Kelly Ripa With Her Gaggle

Kelly Ripa

Just a pic of the eternally cute and young mom Kelly Ripa with her children. Eldest son Michael is 10, daughter Lola is 6 and son Joaquin is 4.


  1. Libraesque says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Pipa, her kids are all gorgeous, her husband seems a little light in the loafers to me

  2. Aimee says

    Um, so again I ask, how is her marriage to Mark? I hope for the kid’s sake that they are not breaking up.

  3. Amy says

    The kids are adorable. Can’t stand Kelly. She is so in love with herself. On her TV show she is constantly interrupting Regis and mugging for the camera. She is a fake.

  4. Aimee says

    I’m wondering if there’s any truth to the rumors (oxymoron?) that Kelly & Mark are having marital woes? The most recent pics never include the two of them together … hmmmm.

  5. Julie says

    I love Kelly Ripa, I think she’s so funny and cute. She seems pretty down to earth too. Her oldest looks just like his daddy! I like to see pics of this family!

  6. Zbella says

    Kelly without make-up. It’s nice to know we all have our off days 🙂 Her daughter is a little older than mine.

    I’m impressed with her mothering and working full time.

    Kelly is not Hispanic, as far as I know. But her husband definitely is. Cute kids!

  7. JJ says

    Not that acquainted with KR and her family but she looks ghastly in this photo. The hair colour just washes out her complexion. Is she of Hipsanic origin…? She needs to either get some colour in her face or change her hair colour. Her pedicure looks pretty nice though.

  8. says

    I don’t count myself as a fan of Kelly’s, but I do think she is adorable and I can’t get over that she is the mother of three. She must be really good at the multi-tasking! And I just love her dress – does anyone know who’s it is? So perfect for summer…

  9. says

    I’m not a fan of her, but I don’t hate her or anything. Her husband is really cute! Lol. Michael is going to be really goodlooking when he grows up like his dad.The other 2 are cuties.Her daughter does look around 8! She looks old in this pic, but everyone has bad days.

  10. Sandra says

    Love her and her family! The kids are adorable!! She was pregnant with Lola when I was pregnant with my son, she had her a month before mine!!

  11. phnxgirl says

    I think the youngest is a cutie pie. I think some people don’t like Kelly because she is very peppy. Peppy people can be annoying. I am peppy, and annoying as well. 😉

  12. ce ce says

    I love the kiddies! Lola, look so much older than 6, I think that she is going to be a stunner!?! Kelly has such a fun personality, and My family just looooooooove her!

  13. Becki says

    Kelly is such a wonderful person, and so beautiful after 3 kids. Granted, this picture isn’t a very good one of her, but she does look happy despite the tired, puffy eyes.

  14. barbie says

    i can’t believe how much her oldest son looks like his dad – he’s cute now – he’ll probably be gorgeous by his teens! they’re such a cute family and they seem so devoted to the family and each other. i LOVE hope and faith, it’s a pity we can’t get regis and kelly in the u.k.

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