Tomkat & Suri

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
Katie was snapped with Suri, 1, enjoying a dip in the water at St. Jean Cap Ferrat on Tuesday. Katie and Tom are on the French Riviera to help friend, Aussie billionaire James Packer (also the richest Scientologist!), celebrate his wedding this weekend. Tom is reportedly officiating!
I really cannot get over how sophisticated and mature Katie looks! She has always been a beautiful girl however she dressed, but looks almost overly elegant for her age. In some of the pics she looks so Jacki O! (Not that that is at all a bad thing!)
And here are just some recent pics of Tomkat!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

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  1. Susie says

    Suri is an adorable baby, no doubt about it. I do feel for Katie. Seems like she never looks truly happy. She has that ‘Stepford wife’ appearance most of the time. I guess in a way, that might be what she is? Who knows.

  2. Lauren says

    Wow, Katie looks so much different than when she and Tom first starting dating. She looks so more mature and sophisticated now. Suri is adorable, as usual.

  3. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Swimming in diamonds and in full hair dress and makeup…hmmm///wont that diamond dissapear into the water.,…only in nouveau rich picture opps land of forever posing …….I think he is wearing lip gloss in the pic with the holmes fake smile…

  4. says

    I’m sorry, I just really don’t like Katie’s bathing suit! It makes her look old! I’m getting used to her hair by now. It looks good on her. Anyway, Suri is sooooo pretty! 🙂 I hope they have another baby!

  5. Emma says

    That little girl is very sweet. Im not too sure the dress looks good on her skin tone(katie) as she is very pale, but im loving the haircut very posh.I cant say im a Tom fan but they make a very nice looking family.

  6. joey says

    I think Katie is trying to find her place in a very screwed up society..She looks elegant. A good looking family, regardless of the quirks.

  7. courtney says

    wow she has changed a lot!!! shes so thin….suris adorable, but how come its always katie wih her, u only see tom hold her when katie looks like shes dead tired!!

    her body has changed a lot though, i just cant get over how she was in dawsons creek and all those cute movies and now shes married to someone more than 2wice her age and now shes trying to be posh?? ‘

    their good parents no doubt, but their just weird.

  8. says

    Ok, the last pic looks a bit forced but on the whole Katie looks happy and healthy to me! Suri is lovely! And everyone would have to literally force a smile or 2 if everywhere they went people took photos of them as well! x

  9. Zbella says

    Those last pictures are terrible. Fake smiles – being lead here and there by Tom. Ugg! But Suri is no doubt an adorable little girl.

  10. JJ says

    Looks as if Tom has been visiting some kind of skin rejuvination spa. No doubt about it, he must be getting cosmetic work done. He looks quite young in these photos.
    Restalyne injections and Botox for certain can nix 10 years off a person’s face. Money can buy you…the fountain of youth.

  11. y.b.g. says

    @ fifi trooper: “Tom is *making* her mature” ?! You got that right. Big boss man matured her right into his exalted Very Special VIP firmament — found him a sweet malleable girl who plays dress-up very nicely and looks too-suddenly-middle-aged, bless her (actual middle age is treating him less well). I’m sure Katie’s a good mom (excuse me: “amazing!”). Suri’s a good looking little girl; it’ll be interesting to see what kind of actual person she turns out to be. P.S. I adore my husband, but I *could not* be steered around all the time like Katie is! Ew.

  12. Andrea says

    I don’t know. I just don’t like her at all. Anyone can dress more classy, sophisticated, etc. with all that money she married into. Money and how you spend it on clothes doesn’t make you a classy person. She just seems so self-absorbed to me.

  13. says

    oh, yes you see we just ignored that stupid comment! Remember she’s the lonely chick that weighs 400 pounds! So……excuse this little cunt, and carry on about beautiful babies, and real adults!

  14. oriana says

    Suri is very cute but she is not a chubby baby like Jayden or even Shiloh, her arms and legs have always looked small to me, nothing wrong with that at all but I do love the fat little babies! She is adorable!!!

    Tom and Katie both look happy and very nice to me! Love the outfits, I don’t think Katie looks pregnant at all in the bathing suit!

  15. Julie says

    This couple is HOT!!!! Suri remains my favorite celebrity baby…I just love them! Katie looks fantastic! I want to see more of this family…they just fascinate me!

  16. fifi trooper says

    these are the pictures, I was talking about! On this other web page, it was stated that “she was pregnant” if she is cudos to them! I think that she is perhaps a litte thin, but she look’s good after having Suri! Tom, is making her mature in a good way! He is very handsome in his glasses!

  17. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, get real! Suri is the alien spawn of fuckin’ gay midget cumguzzler Cruise… Lots of people need a reality check.. ‘specially Jackie, Taylor M, and Anne.

  18. phnxgirl says

    To me that last picture of Katie reminds me of Penelope Cruz. She definately has matured 10 years since she first started dating Tom.

  19. fee says

    I can see a little bit of a Jackie-O resembalance in the first pic. Suri is adorable. Katie Holmes is gorgeous as always, but I don’t think that white dress she is wearing in the third pic. makes her look like a ghost. The new haircut is growing on me.

  20. says


  21. Megan says

    Katie looks like she’s trying to be more like Victoria Beckham.. at least she doesn’t look all washed up anymore.

  22. EveLina says

    WOW! Katie has sure changed her look’s to a much more of a HOT SEXAY MAMA!!!

    Suri-is adorable as always….

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