1. Deenah says

    She is pretty.She stars in a movie with Pamela anderson its called Blonde and Blonder. Denise was said to be a shy girl,well thats what it said on imbd.She looks like a older version of Sara Paxton.

  2. Kate says

    #23…You can find a lot of pictures of Sam and Lola smiling at I don’t know why people are so mean about Sam. She’s adorable! She’s probably just a shy little girl who dislikes cameras being shoved in her face….Not a child who is distraught by her “parents situation”, as some have suggested. Sheesh.

  3. courtney says

    its hard to comment on these lil ones, i love em, their so cute, they are IDENTICAL to their daddy…but they only really look happy in SOME pictures…their probly just sick of all the people following them and the flashes of the cameras and all tat, im sure it takes a lot to get used to it for a child unless they like it….like suri!! shes always smiling!!

  4. Analise says

    Denise looks good. Pretty as usual. Her daughter is cute, too bad she looks more like her dad. They are both dressed fine. You people that bitch about Denise and her kids are stupid.

  5. Ricky says

    Denise – pretty?? That’s a stretch. She looks like a drag queen… Those eyebrows are laughable. She is such a coattail “famous” person. That child is so completely miserable! I would be too, if that were my mommy. Puke. And for any of you who are going to refute (this means to tell me I’m wrong) me – you are a puke too. And has anyone else ever wondered how/why these people only go out with only one child when they have several?? If I tried to go to a movie premiere with one child, my other would be so hurt! I would never! I have two kids – so I go out with TWO KIDS, no matter how “hard” it may be…

  6. daisy says

    Sam’s expressions are actually so miserable, they almost look funny. Almost like someone photoshopped the face onto this kid wiith the Mother smiling, clueless.

  7. Aimee says

    I don not care for Denise Richardson. She’s a whoremonger of a friend. She knows that the paparazzi will be where ever she calls them to be at. I wish that she just let her daugther stay at home for once. That poor kid. We probably would see Charlie Sheen with the children, but I She seem like the type to put up a bustle when he tries.

  8. kim--original kim says

    this little girl always looks miserable…with her mother!! We never see photos of her w/ Charlie, with whom she probably smiles, you know why??? Because he doesn’t call the papparazzi every time he takes her somewhere!!!

  9. oriana says

    She has some pretty clothes but a lot of her dresses look a little “tight”, I wonder if that is how they are made or if she buys a size smaller?

    I don’t care for her but she is gorgeous! Has she made any movies lately? Guess she is living off Charlie’s money.

  10. obnoxious spice says

    denise looks a lot younger and less ‘trashy’ than usual in these pics..that poor little girl doesn’t look impressed – perhaps all the flashing bulbs going off in her face i suppose, although i would think that she would be used to that by now…we often see both the girls dragged out for ‘photo ops’…some perhaps staged and some not..
    i actually like the dress/shoe combo on denise…and i also, hope she takes a break from men for a while and concentrates on a bit of mummy time…i don’t remember seeing any pics of the girls with their daddy…i would love to, considering their resemblence to him!

  11. Aliciasweets85 says

    so her and sambora broke up? i didnt know that
    her children are hideous.
    such a good looking woman should make prettier babies…but what can you expect when the sire is Charlie Sheen? **eh**

  12. oriana says

    maggie, there have been a few, but not recently. I remember one on a swing, a couple at a toy store, she is cute and does have a nice smile, but she always looks so sullen to me.

    Denise is beautiful and Sam is Charlie made over, Denise totally lost out with Richie, I have always liked him.

    And does Charlie EVER come and take the girls out? You would think we would see some pictures of him sometimes with them!

  13. Maggie says

    I agree with everyone – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture where Sam is smiling. Can anyone help me with one?
    Denise is beautiful, I hope things continue to look up for her.

  14. Zbella says

    Sometimes I wonder if the webmistress looks for the worst pix of little Sam. Certainly put the worst one first here.

    Just another smiling Denise and glum looking Sam as the cameras flash…

  15. Aisha says

    Even though she looks very pretty, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the protruding vein in Denise’s forehead on the first photograph? Maybe she has been working out a little too hard recently! Her (equally as pretty) daughter doesn’t look happy but I doubt I would if I had the world’s media in front of me.

  16. Minnie says

    I don’t know – Denise always looks so staged when she’s out with the children. She looks like she’s making a point.

  17. renee says

    not a cute kid! total sour-puss on her face. typical hollywood family for you, those Richards-Sheens….i don’t know how Denise or Charlie can feel good about themselves

  18. says

    Its a kiddy movie..a very funny one from the parts I have I would htink most parents would take thier kids like shrek..maybe she just hates the paps taking shots at her all the time…or she is simply wants to skip the endless red carpet and see the movie already. She looks a lot like her dad

    HMMM..Mummy over there dug her won grave, nontheless I hope she had come her senses , for her actions has lost her both a best friend and a lover….and I shoudl imagine very few married women or engaged women in HW will be rushing to be friends with her…

    Hope she can find peace and contentment for the sake of the girls…

  19. says

    Not a fan of Denise but she looks good in these pics, and she seems to be a good mother, regardless of what people say. I love her dress, not the shoes so much. Sam does look a lot like her dad. I have made comments about a million times about why Sam may not be smiling in pics, so I’m not going to bother again…

    Oh. and one more thing, DR dresses her girls really cute, just like Heidi Klum. What is so grown up about this dress?? I fail to see it. Like Racheal said, it is a premire, and there are dressy clothes that kids could wear.I have only seen one pic with Sam in a low jeans but other than that, thay are dressed very cute and girlie in kids clothing all of the time.

  20. Sandra says

    That is so sad that her mother would drag her out and display her like this. She is a sad, angry. pissed off little girl. It probably has everything to do with her “parents” situation.

  21. Rachel says

    I think they both look good in their dresses. What else should denise be wearing. An old granny dress? She’s not that old! And Sam also looks find. It’s a premiere, you’re supposed to dress up. She’s not always dressed like that.

  22. Anna says

    I don’t like their outfits at all. I think Sam is too young to be wearing that…it makes her seem older. I think Denise, though, is too old to be wearing what she’s wearing. I feel like she’s trying to look sexy for younger men or something…she seems to be trying to look like a MILF. this is just the first thing that popped into my mind. I understand if you don’t agree with it, I’m not trying to be rude, it really is what I thought when i saw her dress. sorry if this is insulting or something to anyone, is not what im trying to do

  23. says

    I love the colors of the dress and shoes together. And Sam doesn’t really look grumpy to me. She just looks like a little kid who doesn’t get that you’re supposed to smile glamorously on the red carpet! 🙂 She’s probably confused by all the people and cameras.

  24. says

    Denise Richardson looks ok! I don’t like her shoes! Where is Lola? I’m not a stylist, but I know that my little girls dress would cordinate with mine…..that’s all i’m saying! That poor little girl, looks like she don’t want to be there, she probably misses her sister!

  25. Becki says

    Sam looks so sullen as always. I wonder if she just normally looks like that. Poor kid. Denise looks great, even though she’s gotten somewhat of a bad rep.

  26. oriana says

    Sam always looks grumpy and bored! She doesn’t need to be hauled out in public for every event necessary! It is plain to see she is not happy to be there, as usual!!!!!

  27. carleigh says

    Sam is really cute. Denise looks better than she has in awhile, I like her hair lighter. I hope she takes a bit of a hiatus from men and just sticks w/ her little girls, they are so young and really need their mother to be with them as mush as possible right now.

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