too bad that she decided to have children before she grew up. Getting her life back on track? That is yet to be seen. Too bad for her kids. You only have one chance to be a great parent and she has already blown it. How Selfish she is……

  96. Kidada armstool says

    I looooove Britney Spears! I’m happy for her….that’s she’s changing her life around. It’s good that she picked up, and kept matter how rough the media was on her. Jayden James, is HANDSOME, just like SEAN P. kept up the work Brit.

  97. Rae says

    AWWW He’s so cute!! He looks just like his goregous mom. Britney is really turning her life around! Good for her! I’m glad to see her here happy with her son,and I know Sean P. wasn’t to far behind.

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