Keisha Castle-Hughes Introduces Felicity-Amore

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha Castle-Hughes gave birth to Felicity Amore on April 25th. Keisha was seven days overdue when she began experiencing minor contractions. Two days later, stronger ones began kicking in. She had planned a water birth at home – “I wanted so much for it to be natural, and I didn’t want any pain relief,” she says – but by the time she was rushed to the hospital, she says, “I was screaming for an epidural.”

After two hours of pushing, doctors informed her the baby’s head was in an awkward position and could not move, so they performed a high-forceps delivery. “I was really upset, because I thought everything was going so wrong.” she says. “But I knew I woul do anything to make sure my baby was healthy. If someone had said to me at that point the only way she is going to come out is for you to chop your head off…I would have chopped off my head.”

Finally holding her child, whom she named Felicity-Amore and who weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces, “was just the most amazing moment,” she gushes.

People have said to me, ‘You are only 17. What will happen to your life?’ But I’m not like most 17-year-olds,” Keisha says. “In the last four years alone, I have done more than a  lot of 40-year-olds have. I’m about as ready for this as I could ever be.”

Who cares if she was only 16 when she got pregnant? It may be young, but she seems strong and like she’ll be fine. What an adorable baby!

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  1. Carla McCarthy says

    So she had her daughter at 17. My birthmother had me when she was 12.5 years old but gave me up to someone more financially stable and look at me now! I’m 17 years down the road serving my third year of high school, Academy for Careers in Television and Film, in New York just shrugging off the fact that i had a 12.5 year old gave birth to me. And if you ask me, her daughter is really cute, just like my classmate’s daughter.

  2. sergio says

    Hi, I’m from Nicaragua Congratulations Keisha, I hope the wonders they are happening, and your daughter enjoy good health. cuidate and cares for the child. sorry to have many errors in English.

  3. Sergio says

    Felicidades Keisha, espero la esten pasando de maravillas, y que tu hija goce de muy buena salud. cuidate y cuida a la niña.

  4. says

    After reading the story of her pregnancy and birth I’m so impressed at how wonderful, insightful, and mature she is. The fact that she already wanted a waterbirth at home (even though it didn’t work out), something I didn’t decide until my second, and is breastfeeding and bonded to this little person is amazing. I don’t think that you have to wait for the perfect time to have a baby. My first daughter was unplanned but everything worked out great. You just have to remember that some teens are ready to have kids and some “adults” aren’t. As a younger mom I can attest to the fact that sometimes it’s hard not to be as financially secure as some of my older friends, but there are some older friends who are having kids for dumb reasons, like trying to save a marriage, because they’re lonely, etc. Congratulations Keisha! She’s beautiful!

  5. Maria says

    i 100 % agree with Jenna Jenna u rock Keisha i rock love u Keisha no matter what no matter what people say u will be a great mother

  6. maria says

    being a mum at 17 may sound wrong but for Keisha no she is and will be a great mother love u Keisha I am sure that she will go so far in her career

  7. maria says

    hi Im maria from lebanonI am the biggest fan of keish castle hughes she is amazing and her baby is so so so cute God bless her and her cute adorable baby keish ure the best love u so much hope to meet u

  8. Sha says

    It’s so sad that people would continue to call her names and blab on about her life is ruined. She has had a more fulfilling career than most of the readers here, is more financially secure than most readers here and– by all accounts– is doing a fine job as a mother.

    She may not have intended to have a child so young, but she has dealt with her situation gracefully. In my line of work, I’ve seen plenty of so-called “grown” women who have no concept of maternal instinct.

    At least this young one had the sense and support to give her daughter a REAL chance at life.

  9. theglam says

    glamorize teen pregnancy?
    I don´t think so… But it´s already done, do you prefer martyr her all her life? prevent, not regret…

  10. Felicity says

    Agree with Anna 87. What age is appropriate?She seems more mature than Britney or Paris Hilton. (I could continue the list with other famous people)

  11. Anna says

    AAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! HOW CUTE!!!!!! Keishaz Daughter is Beautiful… To those who think that being a young mother is wrong let meeh tell you its nott….. age does not define the person….. their attitude and personality does…If having a child at 24 or any appropriate age you think is right makes a mother than you need to research your facts again…. everyone matures different n i think she has matured more than most 20 yr olds have…. Brittney Spears in Example is how old and how has she cared for her child??? if you see pictures of her with her son you will see that when she was driving her sons head was literally hanging out of the child seat…. and she drives with her son on her lap…. i mean come on…. you think Keishas a bad mother….. think about it…… Im Proud of Keisha and hope nothing but the best for her and her lil’ family

  12. Felicity Huh?!?! says

    # 19……shut tha #### up she will be a Awsum mummy……Dah BAby iis Beautiful And wel iits already iin thiis world and dnt need Yew TAh sae nethng bowt daht aye…..Yew kAnt jus push iit bak iin hahaha Durrrrr!!

    …..Beautiiful Gurl………

  13. Elisabeth says

    BC is important, but it´s not 100% effective, as in my situation with my twins.
    I think I did as well as I could.

  14. Elisabeth says

    I had 2 babies (twins) when I had 20 years, I was older than her and we have to take care of my babies alone., without help from my parents or boyfriend .
    If I was 30 years I´d be in the same situation, I never could imagine what it was until It passed.
    Now I´m 22 and I can´t imagine my life without my babies, and I´m expecting another child with my husband, it´s a beautiful experience.
    Congratulations to them!

  15. Mariah says

    F you! Keisha is my inspiration in life and she has all of my respect. She didn’t choose for this to happen but it did, and now she has a beautiful baby girl and she does not have to prove how responsible she is to us, she owes us nothing, we owe her. Congratulations to Keisha and Bradley, Felicity is simply beautiful!

  16. Tully says

    Congratualations to her, and you know all things happen for a reason. Some of you say she’s not ready to be a mother, and your probably right.. but who really is?
    Parenthood is one of those things that cant be taught but can only be learnt through experience.
    I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Riana when i was 18 and i wouldn’t have it any other way. I had a good support system but i was completely un-prepared, motherhood is not easy. But its a wonderful and beautiful thing to experience.

  17. Martina says

    also. me being 16 when i had her was young but I married the father and we are now expecting our third in October. My husband is military, we have a great source of income and our children have never been with out anything. My sister on the other hand had her first at 23 and is now about to have her 2nd at 26. the father and my sister both work at MacDonalds, my mother has my niece 19 hours out of a 24 hour day 5 days a week. so really stop judging people by their age. It really makes you seem jealous of Keisha cause her baby is so adorable and is gonna have a good life.

  18. Martina says

    for all you saying that birth control is 99.9 % effective when used properly. I was on the depo provera needle which had to be injected every three months by a doctor and using condoms, and guess what ? I had my beautiful daughter Willow now 4 and a half when i was 16. guess i am one of those 0.001 % teens that just say it isnt their fault.

  19. Anne says

    Of course, she was young when she gave birth to her daughter but I am happy for Keisha! Her daughter is such a sweet girl =)

  20. denise says

    Krystal sounds like you are passing judgement on me. So get off your high horse.
    I am not the only person on the blog that feels that way but since I won’t back down and say how great it is everyone is trying to turn my words around making me out to be the bad guy. I have NEVER insulted her!
    I DO NOT have to think its okay when a 16 yr old gets pregnant – Babies are a blessing when you are older and mature enought to take care of them and handle the emotinal after effects of pregnancy. Like I said in previous post when your 16yr old comes home pregnant tell me what a blessing it is .
    ‘Oh yea that 00.01% must be why there are some many teen births its not there fault at all

  21. Deenah says

    Im appaled I did not know that she was pregnant who is the babys daddy? Is she married?When I looked for her on google I did not find any info on her.

  22. says

    Molly & Amy!
    Even if you are irresponsable , idiots that only speaks CRAP about people , doesnt mean Keisha is..
    If you was pregnant at age 16 , and had a life inside you would you murdered it ?:@ Somebody grow up faster than others , others like you dicks.

  23. kamineko says

    That is a beautiful child! I am sad that she didn’t wait till she was a bit older, and married, to have a baby, but at least she didn’t kill it by abortion! It was most likely a surprise baby. Bless her and her little one.

  24. JJ says

    She’s a very attractive young woman. The father of the child – I hate to say it – looks dumb and dumber. Somehow I don’t think the parents relationship will last – they are just too young and he doesn’t seem all that mature as Keisha does.

  25. Krystal says

    Denise, I really dont understand where all your animosity towards this poor girl comes from. Who are you to decide “the right age” to be a mother? Becoming a mother isn’t about how old you are, its about bringing a beautiful gift to the world and caring and providing for that baby the best you can. I’m not saying that girls should run out and get pregnant whenever they feel like it, but if you have the means and the ability to care for a child, then how can it be wrong? No life is ever a “mistake” or “wrong”, its a gift and should be seen and treated as such. Keisha is blessed to have such a beautiful daughter, and you should be happy for her and her baby, not judging them. When and how she chooses to have children is her business and not ours. When you’re perfect you can pass judgement, as for me, I’m very happy for her and wish her the best.

  26. Tia says

    JJ i always kiss my daughter on the mouth…its just natural to me, my parents always kissed me on the lips

  27. Xenafan96 says

    JJ-Some parents are very comfortable kissing their newborns, infants, etc. on the lips, very much meant to be an expression of love between parent and child. I guess if it is your own, you can be comfortable with it and set aside concerns of germs. Most newborns born healthy and not needing immediate NICU or intensive care are quite healthy and can be kissed. Baby has a great immunity system set up by Mom in the womb.

  28. Tia says

    i didnt change what you said…im just saying, you’re saying its soo wrong…but i mean, whats done is done…who cares?

    I understand birthcontrol works…but AGAIN its NOT 100%!

  29. Denise says

    I never said for her to have an abortion or give the child away – stop changing what I say!

    I said that I think it is wrong to praise a 17yr old for getting pregnant and acting like this is not big deal nor she is a saint for taking care of her own child. That is too young to have a baby no matter who you are not matter what the situation may be. Yes there are good 17yr old moms out there but it does not mean it is right.

    She should of been more careful! I know there was time my friends and I took the pill and used condoms for fear of becoming a teenage mom. Birthcontrol does work.

  30. Tia says

    yes, but my cousin used it correctly and she GOT PREGNANT! it happens. Im not saying it always happens it is rare, but it happens!

    So was this girl better to have an abortion or just have it and give it away? She has the means and the money to raise this child!! Obviously she is not like every 17 year old out there.. I agree with the people on this site…good for her!

  31. Denise says

    #50 Birthcontrol is PROVEN 99.9% effective when used correctly. If you are matrue enough to have sex at 16 you should make sure you are mature practice safe sex. Myself and millions of other teenagers and women have used birthcontrol correctly so we could have childern when we were adults not teenagers.

    I think it is wrong to praise a 17 yr old girl for having a baby I don’t care what anyone on this sight says.

  32. Xenafan96 says

    #46-Shoshanna-I do, my namesake! Or, rather, the lady who played her. Lucy Lawless has two gorgeous sons with her husband Rob Tapert. Both boys born at home in water births. She has a older daughter, Daisy, from her first marriage, and hated the hospital delivery she had with her. I think too, and I would love to know if anyone is from Australia or New Zealand, that water births, for that matter home births are encouraged much more than hospital births.

  33. Tea says

    For all you who want to bash this girl for getting pregnate at 17, saying she should have used birth control, well I can tell you right now birth control can fail!! don’t tell me it can’t I was using both birth control pills and a condom (and properly) when I got pregnate with my daughter. And what are the chances of that happening? almost none, cause first the condom had to fail, which it did, but that was what the b/c pills were for, 99% effective, they should have covered me, they didn’t!!! Being 17 is only considered young now, but go back just a little bit in history and it wasn’t, even in the early 1900’s up until even the 60’s having children young was not that uncommon. So if she can take care of the baby then it is not a problem, she will probably take better care of her at 17 then Britney Spears takes care of hers in her 20’s.

  34. Nicki says

    Felicity Amore is an adorable child. Best wishes to this family. She is a beautiful baby. Keisha sounds like a responsible Mum, a happy Mum. Good for her. Her baby is adorable, and looks like she is loved. All the best to this young couple and thier precious baby.

  35. Holly says

    could that baby be any more precious! IT’S ADORABLE!!
    best wishes to the whole family they seem smitten with eachother

  36. shoshanna says

    I loved reading that she had planned for a natural water birth!!! Except for Rick i Lake and Thandie Newton, I dont know of other celebrities who chose home birth options.
    Does anyone else know of another?

  37. maggie says

    the baby is absolutely adorable, she dosnt look like keishas daughter, she defenetly resambles her dad

  38. Monica says

    I think she is a very brave young girl and i am sure she made the right decision. I got pregnant at 19 with my first baby and now i am 23 and have 2 beautiful daughters. Yeah we were very young but we knew what we had to do to make things work out the way they were supposed to. my husband and i will graduate from University of Texas in December and we will be able to give them both wonderful lives. It doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you can take care of your responsibilities, exactly what we did. I am sure she will be just fine, she has a great career and that baby is very well loved. and i seriously dont think she is a slut or whore, she was only 16. the father was probably the only person she had sex with, get real people!!!!!!!!!

  39. Penny says

    I’m not sure how misbehaved some of your children are but my guys can act up pretty well and I have NEVER thought ‘my life is over’ . I don’t even know how that thought could enter your head? Fear of being a sufficient parent….not doing things right, keeping your children healthy and happy….but never have I thought…”oh …No…now I’m done!”
    I guess you girls didn’t have enough fun while young and were hoping to live it up as soon as you were legal?
    The rest of us yummy mummies can have our kids and the fun too…..not too mention the hottest soccer dad in 3 townships!!

  40. Penny says

    I was quite mature at 17…I had met up with my husband (almost 19 years now and 6 children later) .
    I did go to alot of dance clubs and school rallies…was head of the ‘in crowd’ .
    While we didn’t have children until I was 20 and he was 21, we did act like an old married couple at 16& 17 already.
    We’d rent movies and pick up take-out or go for strolls around town. We’ve been having a wonderful time, and I know neither one of us has changed much since then.
    We have never missed the clubs or travelling…we just bring the children with us when we go out. (not to night clubs, but in our small town we have family dances and concerts outdoors, where there’s dancing and fun.

    We have family in Ireland,China,England and
    scotland so we travel alot . Far from life being over I think the children have kept our marriage alive and exciting.
    The same old routine and vacation places can seem boring until you’ve seen them through your children’s eyes. Not to metion the chaos 5 boys cause!!
    I think she has the right attitude and she’s handling it as well as ( if not better ) than most mom’s who are faced with a suprise pregnancy.

    Some of you sound like you’re not mother’s at all. The sl** and the wh*re words were dropped by grade 9 for most of us.

  41. kam cocks says

    Forget that! She is too young to have a baby! her life is over! at 17, you don’t know jack! She might look mature, and she probably is telling us, what she think that we would like to hear, but get real! 17, is too young! imean, she haven’t even reached 21 yet! I know that she is famous, and probably has done more things than the average 17 year old, but at 21, it’s like freedom to your ears! Gambling, Night Clubs, (etc) I don’t think that this was planned, because she said that”she had little sisters, and brothers that she took care of” Sounds like an accident to me! Anyway, I hope that she will be ok, in this cruel world!

  42. Reina says

    oh, and another thing, how would you feel if people were out there calling you a “dumb mistake”, or saying your mother should’ve aborted you? if you read this stuff about your mother and yourself, you’d be pissed off and hurt. if you already have kids now, you know you’d protect them no matter what…so imagine if you had that/those same exact child/children when you were 16-17. would you abort that precious child that you love so much? i didn’t think so!!!

  43. Reina says

    you people are disgusting [you know who you are] talking about her being a whore and a slut and getting what she deserved…she chose to go through with this pregnancy and give her daughter the best life possible. its not like she’s some crack addicted teen with no place to live. keisha, her boyfriend, and their daughter will live comfortably. she can afford to not have to bust her ass working 2 jobs to support her child. give this girl a break. i CHOSE to get pregnant at 17 and haven’t regretted it a day in my life. i’m 21 now and my daughter is the best thing in me and my husband’s lives…at least the father is still there, and she didn’t just get knocked up from a one-night stand. how about you look at all of the angles before passing negative judgement…haters.

  44. Aleisha says

    Seriously, are you people that bored that you have to try to start a fight on every board?

    Molly – go find somewhere else to debate the topic of abortions. This is a site to celebrate babies and their parents.

    I applaud Keisha for making the mature, responsible decision to take responsibility for her actions and to take care of her daughter.

    Stop pretending that the majority of teenagers don’t have sex and that birth control works 100% of the time. Accidents happen and at least Keisha did the right thing instead of the “easy” thing.

  45. Nicki says

    Two ignorant teenagers made a dumb mistake that they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

  46. Denise says

    Jenna the one thing I think we agree on is how disgusting and hateful Molly is.

    Molly this is a discussion forum not a way for you to post hate filled comments.

  47. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Denise, I never said that you did say she was a bad mum.

    Molly, how ridiculous, you really think that that beautiful little girl would be better off dead than being born to a loving, caring, mature and responsible mum liek Keisha? You are a disgusting and patheitc excuse for a human being, I really can’t take your comment seriously.

  48. Denise says

    Jenna please read back to #1 I never said she was a bad mom. Getting pregnant by accident or intentionally at 17 is irresponsible.

    Molly and Amy name calling really isn’t necessary I don’t think that is what this forum is for.

  49. N says

    I feel if Keisha was as responsible as she claims….she would have used some form of BC. If not her then the father could have used a condom. At 17 I felt I was mature and responsible too….. My mom always said to wait due to life experiences….. I did….

    I didnt agree/understand what my mother was saying at 17….. but now I do.

  50. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Maybe she chose to get pregnant? And even if she didn’t at least she chose to have the baby rather than just having an abortion like many other irresponsible teenagers.

    I know that at seventeen I have a lot of growing up to do and so does Keisha, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a good mum.

  51. Denise says

    I am saying that you do choose when you get pregnant. Birthcontrol has made that possible.

    At 17, (no matter how mature you are), you still have a lot of growing up to do. While you may be a very responsible teenager I can guarantee in the next 2 to 3 yrs you will do a lot of growing up. As you gain life experience your outlook on things change.

  52. N says

    17 is too young for children…… 19 is too young for children…. I think a great age to begin having children is 24………. Just me.

  53. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Denise, I suggest you read my post properly before you start criticising it. I never said you can’t choose to be a mother I said you can’t choose your age, but CAN choose to be a (good) mother.

    Thinking back to when I was 17 isn’t hard, I am 17! I have figured out who I am and most people I know would consider me to be quite grown up; I have a full time job, take care of my younger sister and study full time. If I can do this at 17, so can Keisha and lots of other teenage mothers.

    I’m not saying teenage pregnancies area a good idea, far from it, but Keisha seems really switched on and responsible so people shouldn’t judge her on her age.

  54. Denise says

    Thank you Kidada being one of the few people that see the problem!

    1. I never said she was a bad mother.
    2. You DO choose when you become a mother – it is called birthcontrol!
    3. Age is not just a number. Think back how mature you were at 17 and then at 21. Three yrs is a can make a big differnce. This girl is a kid herself and has not had time to figure out who she is or grow up. Having a baby is very emontional and redefines who you are that is a lot of stress for an adult woman and even more than a teenage girl.

  55. Jenna M. (UK) says

    If she’s financially and emotionally secure enough to have a baby, love the baby, feed and care for the baby, what does it matter that she is 17? I know plenty of seventeen year olds that are more mature than some thirty year olds.

    At the end of the day, her age is just a number. Judge her on her parenting abilities and attitude towards having a daughter, not her age.

    You can’t choose your age but you CAN choose to be a good mother.

  56. Kidada armstool says

    Denise, that is like music to my ears! Because it’s the truth! tooooo young to have a baby! I think that it’s more to life than laying up, and getting knocked up! Because I think that while the father is free doing, god know what? She is inside stuck with the baby! It’s more to life than that! I know, that she is rich, but if I was her, I would love to see the world more than just once! If you understand what I’m saying!

  57. Lauren says

    How adorable. Felicity is just a beautiful little girl. She seems really mature for only being 17. She’ll be fine. My mom had me at 19 and she did just fine.

  58. Denise says

    Who cares that she got pregnant at 16! This girl is lucky she is finacially stabel enough to be okay most 16 yr olds are not. Just becuase you or your mom was pregnant at 17 does not mean it was right even if you are a good mom.
    I wonder if you all would think its not a big deal if your 16 yr old daughter came home and told you she was pregnant.

  59. Mork says

    I think she looks older then 17, if I passed her in the street I wouldnt batter an eyelid.
    Beautiful baby…

  60. Just me says

    I have mixed feelings about getting pregnant at 16, just like I’m not sure if it’s responsible to have a baby at 65. But I do agree with #5.

  61. Brit says

    While it is not a choice I would advise everyone to make, having a great support system (friends, family, spouse etc.) and financial means is a big part of taking care of a child.

    This is a responsibility that she is prepared to focus on and that is what matters in the end.

    Some women in their 20’s and 30’s or even older, can be immature, have few financial or employment resources.

    I wish her the best.

  62. Penny says

    She seems like a very mature responsible woman. I don’t think having a baby will slow her down since she already has a career – unlike most 17 year olds, who are planning on college – she has already choosen her career path AND has been quite successful at it.

    Unlike most 17 year olds that are still living off their parents income she is quite well off. The biggest factor against young mothers is their lack of means to care for a child, I think I’d rather see her raising a beautiful little daughter than out partying and driving her porshe into another car or wall.

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