Brad Pitt With Pax & Zahara

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Check out Zahara’s Black Sabbath shirt! Wow! No Elmo for her! I think Pax’s shirt says Respect Your Mother, but I’m not 100% certain. That’s cool!


  1. just jn says

    ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH!! Angelina so so so tired of her, she says she wants to change the world for the children that are neglected and are just plain starving…. I find it a joke.. she goes and visits and is always sure to take a camera person along and makes sure they take allot of photos!! I’m sure she means well. None of this will change the fact that Angie has destroyed 3 marraiges because she can’t keep her pants on. Let’s not forget she is an admitted bisexual, likes to use knives in bed, and wore her x-husbands, (Billy Bob Thortan) blood in a vial around her neck!! … FREAK! Worst of all, she doesn’t deserve any Mommy of the year awards..that betraying statement she made about her beautiful daughter, QUOTE: “I love my adopted children more than my biological child with Brad, because they have suffered so much more in their lives. That is the lowest most disgusting, cruel, vile thing to come out of her big mouth yet!!! *Period!!!* All children in any and every situation deserve to be, and should be loved equally! I do not care about what her kids are wearing! I care about the idiotic statements she makes that WILL come back to haunt her. I’m waiting to see what she is going to tell her daughter when she reads or is told someday, that her Mother said she loves her siblings more than she loves her!! I also hate the way everyone thinks Angie is so great because of her charity work..Please, she helps, yes…but how much more could she help if she just sold one of her many homes, and gave that money to the hungry and suffering children.. since when has owning multiple mansions become more important than children’s lives. So she saved 3 children, what about the rest!! She could do so so so much more with all that money, I guess she has to keep most of it. That way when she has to walk the red carpet, she can throw on that ten thousand dollar dress so everyone can see how beautiful she is!! Worse yet, she will only wear it once! How many children could she help with that money! She is a hippo crate. If you want to find someone to look up to for their charity efforts, look to Bono, he is a true humanitarian! In my mind Angie should just shut her big mouth, before she digs herself even deeper. Truly dedicated humanitarians do not ***repeatably*** WRECK happy homes and other wise happy marriages! It is No wonder that Brad’s parents hate her!! They are good and decent people! I do not think she will be able to hold on to Brad!! I also agree with many of you above, that she does not deserve him!! Sooner or later he will see her true colors, and will probably feel foolish not to have seen them earlier. Think about it…Have you ever seen her with a close friend? ..NO!.. She does not have any! She is too busy making sure that all the men are falling at her feet to worship her!! Remember when she took her brother to the awards show, and famously known by all, practically French kissed him when she won!! YUK! This girl is mega messed up!! I feel sorry for Brad and the kids!! (no need to respond to this blog, I borrowed a friends computer…mine is on the fritz! I won’t receive any replies!) Personally I don’t think she deserves one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicki says

    92. Nicki ——-Please, stop using my name. The last post by me was July 25th on this thread. And 2 weeks later you COPY a post I put on another thread, and post it here. Sad!

    I wish we had a sign-in, or type-key here so all these posers wouldn’t be able to steal other posters names. Please leave me alone! You are pitiful. Get a life, grow a backbone, and PLEASE leave me alone!!!!! For what it is worth, Thanks.

  3. Nicki says

    Hey corward–stop using my name. I wasn’t on here all last night.

    Still hitting the sauce, eh?

  4. says

    Oh please that stupid Black Sabbath shirt was that brat Maddox’s. There is a zillion pictures of him wearing it when he was smaller.
    And no of course Angelina would not put her kids in Elmo shirts, god that would be normal, no she has to make her kids look stupid and punk and goth like she tries to be. How this sick woman can adopt is beyond me, MONEY SURE AS HELL TALKS!

  5. Nicki says

    hey-rph- if you had any clue about rickets, you would know that until the child is 3-4 years old, you don’t operate. You are an idiot, and trying to make trouble. You have nothing to say. Go away and do some research. Zahara is doing just fine snd looks like a happy and much loved baby.

  6. rph says

    don’t anyone see that Z is bowed legged? A doctor needed to access this problem on the child soon.

  7. Nicki says

    Hey corward–stop using my name. I wasn’t on here all last night.
    But continue on picking on babies. Must make you feel real inportant. Loser.

  8. Nicki says

    Hey Loser #82—-If you are going to steal someones name at least get it right. Coward. And you call Brad & Angie crazy? If your not crazy then there is no hope for you. You are hopeless.

  9. Dori says

    Does the niglet have AIDS or what? It looks like a starving Biafran. If this crazy couple wants to collect brown toys, they should at least adopt healthy ones.

  10. Kel B says


    I apologize. At first I was addressing you, but then I drifted off to addressing other people.

    Just discount anything I said that didn’t pertain to you.

  11. oriana says

    I don’t understand why these pregnant women feel it necessary to strut around in heels so high they know it is dangerous, they can easily trip! Even worse, carrying the kids with those heels on, look how Brit tripped and almost dropped her baby with those too long pants and high wedge shoes, it is all about looking good, not safety or comfort!

  12. dori says

    who were you talking to when you brought up Pax and z wearing someone leses T’s??? I made no comments on that. If you speak to general public on here addressing several people don’t attach one persons name to it ok?

  13. dori says

    #71 please don’t address me next time you go on a rant.
    Half the stuff you wrote in your story wasn’t related to me at all I said nothing about the children.

  14. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Hello lady…Answer your own questions before posing it because I believe you are one of those who happen to leave comments on BRZZI..hahha

    And as for all the people who come on these sites and say, “Stop wasting your life talking about celebs lives thats so pathetic.” Why are you on this site in the first place? What kind of life are you living?

    I dont find writing about celebs degrading or somethign to be ashamed about..I work hard and I its fun to read comments and add to them..sorry you cant appreciate the thoughts of others without feeling under attack…but different strokes for different folks if you dont like it here , dont join and also I am sure you can find a shrine site where you can worship the psyhco skank!!

  15. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    What is CLASS?!

    As long as I am concerned all the women whose men were fucked and strapped by whorelina expressed the utmost dignity and reserve and CLASS.. on Jerry Springer that bag of bones will have her ass whipped!!

    Anniston does not want to be associated with these two..she is over and done with.

    Brad Pitt is no prize neither is Angelina. They deserve each other and I wish them the best of luck for the sake of their orphanage. We can all obeserve and make comments but truth is marriage vows include Fidelity and for better or worse when both adults involved are NORMAL!

    If you are married with the intention of bailing anytime some skrimishes arise or you think you will meet your sould mate another date, you have no business being married.

    I had no clue Pitt and Anniston were seperated till he showed on on one of the interview slots…the way he spoke so respectuflly of Anniston SCREAMED :” I cheated , so dont lay the blame at her door”

    My opinion is that, they did have problems and like most stars instead of trying to work it out they bail as quickly as possible.

    However Jolie has shown a behaviour pattern in her blatant disrespect for other peoples lives and relationship..she is just as much of a narciccist as Paris Hilton and her narciccistic supply is derived from flaunting numerous adopted multiracial children and doing good deeds??, which ranks at the bottom of some of the worlds greatest philantrophists who dont have a need to braodcast their many works..the truth is that all they RICH people are simply telling Uncle Sam to redsitribute or direct their taxes to a population or charity of their choice…no big deal!!!

  16. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    From Laura Derns Biography on Tiscali:

    Then disaster! As Dern put it: “I left our home to go and make a movie, and while I was away my boyfriend got married, and I never heard from him again”. Suddenly, Thornton had fallen for Angelina Jolie and the couple were bragging about their sexual exploits at every opportunity – which Dern must surely have enjoyed immensely. Describing the split as being “like sudden death”, she sought comfort by staying with Rossellini, and talking it over with best friend Meg Ryan. And indeed it would be Ryan who, a year or so later, introduced Dern to her next love – rock star Ben Harper, then himself in the throes of divorce.


  17. Kel B says

    Ok I’d like to address this response to Dori.

    First of all we don’t know the situation exactly, and it’s not really right of us to judge Brad, Angelina, or Jennifer.

    Secondly, I highly doubt Brad went out looking for someone else, I think he fell in love with Angelina while working with her. He couldn’t help the feelings he was having. If he fell in love with her so strongly, it would have been unfair to Jennifer for him to keep his marriage with her going, knowing that he was no longer in love with her.

    Thirdly, the fact that he fell in love with another woman shows his marriage was doomed anyway. Obviously his marriage to Jen was weak, and if he hadn’t fallen for Angie it would’ve been for someone else. If you’re in love with someone strongly (like you should be in a marriage) then nobody can “steal you away”.

    Fourthly, I highly doubt that he was the only wrong doer in the marriage. I’m sure Jen did/said some pretty hurtful things, and I think a lot of the reason they divorced was a failure in their relationship that had little to do with Angelina (just speculation).

    And yes, Jen is talking about adoption, but did it ever occur to you that maybe they had entirely different perspectives on parenting? Maybe Brad wanted 7 kids, and Jen wanted 1. Anyone with common sense in relationships knows the desire for children can come between a relationship, it can either make or break it. Or maybe Jen only wanted children of the same race (I’m not calling her racist, I’m saying its a preference). Maybe Brad has suddenly developed the desire to internationally adopt from meeting Angie’s son Maddox.

    The point is, it is ridiculous to blame Brad and Angelina and act like Jen is helpless and pathetic. It is VERY unclassy of her to put down Brad publicly as she did with the whole “sensitivity chip” comment, and that right there contradicts your whole perspective of her. She is a powerful independent woman, she always has been, and she’s not off wallowing, she’s out dating and having fun. And did it ever occur to you maybe Jen wanted the divorce just as bad as Brad? That maybe she wasn’t that oblivious, and she was no longer invested in the relationship.

    Jen seems happy to me now. She does. She is smiling and seems happy and healthy. Brad and Angelina are content too. So what the hell does the past matter for?

    Not only that, but they are not bad people. Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m sure you’ve made some questionable decisions, and probably some down right immoral ones too. But they are giving loving stable homes to many needy children, and that’s a beautiful thing, that’s what determines their personhood.

    And I’m sick of all this talk about poor Pax. Yes, it is an adjustment, but it’s one he’ll make and be better for. He is much better off with a mom, a dad, and brothers and sisters and a beautiful home and an exciting life than he was at the orphanage. He’s learning English, why does everyone act like thats a bad thing? He has so many open doors now, he gets to travel abroad and learn so much, he will have an education he deserves, he’ll get hugs and kisses, he’ll have birthday parties, he’ll get to be a kid. Why is everyone looking down upon her for adopting an older child? Many couples no longer want the older children. I praise them for that.

    And who cares what clothes they wear? I’m sure the reason they have her wearing Maddox’s shirt is because she wanted to. She probably loves and admires her big brother and wanted to wear his shirt. I doubt they forced her to wear it, they have plenty of money to buy her own clothes, I’m sure she just wanted to. And it’s about time we grew up and let go of stereo-types. Girls should not “have” to wear pink frilly clothes, and boys shouldnt “have” to wear football jersies and jeans. Let them be their own person.

    And as for all the people who come on these sites and say, “Stop wasting your life talking about celebs lives thats so pathetic.” Why are you on this site in the first place? What kind of life are you living?

    I admire Brad and Angelina for all their humanitarian work, I havent seen AMH, but even if it sucked at least it got the story out there, and I think they have a beautiful family.

    Peace out.

  18. courtney says

    i hope pax is adjusting ok!!! its got to be hard going from nothing to everything and everyone in the world wanting to see pictures of you!!

  19. says

    Okay …

    I think Jolie is an undiagnosed unmanaged psycho

    That said, I think she i doing better than expected and the family seems to help her stable status for the moment

    I wouldnt bother to criticize the way they dress at all since I think some children have thier own taste even at 2 years old they can tell you what they want to wear …
    What I see is a bunch of children being dressed up according to the mothers wishes, they are making do with what they have and are given by mama. They have not been exposed to the frillies yet especially since they dont socialize with others much.
    In anycase all I can dedude is that AJ must be just another control freak of a mother who wants her kids ot look a certain way….

    However trampnise richards has a different case where you can tell she tries to incoporate the wishes of her children… sam likes her shorts and tees and will scowl if she is mini cute dresses that Denise puts her in. Lola is always in her cute dresses, she may actually like them or may not care to prefer otherwise.

    just observing!!!

    remember that I may not be right so dont go telling me off what to are welcome to make your own deductions!


  20. Kate says

    Oh! They are so cute! Look at Zahara pointing at the camera! I’ve seen a lot more smiling pictures of her recently than I had in the recent past.

  21. Nicki says

    65. KBaby —-Does it really matter what you are dressed in, as long as you are LOVED, FEED, and clothed? I mean come on, I have, know, people I know that aren’t the greatest parents, then I know the best parents ever who, no matter what night it is thoie kid is in bed, at (7:30, 0r 8:pm) every night no matter what is going on! That is a good MOM! (Brit has no chance………I hope her babies do!!)
    It is a constznt job. It takes time and attention.
    Seems like Brad and Angie have done all that. JMO.

  22. KBaby says

    You will never see the Jolie-Pitt girls in a frilly dress. It’s kind of sad that they are being dressed “neutral”. It is sometimes hard to tell if they are girls.

  23. Izzie says

    Zahara is so precious. I love the pic w/ her smiling real big and pointing at the camera. Too cute huh? And Pax , Maddox and Shi the whole gang are just a good looking family. It is sweet that they give hand me downs, makes them seem a little more down to earth. I admire and respect jolie and pitt for what they do. By adopting children in that kind of need and taking them in and filling their lives w/ love and care its great. I would love to be able to do that someday.

  24. dori says

    at any rate Zahara is looking very cute and showing a sweet personality it’s a pleasure to see her walking and smiling and playing with the cameras

  25. says

    why are you all talking about manniston…she doesnt want to anyone to associate her with these two syas she has moved on and fans and brangelina lover alike should allow her to move on without dragging her name into these two

    Brangelina are now thier own couple with a family that includes NO MANISTON

    oh well whatever…who cares right!!

  26. dori says

    Brad wanted a family and Angelina had that to give him instantly.Jen wasn’t ready at that moment she was in the middle of making some movies(her dream) he couldn’t wait a year ??? She’s talking about adopting now.
    I believe he was insensitive and not willing to wait. It was selfish. So he’s happy .. thats great but someone else suffered for him to be happy. Is that really fair?
    I know nothing will change what has transpired and there is no going back but I believe there are plenty of people out there who look at him and Angelina differently now.
    Jen was invited on TV because everyone wanted to know how she felt about what had happened not neccesarily to advertise her unhappiness.

  27. Fly On The Wall says


    Well, so do I. Let’s face it — nobody asked for Jen to advertise her heartbreak. She goes on Oprah and weeps and wails for all the world to see. Classy? I think not. If she had real class she would have handled the breakup like Nicole Kidman, who got kicked to the curb by Tom Cruise but she held her head up and kept her dignity. A very classy lady.

    It’s not the separation that has Jen’s fans so upset; it’s that Brad has found happiness with another woman. And with Angelina Jolie, of all people. The stereotypical good girl vs. the high school slut, and the slut won. Where’s the justice?

    Well, life isn’t like one of Jen’s sitcoms, and whether her fans want to admit it or not, Angelina has fulfilled Brad in more ways than Jen ever could or would. She gave him a family. She made him happy. I say more power to her.

  28. dori says

    Hate was not a word I used.. it was other people who said hate.. diapproval yes.. hatred?? not even close.

  29. dori says

    I totally agree she has moved on and adjusted very well. And I was happy she had a great friend in Vince because she really needed a good friend at that time. At any rate… it’s all water under the bridge and a lot of time has passed. I just felt very bad for Jennifer and the whole way Brad treated her. He IS missing a sensitivity chip and as Karma would have it what goes around comes around and that insensitivity will come back to him. Probably from dear sweet Angelina.
    I have no respect for Brad and Angelina
    But whats done is done I just feel uncomfortable with this couple because their relationship was built on the heartache of another woman.
    Does that make me a bitterwoman ?? certainly not. No one in my life ever treated me that way thank god. So I don’t identify with any of these people.
    But I do miss the days of celebrities keeping their private lives private and not out there for all the world to see.

  30. Fly On The Wall says

    There are a lot of very angry, lonely, bitter women out there who identify with Aniston for obvious reasons which I won’t go into here. Suffice to say that no amount of reason will make them see the light. Their hate is the focus of their existence.

  31. lurker says

    Jen did say Brad was ONE OF THE LOVES of her life. Got to give the girl for being honest. However, on her being sad…perhaps she was. That didn’t stop her from hooking up with Vince quickly after she filed for divorce though. Unfortunately, the one whose life after divorce did not go well will always thinks or play victim, with some poisonous resentments sometimes. I’ve witnessed this kind of divorce fallout for 25 years.

    That said, the question is still: why do you, a complete stranger, care so much to the point of hatred? And if you hate them so much, why keep reading about them?

  32. dori says

    traveller I don’t know what news you were watching..on her interview on Oprah stated she was heartbroken and “yes sure sometimes I want to hold a pity party”. You don’t know what you’re talking about. She was devastated and very hurt she admitted it myabe 6 months later she was ok but not in the beginning.
    And on the interview she said Brad WAS the love her life. Way to go Traveller change a word here and there and you can change the story. I won’t rely on your comments for correct information.

  33. Fly On The Wall says

    Actually it cost $16 million to make and recouped 1/4 of that on it’s first weekend. Not bad for a film that was definitely not intended for the 15-25 year old age group that make up the bulk of movie goers.

    There is a very cute video on Just Jared showing little Pax pointing at the papparazzi and saying in English, “They got a lotta big cameras!” If I can find the link again I will post it here.

  34. traveller says


    What heartbreak? Aniston wasn’t heartbroken over her divorce. I’ll give you embarrassed, but not heartbroken. Aniston herself said in an national interview long before they even separated that Brad Pitt was not the love of her life. I wouldn’t want to be married to someone either if I weren’t the love of their life. Can you blame Pitt for leaving? Besides which, both have said that they remain friends. If Aniston doesn’t hold anything against Pitt or Jolie, why do you?

  35. dori says

    A Mighty hear was a great movie I saw it over the weekend too.
    She’s an ok actress but not a super star to me. She didn’t play that role as intensly as it could have been played. She was not believable to me. it was not an outstanding performance. a bit depressing but good.still I don’t like Angelina I just hate a woman who build a relationship and a family out of another womans heartache. I hate her for that and don’t like Brad too much either.
    They could have waited for the divorce they could have had respect for the wife who suffered horrendous embarassment and pain at their expense. I don’t like this couple and will rejoice the day they break up and they will break up.. 5 years … I give them 5 years at most.

  36. Essie says

    I saw A Mighty Heart on Saturday and thought it was wonderful. I’m disappointed with the box office receipts but I think it will do well overall, especially in overseas receipts. After all, it only cost $20 million to make. It’s a good movie; well acted and very well done. It’s fast paced and never boring. I went to the second showing on Saturday afternoon and the theatre was quite full. (The real disappointment should be “Evan Almighty.” That thing cost almost $200 million to make and took in only $30 million or so. It will have to go some to make any money.)

    On another note . . . I really wish people would stop criticizing the way Angie and Brad choose to dress their children. They are dressed like most children I see who are going to nursery school or playing. In other words, they are dressed like regular kids and their clothes are not “dark.” So far this summer they have been wearing white and other light colors. Have you people actually looked at the photos?? Pax is wearing a WHITE t-shirt and light blue khakis; Zee is wearing light green t-shirt and tan khakis. What’s “dark” about any of that?

    Whatever. Don’t know why I bother. These people will be knocked no matter what they do!!

  37. oriana says

    Tea, sounds like you got your feathers in a ruffle! It doesn’t surprise me that she tends to dress her kids in dark clothing for she has a dark personality to me and has had for years. I would think that she could dress the girls to look like girls sometimes, but they are four very cute looking little boys!

    And I would venture to guess that the designers of children’s clothing would donate them to her also for her kids to wear just like they do her fancy evening dresses. They prob already have and been rejected.

  38. oriana says

    I don’t see coming in 10th all that great and I was and still am, pulling for this movie!

    And watched Flight United 93 and cried the whole time!!!!!

  39. Analise says

    There is NOTHING wrong with the way any of the Jolie-Pitt kids are dressed. What cute pics yet again.

  40. Fly On The Wall says

    “AMH” was 10th overall this weekend. Considering the film was released only 3 days ago in a limited number of films, and also considering that the other 9 films ahead of it were “summer blockbuster” types geared more to the 15-25 year old fan base, I don’t think AMH did badly at all. Any film that makes 25% of its expenses in the first three days of its release isn’t doing badly.

    People going to the movies in the summer want to be entertained with action/adventure stuff; they don’t want to watch a film about a guy who got beheaded by terrorists in real life. It cuts too close to the bone. “United 93” got excellent reviews but it bombed at the box office and I have to admit I never watched it and don’t intend to. I live in NYC and I’m still looking at a big hole in my skyline.

    I agree Angie and Brad felt this was a film that had to be made and I don’t think they are too concerned with the bottom line on this one. O13 has already made almost $90 million and they are both at the stage in their careers where they can pretty much choose to do whatever they want to.

  41. oriana says

    Verrry disappointed about the news of AMH not doing very good this weekend! Not for Angie for she has enough money if she never makes another film, and for all the elephants she wants to buy too! But I am a strong advocate for this film being made and the story being told! I hope it does better overseas but doubtful.

  42. oriana says

    Exactly my point about not being a good idea to be exposed to all the paps and commotion with being taken all over the place in just 3 months time! He needed time to adjust to a different way of life and a new family. His life has been adjusting to plane rides, (long ones) hotels, noise, flashbulbs along with new siblings, I think he should have been in a more stable and secure environment before uprooted so much.

  43. Fly On The Wall says

    Pax’s English is still fairly limited, so swatting someone with a toy may be his only means of expressing frustration when words don’t suffice. Angelina said in another interview that Pax is learning to speak English in sentences, but sometimes in the middle of a sentence he will switch to Vietnamese. He’s only been in an English-speaking environment for three months. It’s going to take him several more months before he gets it down right.

  44. oriana says

    I have always said that Pax is one of my fave of the kids, and he does seem startled and confused a lot in his pictures. And I may be wrong, but in one of the videos when they were getting on the plane to go to Cannes, it looked like he took a swing at Brad with his stuffed animal, he may have been playing but looked like he was upset to me, now he is very cute, it has been a difficult adjustment from such a regimented program he had in the orphange, and I think his life is 500% for the better. However, I think there should be should limits set with any child. Hitting at someone and especially a parent would not be allowed.

    I am certain he will be laughing and smiling like we have seen from Maddox before long. He is a very lucky little boy!

  45. Zbella says

    #31 – you are hitting nerves right and left… Pax was the only child out of infancy that they adopted – so he is adjusting at his own rate and in a different way. Leave him alone. He is not a mistake. They didn’t make a mistake to adopt this beautiful child and give him a home, siblings, love and everything a little boy needs.

  46. Tea says

    People dress their kids in the way they dress, or haven’t you noticed. Angelina wears dark clothes, so it is natural that she would tend to pick out dark cloths for her kids. I don’t see what the big deal is. Some people also just can’t stand all the cutesiness of most kids clothes. So what? As for the kids not all dressed up all the time, well forgive her for wanting them to be confortable. My daughter is 2.5 as well, and I have a way easier time dressing her in loose comfy pants and tee’s instead of dresses. When I do put a dress on her she throws a wicked tantrum, so for school and the park, I choose to put her in comfy clothes. And as for them not fitting properly, well maybe, especially with Z, it is hard to find things that fit well because she is so tall, and they don’t really feel it is necessary to pay tons of money on clothes that she is going to out grow in less than a year, there are better things to spend money on, like helping people, which is what they seem to prioritize. And don’t go on about how Angie wears all these wonderful outfits at premiers and such, cause more than likely the designers gave it to her, she did not pay.

    Anyways gone on enough, but I get compleatly annoyed with the people who criticize everything they do. Nothing makes you people happy!!!!

  47. oriana says

    Poor little Pax, he does look so overwhelmed practically all the time!! I think it was too soon for them to be travelling like they are with just adopting him. He is very cute to me but he just looks like he can’t take it all in, the flashbulbs and those fool photos yelling his name constantly! Pitiful!!!!!

    Zahara looks like a totally different person from the hateful scowling on her face to now these too, too, cute smiley pictures! She doesn’t seem afraid of the paps one bit!!! I would like to see her not dressed like a boy so much all the time! I do like the little shirt on her.

    If Angie wants to dress in drab colors and Brad, he looks like a bum most of the time, that is one thing, but these kids could wear any bright color and look good. I don’t understand what her problem is in this area but I think she has some kind of hangup about it!

  48. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh, so cute! I love Pax and Zahara’s t-shirts, they’re so cool. Especially if Zahara’s t-shirt is really a hand-me-down from Maddox; I hate it when celebs preach about poverty and excess and refuse to wear the same outfit twice!

  49. Lauren says

    Pax and Zahara are cuties! It’s nice to see Z smiling and more animated now. I love their shirts, especially Maddox’s. 2 cute! 🙂

  50. Aliciasweets85 says

    I absolutely HATE the way this fabulous family dresses their children. Zahara is so beautiful, and looks like an orphan off the streets!!
    And Pax, he looks dazed and confused at all times. Adding him to their “collection” was a mistake. He’s going to grow up to become the Alexis Arquette of the bunch…

  51. says

    Hilarious..celebs will be celebs ..they are largley narciccistic so whatever they do has little to do with anybody else but themselves…children , spouses etc will come second for most celebs especially those that seek the limelight continously . It does not mean they will knowngly hurt or cause pain to a loved one..its just a personality trait that cannot be helped and that same trait was what pushed them to seek the limelight….this narccicistic behaviour can be blamed for many of the headlines you see and the more than average divorce rates among celebs..
    Breaking news: a new study shows that celebrities are more narcissistic than the general public

  52. Helz says

    Zahara is such a sweetie! And Pax is going to be a little heartbreaker! There’s a lot of love in that family, you can tell by the kids faces! On a downside, whats up with brads hat? I reckon hes going bald…….. only joking, but seriously dude, don’t do it!

  53. Fly On The Wall says

    Hi Honey, hope this helps.

    From Wikipedia:
    Rickets is a softening of the bones in children potentially leading to fractures and deformity. Rickets is among the most frequent childhood diseases in many developing countries. The predominant cause is a vitamin D deficiency, but lack of adequate calcium in the diet may also lead to rickets. Although it can occur in adults, the majority of cases occur in children suffering from severe malnutrition, usually resulting from famine or starvation during the early stages of childhood.

    Bowlegs is a condition in which the knees remain wide apart when a person stands with the feet and ankles together.

    Infants are born bowlegged because of their folded position in the uterus. The infant’s bowed legs begin to straighten once the child starts to walk and the legs begin to bear weight (about 12 to 18 months old).

    Normal appearance is usually attained by the time the child is 3 years old. At this time, a child can usually stand with the ankles together and the knees just touch. If the bowed legs persist into this period, the child is called bowlegged.

    Severely bowed legs can be a sign of rickets. Other causes of bowleggedness include Blount’s disease, bone dysplasias, and lead or fluoride intoxication.


    My son was bowlegged when he started walking. His pediatrician said no treatment was needed. However, the salesman in the shoe store recommended a special shoe. I bought him a pair of Stride-Rites and took them to the shoe repair store, where they put a 1/8 of an inch wedge on the outside of the sole. The wedge forced his feet outward (he was walking pigeon-toed) and that straightened his legs up. You could see the difference in just a few weeks.

    Rickets is a lot different from bowlegs in that there may be severe bone damage which usually mends itself with proper diet if caught early enough. If Z needs surgery, it won’t be done until she is at least 4 because the bones haven’t set before that age.

  54. Fly On The Wall says

    JJ, Z has rickets from severe malnutrition when she was an infant. When Brad and Angie adopted her she was dehydrated from malnutrition and diarrhea and she was extremely ill. They made the decision to take her anyway and care for her no matter how sick she was. I think if they hadn’t adopted her, it’s a safe bet Z would have died before her first birthday. She is under the care of one of the best pediatricians in the country and she has thrived in Brad and Angie’s home. If she needs an operation to straighten her leg they won’t do it before she is 4 years old because the bones haven’t set yet. It may not be necessary because the condition usually corrects itself with adequate diet and exercise.

    She’s been through so much and she’s such a little personality — nothing fazes her. You have to love this kid. Her parents obviously adore her.

  55. dori says

    these kids are looking great and they look like a happy family. Good for them. Good to see Brad doesn’t carry them around so much now, they are getting big!

  56. oriana says

    When Zahara smiles she is light a light bulb being turned on! She is beyond cute!!!! I just don’t understand why Angie insists on dressing her like she is a little boy most of the time? From the back they all look like little boys, and Shiloh looks like one from the front! She is smiling more and more and looks like she is happy most of the time!

    Brad insists on dressing like a Hobo but he never was known to be stylish! All in all, this is a nice family and they do seem to be very happy.

    Still think Suri is the cutest baby of them all though.

  57. carleigh says

    It has been so nice that the last 3 or 4 pictures on here have been of sweet little Z smiling, she looks so much cuter now. Maybe she’s coming out of her shell and not so intimidated by the pap’s anymore, who knows but it’s good to see her smiling! Pax just seems to have taken right to his new life, he is cute too. Brad is just too gorgeous for words, hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Libraesque says

    it is SO sweet. I love that they are huge celebrities and could have more clothes than the kids would know what to chose from, and yet they wear eachothers clothes.
    they are obviously really close which is so awesome. Family is relative as they say, doesn’t have to be blood family to be a real family, a tight knit family

  59. Libraesque says

    JJ, someone mentioned before that she did have rickets. She certainly looks healthy and well taken care of.

  60. JJ says

    Is something wrong with Z’s legs…she appears to be bow-legged….maybe she developed rickets from malnutrition?

  61. Libraesque says

    I read somewhere that the black sabbath t-shirt is actually maddoxs old shirt. How CUTE is that!!!
    and FAn shut up and quit telling people what to do. everyone knows what commentors they like and dislike, they’re ADULTS they simply scroll past
    This site doesn’t need some loser crusader such as yourself BEGGING people to do anything

  62. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    What an ass, what makes you decent blooger…just a scared fool afraid to engage in conversation with ppl of differing views….try thinking out of your narrow pea brain and you migt actually benefit society..

  63. says

    There is another pic with Z and she has the sweetest smile on her face! She is just lovely! her face is heart shaped 🙂 Pax is a cutie as well. Brad is hotter than hot!!! 🙂 That shirt that Z has on was Mad’s. It’s great to see celebs dressing their kids in their older sibblings hand me downs. They show that they are regular people as well, and don’t just throw away something that they wore once! Awwwww too sweet! Love Brangelina 🙂

  64. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Look fan or whoever the hell you are…if you want to go about ignoring people do so..why do you feel so threatened by OPINIONS that are or might not even be right….

    Unfortunately for your stupid arse LIB is a fan of this family so you defintely stepped in shit right here…I am nto a fan of any celeb, if its good I say so , if its bad I say so..they are it…try not to be sooo foolish

    In anycase I have a new theory:
    A good explanation for shiloh having her mouth open…


    so Jolie beleiveS in making the kids work hard after all she doesnt want shi to feel too priviledged,,,her solution is to have shi catch all the flies for thier evening supper in the neo about putting the pair of lips to good use..All SHI has to do is keep her mouth open till a fly enters and mummy empty the trap, passes it on to Mad, who then fries it up in some delish olive oil and Zee and Pax serve it up to Daddy and Mommy ahahhahahha

    Will the explanation work for those wondering why a one year old has her mouth open ahahahhahahhaLOL

  65. phnxgirl says

    Fan, I’m afraid that you just saying what you did is going to add fuel to the fire. Just ignore them! I love this site, and I have to say, some of the postings are pretty outrageous. Half the time I think the things that are written are written just to see who they can get a rise out of. Just pass over it and go on to the next one. But I appreciate you trying. 😉

  66. Fan says

    I plead with all the decent bloggers to please ignore Lib,Mia.and Shadow from now.It is clear that they badly need attention.Infact,let us try and ignore people who pass nasty and racist comments.I really like this site and i donot want these people to stop me from logging into this site.I believe that if we ignore them,they will go away with time.I AM REALLY BEGGING THE DECENT BLOGGERS ON THIS.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  67. Essie says

    Paxie’s shirt has a globe on it and it does say Respect Your Mother, meaning your mother Earth. Zee’s t-shirt is a hand-me-down from Maddox.

    Zee seems to be having a lot of fun with the razzies.

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