Heidi Klum & Henry Out For A Stroll

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum and Henry, 21 months, were snapped strolling through New York’s West Village on Monday. Henry is sporting his father’s image on his shirt! How sweet!

They stopped to admire a cool motorcycle!

Heidi Klum

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  1. Anna says

    I dont why some of you guys are so shallow. Hey God is not to judge you by ur skin colors but your deeds! I would say SEAL is HAWT! He knows how to treat a lady!

  2. dismay says

    Well, I was freaked to see a picture from a few years ago (I presume) of Heidi O holding a spider monkey to her breast. Indeed, all she was wearing was the monkey, and boy was it clinging. Years later, she puts the kid, whose looks are intriguing to say the least, in a shirt with monkeys on it? Sick. Hey, each to her own. Actually they look like cretins or like they have myexemia. Large tongue lolling, no intelligent expression or emotion, thick, bloated features. Googe the conditions and educate yourselves.

    As for white men being, what was it? pansies? I thought they were brutal oppressors who keep strong black men from ruling the world? Make up your minds.
    My opinion–white men invented the modern world my dear. Without white men, you would have, well, Africa. Or rather, Africa when the whites leave. Please check out that place–it may be where most of you would be most happy.

  3. mr me says

    Kitty, it could not have been, because my parents are both Germanic which means the level of bestiality would have to have been 0.1% or less. This pales in comparison to miss Heidi and “Seal’s” 8%+ level.

  4. mr me says

    A sexual encounter between a human and a chimpanzee would, obviously, be considered bestiality. The genetic difference between the two is 1.6% It obviously follows that the amount of bestiality involved in a person having sex with a being that had an 0.8% genetic difference from themselves would be 50% (because a genetic difference of 0.8% is half that 0f the 1.6% between humans and chimps).

    (Note: all percentages featured below have been rounded to first decimal point)

    Going by the same logic, the amount bestiality involved in a relationship between an Englishmen and a German — who have a genetic distance of 0.002% — would be: 0.1%

    Between a Finn and an Englishmen: 0.3% bestiality

    Between a Italian & Englshmen: 0.4% bestiality

    Betweena Japanese person and an Englishmen: 3.8% bestiality

    Between a Filipino and Englishmen: 4.6% bestiality

    Between a Thai person and an Englishmen: 5.1% bestiality

    Between Bantu (African) and Englishmen: 6.7% bestiality

    Between an Australian Aboriginal (Australiod) and an Englishmen: 7.6% bestiality

    Between a Nigerian and an Englishmen: 8.3% bestiality.

  5. Fitzren says

    can i have like more of heidi klums pics with her children?? Leni is gorgeous by the way…like her beautiful mum.

  6. Mildred Loves Bestiality says

    How nice. Heidi is teaching that little ogre a trade. First start with motercycle-jacking and progress to carjacking.

  7. oriana says

    Xena, now I am laughing but I look good with my pretty RED head!!!!!! Not quite ready for Blue hair yet!!!! Ha!

  8. Xenafan96 says

    Ha Oriana! You did make a peep, and a comment!!
    That’s five old lady points your way-now you’re 95 lolol

    I love seeing how tall Henry-boy is getting! He’ll be ready for his own Harley soon!

  9. oriana says

    Tia, Yummy!!! Now I will plan for Olive Garden!!!

    You have a good evening along with your good dinner!!!!! Lucky Hubby!

  10. says

    I love the colour of his hair! He looks a lot cuter now that he’s getting older. Heidi looks great and she is the one wearing the shirt with Seal’s face.

  11. Tia says

    tonight it’s Penne in a creamy tomato sauce with breaded chicken breast. ( my hubby wants some of his good italian food)

  12. oriana says

    Hi Tia!!!!! Good afternoon to you!!! I’m hungry for something good to eat today. What are you cooking?

  13. Miranda says

    Mybe we should just not CARE about these freaks who comment on this side. I don’¨t even get why they have to waste their precious little time, saying nasty things about a little toddler! Hello? I mean, it’s terrible!
    And I LOVE Henry. His hair is so wild and beautiful and he looks so sweet and different from all the other babies, he’s soo beautiful.

  14. Stevie says

    #13 you are a pathetic excuse for a HUMAN BEING!!! Why don’t you leave while the gettins good.

  15. JJ says

    That Henry is way too cute!! I have the urge to pinch his cheeks; and you gotta love that copper-coloured afro too!

  16. oriana says

    I have a confession to make, I am in my 90’s, not 60, and I am definately not a Good Girl!!!! Ha! So bash away!

  17. YOURS TRULY says

    it sounds to me like someone is really stupid! i swear for someone to be in their 60’s , you’ll think that they would be mature enough to go-pass this comment area! but obviously, you want attention Oriana, so what is it? what would you really like to say, since we have to baby feed you with questions! come=on, be a good girl, spit it out, say it, don’t be afraid…..LOL

  18. canabis says

    what does that mean Oriana? do you think there’s something wrong with the way he look’s! i admit, i don’t like the outfit that he’s wearing, but what gives?

  19. oriana says

    I am not going to make ONE comment, No, not one, Tia, Xena, and Mia, YOU can’t make me!!!!!!! Ha!

  20. fifi trooper says

    You know that i’m a big fan of Heidi Klum, and her family! I absolutely love her children, all of them! I know webmisstess, your trying to be beautiful in all ways, but you know soon, or later some jackass is going to say something stupid! I love Henry’s hair! I think that Heidi klum look’s smashing!

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