Michelle Williams Takes Matilda Rose For A Stroll

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams was snapped taking Matilda Rose,1, for a stroll in Brooklyn an June 18th. Matilda Rose is so adorable!


  1. Amy says

    POOR GIRL wont have her dad to grow up with, IT will only make her STRONGER ….. i know the pain …..

  2. Marianne says

    The name Matilda is a link to Australia, Tilly is a cutie pie isn’t she? We over here in Perth love her and her parents to bits.
    Lighten up, Michelle has probably had her hair cut for a film. It’s good to see how big Tilly is now, but I wish people would give them a bit more privacy. If they don’t he’s going to leave like Guy Pearce (another Aussie man who got sick of the invasion of his families privacy) and the vultures will move onto their next target .

  3. kelly says

    courtney, Michelle has been working all the time she has about 5 movies coming out this and next year!

  4. courtney says

    she needs to get out in the sun a little bit, its been so long since ive seen her in a movie or anything whats the last thing she was in??

  5. Libraesque says

    they cannot stand the paparazzi, THAT is why they always look pissed. They are trying to live a quiet life in Brooklyn. They bought there, so yea they ARE together

  6. Zbella says

    She’s so cute in some of the other pictures. Did she and Heath break up? I haven’t heard that…

  7. ME says

    Where is her sense of style. Poor thingMatilda is so cute though. I like Michelle but this is an awful pic, from hair to outfit!

  8. courtney says

    she always looks so mean in every picture that is takin of her….i think shes just a hateful person because she had a kid with heath and never stayed together and obviously heath never spends time with their kid so shes probly lonely and not happy that things didnt go her way….i dont know much about her but i can say shes lucky to have even slept with ehath…hes hott!!!!!

  9. greta says

    I also posted this on the celebrity baby blog, but i agree with the person who said that Matilda looks sad. I don’t like to see that. And Michelle looks miserable lately. Other celebs are hounded by the paps as well, but they don’t look continuously miserable or sad. On the other hand Michell looked pretty content during her pregnancy despite the paps.
    And it really would be nice to see Heath with his daughter every once in a while.

  10. Jane says

    It’s funny how she sued her oldest running fansite for posting pictures of Matilda. Why would you do a thing like that, I mean you can find pictures all over the net.

    Very cold hearted and hypocritical to do that to her biggest supporters.

  11. Meg says

    It isn’t my fave hair color on Michelle but isn’t she known for being a little bit quirky? She looks like one of the mods out of Austin Powers. I am sure she is a fab mum & she and Heath make cute tiddleypeeps, I am curious when they will have another. IMHO I much prefer to see an actual parent with their child then a nanny or sitter, so enjoy all the photos of Michelle with bebe.

  12. Just me says

    MIchelle looked cute when she first got the pixie cut, now it looks like it’s growing out., and is not attractaive. She always looks so sad or something, now the kid is most of the time, too. Maybe they don’t like the camera, can’t exactly blame them. But Michelle doesn’t seem to be photographed anywhere near Brangelina or many others, and they still manage a smile once in a while.

  13. courtney says

    it would be nice to see heath with his child every now and then…she looks just like him shes adorable!! i dont really think michelles that attractive but shes cute in her own way

  14. Malayka says

    Thanks Desiree for that news, congs to the new parents. I love Michelle and Heath. Matilda looks so much like Heath. She is just beautiful.

  15. Kidada says

    I do not like this dress, I’m sorry! I think that this haircut on her is not flattering, on her! I on the other hand, like think that Matilda is a very cute baby! I really wish they could have named that baby another name, unless the name was someone in the family! I think they(Michelle, and Heath) could have put matilda, as her middle name! That name is really old fashsion!

  16. Staci says

    And they sell them in Costco in the color navy blue. They might sell them in grey color, but not sure? But I like the navy blue much better. It’s really navy blue, almost black, its really nice.

  17. oriana says

    I like the haircut, some people can’t wear that style, but it looks good on her to me. The baby is a minature of Heath, looks just like him!!!!!!

  18. Rose says

    An adorable little girl. Love the chubby cheeks and her little twinkle toes! I don’t like Michelle’s hair that short. I think she should grow it out a bit.

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