1. says

    Mr. Tom Cruise, you have one gorgeous family and you are the finest actor I have ever known. And I am VERY serious!

  2. courtney says

    hey lib, we actually agreed on something!! haha #’s 69 and 70
    just thought i would point that out. i guess it IS possible after all!

  3. bebet says

    79. Sandra, Are you blind? I think you are, Baby Suri is the cuest baby in holywood. Maybe you hate this very adorable family, are you being paid just to attack this very beautiful and sweetest baby?

  4. oriana says

    She has a very unique look about her and seems to have a happy personality, she is being given lots of love and affection and it shows. And I love how she is dressed, very sweet looking little girl.

    In her bathing suit picture didn’t look like she had a diaper on, amazing that at ONE she is being potty trained already when there are others over 2 1/2 still in diapers. I think that Katie and Tom have really taken the time to focus on her and this is a very nice family.

  5. Sandra says

    She’s not that cute. Not to make anyone mad here, but she looks average. Not a baby I would go out of my way to look at.

  6. DMITZ says

    Glad to see all the Suri pics. Tom seems really involved w/Suri which is great. She looks so cute in this pic.

  7. Heather says

    Suri has lots of personality, that sets her apart from all other hollywood kids. She looks like she understands what goes on around her. Tom and Katie look like Proud parents. Shiloh looks like a boy. I feel bad saying this and I may be wrong but she seems to have little personality. Violet is a happy beautiful child but is no star like Suri so are most celeb babies in my opinion they look like ordinary children but born to stars. Suri looks different and I think she is one of theose babies that capture your attention even in a park or supermarket. I love seeing Suri pictures and the whole family. Wish them the best. I hope now that they have left we do not stop seeing that beautiful child.

  8. Xenafan96 says

    Thank you all for the nice replies, and for seeing that it was simply an IMO post on my part. 🙂

    Mia-you think that’s fun, you should see us at Halloween! I open up our old prep room/now storage area for a ‘Haunted House’ tour. Still has the stone biers(tables) and hoses hanging down from the ceiling. Not nice, shiny Kenmore sink hoses, old rubber hoses! Smells permanently of formaldehyde(kinda like your old chemistry lab at school) and I usually get the Infamous Blue Casket set up in there. Whee!

  9. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    All the babies a re cute…just like your babies at home…..some are cuter than others, but who cares…the babies in my family aret CUTEST on EARTH…havent seen any alien spawn I wish to comment on yet/…so we shall keep my comparisons to earth…

    Besides they will grow up to improve on these average and slightly more than average features to STUNNING…cant wait to see them all in their late teens.

    Shiloh makes me smile, with that cute nose and open mouth

    Dannylynn looks sweet and girlish, …simply sweet

    Suri is really growing into a personality…seems like she is having a lot of fun and like to interact

    Violet…always impressed with her ability to always give off that ray of sunshine..HAPPY child…

    Zee….hmm now smiling, she looks happier than before

    Who else…too many…they are kids having fun …

    August….I am very partial to the baby August…he is the little heartbreaker!!

  10. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Did you ever think beyond looking at your lazy arse that I my job requires me to be online 24/7 and thus I always have access to these sites…its fun to rile all the close minded if you want to get into it, however I really see no point in swaying others, ..I write comment to make a p oint, with no names mentioned , not directed at YOU…I have no wish to change you or expand your narrow owe it to your children to do that
    Miapocca, you need to go get a job. Were you on this site all day?

  11. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says


    Thanks Xena…hope all is well..maybe we should round up some of these folk and give them a tour of your palce ahahhaha

    …Love it ..ahhah
    M i a p u c c a – YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!

  12. Libraesque says

    I gotta agree, Dannilynn is THE cutest, her picture on OK mag is priceless. Shiloh is cute, but there’s something goofy about her, I think it’s because she’s a girl yet she resembles Brad SO much, except for the lips.

  13. Libraesque says

    #59…how gullible can you be?
    The apology to Brooke not a pr stunt????


    you do realize that he bashed B.S in June of 2005 and he got kicked to the curb in August of 2006 and apologized to Shields about 3 weeks later

    If that isn’t about as insincere as it gets I don’t know what is.
    Brooke took the high road because I believe that she and Katie had recently bonded at an event

  14. courtney says

    ya know….i dont like tom really, but yall dont see me on here saying absolutely HORRIBLE things about people, i mean, i express my opinion to an extint but some of yall are just so hateful and mean, how would u feel if someone was talking about you the way you talk about these people??? i personally dont even like “tomkat” but their baby is adorable and healthy and happy and this site is about the BABIES and yes of course people are going to comment on the parents, family members, whatever, but geeze yall!!
    if you have something to say, say it, but certain things u say can REALLY effect other people, when you diss on gays, im sure theres gay people that get on here, when you diss on blacks, im almost 100% positive blacks get on here, religion…thats a big one because a lot of people are very serious about what they believe in, and ya know people can get really hurt by just reading some of these comments, i dont believe in scientology but do u see me writing such things that are up there??? hell no!!! i keep it to myself and i comment on the children, if i say something mean about someone its nothing that could hurt anyone!! people need to be careful what they say on here!! everyone has their own beliefs, feelings, and personalities and we need to respect that!!! good LORD!!!!!!!

  15. Trista says

    Jenna and Xena I also agree with you about Tom. But, we also have to remember that he has done some good things for people in the past. I think he is deep down a good person but a little confused about psychological issues. They do exist. Jenna I don’t think you are a scottish whoremonger? I don’t think that has anything to do with babies? You seem very nice and funny.Suri is just a beautiful baby its refreshing to see a dark haired beauty in the limelight ,we always look at the blondes which i agree are pretty as well but she definatly is unique.

  16. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I have to ask, what is the big problem about a 1 year old having a bottle? Maybe she just likes it! Who cares? What harm is it going to do to her, or you, or anybody else? Is there really a single reason why she should not be allowed to have her bottle other than “society says so”? Kids are kids. They develop in their own time, lose the bottle in their own time, not when it is socially accepted.

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I agree Xenafan96, I find Scientology a little weird, and I was absolutely furious at Tom’s comments on post-natal depression! It doesn’t exist? Women need to excercise and pull themselves together? Tom needs to shut the hell up and not criticise things he knows nothing about.

    It is people like him who are responsible for the many mothers who kill themselves or their babies (btw, for those of you read too much into everything I say, I am NOT condoning mothers killing their children here) because they are too scared to go for help incase people don’t take them seriously. I feel really sorry for Kate if she ever gets it.

  18. Lea says

    Kelly are you Shadow Girl or Libra in disguise? Because you sure sound an awful lot like her. I don’t agree that dannielyn is the prettiest although she is a cutie. I just think Suri has an alluring, unique beauty, you don’t see babies that look like her everyday.

  19. kelly says

    Tom looks like a fucking dork and why the hell do all three of them have to wear their hair the same. I think danielynn is the prettiest celebrity baby out there.

  20. greta says

    Miapocca, you need to go get a job. Were you on this site all day? Suri is so beautiful! She’ll be a stunner just like her mommy!

  21. Penny says

    Very well (and calmly) said Xenafan96 . I think your two little girls will have a great role model. I’m not sure about the scienceology thing either…however I don’t know enough about it to make a judgement call.

    I do respect him for apoligizing to Brooke in such a sincere manner, and for letting her tell the media he had apoligized.
    By doing that it didn’t seem to be a publicity stunt. I think he honestly changed his mind once he saw a woman in a similar position as Brooke – except this time he had to deal with the hormones.
    The last two times he had adopted, so he was in the same unchartered waters as Nicole.
    He seems much more relaxed and happy now, and Katie looks like an extremely happy young woman.
    It shows in what a happy child Suri is. They are very lucky to have found each other.

  22. Xenafan96 says

    Wow. I had to debate on this one for a couple hours.

    To everyone: Miapocca is not impressed with TomKat or Scientology. At all. If you really want to debate her on it, she is more than willing, but why?? You cannot make someone like something no matter how much you post. Mia is purposefully abrasive, to have fun. Yes, we do share the same ideology regarding Scientology, and I will stand up as her friend and say that. I am a mother, and as I have stated before, I do not and will never appreciate Tom Cruise telling a new mother that PPD does not exist. He does not have a vagina, nor will he ever carry a pregnancy, how is he to even know? The Tom Cruise of today is not the same man as ‘Top Gun’, he has changed and I honestly find the change very disturbing. A fun, boyish actor suddenly on a religious crusade instantly makes me a skeptic. Why? That’s just me. If Heath Ledger were to emerge and announce he will be reviving Christ next year, oh yes that is going to get a raised eyebrow out of me. Part of Scientology that disturbs me the most is the adamant belief that if you do not believe, you are suspect. No other belief system exists as this does. It is not me attacking anyone saying, Wow, you are seriously wrong here Scientologists-it is a simple why. Just as I am not a Mormon, a Mason, or a member of Skull and Bones, it is not for me to know unless I believe in it. I can respect that. I have my own religious beliefs and they work well and completely for me. I don’t see Scientologists as the enemy or evil, simply unknown.
    Having said that:
    Suri is a lovely child, very pretty and apparently very outgoing. It’s good to see that in any child, and esp. for one that has cameras on them all day, every day. I view her as an innocent person, fresh and new for the world. She is going to learn things I don’t know or quite frankly care to know. That’s the choice her parents have made. I will admire her for her beauty and wish her well. MY choice is that I do not pay to see a Tom Cruise movie ever again. I believe that I saw plenty of his movies in younger days and he has enough of my money. He doesn’t have my respect, as a woman and as a mother. All because he should have kept his personal politics at home and simply entertained. I made those choices because of the value I have as a woman and a mother to two young women who need a strong role model to look to.

  23. Nora says

    It is the fashion to bash this family. It would be nicer if people post only about the person they like, and stay in their own thread, instead of going aroud insult The Cruises and expect people not to retaliate on Brangelina. Tom and Katie have fans too.

  24. Penny says

    Suri seems to be the happiest baby in hollywood…lately Zaharah has been giving her a run for her money though.

    She’s been smiling in every picture, I guess the paparazzi she was ALWAYS scowling at is gone?!

    I Usually scroll over the silly little posters that get a thrill out of using their potty mouths when they can’t be caught by their own mommies.

    Probably came over here from Just Jared , he bans everyone who isn’t part of the elite preapproved list of posters.
    I was new and was put on review before I could even post one sentence saying someone was cute.

    Suri is too cute. I had blond blue eyed babies
    (probably why I think Shiloh is so cute) so seeing such a little cutie with so much hair is just adorable. She’s definitely unique!!

  25. kam cocks says

    HOW CAN people hate what other people believe in? Who are you to judge these people? everybody has the freedom of choice, and speech! If you believe in the devil, then that’s what you believe in! This is Haterville, everybody hates on the next person, and what they’re doing! I’m pretty sure that everybody that had something negative to say about these celebrities look, and sounded like idiots! Tom, is relaxing having a good time, with his friends, and Suri probably is having a hard time adjusting from using the bottle, so….maybe they’re trying to ween her from using the bottle…WTF: Suri, is a cute little baby, and i can’t wait until she get’s older! Next…..I want them to have a little boy!

  26. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Long long ago from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back
    All you have to do is scroll over the chat roon like comments then you wont be soooo tired…LOL
    jaajjajajajj jejejejjeje

    In response to :
    since when did this become a chatroom….i’m so tired of reading these retarted fights because people misconstrue shit, or just can’t read what was really said.

    suri looks cute, she definitely needs to be off of a bottle…yuck.

  27. Reina says

    since when did this become a chatroom….i’m so tired of reading these retarted fights because people misconstrue shit, or just can’t read what was really said.

    suri looks cute, she definitely needs to be off of a bottle…yuck.

  28. Robin says

    I’m surprised that Suri is still on the bottle I thought Scientologist kids drink from cups at this age

  29. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    hmmmmmmmmm the point…No point, no need to have a point when stringing words together….ever wathed Al Pacino string together all the forbidden words in one sentence in scarface …………………enjoy….I am!!!

  30. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Wierd board, when did the internet assume boundaries…if a fool will assume to put boundaries on the internet..besides those pic you are all ooh and ahaah about appeared in the London city paper first….

    what idotic empty headed fans ……no wonder …………

  31. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    By the way I am not your honey , so you can stop with the assumed southern air, because the folks I know in the bayou dont speak crap like you do..what a disgraceful arse donkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I think its time people put a rest to attackign OTHER BLOGGERS…All are entitled to thier opinions if you dont want diverse opinions , I suggest you create a blog in your own mind.
    Celebns pay tons of mullah to sway public opinion and cavort under the cameras to add to thier created public persona..Not all people are going to love or hate them..This familyh is extremely effectie at dissapearing form public view when they wish, so I can only conclude that when tons of pictures show up with them posing for cameras is highly intentional!!!!!!!!!!get that into your head and stop attacking other bloggerss!!!!!!!

    Some of you need

    ITS MY FUCKING OPINION, if you cant stand to read it scroll the hell over….no one is forcing you to read all the comments and you are not tasked with policing the site …what arses!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Andrea says

    Suri is cute but time for her to be transitioned off a bottle. She’s over 1. Time for sippy cup or a real cup.

  34. hayley says

    get a grip people, go get a life! dont you have something better to do! this is suppose to be a fun site, leave Tom alone!

  35. rd says

    Webmistress clean this up. No need for the comments that are being thrown around here…it is supposed to be a site about babies and their families. No need for buggery talk.

  36. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Fifi Trooper, my exact quote was “Tom looks like such an idiot there!”. Note I said merely that he LOOKS like an idiot THERE. As in there in that photo, with that expression. I know what I said. I would have made it more clear if I had realised some of the people here had such a low amount of common sense.

    I didn’t bring that “Canadian whoremonger” (as you called here) Reba in on this, she joined of her own free will, but welcome fellow whoremonger! At least there is one other person here with an iota of brains in there head.

  37. Kidada armstool says

    I love this family, regardless of what nasty comments are said! They’re the ones that have to live their lives! I know that besides the people that are on this blogger, there are true Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes fans, that really like them! They’re not Band wagon riders, they’re are true fans! Suri, is sooo cute, I know that she is going to be right there with Shiloh, doing their thing~!

  38. fifi trooper says

    Jenna, you didn’t say that he looked like an idiot with that expression on his face, Scroll back to no#2, and see what the hell you said! I guess you being a whoremonger, and all you’re good a sugarcoating the real, and truth! I guess you bought a canadian whoremonger in on this! I’m not racist, at all! #29, I’m delighted that you take the time out not to like me, I’m delighted that your splitting your wrist!(miserable bitch)

  39. N says

    Jenna…..Maybe you shouldnt have taken my comment personally if it did not apply to you. You are not the only person on this site……. If I have something to say to you directly I will call you out by name.

    Although, idiot is not a friendly word. I would agree with telling a friend they look goofy…..but I would never tell a friend they look like an idiot.

  40. Reba {Canada} says

    is it just me who thinks that “GWENDOLYN HONEYDEW” is a stupid whore. I dont even know her and i hate her. Racist Bitch.

  41. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Ok, N, JJ, how many times, I did not call Tom an idiot, I just said he looked like one in that photo. Perhaps I should have made it a little clearer for those of you that aren’t that bright by saying that his expression looks a bit silly or somethinglike that but hey. I didn’t call celebs all sorts of disparaging names as N said either.

  42. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Gwendolen, Saying I should stay of U.S. sites isn’t racist? I just wondered why you went to the effort of mentioning I was Scottish as it didn’t seem relevant. Especially as I didn’t even mention that I was Scottish on this thread, how did you even know that? Once again, what evidence do you have that I am a whoremonger?

    Saying that Tom looked like an idiot in that photo wasn’t petty name calling, I merely said that he LOOKED like an idiot due to the goofy expression on his face, not that he was actually an idiot. It was meant in a friendly-jokey way and I would have said the same to one of my friends if I saw a photo of them with an expression like that.

    Oh and sweetheart, I CAN take the heat, so I’m staying in the kitchen 😉

  43. JJ says

    Good point N. If you can call Tom an Idiot, then you will be called one and I can see how you like it. This is one of those nice exemplary celeb families. Suri is the best looking kid in my opinion and all those pics just warmed my heart. Tom looks happy and Suri loos like she love Daddy a lot. Katie is glowing and yet you will just hate on them for no particular reason. Grow up and get a life. These people owe you nothing.

    Gee, Tom looks kinda hot!

  44. Malayka says

    Tom just looks too handsome these days. And Suri is just a superstar. Only idiots know who their like are. LOL

  45. N says

    And please dont say shit about them being celebs and thats why you can talk about them…… If you can dish it……expect to receive it.

  46. N says

    I find it hilarious when people call celebs all sorts of disparaging names then turn around and get mad when a blogger calls you a name.


    That’s not being racist! If your a scottish whoremonger, then your a scottish whoremonger! I think your the one that resorted to the petty name calling, I think that you call tom, and idiot! Look Whoremonger, if you can’t take the HEAT, stay out of the KITCHEN, and on U.S. sites!

  48. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Jill, I sound llike an idiotfor saying someone looks goofy? Ok if you think so then.

    Gwendolen Honeydew, I am not a whore. And what has my being Scottish got to do with anything, are you racist? Resorting to petty name calling is “dumb” (a VERY politically incorrect term btw), you don’t know the first thing about me so you really have no right to call me a whore.

  49. Jill says

    Sorry Jenna from UK you come off sounding like the Idiot (sorry thats my opinion and I stand by it, just lightening up and living a little). Miapoca, you sound like someone is pushing it up your rear right now, sorry again am lighting up a little.

    Now, Suri is just a doll waving like that, am not sure she will be waving in 15 years time.

    Tom does look hot in this picture and natural and happy. Cutest family.


    Ok scotland whore, If that is your opinion, then be it!
    Maybe his friend was saying something funny! I think that you still sound really dumb!

  51. Turkish Delight says

    Tom is NOT a first time parent…this is his 3rd child.

    I don’t see what all the hype about Suri is? I see better looking kids at the grocery store??!!

  52. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Hey, I’m entitled to my opinion. I said nothing about his fathering skills, I just happen to think that his facial expression looks goofy! Thats my opinion, I stand by it and I stand by my right to express it. Seriously, lighten up and live a little people!

  53. Sandra says

    Tom looks so feminine in that pic! Suri sure has a ton of hair!

    AmyY a bottle at her age isn’t going to kill her. She is what 13 months. Some kids don’t like sippy cups at the age you started yours, mine didn’t.

  54. AmyY says

    i love Suri, Shes adorable but isnt she a little old to be drinking a bottle? I started giving my kids their drinks from sippy cups at around 6-7 months and now my 1 yr old can drink from a regular cup… Maybe thats just me

  55. wash up, before we die! says

    Mia, honey….you sound really fake right now, Why? because, your the rear pounder queen! You love it when big, hard long things are up your ass! The word is that everybody love rubbing their love juice, on your disgusting face! Next time tramp, Bring a wash cloth, and some good soap! Not that cheap bathroom kind, that your use to using! I swear so many people complain about your odor! Freshen up, please!

  56. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    the look on toms face says it all..miscaviage just pushed it up good in the rear…………

  57. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Idiot !!! ahahahhahahhah

    Suri will not win the cutest ordinary child award…at least not where I come from….!!

  58. Sarah says

    What a dumb thing to say “he looks like such an idiot!” I think it is just awesome that he is standing there with a bottle and a burp rag on his shoulder and having such a good time with his daughter. Unlike some of these other stupid celebrities who pawn their kids off on nannies all of the time – here is a dad who actually doesn’t mind feeding his own baby!

  59. Kidada armstool says

    who cares, what you think Jenna from the Uk! I don’t understand how he look’s like a idiot, right there! He’s enjoying the view, and holding his baby! WTF: I think that you sound like an idiot!

  60. Julie says

    Suri is, as always, the cutest baby in the world! But how hot does Tom look!!!???? He went from a little chubby with shaggy hair to Maverick!!!!! He looks just as hot as he did in Top Gun!!! I saw all of the other pics, and he just seems so in love with his little Suri. Very cool!

  61. fifi trooper says

    First! I love tom, and Suri! He truly look’s at ease with her! It’s nothing like a babygirl, that really get these men emotional! I’m a daddy’s girl, I know!

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