Drea De Matteo Discusses Her Changing Pregnant Body

Drea de Matteo

Four-months-pregnant Drea de Matteo, 35, has already noticed a dramatic change in her body.

“I feel great,” Drea told People magazine at the premiere of her new movie, Broken English, on Monday. “I just feel fat, but I feel great.”

The former Sopranos star jokingly added: “I feel like I’m carrying the baby in my behind, it’s so big.”

Drea, who is expecting a child with her 28-year-old boyfriend, singer Shooter Jennings, admitted she tends to indulge her cravings “even when I’m not pregnant” – but said she’s lately been eating an inordinate amount of Italian food.

“It’s weird because I’m Italian and I never eat Italian food normally,” she said. “I guess I’m getting back to my roots, getting ready to cook!”

And though she’s only just entering her second trimester, Drea, who quit smoking when she found out she was pregnant, suspects she may have figured out the baby’s gender. “We don’t know what we’re having yet,” she said. “But I use ‘she,’ because I’m getting so fat, I think it’s a girl!”



  1. Analise says

    Love Drea and am so happy for them! Although I knew about this nearly 2 weeks ago. I was so hoping she’d pop up in the final Sopranos episodes.

  2. courtney says

    ok who is she?? and from my knowledge i thought the bigger u get u know its a boy…..because boys are bigger babies and sit lower in ur uterus from what i knew…..am i wrong??

  3. ali says

    I didn’t know he was with her, thats cool, he’s an amazing musician. How nice for both of them, they look really happy.

  4. fifi trooper says

    I’m happy rhat she has “some young stuff” strutting around the house, that makes her happy! He is Waylon Jennings son! For you that don’t know who Waylon Jennings was, he was a country megastar singer!

  5. phnxgirl says

    Okay, this is going to sound really silly, but wasn’t the one character in Adam Sandler’s movie, Happy Gilmore, named Shooter Jennings? He played the golfer who was a real ass. 😉

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