1. bebet says

    librasque. Katie is really a decent woman. You have a very little knowledge of katie. She married Tom Cruise twice. They secretly married in July 2005 in a secret scientology wedding. When they were in China (tom was filming MI 3) they leaked the news that they were already married. She got pregnant after marriage. Suri Cruise was conceived after marriage. Please don’t judge katie erroneusly. Be fair and just to your comments. When tom was in David Letterman’s show promoting his movie, he was asked by Letterman if not married yet, he responded ” shall I bring it up here”, David answered, “never mind”.

  2. oriana says

    Dolly, I have never said I didn’t like Katie, I have always said I thought Tom was a wonderful actor and I definately have always thought Suri was his baby and totally cute.

    It is the Scientology cult I am against.

    phnxgirl, I will have a soft spot for you from now on! Thank you. I never dreamed the wolves would howl over something as simple as my comments over wearing high heels to the Beach! I would honestly be afraid I would trip and fall, especially holding a child!

    I think she is beautiful, I like her hair, I have said that from the beginning, I do think she has been influenced by Posh in her style of dressing and hair style, but that isn’t a major sin or something drastic for them to hang me out to dry! Oh Well, looks they are having fun and my pals understand where I am coming from. But thanks to you very, very much!

  3. what ever man! says

    libra, sucks! you are a close minded, dumb ass! You sound like your living in the bible age! Baby….people have children all the time, and their not married! everyone can’t be a f.u.c.k.i.n.g. nerd like you! People make mistakes, everyone is not perfect! KATIE

  4. Dolly says

    Oriana you are not consistent with your posts. Are you on something? One second you agree with a person, and the next someone else.

  5. Georgia says

    She did not take somebody’s husband, so in a lot of people books she is decent. At least they got married.

  6. phnxgirl says

    Oriana, man you poor thing. I posted something once that I thought was innocent enough and someone ripped me a new one. I think with some people you just can’t win. Heels on the beach, yea, not normal every day shoe wear for the beach but I think Katie has surpassed the “normal” crowd.

  7. oriana says

    I for one can’t believe Tom and George Clooney are the same age!!!!! George is handsome to me but he does look at least ten years older than Tom.

    Desiree, thank you honey!!!! I have to agree on some points, I have never thought Posh was all that talented and she looks fakey as Hell to me!!!! She has style and I do think she has a cute face but Katie/Kate is beautiful and I have always said so.

    Definately time for Suri a sippy cup!!!!!

  8. says

    Megan, the pics were gorgeous. Thanks 🙂

    Leave Oriana alone people. If she doesn’t like the high heels at the beach, that’s fine!

    Suri is the prettiest celeb baby! She is stunning! Katie looks cute. She will never be like Posh because they are total opposites! Posh is disgusting, Katie is beautiful. I even think that Posh has no talent whatsoever. Tom does look younger. Love Suri 🙂

  9. Andrea says

    Noticed in the pictures some others posted a link to that Suri is still using a bottle. I think it’s time they let her transition to a sippy cup, at least.

  10. N says

    Maybe she should shut up and stop saying stupid shit….. then no one would attack her. Or Maybe people like fucking with her. Oriana, Dont address me. I thought I told you that before.

  11. oriana says

    Thank you Lib, my Mentor!!!!! Ha! And exactly right about the Barney’s! She probably has more purses and shoes than can be imagined! Posh Kate!!!!!!!

  12. Libraesque says

    then maybe everyone should quit attacking her with these ridiculous comments, maybe then it wouldn’t be “about her”

  13. oriana says

    Fan, What is your PROBLEM?

    It is petty on your part to bash DMITZ because you don’t like what I write, very unfair to her!

    I am sorry you are disappointed in me, and I do admit sometimes I get carried away, I should ignore snide remarks but sometimes I do bicker back and forth, you were right on that point! But DMITZ, back off, leave her alone, she hasn’t done a damn thing to you!

  14. oriana says

    My apologies to DMITZ for having slurs throw her way because of me. Totally unnecessary!!!!

    Courtney was absolutely right, that beach does look uncomfortable,stones are not easy to walk on!

    I do think she is pretty, I have said I think the haircut looks nice on her, I have nothing negative to say about wearing heels, I think it is nice for girls to show off their pretty legs, I just don’t see it going to a BEACH! What is the crime in that?

    So wolves, stop your howling!!!!!

    Jen, Thank you very much for the very considerate comment! I really appreciate it!!!!!

  15. oriana says

    #65, N, is that for Nimshy? Why are you still so focused on me? As I said, Bright Fire Engine Red will do the trick for you!

  16. Libraesque says

    and about the shoes…..she wore the same shoes to the wedding that she did to the beach…..that woman lives at Barney’s…she couldn’t wear a pair of cute platforms more appropriate for the occasion?
    I find it absurd that people bash Brad P for taking his kid to the doctor, calling him a media whore, when this is SO clearly a photo op for this family, and it’s someone elses wedding weekend on top of it.

  17. Libraesque says

    I just have to address #60 “If a person like decency, they will love this family. Period ”

    I don’t know of ONE SINGLE decent woman who would get engaged, then get pregnant, then have a bastard baby and THEN eight months later get married

    theres nothing decent or normal about this “family” and there hasn’t been from the minute they got together..

    And Suri looks bigger than Heidis 21 month old son.

  18. Michaela says

    Just like the pro Brangelina.,to each their own my dear. This family is glorious, they are beaming with happiness.

  19. Shadow Girl says

    HAHA1 U all give yourself a bad name just by liking the gaywad midget. I don’t have to do a fucking thing to accentuate how pathetically inane you pro Crusers are.

  20. Jen says

    Why are people getting all nasty?? oriana and DMITZ actually like this family so give them a break not all fans have to agree with everything this family does.

    Don’t give Tom and Katie’s fans like myself a bad name!!!

  21. Just me says

    I think Katie dresses really classy. Still, I don’t think she needs to be so dressy all the time. Tha bathing suit she’s wearing in recent photos has a gold belt around it for goodness sakes!
    She just doesn’t seem like the type that would wear flip flops or anything like that.

  22. Malayka says

    Geez whats with all the hate. If Katie is a people pleaser, it works for her just like people hating works for some people here. I am loving all the Suri Cruise pictures all over the internet and boy is she so cute or what. Katie is one hot mama.

  23. wtf says

    i’m happy that you know them personally! Tom, must have stop f.u.c.k.i.n.g you, and told you that you are a crazy nutjob, and scumbag! Maybe she liked her haircut, and yours is probably not collecting any fans! Maybe, she wanted to wear the damn heels! People don’t say shit to you when you wear that fanny pack around your waist! It’s time to let Tom cruise go, you two was never meant to be!

  24. courtney says

    that beach doesnt even look pretty or comfortable or anything, its like sharp rocks and glass all over the place….wow real safe for the children

  25. courtney says

    why is she trying to be posh????
    i think this family is just weird all together, tom has turned katie into something shes COMPLETELY not, i dont think she even looks good anymore, but suri is so cute, i just know shes gonna grow up and become a physco drug whore because her family is crazy!

  26. Shadow Girl says

    vanity, is that the best you can do? I’ve heard worse from my own brothers.

    Uh yeah, who in their right mind wears heels to a beach, hmm? It’s very impractical. If she was wearing those silly cork wedge heels I could understand that.

    Katie is a people pleaser. She has no identity of her own and robotically does whatever people tell her to do. It’s glaringly obvious that she’s imitating Posh. I do understand that short hair in the summer is better, as I have a short ‘do’ myself.

    In the meantime, Tom should be castrated. I move that he not be anesthetized at all because of his silly $cieno ways. His voice won’t change because he is normally high pitched…

    Tom’s such a dumbass. Not graduating high school and divorcing two girl for a girl half his age.. sounds like a midlife crisis to me. At least he stopped rubbing his new piece of pussy in everyone’s face.

  27. boo-who says

    dmitz, makes me sick to! I would love to see this tramp! So….we can pick her apart! She hates on my girl Britney Spears, and now she’s Coming to Old ass Oriana Defense! I don’ t think that it’s right that Oriana son….The Flaming arrow hang out on corners, and Let Big Bubba Thrash him in the A.S.S.!

  28. N says

    Im glad everyone sees her for the person she is.

    heeheheheheehee…… So funny!

    Also, I know plenty of 25-30 year olds that wear heels to the beach, shopping, site-seeing….etc

  29. DMITZ says

    Fan (of DMITZ) – Obviously you are posting under a different name than you usually do to know that I usually come to Oriana’s defense. And how are you any different than what you accused Oriana of?

    I’m glad to know that I still have the power to make people sick. Like they say, “when you have no effect on people at all is when you should start to worry that you don’t matter anymore”.

    So why not comment on the pic?

  30. Fan says

    DMITZ,was wondering why you had not come to Oriana’s defense since,guess you just logged in.ANYWAY,YOU MAKE ME SICK WITH YOUR CONSTANT DEFENCE.GET A LIFE!

  31. tin says

    There’s definitely been a “change” in Katie’s fashion since she her marriage / life with Cruise.

    Having said that, I don’t think Tom has anything to do with it… she may have been just too young to be exposed to limitless wealth and seems to be experimenting / influenced by others in her style rather than sticking to her instincts which was so complimentary to her before. Especially the times when she used to wear Carolina Herrera (red carpet) and casual jeans etc.

    Definitely think high heels so unnecessary to her looks..

  32. tin says

    There’s definitely been a “change” in Katie’s fashion since she her marriage / life with Cruise.

    Having said that, I don’t think Tom has anything to do with it… she may have been just too young to be exposed to limitless wealth and seems to be experimenting / influenced by others in her style rather than sticking to her instincts which was so complimentary to her before. Especially the times when she used to wear Carolina Herrera (red carpet) and casual jeans etc.

  33. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Bandwagon rider destroyer, why do you want me to comment on Jordan’s pictures? I don’t understand. Although if you want my personal opinion I think they are tacky and inappropriate. If she wants photos of herself naked and pregnant fair enough, but she should keep them private, not let them be splashed everywhere. Her kids are going to see that when they grow up, they don’t need to be exposed to their mother using a pregnancy as an excuse to strip off and get attention.

    There’s more to the UK than London you know, I live nowhere near London and I’ve never been there in my life. In fact I’m not even in the same country as London technically, I live in Scotland, not England!

  34. DMITZ says

    Why is everyone attacking Oriana? She has the right to express what she feels about this pic. You guys criticize when people go off topic yet here is someone talking about what she thinks of the picture and she is getting crap for it? Some people are so hypocritical. Why do people insist on forcing their opinion on others if they don’t see things the way they do? SeRiOuSLy.

    Anyways, Suri is my favorite celeb baby regardless of Tom’s cookyness, and I think she looks so adorable in these pics. That is funny that people say they are sporting the same haircut! 🙂

  35. Hana says

    Like someone said maybe Katie prefers high heals when she wears shorts, short skirts because her legs below the knee are thick. If she wears flat shoes with these kind of outfits, her legs will look short and thick. The upper part of her legs are good.

  36. Zbella says

    Katie looks good with her new haircut – I admit the heels are odd- but whatever. Tom, on the other hand, looks like a freak in the first picture. He really does!

    OK – NOW I see what all the Suri hype was about. She is precious in these pictures. Her dark hair really is different and beautiful. And for the first time I’m getting the “SHE’S OLDER THAN THEY SAY SHE IS” drama. She really looks 2 in these pictures. But I’m sure she’s Tom’s child and I don’t believe all the consipiracy theories.

  37. bandwagon rider distroyer says

    jenna from the uk, can you please talk about those disgusting pictures, of Katie Price, and how that tramp look’s starddling the swing, in all her f.u.c.k.e.d. up glory! You know, Since, London, is suppose to be the one with style? It’s like trash to me!

  38. Stevie says

    If katie Holmes feel like wearing heels then she can wear heels! Who died, and made of of you the fashsion police? They look real nice on her! Especailly, the gray ones! I don’t think for one second that she is trying to copy, victoria’s style! DAMN, can’t the girl just grow up! She has a husband, that will be 45, and maybe she thought that she wanted to wear more body type fitting gear! She’s not the little girl, that people still want to see, if in fact you do want to see a little girl, try looking at your daughters, or having one! Who cares that you can’t stand them! Are they dying, because you won’t buy their movie ticket, your like a small dot, that’s on the map of the United States, I’m pretty sure that they won’t even know you’re gone! I guarentee, you that Katie, don’t shop at Payless, either!

  39. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Can’t really see the baby properly. Kate’s haircut looks like something out of Planet of the Apes!

    I love the blue dress the woman on the left of the top pic is wearing!

  40. princess says

    Hot, fresh, sexy , young woman go anywhere with high heels. I am young and I would wear heels any where to show off my legs. If you got it show it. Don’t hate on Katie she looks good.

  41. Jess says

    Katie is one beautiful babe and oozes class. Suri is surely the most gorgeous baby, sorry Shiloh. I don’t know about high heels on a swmming costume but they are the thing to wear with shorts this summer. Besides she looks cute in shorts. She looks nothing like Victoria Beckham. More like Suri. I agree Tom just gets younger. You would never know he and Clooney are almost the same age. Tom and Depp never grow.

  42. Jen says

    Hi oriana, I hope you’re well. I think Katie wears those hills because of her legs. she has wide thighs and legs just like my friend and they don’t look very flattering when you’re wearing flats with shorts, just like Beyoncé and my friend when ever she is wearing short dress she wears very high hills to give her a nicer shape.

    Katie looks great and Tom is getting younger by the day and Suri is just soooooooo adorable and cute.

  43. jo says

    I find it so hard to believe the rumours that Tom is not Suri’s dad because she looks so much like him.I also believe that if katie is actually pregnant ,then Tom must be the dad.Suri is a very cute baby,Katie is a beautiful and decent woman and i adore Tom.I wish them all the best.

  44. peige says

    katie is so trying to copy Victoria Beckham with her new short hair style and little shorts and heels outfit.

  45. Jodie says

    that child is definately older than they say she is. they must think people are stupid. the only ones dumb enough to believe their stories are their fans!!

    if katie is pregnant, they will have used a donor. how are they going to get away with this one? unless they have used the same donor

  46. crayola says

    how cute the three alien clones. that what they all look like. i just can’t stand tom. just looking at him makes me sick. i don’t know what katie is doing trying to be a posh jr. she thinks that by dressing like an old rich lady people will respect her well she is just f****** stupid. they need to go back to mars or where ever the hell they came from.

  47. Lovethebabies says

    Oriana – you obviously don’t live in London! Killer heals and shorts is fashion my dear! And her hair cut is sexy just like any other 28 year olds. I am the same age as Katie and dress exactly the same. What is wrong with her yummy mummy look. Trinny and Susanna would love it!!

  48. Kelsie says

    I like Katie,if she wants th where heals to the beach,let her.Also,all you people that are say she stoll the Posh look,remember,that its a pretty Damn hot summer,that new cut,is one of the only hair cuts that could leep you cool,its right above the neck

  49. oriana says

    Just like I know that fakey phoney Star Jones didn’t buy her shoes at Payless when she was pushing that store for her money! Couldn’t stand her at all!

  50. oriana says

    JJ, I said Payless because if she breaks the heel off her shoe while she is at the beach, she won’t be out that much, and there she can be like Kate, she can afford more than one pair!!!!!!

  51. JJ says

    Payless? who in tarnation buys shoes at Payless?
    The first thing you notice when walking by that store is the smell of pertroleum based plastic…it’s enough to put you in a coma!

  52. oriana says

    Maggie my Dear, I think Sean Penn is one of our finest actors today and I am so proud he loves his wife and family like he does. I think he is definately a STAR in every sense of the word! I was very sorry to hear about his talented brother dying and thought it was tragic.

    Wasn’t that big a fan of Marilyn Monroe and when I read all the info on her childhood, I felt very sorry for all she endured. Now the word STAR can’t even be used in the same breath with her and KATE!

    K, Marry Clooney! Please write and tell him to consider me! We are both from Kentucky so at least we have that in common! My dear husband would understand, my gorgeous Red hair just overwhelms sometimes! Ha!

    Now you have a nice evening, go to Payless and buy you a nice buy of heels, and go to the beach and enjoy yourself!

  53. Mary says

    Oriana, whats you problem? Katie wore high heeled shoes on the beach big F-ing deal? She has great legs for them. It is OK if you mention it but gal your are now obsessing.

  54. Maggie says

    What are you talking about Oriana? Katie was a star but I guess at your age you might know Sean Penn and Maryln Monroe. Any way Katie’s hairstyle is cute and classy and Suri is just super cute. Thanks for the links people.

  55. oriana says

    #30, she was on a popular TV show on WB network, No, I didn’t watch it, had no interest in it and to me, she was not a big STAR! Sorry! Wasn’t interested in it at all, however, did love that 70’s show and Friends, to me, those are TV STARS all the way!

    I do think she is a nice person and I think she loves the limelight and I never said that was a sin! I said wearing high heels to the beach is stupid and not very practical, and I would venture a Guess, and I might be wrong, she has more than one pair of shoes, and I think she can scrounge up enough pennies to go shopping and buy another pair while she is in France!

  56. K says

    Gee, Oriana, I could have swirn that last post #29 was written by Miapocca, especially where you rant about the Sauna. Looks like Laura is right, you did morph into those two. But when I brought in your age, I was alluding to decency not fashion. Older people tend to be more decent and advise as opposed to bash. Even in your last post, your cynical reference to Katie as Kate is too childish since even Tom who supposedly chaged her name calls her Katie sometimes and her dad called her Kate in Italy. Like it or not, Katie is a star and that is why we are here discussing her. Sorry but your time to marry a star and become one is up , still you can divorce your boring husband and marry Clooney , he has to be boring husband judging from the amount of time you spend here. But please at your age, you should find better hobbies that disparaging on Katie’s shoes and hair and lifestyle. You sound foolish and immature and fixated at the age of sixteen. Sorry, just saying.

  57. oriana says

    kammy, can’t dye it this soon, it might fall out, and my gray isn’t showing right now, but give me another five weeks and I will definately follow your advice! Thank you!

    #21, Any pounding on my 60 year old back will be by someone that does Massages, and I would LOVE it!!!!! So thank you! Just might get that done real soon!

    I do wish someone would let Lola and her sister Mary, know that I am not only striving to be Lib and Mia Jr., but also, DMITZ Jr., Xena Jr., Tia Jr., Nicki Jr. and a few others I can throw in there, miss Sally so would also like to be her and Zbella Jr. too, so with all these role models, I can’t possibly go wrong!!!!!!!!!

  58. H. Katrina says

    No Katie Holmes, was a star! a T.V. Star! She played on Dawson’s Creek On WB! Now, i see you don’t know what your’re talking about! Yes, Tom might of have been more famous! #1 because he has been out before she has! #2 because he is older than her! Yes, when you put 2 famous people together, and one is a little higher than the other, they become mega famous! Like Joe Dimaggo, and Maryilyn Monroe, Sean Penn, and MaDonna, and last but not least Jennifer(boring)Anniston, and Brad(sexy ass)Pitt! So…..Goggle if you have to, but your wrong!

  59. oriana says

    K, I don’t have a distinction age and I do think that when Elizabeth Taylor was 60 she was still gorgeous and young at heart! No, I don’t think every 60 year old woman has to be the motherly type, not at all! There are many sexy stylish fantastic 60 year old women, not saying I am one, but I have my own opinions, and whether they are about Britney Spears, Katie, uh, Kate, or whomever, it is my opinion!

    Attacking her hair? Are you crazy? Please, get out of the hot sauna and put down the oil you have been drinking! I am starting to worry about you!!!!! Call 911 if you are starting to have visions and seeing double! Please!

    When did I ever call her a media whore? I don’t think that and never said that. Don’t try to put words in my mouth! I am not the only person that thinks her hairstyle is a copy of Posh, and I think it is, I have also said more than once, that I thought it was nice and she looked pretty with it, so where is the attack in those words?

    She absolutely knew when she went to the outing that she would be photographed, so again, plain silly to wear high heels with those shorts!

    And I not joining 15 year olds to bash decent stars, is she a Star? When did that happen? She is a celebrity made famous by being married to Tom Cruise, HE is the Star! So let’s get the facts right my Dear!

  60. kammy says

    I Love this family! i love this family, Bradgelina, Stefani’s,Klums, and Ms. Spears family! I think that Tom, and katie make’s a dashing couple, and I wish them the best of luck! So many people with miserable lives want to see them fail, because their holywood, but I say keep striving, and shake those nay sayers off! Oriana, that means you! Time for you to go dye your hair again!

  61. oriana says

    K, Please look at post #81 on Angie with Shiloh and Maddox, and it was written on June 18th. So what are you talking about?

  62. K says

    I meant that you thought they were not photo ops which I think they are sorry. I was saying if you think that is not photo ops then how come you think this is? Never seen Katie as a media ho. May be Tom likes the flash blubs but Katie just seems to go along with it. Yes the shoes are absurd but is it the worst thing on earth?

    You attacked her shoes and her hair. Read your posts, aren’t people your age supposed to be motherly? Not joining 15 year olds to bash decent stars.

  63. oriana says

    Why is Lola even talking to me?

    K, Again, when and where did I ever say that I thought Angelina with her kids was a photo op? Where? When? I have written the exact opposite, that I DID NOT think it was posed for and that she had every right to go shopping and they were human beings like everyone else!

    So what is your problem?

  64. Mary says

    LOL. Lola too true. THat cracked me up. It is like the kettle calling the pot black. I have told her before to develop an independent mind. Now she is calling others copy cats. Did Victoria Beckham invent the bob?

  65. YOURS TRULY says

    I DON’T THINK THAT KATIE HOLMES HAIRCUT, IS LIKE POSH SPICE! For one Posh spice hair is dyed blone, with highlights, and it’s spiky! Someone needs to get some real glasses, instead of Wal-mart specials! Katie, is her own woman! I think that she figured out that it’s time for her to be a woman, and start dressing sexier! If you would have seen the pictures Oriana, then you wouldn’t of talked to soon! I think those high heels that she was wearing on the beach was kiiler! I love those shoes! She is sexy, and fierce! I know that Tom enjoy making love to her! Babies, babies, and more babies! I told you Oriana, maybe you need to get that 60 year old back pounded on!

  66. K says

    If you can think that think that Angelina going out carrying tow kids by herself in the middle of busy Newyork area is a photo op, they how come Katie being on a pre wedding party on a public beach be a crime? Of course people are taking pictures and most of the time she did not have the shoes on. It is here life any way and you treat it as though she has committed some kind of crime. Mention it and let it rest but for chrissake don’t chant it.

  67. Lola says

    Ironic that Oriana should be the one to talk about Posh Jr when she is Libraesque Jr and Miapocca Jr roles in one. She has no back bone and just echos other posters am sure am not the first or the last to tell you that. So please you are no better than Katie when you are a clone yourself. You do not seem to think independently and am sure you got the shoe idea from another site. It is her life and her shoes and you don’t like them, deal with it.

  68. oriana says

    K, obviously you don’t know what “attacking” means! I think it is stupid for anyone to wear high heels like that to the Beach, it is uncomfortable and dangerous walking on pebbles and sand, that goes for anybody! How many people have you ever seen doing that? I have been to Hawaii many times and have yet to see someone going swimming wearing high heels!

    And don’t act like she is Mary Poppins! She knew the photographers would be taking tons of pictures!

    And when have I attacked her EVERYTIME I have seen a picture of her? Another stupid untruthful comment!

    And are blind are you to see that her haircut is EXACTLY like Victoria Beckham? Don’t start up with me!

  69. K says

    Suri is beautiful and I don’t understand why the webmistress cannot get those nice pictures where she i slaughing, they are all over the internet.

    Oriana, a 60 year old woman attacking a 28 year old girl who is trying to lead a decent life is rather cheap. She has not flashed us, she does not do drugs or is being caught drunk she is with her husband and baby being a good wife and mother. If you don’t like her style, say that and let it go but dont make it a habit to attack her every time you see her. She has not broken a marriage or been caught with drugs. Gosh she just cut her hair and am sure Victoria Beckham did not invent that style. She looks nice and healthy. Give her a break. Geez.

  70. oriana says

    Megan, I don’t care if she is the Queen of Sheba! Do you actually think she only brought ONE pair of shoes with her?

    Posh has taught her better than that!

    Again, who goes to the beach in shorts and high heels? Plain silly is all I can say! She isn’t going for comfy and practical, she knows the photogs are there and she is dressing for them. The beach? Come on! Why do you see all the other people in sandals for? Doesn’t that make more sense?

    Yep, Posh Jr. all the way!!!!!!

  71. Malayka says

    Megan, I saw those pictures on x17 and I could not help but exclaim. Suri is such a beautiful thing, she is going to be so tall and she smiles like her mama, sweetest smile ever. Most beautiful baby defintiely. Tom and Katie are lucky to have her.

  72. Laurie says

    I think Katie looks nice especially in the firsdt pic. She cannot turn into Victoria since Victoria will never be a sbeautiful as Katie. Katie is a natural beauty. Their hair cuts are diffrent.

    Thanks for the links Megan. I agree Suri has to be the most beautiful little girl. I like her charming smile. She is going to break hearts.

  73. oriana says

    Who goes shopping, sightseeing, swimming, to the beach, etc. with high heels with shorts? No one I know!

  74. oriana says

    I do find it odd that Katie is wearing those high heels! She is the only one, definately a Victoria Beckham clone!!!! As tall as she is, and going swimming, who wears high heels like that on an outing like that?

  75. Shadow Girl says

    Ugh. I move that Tom be neutered, I despise the thought of his spawn running amok and menacing Tokyo one day…

  76. oriana says

    Tom looks good to me, he looks younger, Katie looks very nice with her Posh haircut and Suri is adorable, her hair is growing longer and she is a little cutie pie!

  77. fifi trooper says

    I love them! Guess what everybody? I heard that Katie Holmes is pregnant! She was in the ocean, with Suri, trying to hide her baby bump! She’s pregnant, and smart!

  78. phnxgirl says

    That first pic of Tom is not flattering at all. It’s like his glasses are on crooked or something. Katie looks adorable, really like the hair.

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