Traci Lords & Husband Expecting A Boy

Traci Lords

Traci Lords, 39, has announced that she is expecting!

“I just want you to know, these 36-D’s are mine. I haven’t had a boob job. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant!” That’s how my longtime pal, actress Traci Lords, announced her blessed event this week.

The former “adult-film” actress concealed her pregnancy while filming her latest movie for Lifetime. “But now I’m starting to show. And my husband is happy with the changes in my figure.”

Traci and Jeff Lee just celebrated their fifth anniversary. “I kind of thought the children thing was off the table. Now I’m expecting a boy! We’re stunned and thrilled.”

Best Wishes!



  1. Just me says

    I know I obviously need something better to do, but I had to look up whore in good old Webster’s because I couldn’t believe # 26 basically called all women whores. Anyhow, my dictionar simply defined whore as “pa rostitute.” I don’t care if Tracy is one or not, but I thought it was unfair of #26 to basically call all women whores. I suppose I could have also looked up promiscuous, too, but I’m pretty sure it means having sex with a lot of men at the same time (no, not orgy!) who don’t sleep around either.

  2. boo says

    You go # 30… tell it like it is girl, I totally agree! 🙂
    Congrats to Traci and her Hubby!!
    Oh and That Movie with Johnny Depp ” Cry Baby” to this day remains one of my all time favourite movies~*

  3. Puh-leeze says

    I dreaded opening this thread because I knew the Stepford Wives of Babyrazzi would be shaking their fingers and going into hysterics. I must say, I’m rather shocked at Carleigh joinging in, though, she’s often the voice of reason.

    Do any of you know the abuse this woman suffered? Do any of you know that she was a CHILD when she was in porn? Do any of you know that she was OUT of the business by age 18? Do any of you know she hasn’t done porn in over 20 years?

    And Carleigh, she’s done legitimate acting for years, it doesn’t have to be Meryl Streep to be legitimate. She co-starred with everyone’s favorite daddy, Johnny Depp and has had recurring roles on what is undoubtedly Stepford TV must-sees Gilmore Girls and Melrose Place.

    But, as usual, you all sit in your ivory towers, so much higher and mightier than all the people in this world who have made mistakes. 20 years, people, TWENTY YEARS and you’re still sitting here dragging her down for it.

    I say congratulations, Traci and HUSBAND!

  4. Kidada says

    I think the women that are on this site, is really being hypocritcal! Every woman in the world, has participated in whorish activity! Yes, that includes me to! I don’t care what you call me! Obvisiously she felt comfortable on camera displaying her sexual activity! Which, some people are not, but then it’s some that do! It’s women that’s not in the porn industry, that is making video tapes, that don’t even get paid! So….in some form every woman has participated in whore like activity! I’m sorry to say, but maybe your mom has to! I think that my mom, was a little wild in her day! That’s reality! So… don’t be so uptight, and judemental on what someone did/ or do! That won’t make them love their baby any less than you love yours! When her child grows up, she can explain to him/her, this is what, and how I was, and that’s what I did! I think he/she will live!

  5. minkysmom says

    number 26 you are right. I’m pretty sure that most of these people have been involved in whorish behavior. she’s having a baby, just get over it! she hasn’t been in nasty movies for ages. some people are so dumb, we’re supposed to be all about uplifting women, still we continue to bring them down and talk shit.

  6. JJ says


    As Hamlet once told Ophelia: “Get thee to a nunnery!”

    If all women are “whores” that includes you too, right?

  7. Erin says

    Won’t that child be so proud of his/her mom one day? I mean, there’s no excuse for her ‘former’ career. Reformed or not, gross!

  8. N says

    Women are always harsh towards each other. She USED to be a whore. Notice the past tense. Maybe, she has changed. Everyone has a right to change and better themselves. I have no problem with Traci being on this site. Go Traci…and congrats on your future child.

  9. fifi trooper says

    Who cares that she used to be a porn star? I think that everybody deserves to have a baby! Just because she was a porn star, that doesn’t mean that she won’t treat her baby right! Congrats, to her, and her husband!

  10. JJ says

    Minnie – I know the definition of objective and subjective. I asked #4 to elaborate, as I am certain she does not know what she is talking about. Seeing that she did not reply to my comment my assumption is correct.

  11. says

    Don’t know who she is. Webmistress, there are more important news:
    Julia Roberts and Keri Russel had their babies. Julia had a boy, Henery Daniel.

  12. a says

    Not claiming to agree or disagree with anyone here but I just wanted to clarify that if you view the source for this story, the “my good friend” quote actually comes from the source, not necessarily the “webmistress”. Anyway, just thought I’d point that out.

  13. JJ says

    #4 – You don’t make any sense. What is the definition of an “objective description” – please enlighten me!

    #5 – A career is…a person’s progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking.

    “a phase of life”…so the adult film business qualifies as a career for Traci Lords – like it or not.

  14. carleigh says

    I can’t actually believe the Webmistress refers to this woman as a “good friend”….makes me scratch my head and wonder just WHO the Webmistress really is????? Anyhoo, back to the subject…what to say about Traci Lords…..she’s a “former” pornographic actress, she has done no respectable acting to date! Lifetime “Victim’s Channel” doesn’t count either. Not knocking Lifetime, but hey she’s no first class actress, she made her living laying on her back and being paid..that makes her a WHORE. I don’t particularly like that this woman is even on this website, she’s the epitome of trash and has no class! Please no more blogs about Traci Lords, friend or no, she simply doesn’t belone here w/ the likes of Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum and the lot. She belongs in the gutter and her poor little boy has to live down the shame of having a mother who is a low-class, low-rent whorebag. Poor kid!

  15. minkysmom says

    she hasn’t been in nasty movies for a really long time. so is halle berry a whore for engaging in a raunchy sex scene?

  16. N says

    Actually, She’s no longer a whore…. She used to be a whore….
    Above it says….”The former “adult-film” actress”…..

  17. rene says

    Referring to someone being a porn star as a “career” is a sad commentary on how our society views “stars” and “celebrities.”

  18. Groovychick says

    Quoting JJ:

    “Learn to let people be who they are and not brand them with labels to justify your own beliefs.”

    But that’s something you, JJ, do oh so often!

    WHORE: A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money.

    Well, that’s not insulting Mrs. Lords, it’s a mere objective description.

  19. JJ says

    A vague resemblance to Michelle. Maybe just in the hair?

    Why is she a “whore” Amy? Because she was involved in the porn business? That, alone does not make someone a “whore.”

    If you don’t approve of her lifestyle that’s one thing but to actually call someone such a derogatory word because you don’t agree with their choice in career, is abominable.

    You, my dear, are childish and narrow-minded. Learn to let people be who they are and not brand them with labels to justify your own beliefs.

    Do you even know anything about Traci? Have you read her autobiography. There’s a lot more to her than just being a porn actress.

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