1. Kaila says

    I think Fifi Trooper was just joking. Calm down next time please look at the context before you make a comment please.

    Love You All,

  2. wow says

    Haha fifi how much do you wanna bet those girls that are saying ‘act like an adult’ are all the same girl? haha i bet they are wow. hes a cutie

  3. Xenafan96 says

    Tiffany-Thank you! You are right on the money. I mentioned to my daughter and she said, oh those are great for little kids! Now she just wants a skate board-and a mini skate park if we could!! Yikes!! Should have never told her I was a skater in high school!!

    Thanks too Jenna! Glad your brother made it out in one piece! I am eternally grateful my brother is 9 years older than me and was far too old for these when the first really came out. HE flew in combat for the Marines so I guess the daredevil gene doesn’t wander too far in our family!

  4. Tiffany says

    My son had a truck a couple of years ago and it had a lap type belt. Nothing as secure as a car seatbelt but his did not go super fast especially when it was going up hills. It would go about a quick walking pace so it was not like he was flying around corners and going even 3 miles per hour. He had alot of fun in it and it never tipped over on him nor did he ever get hurt while playing in it.
    It was such a fun toy but a waste of money for a 7yr as they will be too big for it and it will end up being a waste of money. These are toys for kids ages 3 or 4 through about 6.

  5. nicola says

    He’s such a cute little fella.

    Not been on for a while, but it seems things haven’t changed a bit

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #21, some have seatbelts, some don’t. My brother had one (about ten years ago though) that had seatbelts, but my little cousin has a mini-jeep and that doesn’t have seatbelts. Personally, I don’t think I’d buy one without a seatbelt because I remember my brother’s jeep usedto brake very harshly and quickly, so you’d be thrown forward a bit.

  7. Xenafan96 says

    See, that I worry about with my girl. She is a natural daredevil to begin with and I have no doubt she would figure out how to get the thing on two wheels and haul out down the nice long hill that our driveway leads down.
    I think we will stick with a Barbie bike, pads and a helmet! Santa is all outta these and that’s my story, I am sticking to it!
    Thanks Zbella:) Always a pleasure seeing you post!

  8. Zbella says

    Xena – I don’t think they have seat belts. One of my friends has one of these cars and she was so scared when the kids were in it – they could go pretty fast!

  9. Xenafan96 says

    Both of my boys were too old for one of these, and neither of my girls was interested in the Barbie Jeep(yet, the 7 yrd old may request one for Christmas). I’ve got ask the moms here, do they come with seat belts? Not being overdramatic, just curious since I have never really been around one and I don’t see any on Sean P.

  10. brittaney says

    Britney has 2 beautiful boys. Sean is such a baby doll! He puts me in mind of my little boy Logan. They both share the same birthday

  11. courtney says

    #10, he does know how to drive, remember britney teaching him a long time ago!??!? HAHA! jk….but this picture really is so cute, they are both precious babies and its good to see him not in someones arms and playing!!

  12. N says

    Adults do talk like FiFi…. and worse….. wait until you guys read some posts by a blogger named Shadow Girl……

    I dont have a problem with any of them though….. Talk how you like…… EXPRESS YOURSELVES!

  13. Reba says

    “fifi, Do you really need to talk like that? Please be an adult! ”
    Get a life if he/she wants to talk like that they fucking can!!!!

  14. Lauralin says

    I could have sworn that when I graduated from high school I would no longer have to listen to women talk to each other like this.

    Enjoy looking at the pictures, comment if you want, but why must we attack each other? Would you ever speak to each other this way if we were in the same room? There’s no need for it.

  15. Essie says

    My little 2-year old nephew got a Cadillac Escalade for Christmas. He looks so cute driving it.

    Nice picture.

  16. fifi trooper says

    #2 no, but bitch I bet you want to be first!, and you I bet you wouldn’t mind a gold star, either! I do have a life, it’s fucking with dipshits like you!

  17. minniemouse says

    Do you want a gold star for being first Fifi trooper, I think you need to get of your fat ass and get a life…

  18. fifi trooper says

    First again! I love this picture of Sean! I think that he is a handsome little boy! Wow, guys look, he’s actually having fun, so if you came here to bash, Britney, you can leave, because she is letting her kid actually have fun! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA! She’s a good mom, and she is trying her best!

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