1. N says

    Now the boots…… I dont understand that choice….Flip flops or the heeled flip flops would have been a “better choice” to me.

  2. N says

    Sorry ladies…but once again alot of you women know nothing about fashion. I dont wear this stuff but I know plenty of girls HER AGE that do. She has on a bikini outfit. The bikini top and “cover” shorts match. The top she threw over her bikini does not have too. This outfit is from the same line as the white and pink sweat suits she and allie wore. To you this looks like cheap stuff….. but it actually isn’t. She wears designer clothes. You all just dont know that they are.

  3. kelly says

    Please, i don’t know what the fuck this bitch is trying to say by wearing hillbilly clothes that some one with no money would wear. my dog dresses better than her.

  4. Pak31 says

    It’s a real shame that anyone would look up to her or think she’s great. First of all, she is a slob, she has no regard for the sanctity of marriage. She gives mother’s a bad name too. The saddest thing of all is that she was plucked from the group of Mouseketeers as a marketing tool. They made her into a megastar, made her look really good with a lot of trainers, makeup artists, and synthesizers. Sold a lot of music and made their money. Now that that is over, they tossed her aside like trash and let her get on with her life and she messed up big time. It really is sad, she IS a human being but people saw her as a money maker. She really isn’t that talented she just had the right people around her. The only problem is that she can’t deal with the real world. When will people get the clue??

  5. says

    She is and always looks like total trash, I feel sorry for those kids. I wish the press and people would stop publicizing her, and she’d just disappear.

  6. Lauren says

    Does Britney even look in the mirror when she leaves her house? Geez…but I have to admit, Britney makes news where ever she is. I just wish it’s for positive news and not negative.

  7. onatear says

    Right ON!! number 3 Fan…let’s ignore the bad comments and move ahead. Like her, or loathe her, Britt makes news.

  8. mujo says

    I think she is great thats whye the paparazzi loves her and thats why she is on the news and every paper everyday….because she can sell any magazine if her face is on top of it ….well I’ll tell you one thing all britney haters that…this girl has a star shinning down on her and no one can stop it…she can go to the rehab and come out and just hang around and everyone will still follow her around….I’m from Tanzania (east africa) and I love her she is my girl and I think she has a beautiful voice and adorable kids…… gooooooo britney

  9. Kat says

    She looks so freakin’ trashy! If you saw some chick dressed like this at your local Wal-Mart, you would stare and think, “My GOD, woman, have you no class?” Disgusting.

  10. dori says

    She looks great and is comming back better better than ever… “if you haven’t got anything good to say …don’t say anything at all. “

  11. Xenafan96 says

    19. Libraesque | June 22nd, 2007 at 7:24 pm
    my god, she’s such trash AND I LOVE HER!!!

    Lib, did you see Rescue Me on Wednesday? Denis Leary made a very hilarious crack about the scent of the new Britney perfume when it was sprayed on him.

    “Uh… what, what exactly is that?”-Tommy (Denis Leary)
    “Oh, it’s Curious by Britney Spears, you know, her new perfume.”-Sheila
    “Great, now I smell just like vodka and burned hair. As if I didn’t smell that way before.”-Tommy

    Sheila pretty much said the same thing you did ,lol- she’s is trashy but god I just love her!

  12. carleigh says

    She just can’t match her clothing to save her life. Good to see her in a pet store and not a bar, and even better to see she’s got her girlie bit-bit’s covered. Save for matching clothes which this girl has never had “taste” in her life, she seems happier and more content than she’s been in awhile. Nothing bad to say really just clothing wise, ick! But her smile is beeming, I hope she’s getting her crap together.

  13. JJ says

    Jesus Christ! will someone tell this woman that pyjamas are meant to be worn to bed or just lounging around the house…BS should be a guest on the show “What not to Wear”…

  14. Tess says

    It appears she is buying birds- hardly the ideal gift for two young boys. I don’t mind the mismatched clothes, but what is up with those hideous boots?

  15. Tess says

    It appears she is buying birds- hardly the ideal gift for two young boys. What is up with those hideous boots?

  16. says

    Sorry but I cant stand Britney, CA is a way better singer, and she is beautiful. I’m sure she’ll make a better mum as well. CA and her husband are great together. What is Britney wearing?? She doesn’t look good her at all.

  17. ce ce says

    Britney, is the s%$t! She will bounce back stronger than ever! Christina A. can sing, but she is so overrated. I hate the way she has this whole 40’s thing going on! I heard that she is pregnant, congrats to her! Britney, will be back.

  18. Lea says

    3 and 6 That should be pretty easy since they are all probably the same person.

    I have no comment on Britney at this time.

  19. Nicki says

    2. ce ce – You are going to have to wait until 2008. Word is her new CD sucks, except for a few songs, but the rest aren’t marketable. She lip syncs in live concerts, and her only selling point is dancing. I still don’t understand why Christina A. doesn’t a larger fan base. That girl can sing, she belts out any song, rock, ballard, pop, with gusto. Oh well, we will see who will have a longer life recording. My bet is Christina A. she can sing!!!

  20. Chickidee says

    I agree FAN………you come on here and few selected ones make is almost not worth it!! So lets Ignore those few and just maybe they will go away!! 🙂

  21. Fan says

    I plead with all the decent bloggers to please ignore Lib,Mia.and Shadow from now.It is clear that they badly need attention.Infact,let us try and ignore people who pass nasty and racist comments.I really like this site and i donot want these people to stop me from logging into this site.I believe that if we ignore them,they will go away with time.I AM REALLY BEGGING THE DECENT BLOGGERS ON THIS.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  22. ce ce says

    I love My girl Britney! Maybe she’s buying a animal for her children! I can not wait until her album drops!

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