Julia Roberts Welcomes A Son!

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts has welcomed her third child, a boy named Henry Daniel Moder. Henry was born Monday in Los Angeles. He weighed 8 1/2 pounds, said Julia’ publicist, Marcy Engelman.

“All of the Moders are doing great,” Engelman said in a statement.

Julia, 39, and her husband, 38-year-old cinematographer Danny Moder, have 2-year-old twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus.



  1. kelly says

    oh no i hope this child has looks cause we all know the other two don’t. they look like they could kill you with their eyes.

  2. ali says

    Congrats to Julia and Danny! By the way for all you bump watchers out there People reported this morning that Keri Russell had a son, River Russell Deary born June 9th and Tiger and Elin Woods had a daughter, Sam Alexis born Monday.

  3. Jackie Rich says

    Congratulations Julia . Love all your films keep up
    the good work. Good Luck for your new baby boy
    and the twins. Take care

  4. Jackie Rich says

    Congratulations Julia . Love all your films keep up
    the good work. Good Luck for your new baby boy
    and the twins. Take care

  5. Emily says

    #6That was not nice.
    Never mind,congratulations to Julia, I love her,
    and the name of the boy is lovely,can’t wait to see
    a photo of them!!!

  6. oriana says

    Hi Xena, I sent you an email! Hope you had a nice day.

    Some nutcase is posing as me today so hope they send me a “baby” gift! Ha! Pink or blue, black or white, I’ll put it on Ozzy! Ha!

  7. Xenafan96 says

    How wonderful for the Moders! I was so sure it was twins again since the poor girl had so much baby belly. Best of luck to all!

  8. oriana says

    #9, Please keep those cards and letters coming!!!!!

    First of all, I will be on the front page of People, Time and the National Enquirer for being 60 and having a baby! Yolanda weighs 45 pounds and a full set of teeth. Short birth, 5 min. of labor, we went out for pizza and beer afterwards, she loved the BEER!!!!!!

    Thank you Jesus! Now I don’t have to breastfeed. I’ll just buy Coors Light by the case. And yes, don’t scream, I said, Light, have to watch her weight!

    I don’t smoke, you got that wrong, I chew tobacco, smoke a pipe now and then, yes, both kinds!!!!

    Now I want a baby shower before she starts pre-school which will be next week, either that, or reform school, don’t know which one yet!

  9. Oriannnnna says

    I had my baby on the fifteenth of June and I just got home. I named my daughter Yolanda. My exboyfriend (Yolanda’s father) is now sueing me for smoking while pregnant, but i didn’t!i just hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen to Julia Robert’s!!! I have to do homework now, (i’m still in middle-school)

  10. fifi trooper says

    That’s great! Congrats to her, and her family! I didn’t think that she would go into labor this quickly!

  11. Meg says

    Happy news, they seem to be a tight knit family – and they sure make cute babies, can’t wait to see the latest edition to their family! Blesses!

  12. Lauren says

    Congrats to Julia and her growing family! Can’t wait to see the first pics of her latest addition. 🙂

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